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101.    Esperitu, Socorro C. & Chester L. Hunt (eds.) Social Foundations of Community Development Readings on the Philippines.  Item number: 10839.    US$27.00
102.    Melman, Seymour (ed.) Disarmament Its Politics & Economics.  Item number: 10862.    US$7.50
103.    Ransom, Roger L. / Peter Lindert / Richard Sutch (eds.) Research In Economic History A Research Annual Volume 12 1989 Political Economy of Smoot Hawley Tariff; Handloom Weavers in 19th,C, Kancashire; Fertility Transition in England, 1851-1911; 18th.C. british Slave Trade; Tra.  Item number: 1090.    US$55.00
104.    Romero, Federico / Harvey Fergusson (trans.) The United States & the European Trade Union Movement 1944-1951.  Item number: 1091.    US$20.00
105.    Harwood, E.C. Reconstruction of Economics including papers by Brodbeck & Rudner..  Item number: 10916.    US$10.00
106.    Backman, Jules; A.Basch; S.Fabricant; M.Gainsbrugh; E.Stein War & Defense Economics Containing Text of Defense Production Act Incorporating 1951 Amendments..  Item number: 10918.    US$225.00
107.    Rauch, Irmengard & Gerald F. Carr (eds.) Language Change.  Item number: 10925.    US$15.00
108.    Reuck, Anthony de & Julie Knight (eds.) Conflict in Society A Ciba Foundation Symposium.  Item number: 10929.    US$12.00
109.    Fischetti, John Zinga Zinga Za!.  Item number: 10936.    US$7.00
110.    Davis, Jerome Character Assassination.  Item number: 10942.    US$7.00
111.    Ransom, Roger L. / Peter Lindert / Richard Sutch (eds.) Research In Economic History A Research Annual vol.12 1989.  Item number: 1095.    US$55.00
112.    Forster, Arnold & Benjamin R. Epstein Danger on the Right.  Item number: 10950.    US$6.00
113.    Mariusz, Mark Dobek The Political Logic of Privatization Lessons from Great Britain & Poland.  Item number: 1096.    US$75.00
114.    Green, F.C. A Comparative View of French & British Civilization (1850-1870).  Item number: 10961.    US$8.00
115.    MacDougall, Curtis D. Gideon's Army vol.1 The Components of the Decision.  Item number: 10963.    US$8.00
116.    Scherr, Dr.George H. (ed.) The Journal of Irreproducible Results.  Item number: 10964.    US$7.00
117.    Saunders, Christopher T. Macroeconomic Management & the Enterprise in East & West.  Item number: 1097.    US$55.00
118.    Aptheker, Herbert The Negro Today.  Item number: 10986.    US$7.00
119.    Waxman, Chaim I. (ed. & intro.) The End of Ideology Debate.  Item number: 10989.    US$8.00
120.    Buckle, M. & J.L. Thompson The United Kingdom Financial System in Transition Theory & Practice.  Item number: 1099.    US$25.00
121.    McNicoll, Geoffrey & Mead Cain (eds.) / Ester Boserup, Amartya Sen, Jack Goody ( Rural Development & Population: Institutions & Policy Based on the Expert Consultation on Population & Agricultural & Rural Development convened by the Food & Agriculture Organization, Rome. (Population & Development Re.  Item number: 1101.    US$20.00
122.    Sessions, Gene A. Prophesying Upon the Bones J. Reuben Clark & the Foreign Debt Crisis, 1933-39.  Item number: 1102.    US$15.00
123.    Heilbroner, Robert L. Understanding Macroeconomics.  Item number: 11031.    US$6.00
124.    Lee, Ronald D. / W.Brian Arthur / Gerry Rodgers Economics of Changing Age Distributions in Developed Countries.  Item number: 1105.    US$25.00
125.    Hunnius, Gerry; G.David Garson & John Case Workers' Control A Reader on Labor & Social Change.  Item number: 11054.    US$6.00
126.    Klatzmann, Joseph / Benjamin Ilan / Yair Levi (eds.) The Role of Group Action in the Industrialization of Rural Areas.  Item number: 1106.    US$45.00
127.    Murphy, James Bernard The Moral Economy of Labor Aristotelian Themes in Economic Theory.  Item number: 1107.    US$12.00
128.    Richardson, Joanna Portrait of a Bonaparte The Life & Times of Joseph-Napoleon Primoli 1851-1927.  Item number: 11075.    US$12.00
129.    Whang, Sung H. & Amit DasGupta (eds.) High Temperature Superconducting Compounds Processing & Related Properties Proceedings of 1989 Symposium...118th. Annual Meeting of The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society.  Item number: 11077.    US$25.00
130.    Doel, Hans van den & Ben van Velthoven Democracy & Welfare Economics.  Item number: 1108.    US$15.00
131.    R.L. Binyon, A.T.Quiller-Couch; A.Sidgewick; C.E.Montague (3 phil. spoofs); C.G.Fagan; A.D.Godley; H.W.Greene; R.W.Raper Echoes from the Oxford Magazine being Reprints of Seven Years.  Item number: 11084.    US$20.00
132.    Liliuokalani Hawaii's Story by Hawaii's Queen..  Item number: 11085.    US$6.00
133.    Stewart, James T. (ed.) Airpower The Decisive Force in Korea.  Item number: 11095.    US$15.00
134.    Jansson, Maija Two Diaries of the Long Parliment.  Item number: 11103.    US$35.00
135.    Lall, Betty G. & John Tepper Marlin ( Building a Peace Economy Opportunities & Problems of Post-Cold War Defense Cuts.  Item number: 1111.    US$15.00
136.    Panama Canal The Sea-Level Project A Symposium.  Item number: 11117.    US$45.00
137.    Kalyanamalla / Tribnath Ray (trans. & ed.) / G.Bose (foreword) Ananga Ranga.  Item number: 11135.    US$6.00
138.    Witwer, H.C. From Baseball to Boches.  Item number: 11141.    US$12.00
139.    Ozment, Steven (ed. & narrated) Three Behaim Boys Growing Up in Early Modern Germany.  Item number: 11142.    US$6.00
140.    Robert Lord Raymond (compilor) Reports of Cases Argued & Adjudged in the Courts of King's Bench & Common Pleas in the Reigns of The Late King William, Queen Ann & King George I & II. Volume III (only) Containing the Entries of Pleadings to the Cases C.  Item number: 11151.    US$100.00
141.    New Republic Aug.24 1927 vol.LII, no.664.  Item number: 11157.    US$35.00
142.    New Republic Sept.7 1927 vol.LII, no.666.  Item number: 11159.    US$35.00
143.    New Republic Oct.19, 1927 vol.LII, no.672.  Item number: 11161.    US$35.00
144.    New Republic Nov.23, 1927 vol.LIII, no.677.  Item number: 11162.    US$35.00
145.    New Republic Nov.30, 1927 vol.LIII, no.678.  Item number: 11163.    US$35.00
146.    New Republic Feb.1, 1928 vol.LIII, no.687.  Item number: 11164.    US$35.00
147.    New Republic Oct.10, 1928 vol.LVI, no.723 part 2 Fall Books Section.  Item number: 11165.    US$35.00
148.    New Republic May 22, 1929 vol.LIX, no.755 (lacks Spring Books Section).  Item number: 11167.    US$35.00
149.    New Republic October 9, 1929 vol.LX, no.775 part 2 Fall Literary Section.  Item number: 11168.    US$35.00
150.    New Republic May 7, 1930 vol.LXII, no.805.  Item number: 11169.    US$20.00

Over 9000 Items found
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