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1.    Graves, Robert Fairies & Fusilliers.  Item number: 100.    US$45.00
2.    Silverman, Maxwell & Ned A. Bowman Contemporary Theatre Architecture An Illustrated Survey A Checklist of Publications.  Item number: 10000.    US$10.00
3.    Lossiyevskii, (Lossievskiy) V.L. & L.G.Pliskin Automation of Continuous Production Processes.  Item number: 10002.    US$25.00
4.    Hatch, Lewis F. Isopropyl Alcohol.  Item number: 10003.    US$12.00
5.    Andy, Orlando J. & Heinz Stephan The Septum of the Cat.  Item number: 10004.    US$15.00
6.    Caruthers, Felix P. & Harold Levenstein (eds.) Adaptive Control Systems Proceedings of Symposium held in Garden City, NY, Oct.1960 sponsored by the Long Island Section of the Institute of Radio Engineers  Item number: 10005.    US$20.00
7.    Venable, William Mayo Garbage Crematories in America.  Item number: 10006.    US$30.00
8.    Schuyler, Keith C. Archery From Golds to Big Game.  Item number: 1002.    US$10.00
9.    Woolf, Stuart (ed.) Domestic Strategies: Work & Family in France & Italy 1600-1800.  Item number: 10026.    US$30.00
10.    Capranica, Robert R. The Evoked Vocal Response of the Bullfrog: A Study of Communication by Sound.  Item number: 10039.    US$10.00
11.    Davis, Elwyn N. (ed.) Developments in Applied Spectroscopy vol.4 Proceedings of the 15th. Annual Mid-America Spectroscopy Symposium, Chic. June 1964.  Item number: 10040.    US$20.00
12.    Heinemann, Heinz (ed.) Catalysis Reviews vol.1.  Item number: 10041.    US$15.00
13.    Leder, Lawrence H. (ed.) The Colonial Legacy Volumes III & IV (bound in one) III. Historians of Nature & Man's Nature IV. Early Nationalist Historians.  Item number: 10042.    US$20.00
14.    Everhart, John L.;Lindlief; Kanegis; Weissler; Siegel Mechanical Properties of Metals & Alloys.  Item number: 10046.    US$10.00
15.    Altman, Irwin & Arza Churchman (eds.) Women & the Environment (Human Behavior & Environment, Advances in Research #13).  Item number: 10048.    US$85.00
16.    Wolstenholme, G.E.W. (ed.) Gonadotropins: Physiochemical & Immunological Properties Ciba Foundation Study Group #22..  Item number: 10049.    US$12.00
17.    Einhorn, Eric & John Logue Welfare State in Hard Times Denmark & Sweden in the 1970s.  Item number: 10055.    US$25.00
18.    Aleksandrov, D.; A.N.Kolmogorov; M.A.Lavrent’ev (eds.) Mathematics Its Content, Methods & Meaning volumes. 2 & 3.  Item number: 10064.    US$25.00
19.    Austen, Major E.E. assisted by A.W.NcKenny Hughes Clothes Moths & House Moths Their Life-Histories, Habits & Control (British Museum Natural History, Econonomics Series #14).  Item number: 10066.    US$10.00
20.    Rosmini, Antonio Anthropology as an Aid to Moral Science.  Item number: 10068.    US$6.00
21.    Rosmini, Antonio Conscience.  Item number: 10069.    US$6.00
22.    Typartists One Line Type Specimens Hayes-Lochner, Inc..  Item number: 10071.    US$75.00
23.    Proceedings of the 1995 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots & Systems, Pittsburgh, August, 1995. Human Interaction & Cooperative Robots volumes 2 & 3.  Item number: 10077.    US$175.00
24.    Proceedings of the Twelfth (12th.) National Conference on Artificial Intelligence sponsored by the AAAI, Seattle, July-Aug. 1994. 2 volumes.  Item number: 10078.    US$85.00
25.    Proceedings of the Thirteenth (13th.) International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence Chambery, France Aug.-Sept. 1993 2 volumes..  Item number: 10079.    US$85.00
26.    Proceedings of the Ninth (9th.) International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence Los Angeles Aug.1985 2 volumes..  Item number: 10080.    US$50.00
27.    Lance, A. Infrastructure des Cellules du Meristeme Apical et des Jeunes Ebauches Foliaires de Chrysanthemum Segetum L. (Composees).  Item number: 10087.    US$75.00
28.    Baerends, G.P. & R.H.Drent (eds.) The Herring Gull & its Egg.  Item number: 10089.    US$25.00
29.    McKinney, F. An Analysis of the Displays of the European Eider Somateria Mollissima (Linnaeus) & the Pacific Eider Somateria Mollisima V. Nigra Bonaparte.  Item number: 10090.    US$45.00
30.    Hogue, Charles L. A Taxonomic Review of the Genus Maruina (Diptera: Psychodidae).  Item number: 10093.    US$35.00
31.    Proceedings of the XXIInd. International Congress of Psychology, Leipzig, GDR, July 6-12, 1980.  Item number: 10099.    US$25.00
32.    Potel, Pierre Le Problem du Pain III La Qualite des Bles et Son Amelioration.  Item number: 10100.    US$25.00
33.    Popow, P. & L. Paltow Naherungsmethoden zur Untersuchung Nichtlinearer Regelungssysteme.  Item number: 10111.    US$35.00
34.    Barrett, Charles C. / J.V.Gilfrich/ I.C.Noyan/ T.Huang/ P.Predecki (eds.) Advances in X-Ray Analysis volume 34 Proceedings of the 39th. Annual Conference on Applications of X-Ray Analysis, July-Aug.1990, Steamboat Springs, Co..  Item number: 10117.    US$45.00
35.    Sewall, Samuel The Diary of Samuel Sewall 1674-1729 3 vols. (Collections of the Massachusetts Historical Society, 5th.Series, Vols.5,6 &7).  Item number: 1012.    US$125.00
36.    Saechtling, Dr. Hansjurgen Hochpolymere organische Naturstoffe Der Feinbau pflanzlicher und tierischer Gerustsubstanzen und des Kautschuks.  Item number: 10126.    US$45.00
37.    Jahrbuch 1936 der Lilienthal-Gesellschaft fur Luftfahrtforschung.  Item number: 10127.    US$55.00
38.    Rziha, E. von Starkstromtechnik Taschenbuch fur Elektrotechniker Volume 2.  Item number: 10129.    US$10.00
39.    Albert, August Aluminum in its Application to Planography The Theory of Printing with Aluminum.  Item number: 10131.    US$85.00
40.    Bulletin du Centre de Recherches D'Histoire des Mouvements Sociaux et du Syndicalisme (CRHMSS) (anciennement Bulletin du Centre Histoire du Syndicalisme) No.2, Annee Universitaire 1977-1978.  Item number: 10136.    US$75.00
41.    Rothenberg, Jerome Poems for the Game of Silence 1960-1970.  Item number: 10160.    US$10.00
42.    Ashby, Timothy The Bear in the Back Yard Moscow's Caribbean Stratagy.  Item number: 10249.    US$6.00
43.    Bach, Johann Sebastian Toccatas, Fantasias, Passacaglia & Other Works for Organ from the Bach-Gesellschaft Edition..  Item number: 10262.    US$8.50
44.    Oldenburg, Claes Proposals for Monuments & Buildings 1965-69.  Item number: 10264.    US$10.00
45.    Weisberg, Gabriel P. Art Nouveau Bing Paris Style 1900.  Item number: 10272.    US$15.00
46.    Viola, Herman J. & Carolyn Margolis w/ Jan Danis Magnificent Voyagers The U.S.Exploring Expedition 1838-1842.  Item number: 10275.    US$12.00
47.    Schwartz, Manfred Etretat: An Artist's Theme & Development.  Item number: 10289.    US$10.00
48.    Eleventh Symposium (International) on Combustion University of California, August, 1966..  Item number: 10300.    US$25.00
49.    Silva, Ruth C. Rum, Religion & Votes 1928 Re-examined.  Item number: 10312.    US$12.00
50.    Kolakowski, Leszek Toward a Marxist Humanism Essays on the Left Today.  Item number: 10318.    US$6.00

Over 9000 Items found
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