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1.    'Geographia' District Road Map 40 Miles About Bath '.  Item number: 45625.    US$20.00
2.    Engelbrecht, H.C. 'One Hell of a Business'.  Item number: 46356.    US$20.00
3.    Camblos, Ruth & Virginia Winger 'Round the Mountains Guide Book The most comprehensive guide book of the Western North Carolina mountains. Third Edition.  Item number: 65713.    US$6.00
4.    (A Day at the Zoo) A Little Golden Book.  Item number: 55199.    US$20.00
5.    Meese, Elizabeth A. (Ex)Tensions Re-Figuring Feminist Criticism.  Item number: 65509.    US$7.00
6.    (Model Depose) Plan-Guide de Paris Repertoire des Rues Metropolitain Renseignements Indispensibles Ministeres, Ambassades et Consulats, prefectures, Mairies, Police, Hopitaux, Postes et Telegraphes, Monuments, Musees, Pa.  Item number: 27157.    US$20.00
7.    (Pennsylvania Archives) Minutes of the Board of War (Pennsylvania Archives Second Series Volume I).  Item number: 51295.    US$55.00
8.    (Pennsylvania Archives) Muster Rolls of the Pennsylvania Volunteers in the War of 1812-1814, with contemporary Papers & Documents vol.1(Pennsylvania Archives Second Series Volume XII).  Item number: 51297.    US$45.00
9.    (Pennsylvania Archives) Pennsylvania in the War for the Revolution, Associated Battalions & Militia 1775-1783 vol.ii (of ?) (Pennsylvania Archives Second Series Volume XIV).  Item number: 51296.    US$45.00
10.    (Pinocchio) A Little Golden Book 25.  Item number: 32824.    US$20.00
11.    (Snow White) A Little Golden Book 19.  Item number: 32826.    US$20.00
12.    (trade catalogue) Starrett Tools Co., General Catalog 27 Mechanics' Hand Tools & Precision Instruments, Dial Indicators, Steel Tapes, Hack Saws, Hole Saws, Band Saws, Band Knives, Ground Flat Stock.  Item number: 46401.    US$6.00
13.    Morley, John / J.R.Thursfield (Twelve) English Statesmen Walpole Peel.  Item number: 41537.    US$65.00
14.    Ramos, J.M. .45 ACP Super Guns Modified .45 Autos for Competition, Hunting, & Personal Defense.  Item number: 70585.    US$40.00
15.    Ikkosha /Rekishi o kaeta meigen meiku epis do de wakaru koji seigo..  Item number: 74487.    US$35.00
16.    Aleichem, Sholom [ 2 volumes in Hebrew]Ale v?erk fun Sholem Aleykhem..  Item number: 7178.    US$20.00
17.    Mirkhond / David Shea (trans. & notes) [ History of the Early Kings of Persia from Kaiomars, the First of the Peshdadian dynasty, to the Conquest of Iran By Alexander the Great Translated from the Original persian of Mirkhond, entitled the Rauzat-us-safa with.  Item number: 52694.    US$850.00
18.    Goodrich, Samuel Griswold [A System of Universal Geography].  Item number: 55989.    US$35.00
19.    [Plowden, Francis] [An Historical Review of the State of Ireland].  Item number: 52352.    US$175.00
20.    Pellerin, Monsieur H. (Hector) (Artiste repute de la radio au Canada) [Chansons].  Item number: 72715.    US$125.00
21.    Zaks, A.S. [Di geshikhte fun Arbeyter Ring, 1892-1925] volume 2 only (of 2). (English title: History of the Workmen's Circle).  Item number: 56336.    US$55.00
22.    Webster, Noah [Dissertations on the English Language with an essay on a Reformed Mode of Spelling with Dr. Franklin' Arguments on That Subject.].  Item number: 49389.    US$2,000.00
23.    Pinchot, Gifford [final] Message of Governor Gifford Pinchot to the General Assembly of Pennsylvania Delivered in Person to the Joint Session of the House of Representatives January 4, 1927..  Item number: 30222.    US$10.00
24.    Costigliole, A.-M. De wtih M.Zentz D’Alnois (eds.) [France Lives].  Item number: 39176.    US$25.00
25.    Hull, Gen. William [General William Hull's Memoirs] of the Campaign of the North Western Army of the United States, A.D. 1812, in a series of lectures addressed to the citizens of the U.S. w/an appendix containing a brief sketch of the rev.  Item number: 8048.    US$400.00
26.    Wolfe, Thomas / John L. Idle, Jr. (ed.) [George Webber, Writer]: An Introduction by a Friend.  Item number: 71269.    US$20.00
27.    [Goethe, Johann / Anna Swanwick (trans.)] [Goethe's Faust] Parts I & II.  Item number: 65163.    US$65.00
28.    [Baines, Edward]? [History of the Wars of the French Revolution] Vols. II & IV only, of 4,.  Item number: 52320.    US$75.00
29.    [Bing Wang; Won-sik Hong] [Hwangje naegyong yongch'u haesok] two volumes] (The Inner Canon of Huangdi or The Yellow Emperor's Inner Cannon).  Item number: 70923.    US$350.00
30.    [Important Events in Musical History 1889].  Item number: 29076.    US$35.00
31.    [Japanese book on making & flying gasoline powered model airplanes.].  Item number: 66193.    US$125.00
32.    Shiki Satoshi [Kami-Kaze 2].  Item number: 65613.    US$20.00
33.    [King's Views of New York].  Item number: 64063.    US$35.00
34.    Dayton, Abram C. [Last Days of Knickerbocker in New York] new edition..  Item number: 65886.    US$20.00
35.    [Currie, J.] [Life & Correspondence of Robert Burns] Vol.I only..  Item number: 52328.    US$65.00
36.    [Cregander] [Merckwurdiges Leben und Thaten des Weld-beruhmten General Lieutenants bey der Infanterie und Commandant der Vestung Konigsten, Friedrich Wilh. Frey-Herrns von Kyau. [The Heroic Deeds of the Famous Lt. General von Kyau] .  Item number: 52339.    US$350.00
37.    Relyea, Rev. B.J. [Mother's Magazine] & Family Circle Volume XXVI, 1858.  Item number: 51821.    US$115.00
38.    Asch, Sholem [Motke Ganev] [Motke the Thief] (title is in Yiddish).  Item number: 7179.    US$125.00
39.    Brown, [Jonathan] [Murillo & His Drawings].  Item number: 63150.    US$25.00
40.    Zambounis, C. [Peza tragoudia K. Zampoune. Zetontas ten aletheia.].  Item number: 36326.    US$55.00
41.    [Phrasebook in Chinese, English & French].  Item number: 59100.    US$20.00
42.    [Prilozi Za Knirsevnost Ezik Istori u i Pholklor Knjiga Trideset Treshcha Sveske 1-2,3-4 1967; 1-2,3-4 1968 & 1-2;3-4 1969] 6 vols. in 3..  Item number: 41262.    US$150.00
43.    [Elizarov, P.G.] [Proizvodstvo Metallicheskogo Aliuminiia].  Item number: 24722.    US$35.00
44.    [Report on] A Study of English Teaching in Primary Schools in Japan.  Item number: 64728.    US$55.00
45.    [Russian Military Manual for Radio] R-105m, R-108m, R-109m.  Item number: 40586.    US$250.00
46.    [Russian Military Manual] Alkaline Cells, Type KH-14 & Batteries, Type 2KH-32 Service Log.  Item number: 40587.    US$35.00
47.    [Russian Military Manual] Alkaline Cells, Type KH-14 & Batteries, Type 2KH-32 Service Log.  Item number: 40588.    US$35.00
48.    [Russian Military Manual] Still-Proof Storage Cells, Type KH-14 & Storage Batteries, Type 2KH-32 Instruction Manual.  Item number: 40589.    US$65.00
49.    Cleaveland, George A. & Robert E. Campbell [Salesman's Sample] American Landmarks A Collection of Pictures of Our Country's Historic Shrines With Descriptive Text.  Item number: 59279.    US$35.00
50.    Boyd, James P. [Salesman's Sample] Men & Issues of ‘92. A Grand National Portrait Gallery containing Photographs of Leading Men of All Parties; w/ ... great national questions of the day, protection, free trade, McKinley bill, reciproc.  Item number: 77424.    US$25.00

Over 9000 Items found
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