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251.    Waldman, Tom Best Guide to American Politics, The.  Item number: 100574.    US$4.75
252.    Stowe, Harriet Beecher Uncle Tom's Cabin; or, Life Among the Lowly.  Item number: 100580.    US$47.50
253.    Storer, Doug Amazing but True Stories About the Presidents.  Item number: 100583.    US$4.75
254.    Thurber, James : Illustrated by: James Thurber Thurber Carnival, The.  Item number: 100585.    US$4.75
255.    Chatwin, Bruce In Patagonia.  Item number: 100586.    US$4.75
256.    none Royal Homes Illustrated.  Item number: 100587.    US$4.75
257.    Serraillier, Ian : Illustrated by: C. Walter Hodges Silver Sword, The.  Item number: 100588.    US$4.75
258.    Goldfrank, Esther S. Artist of Isleta Paintings in Pueblo Society, The.  Item number: 100589.    US$5.70
259.    Sargent, Shirley Yosemite: A National Treasure.  Item number: 100590.    US$4.75
260.    Hopkins, Lee Bennett, ed. : Illustrated by: John Earl, photos To Look at Any Thing: Poems.  Item number: 100593.    US$4.75
261.    Stuart, James Three Years in North America: Volumes I & II (Foreign Travelers in America, 1810-1935).  Item number: 100594.    US$28.50
262.    Brown, Dee Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee: An Indian History of the American West.  Item number: 100599.    US$4.75
263.    Cuomo, George Couple of Cops, A: On the Street, in the Crime Lab.  Item number: 100600.    US$4.75
264.    Crichton, Robert Secret of Santa Vittoria, The.  Item number: 100604.    US$4.75
265.    King-Smith, Dick : Illustrated by: Cynthia Fisher School Mouse, The.  Item number: 100607.    US$4.75
266.    Hamilton, Edith : Illustrated by: Steele Savage Mythology: Timeless Tales of Gods and Heroes.  Item number: 100609.    US$4.75
267.    Reagan, Ron Siamese Cats.  Item number: 100612.    US$4.75
268.    Wildsmith, Brian Hunter and his Dog.  Item number: 100613.    US$9.50
269.    Canfield, Jack et al., eds Chicken Soup for the Golden Soul: Heartwarming Stories About People 60 and Over.  Item number: 100616.    US$4.75
270.    Mills, C. Wright Marxists, The.  Item number: 100619.    US$4.75
271.    Moore, Clement C. : Illustrated by: Corinne Malvern Night Before Christmas, The.  Item number: 100620.    US$4.75
272.    Stainback, Berry Football Stars of 1965.  Item number: 100622.    US$4.75
273.    Mitchell, Black, & Stanton : Illustrated by: Tibor Gergely Taxi That Hurried, The.  Item number: 100623.    US$4.75
274.    Hitchcock, Alfred, ed. Alfred Hitchcock Presents 12 Stories for Late at Night.  Item number: 100624.    US$4.75
275.    Lucado, Max Six Hours One Friday: Anchoring to the Cross.  Item number: 100628.    US$4.75
276.    Lewis, C. S. : Illustrated by: Pauline Baynes Horse and His Boy, The: The Chronicles of Narnia, Book 3.  Item number: 100629.    US$4.75
277.    Lincoln, Joseph c. Fair Harbor: A Novel.  Item number: 100630.    US$4.75
278.    Lincoln, Joseph C. Partners of the Tide.  Item number: 100632.    US$4.75
279.    none Trees: The Yearbook of Agriculture, 1949.  Item number: 100634.    US$6.65
280.    none Inaugural Addresses of the Presidents of the United States from George Washington 1789.  Item number: 100636.    US$4.75
281.    Smith, Gene When the Cheering Stopped: The Last Years of Woodrow Wilson.  Item number: 100637.    US$4.75
282.    Hirsch Jr., E. D. Cultural Literacy: What Every American Needs to Know.  Item number: 100641.    US$4.75
283.    Coulter, Catherine Rosehaven.  Item number: 100645.    US$4.75
284.    Ellis, Havelock Dance of Life, The.  Item number: 100647.    US$4.75
285.    Thomas, Lowell History As You Heard It.  Item number: 100650.    US$4.75
286.    none Wanted (DVD video).  Item number: 100652.    US$4.75
287.    Fendley, Alison Saatchi & Saatchi: The Inside Story.  Item number: 100653.    US$4.75
288.    Parrino, Jay, president Jay Parrino's The Mint L.L.C.: The Rarest and the Finest: 2002 Millennium Catalog.  Item number: 100654.    US$8.93
289.    Alderton, David Petkeeper's Guide to Hamsters & Gerbils, A.  Item number: 100656.    US$4.75
290.    McSherry Jr., Waugh, & Greenberg, eds Eastern Ghosts (American Ghosts Series).  Item number: 100658.    US$4.75
291.    Massey, John, ed Comic Spirit in America, The (American Character Series).  Item number: 100660.    US$4.75
292.    none Frank and Jesse (DVD).  Item number: 100661.    US$4.75
293.    Sand, George X. Everglades Today, The: Endangered Wilderness.  Item number: 100663.    US$4.75
294.    Poe, Edgar Allan (Marjorie Katz, ed.) : Illustrated by: Pablo Marcos Studios Tales of Mystery and Terror: Great Illustrated Classics.  Item number: 100664.    US$4.75
295.    Heim, Judy : Illustrated by: Alan Okamoto Internet for Cats: A Guide to How You and Your Cat Can Prowl the Information Highway Together.  Item number: 100665.    US$4.75
296.    Perran, Gaila Ozaki Ticked Off!: A Novel Murder Mystery.  Item number: 100666.    US$4.75
297.    Cook, Robin Critical.  Item number: 100667.    US$4.75
298.    Williamson, Marianne Healing of America, The.  Item number: 100668.    US$4.75
299.    Imes, Rick : Illustrated by: Wayne Ford, Christine Wilson Wildflowers: How to Identify Flowers in the Wild and How to Grow Them in Your Garden.  Item number: 100670.    US$4.75
300.    Harms, Valerie, et. al. National Audubon Society Almanac of the Environment, The: The Ecology of Everyday Life.  Item number: 100671.    US$5.23

Over 9000 Items found
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