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151.    Stevenson, Lionel English Novel, The: A Panorama.  Item number: 100306.    US$4.75
152.    Malory, Sir Thomas (Eugene Vinaver, ed.) King Arthur and His Knights.  Item number: 100307.    US$4.75
153.    Mailer, Norman Barbary Shore.  Item number: 100309.    US$4.75
154.    Lively, Penelope : Illustrated by: Deborah Healy (cover il) Passing On.  Item number: 100312.    US$4.75
155.    Kolpas, Norman Pasta Menus.  Item number: 100314.    US$4.75
156.    Altick, Richard D. Scholar Adventurers, The.  Item number: 100315.    US$4.75
157.    Hayward, Linda : Illustrated by: Irene Trivas Twiddle Bugs at Work: Featuring Jim Henson's Sesame Street Muppets (BOOK ONLY).  Item number: 100317.    US$4.75
158.    Cameron, Eugene N. Ore Microscopy.  Item number: 100321.    US$41.80
159.    Pirsson, Louis & Adolph Knopf Rocks and Rock Minerals: A Manual of the Elements of Petrology Without the Use of the Microscope.  Item number: 100322.    US$13.30
160.    Ambronn, Richard Elements of Geophysics as Applied to Explorations for Minerals, Oil and Gas.  Item number: 100324.    US$28.50
161.    none Transactions of the American Institute of Mining & Metallurgical Engineers: V 164: Geophysics 1945.  Item number: 100325.    US$14.25
162.    none Transactions of the Am. Institute of Mining & Metallurgical Engineers: Geophysical Prospecting, 1932.  Item number: 100326.    US$13.30
163.    Eve, A. S. & D. A. Keys Applied Geophysics in the Search for Minerals - Third Edition.  Item number: 100334.    US$8.08
164.    Mumm, Debbie Debbie Mumm's Quick Country Quilts for Every Room.  Item number: 100336.    US$5.70
165.    Sprague, Rosemary : Illustrated by: Robert McGovern George Eliot: A Biography.  Item number: 100339.    US$14.25
166.    Spock, L. E. Guide to the Study of Rocks - Second Edition.  Item number: 100341.    US$6.89
167.    Schakel, Peter J. Poetry of Jonathan Swift, The: Allusion and the Development of a Poetic Style.  Item number: 100342.    US$13.30
168.    Nettleton, L. L. Geophysical Prospecting for Oil.  Item number: 100343.    US$6.41
169.    Dobrin, Milton Introduction to Geophysical Prospecting.  Item number: 100344.    US$6.41
170.    Mason, H. A. Humanism and Poetry in the Early Tudor Period: An Essay.  Item number: 100345.    US$11.40
171.    Baedeker, Karl Switzerland: Together with Chamonix and the Italian Lakes: Handbook for Travellers.  Item number: 100352.    US$15.20
172.    Knox, Gerald M., ed. Better Homes and Gardens: His Turn to Cook.  Item number: 100353.    US$4.75
173.    Lowell, Elizabeth Enchanted.  Item number: 100355.    US$35.63
174.    London, Mel / Charles Gerras, ed Bread Winners Cookbook, The: Forty-five remarkable bread bakers share 200 of their favorite recipes.  Item number: 100358.    US$5.46
175.    Ludlum, Robert Prometheus Deception, The.  Item number: 100359.    US$5.23
176.    Keen, A. Myra w/ Eugene Coan Marine Molluscan Genera of Western North America: An Illustrated Key.  Item number: 100360.    US$5.23
177.    Cornwell, Bernard Sharpe's Fury: Richard Sharpe & the Battle of Barrosa, March 1811.  Item number: 100364.    US$5.23
178.    Spear, Ruth Low Fat & Loving It: How to Lower Your Fat Intake and Still Eat the Foods You Love.  Item number: 100367.    US$5.23
179.    Smith, Sarah Stafford : Illustrated by: Douglas Phillips Ink-Bottle Club Abroad, The.  Item number: 100368.    US$4.99
180.    Peirce, B. O. Short Table of Integrals, A - Third Revised Edition.  Item number: 100371.    US$4.99
181.    Chevalier, Tracy Lady and the Unicorn, The.  Item number: 100372.    US$4.75
182.    Sutcliffe, Katherine Once a Hero.  Item number: 100373.    US$4.75
183.    Coulter, Catherine Earth Song.  Item number: 100374.    US$4.99
184.    Wahlstrom, Ernest Optical Crystallography - Second Edition.  Item number: 100377.    US$4.99
185.    Kerr, Graham Graham Kerr's Minimax Cookbook.  Item number: 100379.    US$4.99
186.    Baker, Robert A. They Call It Hypnosis.  Item number: 100383.    US$9.98
187.    Editors of Reader's Digest Home Made Best Made: Hundreds of Ways to Make All Kinds of Useful Things - Reader's Digest.  Item number: 100384.    US$4.75
188.    Barrie, J. M. / Viola Meynell, ed Letters of J. M. Barrie.  Item number: 100387.    US$9.50
189.    Plato / Epictetus / Marcus Aurelius Apology, Phaedo & Crito / Golden Sayings/ Meditations - The Harvard Classics.  Item number: 100389.    US$4.99
190.    King, Edmund England, 1175-1425 (Development of English Society).  Item number: 100390.    US$9.50
191.    none Christmas Cookies from Your Favorite Brand Name Companies.  Item number: 100391.    US$4.75
192.    none Food, Family & Friends: Quick & Easy Recipes for Everyday Occasions.  Item number: 100392.    US$4.75
193.    Johnson, Dolores Wash, Fold, and Die: A Mandy Dyer Mystery.  Item number: 100396.    US$4.75
194.    Lawrence, D.H. Sons and Lovers.  Item number: 100399.    US$4.99
195.    Shapiro, Dr. Howard M. Dr. Shapiro's Picture Perfect Weight Loss: The Visual Program for Permanent Weight Loss.  Item number: 100400.    US$4.75
196.    Knowlton, Archer E. & R.M. Shoop, eds. Standard Handbook for Electrical Engineers - Prepared by a Staff of Specialists - Seventh Edition.  Item number: 100401.    US$5.70
197.    Miller, Linda Lael Lily and the Major.  Item number: 100406.    US$8.55
198.    Seltzer, Thomas, ed : Illustrated by: Horace Brodzky (endpages) Best Russian Short Stories (Modern Library).  Item number: 100407.    US$8.55
199.    Endler, Norman & Emmanuel Persad Electroconvulsive Therapy: The Myths and the Realities.  Item number: 100408.    US$39.43
200.    Wellons, McTurnan, & Smith : Illustrated by: J. M. O'Malley & Marie O'Har Junior Anthology, A: Book One.  Item number: 100409.    US$5.23

Over 9000 Items found
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