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51.    Whitler, L.E., ed. Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and Enginemen's Magazine - March 1960.  Item number: 100096.    US$8.55
52.    Whitler, L.E., ed. Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and Enginemen's Magazine - April 1960.  Item number: 100097.    US$8.55
53.    Asch, Frank : Illustrated by: Frank Asch George's Store.  Item number: 100098.    US$81.70
54.    King, Zeigler, & Jones History of New Oxford in Pennsylvania (PA) - Looking at the Past... Let's Go Back in History.  Item number: 100099.    US$23.75
55.    none J.M.W. Turner: Selection of Paintings from the Collection of Mr & Mrs Paul Mellon 10-31 to 4-21-69.  Item number: 100102.    US$9.31
56.    Allen, Lucy G. Book of Hors D'Oeuvres, A.  Item number: 100104.    US$8.55
57.    none Journal of the American Institute of Architects: June 1927.  Item number: 100107.    US$19.95
58.    none Key of Heaven: A Manual of Prayers and Instructions for Catholics.  Item number: 100108.    US$71.25
59.    none Journal of the American Institute of Architects: December 1927.  Item number: 100109.    US$19.95
60.    Anderson, J. W. Diesel Engineering: A Textbook.  Item number: 100111.    US$13.30
61.    Abbott, Jane : Illustrated by: Jessie C. Sax Black Flower.  Item number: 100114.    US$12.83
62.    none Doll Collectors Manual 1967.  Item number: 100120.    US$9.03
63.    Stuart, Lynn Stuart's Book on Avon Collectables.  Item number: 100121.    US$7.60
64.    Samartha, S. J. Introduction to Radhakrishnan: The Man and His thought.  Item number: 100123.    US$12.35
65.    none In My Mother's Kitchen: Writers on Love, Cooking, and Family.  Item number: 100130.    US$5.46
66.    none In My Mother's Kitchen: Writers on Love, Cooking, and Family.  Item number: 100131.    US$5.70
67.    Temple, Lou Jane Spice Box, The.  Item number: 100132.    US$5.70
68.    Temple, Lou Jane Death du Jour: A Spice Box Mystery.  Item number: 100133.    US$5.70
69.    Graeff, Frank E. : Illustrated by: W. P. Snyder Minister's Twins, The.  Item number: 100136.    US$11.88
70.    Jones, Carnevale, & Bloom Collectibles Market Guide & Price Index: To Limited Edition Plates, Figurines, Bells, Graphics,....  Item number: 100137.    US$4.75
71.    Cuneo, John R. Battles of Saratoga, The: The Turning of the Tide.  Item number: 100141.    US$8.55
72.    Carmichael, Fred Murder Is a Game: A New Comedy Mystery in Two Acts.  Item number: 100142.    US$8.55
73.    Taibbi, Matt : Illustrated by: David Rees Spanking the Donkey: Dispatches from the Dumb Season.  Item number: 100143.    US$4.75
74.    Toews, Miriam Complicated Kindness, A: A Novel.  Item number: 100144.    US$4.75
75.    Phillpotts, Eden Secret Woman, The.  Item number: 100147.    US$11.40
76.    Fowler, Karen Joy Jane Austen Book Club, The.  Item number: 100148.    US$5.46
77.    Gibbs-Smith, C.H. Ballooning.  Item number: 100150.    US$8.55
78.    Rockland, Michael Aaron Bliss Case, A.  Item number: 100152.    US$4.75
79.    Eliot, Marc Down 42nd Street: Sex, Money, Culture, and Politics at the Crossroads of the World.  Item number: 100153.    US$5.23
80.    Shagan, Steve Pillars of Fire.  Item number: 100159.    US$4.75
81.    Nargi, Lela Around the Table: Women on Food, Cooking, Nourishment, Love... and the Mothers Who Dished It Up for.  Item number: 100160.    US$4.75
82.    Melder, Keith E. Hail to the Candidate: Presidential Campaigns from Banners to Broadcasts.  Item number: 100162.    US$5.70
83.    Stockton, Frank : Illustrated by: Tommy Beere Fable and Fiction: Frank Stockton.  Item number: 100167.    US$8.55
84.    Keyes, Frances Parkinson Came a Cavalier.  Item number: 100169.    US$4.75
85.    Bonsels, Waldemar : Illustrated by: Harry Brown Indian Journey, An.  Item number: 100174.    US$8.55
86.    none Zion's Stone Church - Post Card.  Item number: 100175.    US$4.75
87.    Clark, J. M. & Rotraud Riddell Putnam's Contemporary German Dictionary: German English/English German.  Item number: 100177.    US$4.75
88.    Bhikshu, Subhadra Buddhist Catechism, A: An Outline of the Doctrine of the Buddha Gotama: In the form of Q & A.  Item number: 100178.    US$8.55
89.    Kingston, Charles Marriage Market, The.  Item number: 100184.    US$8.55
90.    McNeill, William H. Rise of the West: A History of the Human Community.  Item number: 100191.    US$4.75
91.    Dym, Barry & Michael L. Glenn Couples: Exploring and Understanding the Cycles of Intimate Relationships.  Item number: 100192.    US$4.75
92.    Atwood, Margaret Blind Assassin, The.  Item number: 100194.    US$4.75
93.    Grimal, Pierre / G. Michael Woloch, ed Roman Cities (Les villes romaines) (Wisconsin Studies in Classics).  Item number: 100197.    US$11.16
94.    Lopez-Medina, Sylvia Cantora.  Item number: 100200.    US$4.75
95.    Link, Arthur S. Wilson: The Road to the White House.  Item number: 100201.    US$6.41
96.    Miller, John Chester Wolf by the Ears, The: Thomas Jefferson and Slavery.  Item number: 100202.    US$5.46
97.    Nabokov, Vladimir King, Queen, Knave: A Novel.  Item number: 100204.    US$4.99
98.    McSorley, Edward Our Own Kind.  Item number: 100206.    US$6.18
99.    Bloom, Marjorie Devotions for Your Family: Sharing in a Study of Mark.  Item number: 100210.    US$4.75
100.    Van Impe, Jack Revelation Revealed Verse by Verse.  Item number: 100211.    US$4.75

Over 9000 Items found
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