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51.    Organick, Avrum Blessings: A Novel.  Item number: 100100.    US$8.55
52.    Piercy, Marge : Illustrated by: Rafal Olbinski (dj) He, She and It: A Novel.  Item number: 100106.    US$5.70
53.    none Postcard - School or Church Merry Xmas.  Item number: 10011.    US$6.65
54.    Boswell, James Life of Samuel Johnson Lld., The: Volume II (Everyman's Library #2).  Item number: 100110.    US$6.65
55.    O'Reilly, Bill Who's Looking Out for You?.  Item number: 100112.    US$4.75
56.    Reade, Charles Cloister and the Hearth, The (Designed to be read as a modern novel).  Item number: 100115.    US$5.70
57.    none Instructor Guide for Aerospace: The Challenge - Third Edition.  Item number: 100117.    US$5.70
58.    Miller, Sue Senator's Wife, The.  Item number: 100119.    US$4.99
59.    Oman, Charles Castles.  Item number: 100122.    US$8.55
60.    Smith, Huston Religions of Man, The.  Item number: 100124.    US$4.75
61.    Sheban, Joseph One White Race; or, Following the Gods.  Item number: 100125.    US$13.30
62.    Baker, Whiteford L. Eastern Forest Insects - US Department of Agriculture Forest Service Miscellaneous Pub. No. 1175.  Item number: 100130.    US$9.26
63.    Curtis, Doris M., ed. Sedimentary Processes: Diagenesis - Selected Papers Reprinted from Journal of Sedimentary Petrology.  Item number: 100131.    US$9.98
64.    Landman, Johnson, & Edwards Cephalopods from the Cretaceous/Tertiary Boundary Interval on the Atlantic Coastal Plain....  Item number: 100135.    US$20.43
65.    Dozois, Gardner, ed. Year's Best Science Fiction, The: Thirteenth Annual Collection.  Item number: 100137.    US$5.70
66.    none Taste of Tradition, A: A Collection of Recipes from the Pen Argyl School District Community.  Item number: 100143.    US$5.70
67.    Werner, Jane : Illustrated by: Eloise Wilkin Christmas Story, The.  Item number: 100144.    US$4.99
68.    Werner, Jane : Illustrated by: Steffie Lerch Little Golden Christmas Manger, The.  Item number: 100145.    US$6.65
69.    Rice, Anne Pandora: New Tales of the Vampires.  Item number: 100148.    US$5.23
70.    Follett, Ken Dangerous Fortune, A.  Item number: 100149.    US$5.46
71.    Wasserstein, Wendy Elements of Style: A Novel.  Item number: 100150.    US$5.70
72.    Thane, Elswyth : Illustrated by: Julie Gotlieb Yankee Stranger.  Item number: 100151.    US$4.75
73.    de Cervantes, Miguel Adventures of Don Quixote de la Manch.  Item number: 100155.    US$5.46
74.    Buser Jr., Daniel, ed. Pennsylvania Manual, The: 1965-1966: Volume 97.  Item number: 100157.    US$9.50
75.    Janson, H. W. & Dora Jane History of Art: A Survey of the Major Visual Arts from the Dawn of History to the Present Day.  Item number: 100159.    US$9.50
76.    Winchester, Alice et al., eds Antiques Treasury of Furniture and Other Decorative Arts, The.  Item number: 100160.    US$8.55
77.    Amery, Heather & Patricia Vanags : Illustrated by: Stephen Cartwright & John Ja Time Traveller Book of Rome and Romans, The.  Item number: 100165.    US$9.50
78.    Dewey, John F., ed. Techtonics: Vol. 3 No. 2 April 1984.  Item number: 100170.    US$94.76
79.    Erofeev, P. N. Progeny of Volcanoes, The (Science for Everyone).  Item number: 100172.    US$18.05
80.    Starodubov, Viktor Disarmament: The View from Moscow: The ABM Treaty: Who is trying to abandon it and why.  Item number: 100175.    US$17.10
81.    Benedict, Burton Mauritius: The Problems of a Plural Society (A Race Relations Pub).  Item number: 100177.    US$15.20
82.    Tretyakov, Vitali Philanthropy in Soviet Society.  Item number: 100178.    US$14.25
83.    Letelier, Orlando & Michael Moffitt International Economic Order, The (TNI Pamphlet Series: No. 2).  Item number: 100179.    US$13.30
84.    Von Bulow, Bernhard F.A. Voigt, trans Memoirs of Prince Von Bulow: Vols. 1 & 2 of 4 vols.  Item number: 100180.    US$46.55
85.    none Selected Bibliographies of Uranium Geology: Geological Survey Bulletin 1059, Chapters A-G.  Item number: 100183.    US$14.25
86.    Dennen, William Principles of Mineralogy - Revised Printing with Determinative Tables.  Item number: 100184.    US$9.50
87.    Rybakov, B. Early Centuries of Russian History.  Item number: 100187.    US$13.30
88.    Gillsater, Sven & Pia Susan in the Land of The Bible.  Item number: 100191.    US$41.33
89.    Oursler, Fulton Greatest Book Ever Written, The: The Old Testament Story.  Item number: 100194.    US$4.99
90.    Larrimore, Lida Mulberry Square.  Item number: 100196.    US$8.55
91.    Lapp, R. E. Must We Hide?.  Item number: 100198.    US$5.70
92.    none 1965 Michelin Italie.  Item number: 100205.    US$11.40
93.    O'Mara, Lesley, ed : Illustrated by: William Geldart, dust jacket Best Dog Stories.  Item number: 100207.    US$5.46
94.    Moore, Edwena Boynton, ed. Textile Painting: Complete Method of barbee.  Item number: 100211.    US$9.98
95.    none Italia: 1975 Michelin.  Item number: 100212.    US$7.36
96.    Brown, Marie-Annette & Jo Robinson When Your Body Gets the Blues: Clinically Proven Program for Women Who Feel Tired, Stressed, & Eat.  Item number: 100213.    US$6.65
97.    Perricone, Nicholas Perricone Prescription, The: A Physician's 28-Day Program for Total Body & Face Rejuvenation.  Item number: 100214.    US$5.46
98.    Fox, Lawrence B. (Dianne F Pelaggi, ed.) There's No Justice - Just Court Costs.  Item number: 100215.    US$5.70
99.    Barley, Nigel Innocent Anthropologist, The: Notes from a Mud Hut.  Item number: 100218.    US$10.45
100.    Bergh, Kirsten, ed. Oslo Guide: No. 4 - 1966 (English).  Item number: 100219.    US$12.35

Over 9000 Items found
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