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Contact information: Auldfarran Books, IOBA
P.O. Box 1691, Decatur, Georgia, 30031-1691, United States


"I have spent many delightful hours poring over the . . . lists of second-hand booksellers. . . . All these are redolent of romance. They are much more entertaining than half the novels that are written." -W. Somerset Maugham. Auldfarran Books, whose name is taken from an antique Anglo-Scots word meaning “having the sagacity of age,” or “wise beyond one’s years,” is a professional antiquarian and secondhand bookseller (since 1993), and member of the International Online Booksellers' Association (IOBA), dedicated to the ancient proposition that reading is good for you and, to that end, the enhancement of readers’ and collectors’ libraries (and even the development of libraries’ libraries). Whether you’re a voracious, moderate or casual reader, or even if you believe (in the words of Anthony Burgess) “there’s no better reason for not reading a book than owning it,” we encourage your inquiries. E-mail is the best way to get in touch with us. We accept all the usual cards via the TomFolio secure server. We cannot accept credit cards via e-mail or over the telephone. Our listed first editions are the first printings unless otherwise noted (and if so noted, they would NOT be first editions! There is no such thing as a "first edition, second printing." That would be a reprint.) "First thus" is a first reprinting in a different format or reissue. A signed book is just that, while an inscribed book is dedicated to a particular person. We try to quote conservatively using the late AB Bookman's Weekly guidelines for the antiquarian book trade, which were in effect from 1948. For example, Fine (F) is ALMOST as good as new without being crisp, Very Good (VG) can show some small signs of wear, Good (G) is the AVERAGE used or worn book with all pages present. We assume that no antiquarian bookseller, by definition, sells new books, so "Fine" is the top of the line, supplanting "As New," "Mint," or whatever like term others might choose to use. At the lowest end of the scale, a "reading copy" does not even begin to approach collectible condition but gets the intellectual job done, which is what reading is all about. A "binding copy" is in need of professional rebinding or other extensive repair. Various descriptive devices such as near Fine (nrF), near Very Good (nrVG) and G+ are efforts to tweak a less than perfect process of description. "About Good" is less than "Good," and "fair" speaks for itself. In our condition ratings the first grading is the book, the second grading after the solidus refers to the dust jacket. We aim to note all serious flaws, but please remember that perfection exists only in nature, and detailed descriptions can often make a book seem less desirable than it is in reality. Description is more pop art than rocket science, however, so be assured that our customers' satisfaction with the condition of their books is guaranteed. Also, please be aware that we do not ship to every country. If in doubt, inquire by e-mail.
Terms of Sale:
ALL ORDERS PAID FOR BY CHECK OR MONEY ORDER RECEIVE A 10 PERCENT DISCOUNT ON BOOK TOTALS FOR BOOKS COSTING $10 OR MORE! ALL BOOKS WITH DUST JACKETS PURCHASED FROM AULDFARRAN BOOKS' TOMFOLIO.COM WEB SITE ARE WRAPPED IN BRODART POLY COVERS AS A BONUS. We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express via the secure server only and will hold books for customers' checks or money orders in U.S. funds. Shipping via 4th class mail in the USA is usually only $3.99, depending on the weight of the package. Fast priority mail (often 2-3 days) is at least $6.99 depending on weight. Any other service, including all international shipments and invoiced library purchase orders, is priced at packing & postage cost. We will invoice American libraries providing purchase orders. We must charge Georgia residents 7 percent state sales tax on all subtotals (including shipping). We regret that our international rates have risen to such heights, but that is the result of continual U. S. Postal Service increases. Customer satisfaction with their books is always guaranteed. E-mail if you would like to see an image of the book.
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