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Antiques, Collectibles, Other Categories
Category: All Categories: Crafts and Hobbies: General Crafts and Hobbies
2 items found.   List by:   Title     Manufacturer     Year Made
A Pair of Little Wonder Electric Scissor Sharpeners  Picture
As the ad says, for every lady's sewing basket. The price is $3.00 postage paid for the pair of scissor sharpeners. Ignore the $5.00 charge on the order blank.

Appr.: | AUD 1.35 CAD 1.33 EUR 0.94 GBP 0.79 JPY 100.00 MXN 16.67 ZAR 14.29 

Purchase direct from: Hard-to-Find Needlework Books. Item number: other0025.
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Stackwell Non-Skid Harvite Poker Chips, 3 Boxes : 300 Vintage Clay-Based Poker Chips in Original Droplid Boxes  Picture
Manufacturer: Stackwell 1940.
Set of 300 vintage Harvite (clay) poker chips in their original three droplid boxes, each box with 100 chips. One box still has its original silver-foil label. These are standard-sized chips, measuring 1.5 inches in diameter and one eighth inch thick. No date but we estimate 1940-1945. ; Harvite is an old brand name for a tough, heavy, Bakelite-like material made of clay or ceramic. These chips are much more impressive than the wimpy, not to mention irritating and noisy, plastic poker chips of today. These chips have no embossed images, but they do have interlocking rim rays, which are actually pretty small and don't really interlock very well. Thus they make surprisingly little noise as one handles and stacks them. ; Boxes are 3.25 x 6. 5 x 1.5 inches, made of boxboard, with textured white lids decorated with red and black card suit symbols. ; This set has a few extra chips, so there are actually 152 white chips, 76 red chips, and 80 blue chips, for a total of 308 chips. Condition of chips: Near Fine (9 out of 10). Almost all chips are intact and solid. Only 5 have noticeable nicks, all of which are small and won't interfere with using the chips. Condition of boxes: Fair, quite worn, no missing sections, but they do have small scars, and some corners are taped. Overall a very nice set of old chips.

Appr.: | AUD 74.32 CAD 73.33 EUR 51.89 GBP 43.51 JPY 5,500.00 MXN 916.67 ZAR 785.71 

Purchase direct from: Alan's Used Books. Item number: 14370.
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2 items found

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