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Analog (Christopher Anvil; Tak Hallus- aka Stephen Robinett; R. E. Allen; Harry Harrison; Gordon R. Dickson; Thomas R. M  
ANALOG Science Fiction/ Science Fact: March, Mar. 1969 (Wolfling)
Publisher: Conde Nast Publications NY 1969.
Vol. LXXXIII, No. 1. Edited by John W. Campbell. Cover by Freas for "Trap" (short novel) by Christopher Anvil. Includes "Minitalent" (novelette) by Tak Hallus (aka Stephen Robinett); "Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall." by R. E. Allen; "From Fanatacism, or for Reward" by Harry Harrison; "Wolfling" (pt. 3 of 3) by Gordon R. Dickson. Article: "They're Trying to Tell Us Something" (pt. 1 of 2) by Thomas R. McDonough. Reader's Departments: "The Editor's Page: Genetics and Utopia"; "In Times to Come"; "The Analytical Laboratory"; "The Reference Library" by P. Schuyler Miller. Illustrated by Kelly Freas and Leo Summers. Many flaws, but complete for reading. Single Issue Magazine Reading Copy

Appr.: | AUD 1.18 CAD 1.13 EUR 0.80 GBP 0.56 JPY 85.00 MXN 14.17 ZAR 12.14 

Purchase direct from: Books from the Crypt. Item number: P9492.
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Astounding (Harry Stine; Walter M. Miller, Jr.; Horace B. Fyfe; Russell Saunders; Julian Chain; J. A. Meyer; Atomic Ener  
ASTOUNDING Science Fiction: May 1951
Publisher: Street & Smith NY 1951.
Vol. XLVII, No. 3. Edited by John W. Campbell, Jr. Cover art by Rogers illustrating "Galactic Gadgeteers" (novelette) by Harry Stine. Includes "Izzard and the Membrane" (novelette) by Walter M. Miller, Jr.; "Success Story" by Julian Chain; "Guess Again" by J. A. Meyer; "Key Decision" by H. B. Fyfe. Articles: "Clipper Ships of Space" (article) by Russell Saunders; "The Heavy Argonne Water Reactor" (article) by the Atomic Energy Commission. Readers' Departments: "The Editor's page: Conservatism"; "In Times to Come"; "The Analytical laboratory"; "Book Reviews"; "Brass Tacks". Illustrated by Cartier, Orban and Rogers. Tanning. Single Issue Magazine Near Fine

Appr.: | AUD 17.71 CAD 17.00 EUR 12.03 GBP 8.47 JPY 1,275.00 MXN 212.50 ZAR 182.14 

Purchase direct from: Books from the Crypt. Item number: PI152.
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2 items found

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