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Category: All Categories: History: Mexico and Central America: Latin America Conquest
6 items found.   List items by:   Author     Title     Publisher
Bedini, Silvio A., editor  
Christopher Columbus and the Age of Exploration: An Encylopedia

Publisher: NY, Da Capo Press, 1998.
xxii, 787 p. The original edition of 1992 was published in two volumes. A comprehensive reference book on the age of European expansion. Published at $40. Stock#27370x. Fine/paperback.

Appr.: | AUD 40.54 CAD 40.00 EUR 28.30 GBP 23.73 JPY 3,000.00 MXN 500.00 ZAR 428.57 

Purchase direct from: The Owl at the Bridge. Item number: 27370.
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Cortes, Hernan, 1485-1547  
Cartas de Relacion (English). Letters From Mexico. Translated and Edited by A.R. Pagden

Publisher: N.Y., Orion Press/ Grossman, 1971.
lxvii, 565 p. 20 illus. 23.5 cm. End-paper maps. Introduction by J.H. Elliott. Letters written by the conqueror of Mexico to Charles V presenting Cortes' case for his insubordination. Stock #29,459.Vg, very slight water stain , can be seen at the top edge of the index, slight munching to an inch of the front cover/ dj. vg, but has rodent munching tolower 2 inches of front hinge.

Appr.: | AUD 20.27 CAD 20.00 EUR 14.15 GBP 11.87 JPY 1,500.00 MXN 250.00 ZAR 214.29 

Purchase direct from: The Owl at the Bridge. Item number: 29459.
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Díaz / Diaz del Castillo, Bernal, 1492-1580/81. Cohen, J. M., translator.  
The Conquest of New Spain. Translated with an Introduction by J. M. Cohen.

Publisher: Penguin Books [1963].
412, [4] p., maps. 'Taking as my authoritative text the edition of the Historia verdadera de la conquista de la nueva España of Joaquín Ramirez Cabañas (fifth edition, Editorial Porrua, 1960), I have translated the greater part of Bernal Díaz's first 157 chapters, omitting only certain extraneous incidents (which I have in some cases briefly summarized) and the very frequent repetitions which mar his narrative.' Paper; some pencil underlining; good+. Stock#23165.

Appr.: | AUD 11.49 CAD 11.33 EUR 8.02 GBP 6.72 JPY 850.00 MXN 141.67 ZAR 121.43 

Purchase direct from: The Owl at the Bridge. Item number: 23165.
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Díaz del Castillo, Bernal, 1492-1584  
The Discovery and Conquest of Mexico 1517-1521 Edited from the only exact copy of the original MS (and published in Mexico) by Genaro García.

Publisher: N.Y., Farrar, Straus & Cudahy [1956]. .
xxxi, [ii], 478 p., index, map; 24.5 cm. Translated with an introduction and notes by A. P. Maudslay. Introduction to the American edition by Irving A. Leonard. Stock #29,457x. Vg/ dj chipped, worn, waterstained; book club edition;

Appr.: | AUD 13.51 CAD 13.33 EUR 9.43 GBP 7.91 JPY 1,000.00 MXN 166.67 ZAR 142.86 

Purchase direct from: The Owl at the Bridge. Item number: 29457.
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La Découverte [Decouverte] de l'Amérique.  
Esquisse d'une Synthèse. [Synthese] Conditions Historiques et Conséquences Culturelles.

Publisher: Paris, Lib. Philos. J. Vrin, 1968..
De Pétrarque à Descartes XVIII. Dixième stage international d1études humanistes, Tours 1966. 338 p., plates; paper.

Appr.: | AUD 47.30 CAD 46.67 EUR 33.02 GBP 27.69 JPY 3,500.00 MXN 583.33 ZAR 500.00 

Purchase direct from: The Owl at the Bridge. Item number: 1859.
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López de Gómara, Francisco, 1510-1560?  
La Terza Parte Delle Historie Dell'Indie...
Publisher: In Venetia, Appresso Giordame Ziletti, al segno della Stella, M.D. LXVI [1566].
8vo; 6 unnumbered leaves, 2 blank leaves, 26 unnumbered leaves, 402 numbered leaves. (*8 {*7-*8 blank}, b-c8, d10, A-Z8, Aa-Zz8, Aaa-Ddd8, Eee2). Title continues: Nelloqvale Particolarmente si tratta dello scoprimento della Prouincia di Incatan detta Nuoua Spagna, & delle cose degne di memoria, fatte da Spagnuoli nella conquista della grande, & marauigliosa Città di Messico, & delle altre Prouincie ad essa sottoposte. Nuovamente Tradotta di Lingua Spagnuola, da Lucio Mauro. Bound in contemporary vellum. First line of title-page (La Terza Parte) recently snipped off, as though an owner had been frustrated or confused by the implication of "La Terza Parte"; small hole in leaf 254 affects 3 words; worming in upper margin of leaves 329-360 affects two words of the inner margin on leaves 329-351; worming on leaves 362-364 affects first line of text on leaf 362. Armorial bookplate of Marius Marefuschus; small red library sticker of the American College in Rome. This work continues uniformly the author's Seconda Parte of 1565, itself a continuation of the Prima Parte of 1560 which is another text, by Pedro de Cieza de León. López de Gómara is the first record of Cortéz's expeditions to the Pacific coast, the Ulloa voyages along the coast of upper California, the preliminary journey to Cibola of Fray Marcos de Niza, and the expedition to the fabled Seven Cities by Francisco Vázquez de Coronado. The second book, and a basic source, for the Southwest of the United States -- Texas, New Mexico, Arizona. This is the first Italian edition of this portion of Gómara's text (the first, i.e. Parte Secondo, first appeared in 1554). Gómara served as Cortés's secretary from 1540, when the conquistador returned to Spain. 'Gomara's history is a good history; he derived his information from the highest sources, and he wrote with an elegant brevity and a sense of arrangement that contrasted favorably with the rambling incoherencies of many of his contemporaries. Small wonder it was a favorite book of the time' (Boies Penrose). Despite the defects noted, this is an attractive copy of an important work, one of 'the two pillars on which the story of the Conquest mainly rests' (Prescott). Wagner (SW) 2Y; Alden 566/23. NUC 205: 255-- RPJCB, ICN, NN, TxHi (badly imperfect). Stock#NS0054.

Appr.: | AUD 2,027.03 CAD 2,000.00 EUR 1,415.09 GBP 1,186.71 JPY 150,000.00 MXN 25,000.00 ZAR 21,428.57 

Purchase direct from: The Owl at the Bridge. Item number: NS0054.
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6 items found

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