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18 Benefits of Joining TomFolio

1. Owned by Dealers.

TF is not owned by some grubby-handed corporation that interferes in your business and never answers your questions. It is owned by a co-operative of online book dealers.

2. High Professional Standards.

Dealers must have professional business standards to join. For example, dealers who refuse to be responsible for lost packages, or otherwise do not have a reasonable return policy with no hidden fees or tricks, are disqualified. (See our Code of Ethics).

3. Stable Platform. runs more smoothly than any other bookselling site, with less down time, fewer bugs and a fast search engine.

4. Your Own Terms. is set up to keep you independent. You set your own shipping fees, your own currency conversion rates, your local tax rates, your preferred types of payment, and any other terms and conditions. does not interfere with your transactions.

5. Front Page Placement for Special Items.

One of our best improvements: The homepage shows three current items for sale, with a thumbnail picture linked to its description. Any item with an image is eligible; there is no extra fee to have your item(s) featured. Featured items are rotated at random.

6. No "Content Police."

Unlike the corporate websites where your items are suppressed if you use "wrong" words in the descriptions, there are no filters on TomFolio. We also do not cut off long descriptions, so you can feel confident that your painstaking and thorough cataloging efforts will not go to waste.

7. Category System: Niches has a brilliant two-tiered drill-down category system (easily browsable) that is second to none among the major sites. Customers love the ease with which they can find, for example, cat mysteries, juvenile series for girls, and other specific types of books.

8. Check-out Features.'s secure shopping cart will calculate shipping and sales tax according to your settings. Members can process their own credit cards, or use our merchant account to process payments, regardless of the location of dealer or customer.

9. Your Own Website. provides a free webhosting service to each member who makes a commitment to list for a minimum of three months. The web hosting feature includes search and browse capability of your items using your own domain name or a extended URL, shopping cart services and multiple other features including 20 additional web pages that can include any content that you choose.

10. Antiques and Collectibles Categories.

While our focus is on used books, many of our members also deal in antiques and collectibles, and we have a section where these can be listed for sale in the same manner as used books. This is a fairly new section and only has about 600 items so far, but there is plenty of room to expand.

11. Innovative Leader. has never tried to "copy" the Big As. As a matter of fact, on several occasions we innovated a feature and soon saw it copied by another site. (Examples: Our category system was soon copied by Biblio and Abe. Our original tagline, "books, ephemera and periodicals" was copied almost immediately by Bibliofind. Our credit card processing system gives the bookdealer direct access to the customer's info, which we were the first to do.)

12. Democracy and Co-operation. is the first multi-dealer site to have been organized around the democratic principle. TF is run with the goal of mutual co-operation and mutual benefit. Rather than engaging in ruthless competition with each other we share our skills and strengths to the benefit of the site and its customers.

13. Always Responsive to Problems.

Our dedicated webmaster is always responsive to customers and dealers with problems. In most cases technical issues are fixed within minutes of being reported.

14. Peace of Mind.

Unlike on the big corporate sites, where fees are raised and services are changed without warning and without any concern about their negative effect on you, will never sock you with unannounced fees or commissions. You will never have to worry about secret corporate shenanigans, unannounced ownership switcheroos, or sudden fee hikes that gouge your bottom line.

15. No Debt. is a pay-as-you-go operation. There is no free ride here for anyone. Because we have no debt, we are not beholden to anyone but ourselves.

16. Investment in the Future. is a not-for-profit venture. Every penny beyond operating costs gets reinvested in improving the site and doing a modest amount of marketing. Apart from our paid technical person, everything is handled by unpaid volunteers who happen to be professional book dealers.

17. Value for your Money. is good value for your money, starting at $25 per month for 500 titles listed. We charge no other fees: there are no hidden costs, no commissions on sales. In fact, we have not raised our fees since we launched in November 2000.

18. Future Savings. is the only online database designed to become cheaper as we get bigger. We expect to lower our monthly fee when we reach four hundred owner-members.

For more information on how to join click here.

Gwen Foss, Member
Alan's Used Books

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