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August 27
Theodore DREISER
(b. 1871 - d. 1945)
American novelist, playwright and short-story writer
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August 27, 2016

Literary Landmarks: Arna Bontemps Birthplace

TheMount Arno Bontemps was born in the city of Alexandria, Louisiana on October 13, 1902 to Charlie Bontemps and Marie Pembrooke Bontemps, a Louisiana Creole family. Bontemps was a prolific writer as well as a librarian. He received attention for his novels, God Sends Sunday (1931), and Black Thunder (1936). He also wrote the play St. Louis Woman (1946) with Countee Cullen. Through his authorship, librarianship and bibliographic work, Bontemps became a leading figure in establishing African-American literature as a legitimate object of study and preservation.

For more information click here: Arna Bontemps birthplace & museum, or click here for books by Arna Bontemps,or click here for books on African-American Literature

On This Day:
  • Krakatoa, an Indonesian volcanic island, erupts in a cataclysmic explosion heard as far away as Australia, causing shock waves felt around the world for days and resulting in over 36,000 deaths, 1883
  • The first edition of The Guinness Book of World Records is published and released in the UK, 1955
  • The Mariner 2 space probe is launched by NASA; it will fly past Venus the following December returning data on the planet, 1962
  • Largest hailstone ever found in Canada (three times larger than a golf ball) falls at Cedoux, Saskatchewan, Canada, 1973
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Today's Birthdays:

  • John Buchan (1875-1940), Scottish novelist and politician (The Thirty-Nine Steps, Mountain Meadow, The Three Hostages)
  • Marguerite "Peggy" Guggenheim (1898-1979), American art collector
  • Albert Bruce Sabin (1906-1993), Polish-American physician and microbiologist, developer of the first oral polio vaccine
  • Barbara Ehrenreich (b. 1941), American social critic and writer (Global Women, Bait and Switch, Nickel and Dimed)
  • Will Shortz (b. 1952), puzzle creator and New York Times crossword puzzle editor
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