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Category: All Categories: Occult and Mysterious Phenomena: Conspiracy
6 items found.   List items by:   Author     Title     Publisher
Elias Davidsson  
Hijacking America's Mind on 9/11: Counterfeiting Evidence

Publisher: Algora Publishing 2013-04-15.
Condition: Good+. Hardcover. ISBN: 0875869734. GOOD+. White illustrated glossy boards, bagged for protection, very light shelf wear.

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Appr.: | AUD 44.30 CAD 43.48 EUR 30.84 GBP 22.58 JPY 3,500.00 MXN 437.50 ZAR 388.89 

Purchase direct from: Once Read Books. Item number: 317523.

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Folsom, John R.  
Lightning Over the Treasury Building, or, An Epose of Our Banking and Currency Monstrosity - America's Most Reprehensibleand Un-American Racket
Publisher: Meador Publishing Company, Publishers, 1941 Boston, MA.
Book. Book condition: Fair to Good. Trade paperback 12mo - over 6 - 7" tall "A clear and concise treatise of the banking and money system of the United States as manipulated by the international bankers, by whom governments are controlled, wars promoted, peoples exploited and the real wealth of the nation gathered unto themselves through the process of mortgage and foreclosure - together with a constitutional remedy for our national dilemma." 111 pages Book is in FAIR to GOOD condition; some dampstains to rear cover and edges of some pages. Paper wrappers.

Appr.: | AUD 22.15 CAD 21.74 EUR 15.42 GBP 11.29 JPY 1,750.00 MXN 218.75 ZAR 194.44 

Purchase direct from: Lenny's Rare Books. Item number: 001380.
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Gostick, Ron (ed)  
The Architects Behind the World Communist Conspiracy
Publisher: The Canadian Anti-Communist League, 1954 Flesherton, ONT, Canada.
Book. Book condition: Good. Soft cover 8vo - over 7 - 9" tall Gostick was from the Canadian Intelligence Service. This book links international Communism and Marxism to international Jews. 16 pages. Book is in GOOD condition. Paper wrappers (stapled binding).

Appr.: | AUD 31.65 CAD 31.06 EUR 22.03 GBP 16.13 JPY 2,500.00 MXN 312.50 ZAR 277.78 

Purchase direct from: Lenny's Rare Books. Item number: 001378.
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Icke, David Illustrated by: Illustrated by Neil Hague  
(Crime and Politics) And the Truth Shall Set You Free : The Most Explosive Book of the 20th Century

Publisher: Bridge of Love; Scottsdale, Ariz: 1998.
Very Good+ with no dust jacket Second Edition; Fourth Printing Softcover ISBN: 0952614715 518 pages; 8vo (8.5") 22 cm; Index. Bibliography. Several b/w figures and diagrams. Footnotes. ; Author 'exposes the real story behind global events, to reveal that the same few people, secret societies and organizations control the daily direction of our lives' and offers ways to resist. Among the secret elite: Illuminati and Illuminised freemasons. Drug lords. Drug companies. Club of Rome. Trilateral Commission. Rothschilds. International Banking Commission. World Bank. Committee of 300. Many more. ; Very minor edgewear and slight spine crease. No other flaws. ; Cover Art

Appr.: | AUD 20.25 CAD 19.88 EUR 14.10 GBP 10.32 JPY 1,600.00 MXN 200.00 ZAR 177.78 

Purchase direct from: Alan's Used Books. Item number: 6945.
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Mullins, Eustace  
The Federal Reserve Conspiracy
Publisher: Common Sense, 1954 Union, NJ.
Book. Book condition: Good. Trade paperback 8vo - over 7 - 9" tall "..I discovered..that there existed not one narrative account of the origins and activities of this powerful organization. Consequently, the majority of my information was gathered piecemeal from a vast number of periodicals, ranging from popular magazines such as the Saturday Evening Post to the exclusive bankers' magazine, The Economist. The standard works on the Federal Reserve system, almost entirely abstruse and technical works on economics, I found of little practical value. Even in the matter of acceptances, the usual textbooks contained no information upon such an important item in America's economic history as the changeover from the open-book system of credit to the acceptance system, which has wrought such vast changes in our practice of commerce, and for this information I found only one source, a few pamphlets published by the American Acceptance Council from 1915 to 1928. It is, then, little wonder that the student with a Master's Degree in Economics from one of the better universities will see here for the first time material which should have been before him in his elementary courses.." 144 pages. Book is in GOOD condition. Paper wrappers.

Appr.: | AUD 63.29 CAD 62.11 EUR 44.05 GBP 32.26 JPY 5,000.00 MXN 625.00 ZAR 555.56 

Purchase direct from: Lenny's Rare Books. Item number: 001362.
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Smith, Jerry E.  
(Crime and Politics) Haarp : The Ultimate Weapon of the Conspiracy

Publisher: Adventures Unlimited Press; Kempton, Ill: 2001.
Very Good+ Third Printing Softcover ISBN: 0932813534 256 pages; 8vo (9") 23 cm; Horrifying (if true) details of US government's HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) project in Alaska, which, author claims, is a device for worldwide mind control. ; Clean and tight, slight curling to corners, no other defects. ; Mind-Control Conspiracy Series

Appr.: | AUD 15.19 CAD 14.91 EUR 10.57 GBP 7.74 JPY 1,200.00 MXN 150.00 ZAR 133.33 

Purchase direct from: Alan's Used Books. Item number: 16432.
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6 items found

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