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Category: All Categories: Mathematics: History of Mathematics
9 items found.   List items by:   Author     Title     Publisher
Boyer, Carl B.  
A History of Mathematics. Second Edition.

Publisher: NY: John Wiley, 1991..
Second Edition. Revised by Uta C. Merzbach. xx, 715 pp. Paperback. VG. Soft Cover

Appr.: | AUD 27.03 CAD 26.67 EUR 18.87 GBP 15.82 JPY 2,000.00 MXN 333.33 ZAR 285.71 

Purchase direct from: Albatross Books. Item number: 4231.
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Hartree, Douglas R  
Calculating Instruments and Machines, 1949 first edition
Publisher: Univ Illinois Press, Urbana, 1949; first edition;.
Very Good orange/rust colored cloth hardcover in Very Good dark blue and light gray decorated dustjacket, and clear acetate glassine jacket protector. Top edge of jacket chipped and with some paper loss at head of spine. Slight wear to bottom boards. Jacket flap with original price intact. Binding is square and secure, pages are clean and unmarked. Rear of jacket announces the publication Available in September, 1949, of Claude Shannon's book, The Mathematical Theory of Communications, with Warren Weaver's paper, Recent Contributions to the Mathematical theory of Communication

CONTENTS - introduction; The Differential Analyzer - the nature of the problem of instrumental solution of differential equations; Integrating Mechanisms; The general idea of the Differential Analyzer General Structure of the earlier forms of Differential Analyzer; A new Differential Analyzer; Using the Differential Analyzer; Regenerative Connections; Automatic Generation of any function; Other Forms of Differential Analyzer; Boundary Conditions in Numerical & Mechanical Integration of Differential Equations; Applications;The Differential Analyser and Partial Equations - introduction; Replacement of t-Derivative by a finite difference; Replacement of x-derivative; Discussion of the two methods; examples of applicatioin to equations of parabolic type; Hyperbolic Equations; use of Characteristics; etc; Some Other Instruments - solution of simultaneous linear algebraic equations; the Isograph; Fourier Synthesisers; Integrating Instruments; Directors; Intro. to Large Automatic Digital Machines - historical; Structure & function in calculating machines; Functions to be provided in an Automatic Digital Machine; Representation of Numbers in the Machine; Arithmetical Operations; Serial (Successive) and Parallel (Simultaneous) Operations; Static & Dynamic Storage; Control & the Form of the Operating Instructions; Charles Babbage & the Analytical Engine -- Babbage's Calculating Engines; Babbage's Analytical Engine; control in the Analytical Engine; Organization of Calculations for the Analytical Engine; The First Stage of Development -- the Harvard Mark I Calculator; control in the Harvard Mark I Machine; Relay Machine; The Eniac; Control in the ENIAC; Centralised control system of the Eniac. The I.B.M. Selective Sequence Electronic Calculator; An Application of the Eniac; The 'Machine's-eye-view' in Programming a Calculation; Projects & Prospects -- The Main Directions of Development; Storage Systems; Serial Machines Using Delay Line Storage; Functional Analysis of Serial machines; Arithmetical Operation; control; Parallel machines; other types of machine; Programming & Coding High-Speed Automatic Digital Machines & Numerical Analysis - iterative methods, solutions, etc; References; Index of names, subject index

Appr.: | AUD 506.76 CAD 500.00 EUR 353.77 GBP 296.68 JPY 37,500.00 MXN 6,250.00 ZAR 5,357.14 

Purchase direct from: Item number: M711.

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Hobson, E W  
John Napier and the Invention of Logarithms 1614, a Lecture
Publisher: Cambridge university Press 1914, first edition; 48 pages, illustrations and plates.
Good+ overall, red hardcover stamped titles in gilt on spine and cover; small spot and abrasion at lower front corner, spine darkened, a bit of wear at spine ends, scuffing and smudges to boards; hinges weak. Pages clean with only prev. owner's name

In the present year (1914) there will be held a celebration, under the auspices of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, of the tercentenary of one of the great events in the history of Science, the publication of John Napier's Mirifici Logarithmorum Canonis Descriptio .. the invention of Logarithms not only marks an advance of the first importance in Mathematical Science, but as providing a great labour-saving instrument for the use of all those who have occasion to carry out extensive numerical calculation ; (from the book)

Includes a summary of the Life of Napier; Reception of the Canon by contemporary mathematicians; The contents of the Descriptio and of the Constructio (with a fullpage photograph reproducing a specimen page of the tables); The Decimal Point; the limits of a logarithm; First table, Second Table, Third Table, radical table, short table; the Accuracy of Napier's Canon; the improved system of logarithms; Other tables; Predecessors of Napier; a Rival inventor; conclusion

Appr.: | AUD 202.70 CAD 200.00 EUR 141.51 GBP 118.67 JPY 15,000.00 MXN 2,500.00 ZAR 2,142.86 

Purchase direct from: Item number: C810901.
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Ibn Ezra, Abraham ben Meïr, 1092-1167. Müller, Ernst, 1880-1954, editor  
Buch der Einheit [Sefer ha-Echad] [von] Abraham Ibn Esra. Aus dem Hebräischen übers., nebst Parallelstellen und Erläuterungen zur Mathematik
Publisher: Berlin, Welt-Verlag, c1921.
80 p., diagrs.; 19 cm. Translation of Sefer ha-Echad. From the library of G. J. Toomer, translator of Ptolemy's Almagest. Stock#47260. Good+, spine gone.

Appr.: | AUD 40.54 CAD 40.00 EUR 28.30 GBP 23.73 JPY 3,000.00 MXN 500.00 ZAR 428.57 

Purchase direct from: The Owl at the Bridge. Item number: 47260.
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Ifrah, Georges.  
From One to Zero. A Universal History of Numbers.

Publisher: NY: Viking, 1986..
Second printing. xvi, 503 pp. Unmarked, VG in like price-clipped dj. Hard Cover. ISBN: numerals; numeration

Appr.: | AUD 8.78 CAD 8.67 EUR 6.13 GBP 5.14 JPY 650.00 MXN 108.33 ZAR 92.86 

Purchase direct from: Albatross Books. Item number: 4973.
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Johnson, Horton A  
Information Theory in Biology after 18 years / offprint from SCIENCE June 1970
Publisher: Science Magazine, American Assoc for the Advancement of Science, 26 June 1970 vol 168 pp 1545-1550.
Good or a bit better overall, stapled wraps, 8.5 x 11, toned along staple margins and outer edges; heavy horizontal crease from being folded in half. Pages tight and clean, unmarked. Upper corner states, Reprinted from -- 6 June 1970 volume 168 pp 1545-1550, Science. Bottom of front cover reads, copyright 1970 by the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Triple-column text. 'In biology the role played by information theory has been.. disappointing. Its introduction into biological thought in the early 1950's promised a calculus uniquely suited to the mathematical description of living systems. Now, after 18 years of symposia and published articles on the subject, it is doubtful whether information theory has offered the experimental biologist anything more than vague insights and beguiling terminology. After reviewing some of these hopes and disappointments, I shall point out some new directions (circa 1970) in which information theory might evolve to become a useful general calculus for biology..' (from the first page). Additional pictures

Appr.: | AUD 47.30 CAD 46.67 EUR 33.02 GBP 27.69 JPY 3,500.00 MXN 583.33 ZAR 500.00 

Purchase direct from: Item number: C810963.
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Pascal, Blaise, 1623-1662  
Oeuvres complètes. Préface d'Henri Gouhier. Présentation et notes de Louis Lafuma
Publisher: Macmillan [c1963, Éditions du Seuil].
677 p., illus.; 22 cm. Complete works of Pascal; in French. Contents incl. Chronologie; La vie de M. Pascal, écrite par Mme Périer, sa soeur; Oeuvres mathématiques (Traité des coniques, La règle des partis, Traité du triangle arithmétique et traités connexes; Les carrés magiques; Adresse à l'Académie Parisienne; La Roulette et traités connexes; Dimension des lignes courbes); Oeuvres physiques (La machine d'arithmétique; Le vide, l'équilibre des liqueurs et la pesanteur de l'air); Lettres; Opuscules (11); Les Provinciales (20); Les Écrits des curés de Paris (5); Pensées (Section I. Papiers classés, Section II. Papiers non classés, Section III. Miracles, Section IV. Fragments non enregistrés par la copie); index of personnes citées. Red cloth stamped in gold; endpapers foxed; plasticine dj; VG. stock#45502.

Appr.: | AUD 33.78 CAD 33.33 EUR 23.58 GBP 19.78 JPY 2,500.00 MXN 416.67 ZAR 357.14 

Purchase direct from: The Owl at the Bridge. Item number: 45502.
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Pingree, David, 1933-2005  
A Catalogue of the Sanskrit Manuscripts at Columbia University

Publisher: New York, Columbia University Press, 2006 for the American Institute of Buddhist Studies.
252 p,, This is the only complete catalogue of the nearly four hundred Sanskrit manuscripts contained in the Rare Book Library at Columbia University. The collection is especially strong in works on mathematics and astronomy, assembled by David Eugene Smith (1860-1944), Professor of Mathematics at Teachers College from 1901 to 1926. In addition to scholarly descriptions of the manuscript and the works they contain, the volume has numerous indices covering the persons, places, titles, and dates associated with the manuscripts. (1614x). Fine / new from publisher

Appr.: | AUD 47.30 CAD 46.67 EUR 33.02 GBP 27.69 JPY 3,500.00 MXN 583.33 ZAR 500.00 

Purchase direct from: The Owl at the Bridge. Item number: 1614.
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Turck, J A V  
Origin of Modern Calculating Machines, reprint edition 1972
Publisher: Arno Publishers, 1972, originally published in 1921; 196 pages, diagrams and photographs.
Very Good to near fine condition, silver textured hardcover with title in black on spine, circular words Technology and Society in decorative fashion on front cover. Binding is tight, pages clean and unmarked

a chronicle of the evolution of the principles that form the generic make-up of the Modern Calculating Machine

Includes, Type of Ancient and Modern Machines; The Early Key-Driven Art; The Key-Driven Calculator; Early Efforts in the Recording Machine Art; First Practical Recorders; Introduction of the Modern Accounting Machine; The High-Speed Calculator; The Improved Recorder; The Bookkeeping and Billing Machine; A closing word

Illustrations include, one of Pascal Machines; patent drawings of Paremellee, Chapin, Hlill, Stark, Felt, Barbour, Baldwin, Burroughs, Ludlum, and more; early comptometer, Felt Tabulator, Napier's Bones, and more

Appr.: | AUD 101.35 CAD 100.00 EUR 70.75 GBP 59.34 JPY 7,500.00 MXN 1,250.00 ZAR 1,071.43 

Purchase direct from: Item number: B555.
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9 items found

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