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Category: All Categories: Americana & U.S. States: MI: Ephemera, Periodicals
15 items found.   List items by:   Author     Title     Publisher
[Author Unknown]  
Guide Book for the Edison Institute Museum, a : (Henry Ford Museum, Dearborn, Michigan)

Publisher: Edison Institute; Dearborn, Mich: 1948.
Very Good Softcover 72 pages; 12mo (7.75") 20 cm; Green softcover booklet, 34 b/w line illustrations. ; Title page date 1948. Rear page announces another book to be published in 1941. Guide to massive Henry Ford Museum, covering 200 acres, with objects from American history, including furniture, houshold items, agricultural implements, industrial inventions, toys, carriages, aircraft, locomotives, bicycles, automobiles, etc. ; Rear cover and edges of front cover tanned. No other flaws.

Appr.: | AUD 9.21 CAD 9.09 EUR 6.25 GBP 5.34 JPY 700.00 MXN 116.67 ZAR 93.33 

Purchase direct from: Alan's Used Books. Item number: 11501.
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[Author Unknown]  
Ironrite Ironer Company Advertising Card, 1937 : Detroit, Michigan
Publisher: Ironrite Ironer Company; Detroit: 1937.
Very Good+ Ephemera 1 pages; ; Small size (63 x 111 mm) 2.5 x 4 inches. Bright orange stiff card, rounded corners, printed both sides, listing 5 points of superiority of company's line of ironers, 11 specific products with their features and prices over red line drawing of ironing machine with inbuilt folding table. ; Small note 'Glen 46%' in pencil on one edge. Old stain from removed paperclip. No other flaws.

Appr.: | AUD 10.53 CAD 10.39 EUR 7.14 GBP 6.10 JPY 800.00 MXN 133.33 ZAR 106.67 

Purchase direct from: Alan's Used Books. Item number: 6131.
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Baker, Rea Barr  
Hobby Crafts and Pastime Show : In the Twelfth Floor Auditorium, the J. L. Hudson Company, Detroit, Michigan, 1941
Publisher: J. L. Hudson Company; Detroit: 1941.
Very Good- Softcover 16 pages; 24mo (5.5") 14 cm; Small booklet, fold-and-staple binding, pale orange pages with brown lettering throughout, 16 pages. Guide to craft show held June 2 through June 7, 1941, at what was then Detroit's largest department store. ; Some featured events: Puppet show by Margo and Rufus Rose. Old world crafts, arranged by Florence Cassidy. Crafts from Detroit settlements, by Mary Giovan Weinman. Hobbyists interviewed by Dorothy Garland. Antique autographed handkerchiefs, collected by Mrs. George Hogan Jr. List of members of Detroit Symphony Orchestra and their hobbies. List of exhibitors. More. ; Several exhibitors are marked in fountain pen 'good', 'exallent', 'peculiar' or other comments. Small closed tear to upper front cover, not affecting text. No other defects. Quite scarce.

Appr.: | AUD 15.79 CAD 15.58 EUR 10.71 GBP 9.15 JPY 1,200.00 MXN 200.00 ZAR 160.00 

Purchase direct from: Alan's Used Books. Item number: 14018.
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Baker, Rea Barr  
Eighth Annual Hobby Show, the Importance of Hobbies in American Living : Presented by the J. L. Hudson Company, Detroit, Michigan, 1942

Publisher: J. L. Hudson Company; Detroit: 1942.
Fair Softcover 12 pages; 16mo (6.25") 16 cm; Small booklet, fold-and-staple binding, white glossy pages throughout, 12 pages. Guide to craft show held June 1 through June 6, 1942, on the 12th floor of what was Detroit's largest department store. ; Mainly a list of exhibitors, with a brief ad for Hudson's toy and hobby department and a few other sidebars. ; Every page has marks, some in fountain pen, some in ballpoint, some in pencil. Several exhibitors are marked 'good' or other comments. Worn but all readable. Binding intact. Quite scarce.

Appr.: | AUD 15.79 CAD 15.58 EUR 10.71 GBP 9.15 JPY 1,200.00 MXN 200.00 ZAR 160.00 

Purchase direct from: Alan's Used Books. Item number: 14019.
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Cartwright, Allison S. Illustrated by: Illustrated by Gary Boynton  
Michigan Dresses Up : Costumes of Celebration, Plus Ephemera
Publisher: Department of State; Lansing, Mich: 1989.
Near Fine First Edition 50 pages; 4to (11") 28 cm; White and dark purple softcover, fold-and-staple binding, 56 pages numbered ot 50, 57 high-quality photos, with captions, some historical, several in full color. Many elegant gowns, tuxedos, etc, also several flashy showbiz celebrity costumes. Of special interest (perhaps) is loincloth rock star Ted Nugent was wearing when he was arrested for indecent exposure. ; Written and edited by Allison S. Cartwright. Foreword by Basil C. Hedrick. Introduction by Maria Quinlan Leiby. Photos by Gary Boynton. Additional chapters by Jo Anne S. Arasim, Barbara Knapp Hamblett, Barbara J. White. Published by Bureau of History, Michigan Department of State, in honor of opening of Michigan Historical Museum, and its first special exhibit, 1989. ; 'Gift from Genevieve H. 1989' penned on title page, with owner name stamped on same. Otherwise no defects apart from a touch of shelfwear. Scarce in a ny condition. ; Items laid in: 1) errata sheet for this book. 2) Autograph Letter Signed by Gen (Genevieve Reynolds Hutchinson, donor to exhibit) regarding two gowns she made. 3) Page from newsletter mentioning same two gowns. 4) two photocopies of pg 13 showing gowns. ; Photographs

Appr.: | AUD 32.89 CAD 32.47 EUR 22.32 GBP 19.05 JPY 2,500.00 MXN 416.67 ZAR 333.33 

Purchase direct from: Alan's Used Books. Item number: 16306.
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Donaldson, Willie Belle  
Higginbotham School
Publisher: Higginbotham School; Detroit: 1950.
Very Good+ Non-Book Photograph; Not a book. A real 8 x 10-inch photo showing 18 members of faculty of Higginbotham School of Detroit (now the High School of Commerce and Business Administration) in 1950. A mixed group, 10 blacks and 8 whites, 15 women and 3 men. ; Photographer name stamped on rear: K. D. Modernistic Recording and Photo Studio, with address and phone. Also on rear are penned all the names of the individuals shown, and a few additional notes including: 'My 5th term teaching in Detroit.' ; Front also captioned, Higginbotham Sch. Faculty Dec. 1950 in upper margin. ; Intact, with a small thumb crease near upper left corner. ; From the estate of Mrs. Willie Belle Donaldon, who captioned and is pictured in the photo. With this item you will also get 1) personal letter to Mrs. Donaldson, 2005, and 2) certificate of appreciation to Mrs. Donaldson, s*gned by Mrs. Donaldson, for service to choir.

Appr.: | AUD 31.58 CAD 31.17 EUR 21.43 GBP 18.29 JPY 2,400.00 MXN 400.00 ZAR 320.00 

Purchase direct from: Alan's Used Books. Item number: 17748.
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Hallagan, June  
University of Detroit Fifty-Seventh Annual Commencement : 1940
Publisher: University of Detroit; Detroit: 1940.
Near Fine with no dust jacket Hardcover 44 pages; 16mo (6") 15 cm; Small leather-bound book (4.5 x 6 inches) 113 x 152 mm, brown embossed leather, side-stapled internal binding, exterior bound with decorative leather band, 44 unnumbered pages, 1 b/w illustration and 1 b/w photo of campus buildings. ; Jesuit college founded in 1877. This commencement program for 1940 lists senior council members, senior class committees, graduates in arts and sciences, engineering, law, dentistry, commerce and finance, plus board of trustees and deans. ; Only a touch of edgewear. No marks or major defects. Slight wrinkle to leather band. Quite scarce.

Appr.: | AUD 36.84 CAD 36.36 EUR 25.00 GBP 21.34 JPY 2,800.00 MXN 466.67 ZAR 373.33 

Purchase direct from: Alan's Used Books. Item number: 17977.
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Harlan, C. Allen  
Harlan Electric : Detroit

Publisher: Harlan Electric Company; Detroit: 1953.
Very Good+ Softcover 24 pages; Oblong 8vo (8.5") 22 cm; Stiff glossy softcover, blue and orange throughout, 24 pages, b/w photos of 32 managers and workers, 30 b/w photos of installations and pieces of heavy equipment. Published 1953.; Promotional brochure from Harlan Electric Company, with eight subsidiaries in four states and Canada, a subcontractor for Chrysler and other major industries, installed entire electrical system of Detroit City County Building, etc. ; Very light wear. One faint vertical crease present throughout. No other defects. Quite scarce. ; Item laid in: one sheet article reprinted from Navy Conservationist on how Harlan saved US Navy $500k.

Appr.: | AUD 13.16 CAD 12.99 EUR 8.93 GBP 7.62 JPY 1,000.00 MXN 166.67 ZAR 133.33 

Purchase direct from: Alan's Used Books. Item number: 10691.
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Hartung, Urban  
Detroit Teachers College : Handbook and Directory 1922-1923

Publisher: Detroit Teachers College; Detroit: 1922.
Good+ Softcover 48 pages; 8vo (8") 21 cm; Softcover, brown textured leatherette covers, fold-and-staple binding, social calendar, 3 songs and cheers (no music), bylaws, list of clubs, indexes of faculty and students, 4 b/w portrait photos of faculty members. ; Detroit Teachers College was founded in 1881 and sometime after 1923 became part of Wayne State University. ; Covers worn on all sides, with small holes along spine. Rear cover has small scar and small area of discoloration. A few pages have small ink spots. Everything is readable. Binding tight. Quite scarce. ; Laid in: 1) small envelope from Detroit Teachers College with 3 report cards inside, all for Mary E. Cox, all dated 1925. 2) Handwritten anecdote on an Americans being 'a league of nations.' 3) Article on good penmanship for business.

Appr.: | AUD 23.68 CAD 23.38 EUR 16.07 GBP 13.72 JPY 1,800.00 MXN 300.00 ZAR 240.00 

Purchase direct from: Alan's Used Books. Item number: 17242.
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Pitz, James P.  
Zilwaukee Bridge, the : From the Beginning

Publisher: Department of Transportation; Lansing, Mich: 1987.
Near Fine Softcover 32 pages; 4to (11") 28 cm; Tall gray softcover, fold-and-staple binding, 32 pages numbered to 29, 3 appendixes, 16 b/w photos and diagrams including cover. ; Written by the director of the Michigan Department of Transportation in an effort to reassure the public that the notorious Zilwaukee Bridge (a massive congrete bridge near Saginaw) was safe after part of it collapsed during construction. ; No major defects. Rear cover shows a touch of rubbing. Quite scarce.

Appr.: | AUD 35.53 CAD 35.06 EUR 24.11 GBP 20.58 JPY 2,700.00 MXN 450.00 ZAR 360.00 

Purchase direct from: Alan's Used Books. Item number: 18374.
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Stanton Tailors  
Stanton Tailors Advertising Blotter : Detroit, with Coupon Attached
Publisher: Stanton Tailors; Detroit: 1934.
Very Good Non-Book 1 pages; 64mo (3.75") 10 cm; Oblong blue blotter measuring (8 x 3.75 inches) 202 x 95 mm, with glossy white back carrying ad for Stanton Tailors, 6504 Stanton Street, corner of Ferry Park Ave, Detroit, Michigan. Left end has a coupon and is perforated for removal. ; Item undated but was found in a book dated 1934.; Light edgewear. Blotter has been used perhaps 10 times and does show some old ink spots, one of which affects the edge of the back (ad) but does not affect any text. Coupon is intact and still fully attached.

Appr.: | AUD 19.74 CAD 19.48 EUR 13.39 GBP 11.43 JPY 1,500.00 MXN 250.00 ZAR 200.00 

Purchase direct from: Alan's Used Books. Item number: 17288.
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Storm, George K. Illustrated by: Illustrated by Ken Babcock  
My Vacation At Jack and Jill Ranch : Rothbury, Michigan (Double JJ Resort)

Publisher: Jack & Jill Ranch; Rothbury, Mich: 1953.
Very Good Softcover 22 pages; 12mo (7.5") 19 cm; Softcover, tan leatherette covers, brown plastic comb binding, 16 pages of text + 6 blank pages on black paper to affix photos, sketch map of ranch, dos and donts of horse riding, 11 song lyrics (no tunes), 24 b/w cartoon illustrations. ; Charming old souvenir booklet from 'dude ranch' in Michigan, founded in 1937, now know as Double JJ Resort. ; Very little wear. Name penned inside rear cover, page for frends has 12 names and addresses in pen or pencil. No other defects. One old faded color snapshot laid in showing a woman in snowshoes on snowy ground beside snowy forest dated on rear 1953. Scarce.

Appr.: | AUD 26.32 CAD 25.97 EUR 17.86 GBP 15.24 JPY 2,000.00 MXN 333.33 ZAR 266.67 

Purchase direct from: Alan's Used Books. Item number: 18026.
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Voigt, Herpolsheimer & Company  
Chromolithograph Promotional Postcard : Voigt, Herpolsheimer & Company, Dry Goods, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 1888
Publisher: Voigt, Herpolsheimer & Company; Grand Rapids, Mich: 1888.
Very Good+ Non-Book Postcard; Stunningly beautiful full-color chromolithograph promotional postcard, 4 x 6 inches, showing a red rose, a redbird with blue wingtips and blue tail, a small yellow 1880s-style house, and the caption: Compliments of Voigt, Herpolsheimer & Co, Dry Goods, Cloaks, Carpets, Grand Rapids, Michigan, C-773.; Postcard is undated, reverse is unprinted. This large drygoods store existed under this name from 1870 to 1902. We place this postcard about 1888.; One corner shows a very light partial crease. Otherwise quite crisp. Has been inside a book for over 100 years and thus is as bright as the day it was printed. Extremely scarce.

Appr.: | AUD 31.58 CAD 31.17 EUR 21.43 GBP 18.29 JPY 2,400.00 MXN 400.00 ZAR 320.00 

Purchase direct from: Alan's Used Books. Item number: 16138.
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Windt, Charles A.  
Harmonie Centennial Grand Ball, 1849-1949 : Commemorating One Hundred Years of Harmonie

Publisher: Harmonie; Detroit: 1949.
Very Good+ Softcover 24 pages; 4to (11") 28 cm; White plastic comb binding, textured gray covers with deckle bottom edges, black lettering, gilt decor, brief history of Harmonie (singing club founded by German Americans in Detroit 1849), 24 pages, 18 b/w photos, listing past and present members, officers, conductors and pianists of both the Men's and Ladies' choruses, glossy throughout. ; Laid in: program for Harmonie Centennial Spring Concert, Music Hall, April 29, 1949, with photos and brief bios of guest pianist George Haddad and guest soprano Rose Suzanne der Derian. ; Very light wear. No marks. One crosscrack to comb, otherwise binding intact. A rare piece of Detroit history.

Appr.: | AUD 26.32 CAD 25.97 EUR 17.86 GBP 15.24 JPY 2,000.00 MXN 333.33 ZAR 266.67 

Purchase direct from: Alan's Used Books. Item number: 13485.
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Woodworth, Samuel  
Old Oaken Bucket, the : Promotional Item for Leonard Benjamins, the Old Reliable Clothier, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Publisher: Benjamin Leonards; Grand Rapids, Mich: 1881.
Good Softcover 12 pages; 12mo (7.5") 19 cm; LOT OF 3 booklets. Umber-brown covers, fold-and-staple binding, two-tone illustration on front, 12 unnumbered pages, 12 b/w illustrations reproduced from engravings. Each inside cover carries an ad for Leonard Benjamins, the Old Reliable Clothier, Grand Rapids, Michigan. ; Co-published by London: Pictorial Literature Society. ; Worn but intact. ; With this item you will also get: 1) Elegy Written in a Country Chuchyard, by Thomas Gray, same style, same advertiser, and, 2) The Village Blacksmith, by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, same style, but this item has ads for Spring & Company, dry goods, Grand Rapids.

Appr.: | AUD 31.58 CAD 31.17 EUR 21.43 GBP 18.29 JPY 2,400.00 MXN 400.00 ZAR 320.00 

Purchase direct from: Alan's Used Books. Item number: 16126.
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15 items found

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