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Category: All Categories: Politics and Government: Utopian Societies
8 items found.   List items by:   Author     Title     Publisher
Andrews, Charles Introduction  
FAMOUS UTOPIAS Being the Complete Text of Rousseau's Social Contract,More's Utopia, Bacon's New Atlantis, Campanella's City of the Sun

Publisher: Tudor Publishing Company New York 1901.
Hardcover Very Good with no dust jacket; Edgewear. Soiling on covers and endpapers. ; 317 pages

Appr.: | AUD 13.30 CAD 13.16 EUR 8.89 GBP 7.55 JPY 1,000.00 MXN 166.67 ZAR 140.85 

Purchase direct from: Gibson's Books. Item number: 34733.
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Appelbaum, Robert:  
Literature and Utopian Politics in Seventeenth Century England

Publisher: Cambridge, University Press, 2002. (1st Edition).
xi + 256pp. "Hundreds of writers in the English speaking world of the seventeenth century imagined alternative ideal societies. Sometimes they did so by exploring fanciful territories such as the world in the moon or the nations of the Antipodes, but sometimes they composed serious disquisitions about here and now, proposing how England or its nascent colonies could be conceived of an as 'Oceana', a New Jerusalem, a'City on the Hill'. (This book) provides a comprehensive view of the operations of the utopian imagination in England and its colonies from the accession of James VI and I in 1603 to the consolidation of the Restoration under Charles II in the late 1660's. Appealing to social theorists, literary critics, and political and cultural historians, this volume revises prevailing notions of the languages of hope and social dreaming in the making of British modernity during a century of political and intellectual upheaval." Fine cond : fine cond d/w. 9 x 6 inches

Appr.: | AUD 20.61 CAD 20.39 EUR 13.78 GBP 10.00 JPY 1,550.00 MXN 258.33 ZAR 218.31 

Purchase direct from: Keeble Antiques. Item number: 4063.
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Cepeda, Alfredo, compiler & editor  
Los Utopistas. Owen, Saint Simon, Fourier, Leroux, Considerant...

Publisher: Editorial Futuro, Buenos Aires, c1944. Collección Los Ensayos, Serie Filosófica.
272 p., 22.5 cm. Selección, notas biográficas y estudio preliminar de Alfredo Cepeda. "Selección de los trabajos fundamentales de esta escuela filosófica con sintésis biográficas de sus representantes y un estudio preliminar." Contents include El pensamiento utopista; El socialismo utópico y el pensamiento argentino; Robert Owen (1771-1858), El libro del nuevo mundo moral (Condiciones necesarias para la felicidad humana; Código racional de leyes; El núcleo social; Nueva clasificación social de acuerdo a la edad, a la experiencia y a las leyes eternas de la humanidad); Henri, comte de Saint-Simon (1760-1825), Cartas de un habitante de Ginebra a sus contemporáneos; Charles Fourier (1772-1837), El Falansterio; Pierre Leroux (1797-1871; Necesidad de una religión filosófica; La igualdad; Solidaridad, Fraternidad y Caridad); Victor de Considerant (1808-1893), Manifiesto político y social de la democracia pacífica (Análisis de las grandes divisiones de la democracia moderna). Bound, with original pictorial front cover (trimmed), in red boards, spine stamped in gold, orange marker ribbon; pages darkened; good. Stock#38875.

Appr.: | AUD 33.24 CAD 32.89 EUR 22.22 GBP 18.87 JPY 2,500.00 MXN 416.67 ZAR 352.11 

Purchase direct from: The Owl at the Bridge. Item number: 38875.
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Curtis, Edith Roelker  
SEASON IN UTOPIA The Story of Brook Farm
Publisher: Thomas Nelson New York NY 1961.
First Edition Hardcover Very Good in Very Good dust jacket; DJ is worn and torn at edges. DJ is missing small piece at bottom edge. Spine weak. ; 346 pages

Appr.: | AUD 19.95 CAD 19.74 EUR 13.33 GBP 11.32 JPY 1,500.00 MXN 250.00 ZAR 211.27 

Purchase direct from: Gibson's Books. Item number: 58309.
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Docherty, Thomas:  
Criticism and Modernity : Aesthetics, Literature, and Nations in Europe and its Academies

Publisher: Oxford, University Press, 1999 (1st Edition).
vi + 248pp. "(This book) traces the conditions under which criticism emerges as a socio-cultural practice within the institutionalized forms of European modernity and democracy...The central issue is that of legitimation : how can subjective aesthetic experiences regulate the norms of ethical justice ? The question is posed not as an abstract philosophical issue, but rather as a question properly located within the struggles for national culture." Fine cond : fine cond d/w. 8 3/4 x 5 1/2 inches.

Appr.: | AUD 15.47 CAD 15.30 EUR 10.34 GBP 7.50 JPY 1,163.00 MXN 193.83 ZAR 163.80 

Purchase direct from: Keeble Antiques. Item number: 4067.
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Holloway, Mark  
HEAVENS ON EARTH Utopian Communities in America 1680-1880

Publisher: Turnstile Press London 1951.
First Edition Hardcover Very Good with no dust jacket; Edgewear. Previous owner's name; B&W Illustrations; 240 pages

Appr.: | AUD 33.24 CAD 32.89 EUR 22.22 GBP 18.87 JPY 2,500.00 MXN 416.67 ZAR 352.11 

Purchase direct from: Gibson's Books. Item number: 62205.
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Kateb, George  
Utopia and Its Enemies

Publisher: [New York] Free Press of Glencoe [1963].
244 p. 21.5 cm. "Modern Utopianism--which he defines as political idealism that utilizes technological and scientific advances to achieve radical social reorganization on a global scale..." Stock# 44,194. Vg / dj vg.

Appr.: | AUD 19.95 CAD 19.74 EUR 13.33 GBP 11.32 JPY 1,500.00 MXN 250.00 ZAR 211.27 

Purchase direct from: The Owl at the Bridge. Item number: 44194.
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Kessler, Carol Farley:  
Charlotte Perkins Gilman, her progress toward Utopia with selected writings

Publisher: Liverpool, University Press, 1995. (1st Edition).
x + 316pp with b/w frontispiece portrait of Charlotte Perkins Gilman. "The focus of this work is how Charlotte Perkins Gilman developed as a writer and how she imagined a full-blown Utopia for women. This book, which offers a fresh reading of Gilman's fiction, fills a void in Gilman scholarship, in feminist utopian scholarship and in American literary studies. Kessler provides three journeys through Gilman's life: "A Biographical Exploration" discusses facets of her life having a substantial impact upon her utopian writing. Four themes influence this development: the legacy of ancestral expectations; her relationships to father, mother and daughter; the experiences of two marriages and a divorce; and her friendships with women. Gilman and her "Prancing Young Utopia" presents three stages in the development of Gilman's utopian writing. First she imagined neighbourhoods - writing alternately, fiction and non-fiction.Second, she tested in fiction the expression of utopian principles explained in her non-fiction. Finally she created the whole society in her 1915 satire "Herland". All the foregoing writing represents Gilman's effort to imagine in fiction solutions that she recommended in her 1898 feminist treatise, "Women and Economics". "Writing to Empower Living" connects Gilman's biography to her utopian writing as both personal expression and public activism. The writing can be understood as "equipment for living". Ten hard-to-locate utopian novels conclude the volume." Fine cond trade paperback. 9 x 6 inches

Appr.: | AUD 13.40 CAD 13.26 EUR 8.96 GBP 6.50 JPY 1,008.00 MXN 168.00 ZAR 141.97 

Purchase direct from: Keeble Antiques. Item number: 4074.
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8 items found

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