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Category: All Categories: History: Asia: Himalayas
9 items found.   List items by:   Author     Title     Publisher
Armbrecht, Ann  
Thin Places: A Pilgrimage Home

Publisher: Columbia University Press NY, 2008.
Very Good+ in Very Good+ dust jacket. First Printing, Hardcover. ISBN: 9780231146524 In DJ ; Signed by author. Red hardback binding. Anthropologist's study of Nepalese village and her own introspection; 8vo 8" - 9" tall; 296 pages; Signed by Author

Appr.: | AUD 25.27 CAD 25.00 EUR 16.89 GBP 14.34 JPY 1,900.00 MXN 316.67 ZAR 267.61 

Purchase direct from: Wickham Books South. Item number: 45081.
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De Riencourt, Amaury  
Roof of the World, Tibet Key to Asia

Publisher: Rinehart, NY 1950.
12mo library re-bind, later pr., VG/-. An early account of trekking in Tibet. Topic: Himalayas

Appr.: | AUD 14.84 CAD 14.68 EUR 9.92 GBP 8.42 JPY 1,116.00 MXN 186.00 ZAR 157.18 

Purchase direct from: Dogtown Book Shop. Item number: 35776.
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Douglas, Ed:  
Chomolungma Sings the Blues, travels round Everest

Publisher: London, Constable & Co Ltd., 1998 (reprint).
xii + 226pp with b/w photo illus and maps. If there is one mountain that is known across the whole world, it must be the highest Everest. To the people who live at its feet she is Chomolungma, Goddess Mother of the World. The disappearance of George Mallory and Andrew Irvine close to the summit in 1924 lent the mountain a tragic romanticism, of young men risking everything for a dream. When Norgay Tenzing and Ed Hillary became the first men to stand on the summit in 1953, it was the crowning glory for the coronation of Elizabeth II. But nearly fifty years on, there are scores of ascents nearly every season. There are stories of bodies and heaps of garbage abandoned on the slopes, of the loss of cultural identity among the Sherpas and Tibetans who live at the foot of Everest. Ed Douglas spent parts of 1995 and 1996 travelling in Nepal and Tibet, talking to politicians and environmentalists, to mountaineers and local people. He found a poor region struggling to develop, and encountering environmental problems far greater than rubbish left by climbers. Local people are resourceful and cultured, reliant on the work the mountaineers and the mountain provide, but striving to find a balance between the new and the old. Fine cond : fine cond d/w. 9 1/2 x 6 1/4 inches

Appr.: | AUD 24.73 CAD 24.47 EUR 16.53 GBP 12.00 JPY 1,860.00 MXN 310.00 ZAR 261.97 

Purchase direct from: Keeble Antiques. Item number: 3944.
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Firstbrook, Peter  
Lost on Everest: The Search for Mallory & Irvine

Publisher: McClelland & Stewart Toronto, 1999.
Very Good+ in Very Good+ dust jacket. First Printing, Hardcover. ISBN: 0771031297 In DJ; Black cl. B&W photos. Appendices, notes, biblio, index. Acct of effort to find body of mountain climber who died on Mt. Everest; 8vo; 224 pages

Appr.: | AUD 8.84 CAD 8.75 EUR 5.91 GBP 5.02 JPY 665.00 MXN 110.83 ZAR 93.66 

Purchase direct from: Wickham Books South. Item number: 11313.
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Kolb, Fritz : Wilson, Lawrence (translator) : Johnson, Robey (foreword):  
Himalaya Venture

Publisher: Wilmslow, Sigma Press, 2001..
150pp with one page publisher's advertisement to rear. This classic wartime mountaineering adventure has its roots in the Alps, where Fritz Kolb and Ludwig Krenek - two Austrian school teachers - acted as climbing guides to visiting British students. In 1937 they hand-picked four students for the adventure of a lifetime ; training and planning an expedition to the Himalayas, and set out for India in August 1939. "On September 7th (1939) three of the party stood on the topmost peak of Mulkila, the first people ever to have climbed it - not knowing that their respective countries were at war. Internment followed for the Austrians (when they returned to India) but this did not curb their zeal for mountaineering. After the war Fritz Kolb made further expeditions to the Himalayas." This title was first published by Lutterworth Press in 1959 - a highly regarded mountaineering book. Fine cond trade paperback. 8 1/2 x 5 3/4 inches

Appr.: | AUD 10.31 CAD 10.20 EUR 6.89 GBP 5.00 JPY 775.00 MXN 129.17 ZAR 109.15 

Purchase direct from: Keeble Antiques. Item number: 3942.
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Olschak, Blanche Christine  
Ein Zentrum Tibetischer Heilkunde Im Nordost-Punjab

Publisher: Recipe-Sandoz NP, 1967.
Very Good, paperback In German. Paperback. B&W photos. 4 page article reprinted from Recipe-Sandoz (Vol 1, No. 9, May 1967, in German) about expedition by author to Punjab to study Tibetan medicine. Title translated as "A center of Tibetan medicine in Northeast Punjab" ; 8vo 8" - 9" tall; 4 pages

Appr.: | AUD 5.05 CAD 5.00 EUR 3.38 GBP 2.87 JPY 380.00 MXN 63.33 ZAR 53.52 

Purchase direct from: Wickham Books South. Item number: 46669.
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Olschak, Blanche Christine  
Sporen Van Overoude Medische Kennis in Tibet

Publisher: Symposium CIBA NP, 1964.
Very Good+, paperback In German. Paperback. Color photos. 6 page article reprinted from Symposium CIBA (Vol 12, No. 3, 1964). Study of Tibetan medicine; 8vo 8" - 9" tall; 6 pages

Appr.: | AUD 7.58 CAD 7.50 EUR 5.07 GBP 4.30 JPY 570.00 MXN 95.00 ZAR 80.28 

Purchase direct from: Wickham Books South. Item number: 46671.
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Schell, Orville  
Virtual Tibet: Searching for Shangri-La from the Himalayas to Hollywood

Publisher: Henry Holt And Co NY, 2000.
Very Good+ in Very Good+ dust jacket. First Printing, Hardcover. ISBN: 0805043810 IN vg+ DJ; Gold spine/blue binding. Index. History of the west's obsession & image of Tibet; 8vo; x + 340 pages

Appr.: | AUD 7.58 CAD 7.50 EUR 5.07 GBP 4.30 JPY 570.00 MXN 95.00 ZAR 80.28 

Purchase direct from: Wickham Books South. Item number: 8195.
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Steele, Peter : Paton, Bruce (drawings) : Hillary, Sir Edmund (foreword):  
Eric Shipton, Everest and beyond.

Publisher: Seattle and London, The Mountaineers and Constable & Co Ltd, 1998.
xii + 290pp with b/w illus. "Threading his way over Tibetan passes or forcing the forbidding cirque of the Nanda Devi Sanctuary, mountaineering legend Eric Shipton (1907-1977) continues to fascinate readers. Here biographer Peter Steele draws a full-bodied portrait of the self-effacing explorer with new information about his public and private lives. He gives, for the first time, the full story behind Shipton's shocking exclusion from the 1953 British expedition to Everest, a controversy that reverberated through the climbing world long after Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay successfully reached the summit. Steele, an acquaintance of Shipton for many years, draws upon scores of personal interviews as well as Shipton's own correspondence (including that of the many women Shipton fascinated). He traces the beginning of Shipton's climbing career in Africa, where he had taken himself shortly after the first world war to grow coffee. In Kenya he met H W Tilman and together the pair climbed Kilimanjaro, Mt Kenya and in the Ruwenzori Mountains. After joining Frank Smythe on an expedition to Kamet, he was invited into the large 1933 Everest expedition organized by the American Alpine Club and the Royal Geographic Society. Steel writes of the cases of champagne, Stilton cheese and tins of lobster hauled up the mountain, and of Shipton's disenchantment with the large scale, officially endorsed approach to mountaineering. Shipton next joined Tilman on a small budget exploration of Garhwal ; although he returned to Everest several times throughout his career, Shipton found his greatest enjoyment when exploring in the company of his few hand picked friends and Sherpas. Steele follows Shipton to South America and Patagonia, where he completed a traverse of the Southern Patagonia Ice Cap." Fine cond trade paperback. 9 x 6 inches

Appr.: | AUD 16.49 CAD 16.32 EUR 11.02 GBP 8.00 JPY 1,240.00 MXN 206.67 ZAR 174.65 

Purchase direct from: Keeble Antiques. Item number: 3945.
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9 items found

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