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Category: All Categories: Music: New Age and Electronic
5 items found.   List items by:   Author     Title     Publisher
Dodge, Charles and Thomas A. Jerse  
Computer Music -- Synthesis, Composition and Performance /HCDJ 1985
Publisher: Schirmer Books, NY 1985; 381 pages, Index, diagrams, refs..
Very Good dark blue hardcover in Good dustjacket and clear acetate glassine jacket protector; erasure smudge on endpage, light textblock soiling, pages appear unread; binding is tight; jacket creases & folds, appears to have been an ill-fitting jacket to begin with from the bindery. At any rate, a clean sound copy of this

Contents -- FUNDAMENTALS OF COMPUTER MUSIC - programming languages, software, measurement of sound, digital signals, use of computer in audio systems;

ACOUSTICS & PSYCHOACOUSTICS OF MUSIC - sound & ear, pitch, tuning systems, perceptions of amplitude, temperal relationships, classical & modern studies of timbre;

SYNTHESIS FUNDAMENTALS - computer instruments & unit generators, signal flow charts, oscillator, waveform, generating functions of time, instrument definition in MUSIC 4-type languages, additive synthesis, modulation, noise generators, osc. variable sampling rates, instrument designs, compositional examples, etc;

SYNTHESIS USING DISTORTION TECHNIQUES - FM synthesis, waveshaping, discrete summation formulae;

SUBTRACTIVE SYNTHESIS - sources, intro to filtering, a general-purpose filter, stopband behavior, filter combination, adjustable digital filters, effect of filtering in the time domain, subtractive instruments that use noise sources, periodic sources; examples of compositional application, digital filters, recursive & nonrecursive filters;

SPEECH SYNTHESIS - physiology, acoustic phonetics, computer analysis of speech, computer synthesis of speech, format synthesis by rule, synthesis by analysis of speech, cross synthesis, editing analysis of speech, compositional applications, other synthesis methods for vocal sounds, concept of linear prediction;REVERBERATION, AUDITORY LOCALIZATION & OTHER SOUND-PROCESS TECHNIQUES; COMPOSITION WITH COMPUTERS - aleatoric composition with computers, deterministic composition with computers; REAL-TIME PERFORMANCE OF COMPUTER MUSIC - modes of synthesizer operation, peripheral devices for manual control of live perofrmance, conductor programs, microphone as transducer, applications of real-time computer music; Appendix, Glossary, Index. Additional pictures available

Appr.: | AUD 67.57 CAD 66.67 EUR 47.17 GBP 39.56 JPY 5,000.00 MXN 833.33 ZAR 714.29 

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Kettelkamp, Larry; Foreword by Herbert Deutsch  
Electronic Musical Instruments -- what they do, how they work
Publisher: William Morrow, NY 1984, first edition; 122 pages, index, diagrams; black and white photographs throughout.
Good overall hardcover in Very Good illustrated black, blue and white dustjacket, in clear acetate glassine jacket protector; ex-library from a school with pocket at rear, some rubberstamps, front pastedown paper peeled away about halfway across the inner board, with some gummy residue still present. Binding is sound and secure, and pages are clean'Electronic instruments, whether they are synthesizers, electronic organs, electronic pianos, electric guitars, computers and oh yes, even tape recorders -- have joined the world of music as we know it today..' (from the Foreword by Herbert Deutsch, director of the Electronic Music Studio at Hofstra University). Contents includes -- Instruments Go Electirc - amplified sounds; electric pickups; Instruments go Electronic -- developing electronic sound; oscillators; synthesizers; electronic organs; sound processors; Performing and Recordin Electronic Music -- composers, performers and sound studios; Buying your own electronic instruments; Playing electronic instruments; Future trends in Electronic instruments and music; Glossary; Index. Illustrated throughout with half and fullpage black and white photographs including a digital control chip inserted into Lowrey's Genius Model G100, a compact console electronic organ; Inserting a computer punched card into the Allen organ to program the sound of tubular chimes; the Mini-Moog, a compact three-oscillator synthesizer; and more Additional pictures at ; ;

Appr.: | AUD 16.89 CAD 16.67 EUR 11.79 GBP 9.89 JPY 1,250.00 MXN 208.33 ZAR 178.57 

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Kostelanetz, Richard, selected and introduced by  
John Cage, Writer -- previously uncollected pieces
Publisher: Limelight Editions, NY 1993, stated first edition, 281 pages.
Very Good overall, illustrated glossy coated cardstock covers, softcover, bump at upper rear spine end, the binding is secure and tight, the pages clean and unmarked

An essential part of the music and art legacy that John Cage leaves us.. are the writings gathered here, which span more than fifty years of Cagean thought and creativity.. his response to the music of others, his ideas about art, film, and dane; and in An Autobiographical Statement - his reflections on his own life, career, and self-fulfillment..' (from the rear cover)

Also included are the texts of lectures, and of crucial importance to an appreciation of his music, Cage's notes on the performance of his compositions..

It is these moments of completeness that music can give, providing one can concentrate one's mind on it, that is, give one's self in return to the music, that are such deep pleasure, and that is why we love the art (John Cage, from the book)

Appr.: | AUD 20.27 CAD 20.00 EUR 14.15 GBP 11.87 JPY 1,500.00 MXN 250.00 ZAR 214.29 

Purchase direct from: Item number: B499.
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Lincoln, Harry B (editor)  
The Computer and Music -- anthology of Twenty-one articles
Publisher: Cornell Univ Press, NY 1970 first edition; 354 pages, Index, illustrations, appendices.
Very Good+ dark green hardcover in very good overall dustjacket & clear acetate glassine jacket protector. Orig price intact on jacket flap, shelfwear & edgewear to jacket all around. BInding is tight, square; pages clean and unmarkedCONTENTS -- Historical Background - Musicke's Handmaiden, or Technology in the Service of the Arts (Edmund A Bowles); Music Composition -- From Musical Ideas to Computers and Back (Herbert Brun); Ethics and Esthetics of Computer Composition (Gerald Strang);Music Composed with Computers - a historical survey (Lejaren Hiller); MUSPEC (Jack P Citron); Analysis of Music -- Webern's Use of Motive n the Piano Variations (Mary E Fiore); Toward a Theory of Webernian Harmony, via analysis with a Digital Computer (Ramon Fuller); Harmony before and after 1910 - a Computer Comparison (Roland Jackson); Automated Discovery of Similar segments in the 47 Permutations of a Twelve-Tone Row (gerald Lefkoff);FORTRAN Music Programs Involving Numerically Related Tones (Ian Morton and John Lofstedt); Theoretical Possibilities for Equally Tempered Music Systems (William Stoney); Root Progression and Composer Identification (Joseph Youngblood); Ethnomusicology -- Computer-aided Analysis of Javanese Music (Fredric Lieberman); COmputer-Oriented Comparative Musicology (Benjamin Suchoff);Music History and Style Analysis -- Numerical Methods of Comparing Musical Styles (Frederick Crane and Judith Fiehler); Music Style Analysis by Computer (A James Gabura); Toward a Comprehensive French Chanson Catalog (Barton Hudson); Transcription of Tablature to Standard Notation (W Earle Hultberg); A Test for Melodic Borrowings among Notre Dame Organa Dupla (Theodore Karp); Music Information Retrieval -- MIR -- a simple Programming Language for Muiscal Information Retrieval (Michael Kassler); An Automated Music Library Catalog for Scores and Phonorecords (John W Tanno, Alfred G Lynn, and Robert E Roberson)

Appr.: | AUD 30.41 CAD 30.00 EUR 21.23 GBP 17.80 JPY 2,250.00 MXN 375.00 ZAR 321.43 

Purchase direct from: Item number: CM10846.
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Roads, Curtis, editor  
The Music Machine -- Selected Readings from Computer Music Journal
Publisher: MIT Press, Cambridge MA 1989; 725 pages, Index, double-column text, illustrations and photographs, References.
Very Good black cloth hardcover in Very Good gray, blue and black pictorial dustjacket and clear acetate glassine jacket protector. Slight shelfwear to jacket. Thick book. Binding is secure and sound, pages are clean, unmarked. A nice copy of thisPrimary source articles on the art, the science and the technology of computer music; fifty-three articles including several major articles that had been out of print, published in the Computer Music Journal between 1980 and 1985Contents -- INTERVIEWS -- interview with Max Mathews; a conversation with James A Moorer; A conversation with Clarence Barlow; interview with Paul Lansky; Interview with David Rosenboom; interview with ROger Reynolds, Joji Yuasa, and Charles WorinenCOMPOSITION -- Computer Music Experiments 1964 - .. (Jean Claude Risset); Composing with Computers -- a Progress Report (Lejaren Hiller); Mortuos Pango, Vivos Voco -- a realization at IRCAM (Jonathan Harvey); Loudspeakers and Performers -- some problems and proposals (Dexter Morrill); Dreamsong, the composition (Michael McNabb); Composition theory in Koenig's Project One and Project Two (Otto Laske); Automated Compostion and Composed Automation (Giuseppe Englert); Timbral Construction in Arras as a Stochastic Process (Barry Truax); Interactive Composing -- an overview (Joel Chadabe); The Making of Octuor (Horacio Vaggione); Stylistic Automata in Gradient (Charles Ames); Comments on University Instruction in Computer Music Composition (Jacque Arveiller)THE MIDI Interface -- Musicians make a Standard -- The MIDI phenomenon (Loy); Music and Microprocessors -- MIDI and the state of the art (Yavelow); MUSIC SOFTWARE -- A note on music printing by computer (roads); Personal Composer (Miller); scope in Interactive score editors (Buxton et al); Objed and the design of timbral resources (Buxton et al); Gcomp - graphic control of mixing and processing (Banger et al); Pla, a composer's idea of a language (Schottstaedt); Flavors band - a language for specifying musical style (Fry); The 4CED Program (Abbott); Notes on the implementation of MUSBOX, a compiler for the systems concepts digital synthesizer (Loy); A Panoply of Stochastic 'cannons' (lorrain); Compositional Applications of stochastic processes (Jones); Aesthetic integration of computer-composed scores (Koenig); FORMES, composition and scheduling of processes (ROdet et al); SYNTHESIS AND SIGNAL PROCESSING -- A Tutorial on digital sound synthesis techiques (de Poli); the CHANT Project - from the synthesis of the singing voice to synthesis in general (Rodet et al); Synthesis of plucked-string and drum timbres (Karplus et al); Extensions of the Karplus-Strong Plucked-String Algorithm (Jaffe & Smith); Responsive Input devices and sound synthesis by simulation of Instrumental Mechanisms - the Cordis System (Cadoz et al); Fundamentals of Digital Filter Theory (Smith); Timbre and the Perceptual Effects of three types of data reduction (Charbonneau); Synthesis of Timbral families by warped linear

Appr.: | AUD 54.05 CAD 53.33 EUR 37.74 GBP 31.65 JPY 4,000.00 MXN 666.67 ZAR 571.43 

Purchase direct from: Item number: M10862.
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5 items found

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