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Category: All Categories: Computers and Internet: Operating Systems
28 items found.   List items by:   Author     Title     Publisher

Publisher: Microsoft Corporation [No place]. No date. (1994)..
127pp. sm4to. Glossy wraps. Very Good, i.e. signs of careful use with no significant defects.

Appr.: | AUD 2.56 CAD 2.50 EUR 1.81 GBP 1.31 JPY 200.00 MXN 25.00 ZAR 22.22 

Purchase direct from: Henry F. Hain III. Item number: 50-0095.
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Andleigh, Prabhat  
UNIX System Architecture, 1990
Publisher: Prentice-Hall NJ 1990, first edition, softcover; 7x9.5, 274 pages, Index, diagrams & illustrations.
Very Good white glossy covers, softbound, slight cover curls at corners, prev. owner's name small in ink on endpage; binding is tight, pages are clean & unmarked

Presents a straightforward description of the architecture of the UNIX operating system, includes coverage of internal algorithms, which are explained in an easy-to-understand manner - UNIX System V - organization of system control structures and tables; swapping & demand paging memory management; process management; interprocess communication techniques; UNIX file system; networking features; much more.

From the algorithm of fork to semaphore architectural relationships, this book explains how & why the UNIX OS functions. Numerous C code examples & algorithm descriptions present a detailed description of the Unix operating system internals.

And the following key areas of interest to system and application designers are explored -- multiprocessing & distributed processing issues; system performance issues; porting the UNIX operating system; application program portability; potential areas of enhancing the operating system; plus differences with Berkeley 4.2bsd and 4.3bsd are pointed out, and standardization issues have been explored. (From the Rear Cover)

Appr.: | AUD 10.26 CAD 10.00 EUR 7.25 GBP 5.25 JPY 800.00 MXN 100.00 ZAR 88.89 

Purchase direct from: Item number: C3004.
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AT&T Bell Laboratories  
The UNIX System / Vol. 63 No. 8 Part 2 / October 1984 Bell System Technical Journal / Bell Laboratories Technical Journa
Publisher: AT&T Bell Labs Technical Journal, computing science and systems; pp 1571 - 1909 inclusive.
Very Good or a bit better, 5x9 orange-salmon colored cardstock covers, softbound; small fingernail-like abrasion approx. 4 inches along hinge of front cover, not penetrating cover; small chipping & bump to head and heel of spine paper. Spine uncreased, appears unread. Some small spotting to top textblock fore-edge. Binding tight, pages clean and unmarked

CONTENTS -- The Evolution of the UNIX Time-sharing System (Ritchie); Program Design in the UNIX System environment (Pike & Kernighan); The Blit - a Multiplexed Graphics Terminal (Pike); Debugging C Programs with the Blit (Cargill); UNIX Operating system Security (Grampp & Morris); File Security and the UNIX System Crypt Command (Reeds & Weinberger);

The Evolution of C -- past and future (Rosler); Data Abstraction in C (Stroustrup); Multiprocessor UNIX Systems (Bach & Buroff); A UNIX System Implementation for System/370 (Felton, Miller & Milner); UNIX Operating System Porting Experiences (Bodenstab, Houghton, Kelleman, Ronkin & Schan);

The Evolution of UNIX System Performance (Feder); Cheap Dynamic Instruction Counting (Weinberger); Theory and Practice in the Construction of a Working Sort Routine (Linderman); The Fair Share Scheduler (Henry); The Virtual Protocol Machine (Fitton, Harkness, Kelleman, Long & Mee III);

A Network of Computers Running the UNIX System (Fritz, Hefner & Raleigh); A Stream Input-Output System (Ritchie)

The second issue of the Journal devoted to the UNIX operating system and its implementations

Appr.: | AUD 76.92 CAD 75.00 EUR 54.40 GBP 39.34 JPY 6,000.00 MXN 750.00 ZAR 666.67 

Purchase direct from: Item number: C8805.
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Chernicoff, Stephen  
Macintosh Revealed volume One; Unlocking the Toolbox; second edition updated for the Macintosh Plus and Macintosh SE
Publisher: Hayden Books Indiana, 1985, second edition 1987; 574 pages, index, diagrams, glossary.
Very good overall, large thick glossy-coated-softcover, corners thumbed and some edgewear, vertical crease along rear cover not affecting textblock. Binding is sound and secure, pages are clean and unmarked

Master the secrets of your Macintosh... explores the Macintosh user interface Toolbox, the nearly 500 built-in ROM routines that ensure that all Macintosh software consistently shares the same easy, intuitive user interface... This Volume presents the foundations on which the Toolbox is built. Learn how to call Toolbox routines from your application programs, how to manage the Macintosh's memory, how to use QuickDraw graphics routines, and how to display character text. A chapter on resources introduces this important concept, one of the cornerstones of Macintosh software design. Another chapter describes how application programs communicate with the Macintosh Finder... many of the new and enhanced features included in the expanded 128K ROM.... memory and keyboard layouts for the Macintosh Plus 1-megabyte RAM configuration, character codes for the expanded Laser Writer character set, QuickDraw graphics enhancements for specialized drawing tools such as the MacPaint 'lasso' and 'paint bucket'; additional tap numbers and error codes... and MORE

Appr.: | AUD 12.82 CAD 12.50 EUR 9.07 GBP 6.56 JPY 1,000.00 MXN 125.00 ZAR 111.11 

Purchase direct from: Item number: B530.
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Clark, Jim, & Owen Edwards. [Andreessen, Marc] [Gates, Bill]  
Netscape Time. The Making of the Billion-Dollar Start-Up That Took On Microsoft.

Publisher: St. Martin's Press, NY [c1999]. "First Edition: June 1999".
x, 276 p., index, 24 cm. By the co-founder and chairman of Netscape. "It was not so long ago that the Internet, as we know it today, lay beyond the imaginations of all but a small core of scientists, programmers, and academics. The last four years have witnessed the remarkable growth of the Net... This explosive growth would not have been possible without Netscape, a tiny start-up company that ultimately revolutionized business and communications for the entire world." "Far from a fan of [Bill] Gates and his tactics, Clark portrays a ruthless enemy bent on smashing any competition..." VG+; dj VG+. 37217.

Appr.: | AUD 21.15 CAD 20.63 EUR 14.96 GBP 10.82 JPY 1,650.00 MXN 206.25 ZAR 183.33 

Purchase direct from: The Owl at the Bridge. Item number: 37217.
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Data General Corporation  
Operating CS Systems -- A Guide for the System Developer; Preliminary
Publisher: Data General Corp., Westboro MA 1978; 220 pages.
Very Good overall, reproduced typescript pages at bottom noting, Licensed Material Property of Data General Corp, 1978; 3-hole punched, 8.5x11 sheets, double-sided, bound into a cardstock metalclasp notebook, able to be disassembled and loose sheets taken out. Some light toning overall. Pages clean and unmarked

045-012-01Documents in detail the software tools that systems analysts and systems developers (will) use when working on CS Commercial Systems. File structures are explained. The oeprating system's command language is defined. The use of utilities and functions of the Interactive COBOL Runtime System are described. Some routine procedures, such as disk initialization and concurrent operations, are included (From the introd. and table of contents)

Appr.: | AUD 44.87 CAD 43.75 EUR 31.73 GBP 22.95 JPY 3,500.00 MXN 437.50 ZAR 388.89 

Purchase direct from: Item number: M705.

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Finkel, Raphael  
An Operating Systems Vade Mecum
Publisher: Prentice-Hall NJ 1986, 292 pages, index, glossary, diagrams.
Very Good, red and white/gray glossy coated hardcover, binding is sound and secure, pages clean, unmarked

Sections with multiple chapters in each, include, introduction and Historical Development, spooling systems, batch multiprogramming, distributed computing etc;
Time Management; Space Management, fixed partitions, segmentation, etc; Non-Preemptable Resources; Transput; File Structures; The User Interface; Concurrency; Co-operating Processes; more

Appr.: | AUD 7.69 CAD 7.50 EUR 5.44 GBP 3.93 JPY 600.00 MXN 75.00 ZAR 66.67 

Purchase direct from: Item number: B147.
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Fisher, F Peter; George F Swindle  
Computer Programming Systems
Publisher: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, NY 1964, 643 pages, index, glossary, diagrams.
Good or a bit better overall, maroon hardcover with titles in silver on spine and cover; some wear to edges, binding a bit weak, prev. owner's name etc information on pastedown is inked over. Pages clean

Sections with multiple chapters in each, include, Introduction to Computer Programming Systems; Machine-Oriented Programming Systems -- Assembly systems - the IBM 1401; Macro Systems; Input/output control systems; Mass Random Access Storage; Procedure-oriented Programming systems; COBOL; Fortran; ALGOL; Problem-oriented programming systems; Report generator systems; Tabular Languages; Support systems; IBM 1401 Data processing system; Monitor Systems; Simulator systems; MORE

Appr.: | AUD 7.69 CAD 7.50 EUR 5.44 GBP 3.93 JPY 600.00 MXN 75.00 ZAR 66.67 

Purchase direct from: Item number: B426.
Order From Dealer
Gillay, Carolyn and Bette Peat  
The Window Enduser's step-by-step Guide to DOS and the Command Line in Windows 95/Windows 98
Publisher: ABF Content, wilsonville OR 1999, ISBN 1887902449; 818 pages, index, diagrams.
Very Good, very large and thick heavy softcover; glossy-coated covers, some shelfwear; binding is secure and tight, pages clean and unmarked. DISK NOT INCLUDED

It may be true that MS-DOS is dead as a stand-alone operating system. However, command syntax, parameters, parsing commands, and troubleshooting are all handled better from the command line interface than in Windows. This book uses a careful step-by-step approach to show how knowledge of MS-DOS can make you a more effective user of Windows 95 or Windows 98 (From the rear cover)

Appr.: | AUD 10.26 CAD 10.00 EUR 7.25 GBP 5.25 JPY 800.00 MXN 100.00 ZAR 88.89 

Purchase direct from: Item number: B374.
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Hyatt, Michael S.  
The Millenium Bug. How To Survive the Coming Crisis.

Publisher: Washington, D.C., 1998.
xix, 286 p. For those who missed the excitement of Y2K, here is the fearmonger's version of all the things that could have happened to us. Dj; VG. Stock#25098.

Appr.: | AUD 14.74 CAD 14.38 EUR 10.43 GBP 7.54 JPY 1,150.00 MXN 143.75 ZAR 127.78 

Purchase direct from: The Owl at the Bridge. Item number: 25098.
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Jones, Capers  
Applied Software Measurement: Assuring Productivity and Quality

Publisher: New York: McGraw-Hill, 1991.
Gloss hardback, without dust jacket. Fine. Dark green on yellow spine. Standard Size. 508 pages.

Appr.: | AUD 141.03 CAD 137.50 EUR 99.73 GBP 72.13 JPY 11,000.00 MXN 1,375.00 ZAR 1,222.22 

Purchase direct from: Tennessee Valley Books. Item number: 20003.
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Karp, David  
Windows Annoyances -- taking charge of Win95 and WinNT 4.0
Publisher: O'Reilly & Associates, 1997 first edition, 285 pages, Glossary, Index, Frequently Asked Questions,.
Very good to near fine softcover, glossy coated white and orange cardstock covers; light shelfwear, sound and pages clean

So You're Stuck with Windows -- Getting Up to Speed, Windows Basics, Windows 95 vs. Windows NT 4.0, The Future of Windows; Customizing Your System -- Coping with Explorer, Customizing the Interface, System Enhancements;

The Registry -- Getting to Know the Registry, Tpis & Tricks, Registry Tools, Selected Topics; Advanced Customization Techniques -- Cleaning Up the Desktop, Resolving Annoyances, Advanced Configuration, Tips & Techniques, System Admin;

Maximizing Performance -- Fine-Tuning Your System, Upgrading Your Computer, Improving Work Habits; Troubleshooting -- General Techniques, Preventive Maintenance & Data Recovery, Restoring Windows After a Crash; Networking -- Setting Up a Workgroup, General Networking Issues, Installing Dial-Up Networking, Coping with Dial-Up Networking

Appr.: | AUD 10.26 CAD 10.00 EUR 7.25 GBP 5.25 JPY 800.00 MXN 100.00 ZAR 88.89 

Purchase direct from: Item number: B414.
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Kernighan, Brian W and Rob Pike  
The UNIX Programming Environment / 1984
Publisher: Prentice-Hall NJ 1984, first edition softcover; 357 pages, Index, diagrams.
Very Good overall, slight wear to edges & thumbed-through appearance, prev. owner's name small in ink on endpage; binding is tight, pages are clean & unmarkedCONTENTS include Sections on -- UNIX For Beginners; The File System; Using the Shell; Filters; Shell Programming; Programming with Standard I/O; UNIX System Calls; Program Development; Document Preparation; Epilog - appendices, hoc Manual, hoc Listing

Appr.: | AUD 17.31 CAD 16.88 EUR 12.24 GBP 8.85 JPY 1,350.00 MXN 168.75 ZAR 150.00 

Purchase direct from: Item number: C3005.
Order From Dealer
Martin, James  
SNA -- IBM'S Networking Solution
Publisher: Prentice-Hall NJ, 1987 first edition; 380 pages, diagrams & illustrations, Index.
Very Good or a bit better, dark blue hardcover, in Very Good+ black illus. dustjacket & clear acetate glassine jacket protector. Name on top textblock fore-edge. Solid binding, clean & unmarked pages. CONCEPTS-- Network Architectures- The Nature of Architecture, Developers of Architectures; SNA Concepts- Network Users, Logical Units; SNA Functional Layers- Data Link Control, Path Control; Routing & Data Flow- Explicit Route & Route Extensions, Multiple Explicit Routes; SNA Services- Session Management Services, Metwork Management; SNA & the OSI Model - OSI Layers, Service Data Units; SNA Program Products - Telecommunications Access Methods, Network Control Programs; ADVANCED FACILITIES -- Advanced Program-to-Program Communication- LU-to-LU Sessions, LU 7 Network-User Relationship, Logical Unit Types, Advanced Program-to-Program Communication; Logical Unit 6.2 Implementation- LU6.2 Functional Capability, Conversation Types, Base-level Facilities; Mapped Conversation Option Set; Office Automation Architectures - Office Information Architectures, Document Content Architecture, Document Interchange Architecture, DIA Services; SNA Distribution Services - Distribution Service Unit, DSU Interfaces, Interchange Units, SNADS Names & Addresses; SNA Network Interconnection- SNA Gateway, Network Name & Address Translation, Virtual Routes; PATH CONTROL NETWORK-- Data Link Control- Path Control Network, Data Link Protocols, SDLC Link Components ; SDLC Frames- SDLC Transmission Frames, Transparent Operation, Sychronization; SDLC Data Flow- Acknowledgments, Send & Receive Counts, Data Flow for Individual Acknowledgements, Nr & Ns Count Field Values; SDLC Polling & Loop Operation- Roll-Call Polling , Loop Operation; Path Control- Basic Transmission Unit Format; Path Control Services- Virtual Route Sequencing; NAUs- TRANSMISSION & DATA FLOW CONTROL --Transmission Control- BIU Format; Data Flow Control-Chains; NAUs - FUNCTION MANAGEMENT -- End-User Services; Function Management Header; Session Services; Session Termination & Outage Notification; Configuration Services; Switched Links & Network Deactivation; Maintenance & Management Services; EPILOG - The Future of SNA; more. Additional pictures

Appr.: | AUD 16.03 CAD 15.63 EUR 11.33 GBP 8.20 JPY 1,250.00 MXN 156.25 ZAR 138.89 

Purchase direct from: Item number: CN3177.
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McGilton, Henry and Rachel Morgan  
Introducing the UNIX System
Publisher: McGraw-Hill software series, a Byte Book, 1983, 556 pages, index.
Good overall, glossy black and silver softcover, binding is sound but skewed from poor storage; the pages are clean and unmarked

A primer for the novice and a memory refresher for experienced users

Here is an easy-to-use reference guide, containing full coverage of version 7 of the UNIX system, including --
key concepts behind the UNIX system, from how to log on, the directory structure and file system, to the ideas of standard files and processes; popular UNIX utility packages, including electronic mail utilities, text editors, and document formatters; a detailed discussion of shells; software development tools and enhancements, including those modifications developed at the University of California at Berkeley; a management and maintenance guide for day-to-day caring for and feeding of a UNIX system;

Plus -- actualy examples of fully tested UNIX codes are provided, for valuable hands-on experience with the UNIX system and all its capabilities

Appr.: | AUD 6.41 CAD 6.25 EUR 4.53 GBP 3.28 JPY 500.00 MXN 62.50 ZAR 55.56 

Purchase direct from: Item number: B376.
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Disk Operating System user's guide stated First Edition September 1983, version 2.10; IBM Personal Computer, computer la
Publisher: Microsoft Corp, IBM September 1983, approx. 82 pages, each Section paginated separately; diagrams in color.
Very Good overall, tan/flesh-colored cardstock covers, stapled binding, titles in white. Binding is sound and secure, pages clean, unmarked

Includes, What is DOS; about your DOS books and diskettes; copying your DOS diskettes; what system do you have, how to use one diskette drive, how to use two diskette drives; format your diskettes etc;

Files, Names, and Function Keys; Loading DOS; Using DOS Commands, helps and hints, Appendix - common Messages, common error messages, MORE mb12

Appr.: | AUD 7.69 CAD 7.50 EUR 5.44 GBP 3.93 JPY 600.00 MXN 75.00 ZAR 66.67 

Purchase direct from: Item number: C3104.
Order From Dealer
Microsoft Corp.  
Disk Operating System user's guide by Microsoft Corp. IBM Personal Computer Computing Language series
Publisher: Microsoft Corp., stated first edition 1983, version 2.10; form 1502344, Boca Raton Florida; approx. 84 pages, index, ill.
Very Good, tan cardstock covers, stapled binding softocver, white titles, light soiling and thumbing. Staples and binding are secure and tight, pages clean, unmarked

'The IBM Personal Computer Disk Operating System (DOS) Version 2.10 library . . . DOS User's Guide -- a procedural step-by-step guide about how to use the more frequently used DOS commands. The DOS user's guide helps you get started using DOS and do some simple DOS tasks. The book also contains a list of common DOS messgaes that you may get while using DOS...' (from the Preface)

'Because of the significant amount of function added, DOS version 2.00 and 2.10 are considerably larger than previous versions. We recommend a minimum memory size of 64K bytes for DOS Version 2.10 (128K bytes if you are using a fixed disk) (from the introduction)
Does not include diskettes; manual only

Appr.: | AUD 12.82 CAD 12.50 EUR 9.07 GBP 6.56 JPY 1,000.00 MXN 125.00 ZAR 111.11 

Purchase direct from: Item number: B163.
Order From Dealer
Moody, Glyn  
Rebel Code -- inside Linux and open source evolution
Publisher: Perseus Publishing, Cambridge MA 2001, stated first printing; 334 pages, Index.
Very Good+ hardcover in Very Good light blue illustrated dustjacket and clear acetate glassine jacket protector. Remainder mark along bottom textblock edge. Binding is sound, secure and square; pages are clean and unmarkedContents include - The coolest year; the New GNU thing; a Minor Rebellion; Factor X; patching upp; Root then Boot; Linus 2.0; Learning from Berkeley; the art of code; low-down in the Valley; free the Lizard; a foothold; Alliances and IPOs; open for business; Trolls versus Gnomes; Lies, damned lies, and benchmarks; Tomorrow's hothouse; Beyond the Market

Appr.: | AUD 6.41 CAD 6.25 EUR 4.53 GBP 3.28 JPY 500.00 MXN 62.50 ZAR 55.56 

Purchase direct from: Item number: M588.
Order From Dealer
Morgan, Rachel; Henry McGilton  
Introducing UNIX System V
Publisher: McGraw-Hill software series for computer professionals, 1987, 612 pages, index.
Very Good, 7x9 glossy coated cardstock covers, softcover, prev. owner's initials at upper spine and upper corner front cover and top textblock fore-edge; the binding is sound and secure, and pages are clean and unmarked

An alternate edition of the bestselling Introducing the Unix System, this easy-to-use reference guide contains detailed coverage of AT&T's new System V, including key concepts behind System V from how to log on, directory structure and file systems to the ideas of standard files and processes; Popular System V utilities, electronic mail, text editors, and document preparation tools; detailed discussion of the shell and software development tools... (from the rear cover)

Appr.: | AUD 7.69 CAD 7.50 EUR 5.44 GBP 3.93 JPY 600.00 MXN 75.00 ZAR 66.67 

Purchase direct from: Item number: B488.
Order From Dealer
PRAGMA's Product Profiles, 13 individual issues, May 1984 through May 1985, inclusive; news and information for Pick ope
Publisher: Published periodically by Semaphore Corporation, Aptos CA 1984-1985; each issue approximately 16 to 24 pages, advertisem.
Very Good overall, 13 individual issues, some thick enough to have stapled bindings, most with pages just inserted; paper covers, most with horizontal foldmarks at middle; mailing labels at lower cover or faint ghosts where labels have fallen off. Sound and tight, pages clean and unmarked

News and Information for Pick Operating System Users. Includes issues such as, Our 2nd Annual Hardware Survey; PICK Consultants Directory; Some Thourghts on Pick's Future; Pick's Best and Worst; Local Pick User Groups (including Colorado, California, Arizona, Texas, East Coast New Jersey etc); Do you Use or Sell Pick Manufacturing Software; A Look at ScreenPlay; Moving Files with Data-Bridge; Beyond the Power of Pick; Open Architecture is Coming; Directory of Pick Manufacturing Packages; Which is Standard; Our 3rd Annual Pick Hardware Survey; more'You could see PICK on 40 percent or 50 percent of the super micros that are sold in 1985... A typical super micro would be anything based on the Motorola 68000, with a multi-user operating system and substantial hard disk above the ten megabytes that you can stick on an XT, for instance...' (from the July 1984 issue)

Appr.: | AUD 57.69 CAD 56.25 EUR 40.80 GBP 29.51 JPY 4,500.00 MXN 562.50 ZAR 500.00 

Purchase direct from: Item number: M698.

Order From Dealer
Ron Mansfield.  
Using Microsoft Works. MacIntosh Version. 2nd Edition.

Publisher: Carmel, IN: QUE, 1989..
1st ed. paperback. 2nd Edition. MacIntosh Version. xxx, 480 pp. VG.

Appr.: | AUD 19.23 CAD 18.75 EUR 13.60 GBP 9.84 JPY 1,500.00 MXN 187.50 ZAR 166.67 

Purchase direct from: Albatross Books. Item number: 5628.
Order From Dealer
Sawey, Ronald; and Troy Stokes; DEC  
A Beginner's Guide to VAX/VMS Utilities & Applications, with instructional diskette 5.25 inch Digital Equipment Corp.
Publisher: Digital Press, 1989; 278 pages, index; some illus..
Good to very good overall, large thick softcover, lower corner crease, some scuffs; binding is sound and secure, pages clean and unmarked. Diskette in original cardboard sleeve; untested

Includes Sections such as, Fundamental VMS Operating System Commands -- logging in the VAX/VMS system, customizing your interactive session etc;
The EDT Screen Editor Program; The EVE Screen Editor Program; The DECspell Spelling Checker Program; The SCRIBE Text Formatting Program;

Micro to Mainframe Communication; Electronic communications Programs on the VAX; The DATATRIEVE Database Management Program;

The DECalc Spreadsheet Program; Some Notes on VAX BASIC; Appendices; bibliography, index

Front cover notes, LOGIN LOGOUT; EDT; EVE: DECspell; Scribe; Kermit; Phone; Mail; Bulletin; Bitnet; Datatrieve; DECalc; VAX BASIC

Appr.: | AUD 10.26 CAD 10.00 EUR 7.25 GBP 5.25 JPY 800.00 MXN 100.00 ZAR 88.89 

Purchase direct from: Item number: M956.
Order From Dealer
Shannon, Terry C  
Introduction to VAX/VMS -- DEC Digital Equipment Corporation
Publisher: Professional Press, Springhouse PA 1985; ISBN 096147291x; approximately 280 pages, some illustrations; each section indi.
Very Good overall, white comb-bound softcover, white and blue cardstock covers, some slight edgewear, lower corners of pages with some small creases. Rubberstamps on titlepage of technical library but no other library markings. BInding is tight and secure, pages are clean and unmarked'This handbook provides an introduction to Digital Equipment Corporation's VAX series of superminicomputers and the VMS operating system used on VAX hardware. Intended to supplement, not duplicate, documentation from DEC, the manual brings together in a single volume, information contained in numerous Digital reference manuals...' (from the Preface)Contents includes -- introduction - system hardware, VAX features, multiprocessing versus timesharing, software; programming languages high level and low level; other useful VAX/VMS software DSR, utilities etc;Getting Started - establishing communications with the VAX, local and remote log in etc; logging out, logging out displays; using a terminal; VT100 terminal; VT200 terminal, set up etc; special keys and their function; contorl key commands and functions; type-ahead buffer; digital command language; DCL command structure; moreFile Structure and Manipulation -- using defaults, file specifications etc; wildcarding; file manipulation, appending, copying, deleting, displaying, printing etc; working with directories and subdirectories; using symbols; logical names; moreThe User Environment -- your account; disk quota; user identification code; modifying the user envrironment, displaying terminal characteristics, modifying terminal characteristics, displaying hardware characteristics etc; Account Security, protection codes etc; password protection, moreCommand Procedures, error messages etc; Batch processing;The EDT Text EditorIntro. to Text Processing - DSR commands etcVAX Utilities and other useful Factilities - backup utility, disk to tape, restoring your files, error messages, recovery; VMS help; mail utility, creating distribution lists etc; phone utility, Sort etcAppendices include Program development; VAX/VMS security features (beware the password grabber...); Useful Tables, frequentily used DCL commands etc; For more information - DECUS, IDUS, DEC VAX/VMS Documentation, reference shelf volumes, task-oriented guides, more. Plus, a Glossary and an Index

Appr.: | AUD 25.64 CAD 25.00 EUR 18.13 GBP 13.11 JPY 2,000.00 MXN 250.00 ZAR 222.22 

Purchase direct from: Item number: M412.
Order From Dealer
Snyder, Gordon F., jr.  
Windows 95 essentials - Engineer's Toolkit - a first course in engineering, series
Publisher: Addison Wesley, CA 1996; 114 pages, index, diagrams.
Very Good, glossy coated cardstock covers, large thin softcover, binding is secure and pages clean and unmarkedIncludes Sections with multiple chapters in each -- From MS-DOS to Windows 95; Getting started with Windows 95; Managing Folders and Files; Configuring and Managing Windows 95; Windows 95 applications and Utilities; The Network Neighborhood (includes chapters also on setting up your modem and accessing the internet, sharing files and folders on a LAN etc)

Appr.: | AUD 5.13 CAD 5.00 EUR 3.63 GBP 2.62 JPY 400.00 MXN 50.00 ZAR 44.44 

Purchase direct from: Item number: CH3154.
Order From Dealer
Tsichritzis and Bernstein  
Operating Systems
Publisher: Computer Science and Applied Mathematics series; Academic Press, NY 1974, 298 pages, index, extensive Reference list ann.
Good to very good overall, black cloth hardcover titled in gilt, no dustjacket; hinges creaky, some scuffing; prev. owner's blindstamp on titlepage. The binding is sound overall, the pages clean

Sections include, Principles -- operating system functions and concepts; processes; Processor Allocation; Memory management; Virtuial memory;

Techniques -- !/O and Files; Protection; Design; Implementation; Examples of Systems -- the SUE system, the Venus operating system, etc; Data Structures; Computation structures; A Toy Operating system -- simulated hardware, etc. Annotated References

Appr.: | AUD 6.41 CAD 6.25 EUR 4.53 GBP 3.28 JPY 500.00 MXN 62.50 ZAR 55.56 

Purchase direct from: Item number: B344.
Order From Dealer
Woram, John  
The Windows 95 Registry A Survival Guide for Users
Publisher: MIS Press- Henry Holt Co. NY, 1996 first edition, 350 pp, Illustrations, Index.
Very Good or a bit better condition overall, 7x9 glossy coated cardstock covers, softcover, slight shelfwear; binding is tight, pages clean, unmarked

Introduction to the Windows 95 Registry -- An INI File Overview, The Rationale Behind the Registry, The Registry Editor Window;

The Windows 95 Registry Structure, Part I -- An HKEY CLASSES ROOT key; The Windows 95 Registry Structure, Part II-- HKCU HKEY CURRENT USER key, HKLM HKEY LOCAL MACHINE Key (SYSTEM.DAT), The Microsoft Software and SOFTWARE Subkeys, HKYU HKEY USERS (USER.DAT), HKCC HKEY CURRENT CONGFIG key (HKLM\Config\000x), HKDD HKEY DYN DATA key (system RAM);

The Registry Editor -- An HKEY Review, The Registry Files, Registry Editor Menu Details, Registry Editing Techniques, Registry Print Jobs, Variations in the Registry Structure, The Norton Registry Editor;

Customizing the Windows 95 Registry -- Custom Registry Editing Techniques, Attributes Flags, Customizing the Desktop, Icon Editing, Other Editing Techniques; Backup, Restore, & Compare -- Registry Backup Procedures, Registry Restore Proceedures, Registry Comparison Techniques;

Troubleshooting the Registry Registry Error Messages -- Edit Session Messages, Real-Mode Error Messages, Startup & Exit Error Messages, Other Error Messages

Appr.: | AUD 6.41 CAD 6.25 EUR 4.53 GBP 3.28 JPY 500.00 MXN 62.50 ZAR 55.56 

Purchase direct from: Item number: C3048.
Order From Dealer
Zarella, John  
Operating Systems concepts and principles
Publisher: Microcomputer Applications, Calif, 1979, later printing; 144 pages, Index, appendices, large Glossary of Operating Syste.
Very Good, appears unread; tan decorated cardstock covers, softcover; some lower corner creasing and a bit of wear at spine ends. Binding is tight and pages are clean, unmarkedSections include - operating system overview; tasks, processes and contexts; system services; system support; communication and synchronization; scheduling; resource and memory management; input and output; file systems; system security.First in 'an easy to read series of books that explains software concepts, techniques, and terminology, the Microprocessor Software Engineeirng Concepts Series'

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Zarrella, John  
Microprocessor Operating Systems, volume 1, volume 2, volume 3 (3 volume set)
Publisher: Microcomputer Applications, Calif, 1981 and 1982 and 1984; approximately 150 pages each volume, each Section paginated s.
Very Good black decorated cardstock covers, softcover; each volume appears unread, a bit of wear at spine ends and corners; volume I with chip on spine and slight crease at rear cover. Previous owner's name on top textblock fore-edges in felt-tip of vol 1 and 2 only, volume 3 no marks. Bindings are tight. Pages clean, unmarked

Every chapter is written by an industry leader involved in the development or implementation of the operating system. A complete chapter is dedicated to each operating system -- BLMX-80; iRMX 80/88; iRMX 86; MP/OS; RIO/CP; Rx; UNIX; VERSAdos; and ZRTS.

Volume 2 includes CP/M; CP/M-86; Idris; I/OS; MP/AOS; MULTIUSER OASIS; OASIS-I6; VRTX; and ZEUS operating systems

Volume III includes -- Concurrent CP/M; MS-DOS; MSP; PICK; polyFORTH; p-Systsem; RM/COS; SuperDOS; TurboDOS

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