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Category: All Categories: Computers and Internet: Computer Reference
60 items found.   List items by:   Author     Title     Publisher

Publisher: Publications International Lincolnwood, IL 1999.
Softcover Very Good with no dust jacket; Features reviews and ratings of products in every category on the market, including desktop and laptop computers, peripherals, programs, and other products, from a variety of manufacturers.; B&W Illustrations; 160 pages

Appr.: | AUD 10.50 CAD 10.34 EUR 7.08 GBP 6.03 JPY 800.00 MXN 133.33 ZAR 106.67 

Purchase direct from: Gibson's Books. Item number: 41646.
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1966 Spring Joint Computer Conference, AFIPS Conference Proceedings volume 28
Publisher: American Federation of Information Processing, Spartan Books washington, D.C. 1966; 475 pages, references, diagrams, pho.
Good+ overall, dark blue cloth hardcover with titles in silver on spine and cover. Ex-technical library remains of label on spine, some rubberstamps on endpages and pocket at rear; hinges shaken but binding is sound overall and pages are clean and unmarkedContents includes --COHERENT OPTICAL INFORMATION PROCESSING -- Computer Application of Electro-Optics (W J Poppelbaum); Basic theory of partial coherence (Parrent); The role of coherent optical systems in data processing (Cutrona); Requirements for Hologram Construction (Leith and Upatnieks); Application of coherent optical transducers to optical real-time information processing (anderson);TIME-SHARING -- Time sharing with an IBM System/360, model 67 (Gibson); A Data management system for time shared file processing using a cross-index file and self defining entries; An Analysis of Time-sharing computer systems using Markov models; An optimization model for time sharing;SIMULATION AND MODEL-BUILDING -- digital system for on-line studies of dynamical sysems; Simulation of logical decision networks of time-delay elements by means of a general purpose digital computer; Simulation of a Multiprocessor computer system (Katz); SMPS tool box for military communications staff;DIgital Simulation of Large Scale systems (Jacobson); DSL/90 a digital simulation program for continuous system modeling;PROCESSING LARGE FILES -- Techniques for replacing characters that are garbled on input (Carlson); ADAM - a generalized data management system; the Engineer-scientists and an information retrieval system;WAVEFORM PROCESSING - effects of quantization noise in digital filters (Gold and Rader); A Real-time computing system for LASA; high-speed convolution and correlation;PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES -- a computer program to translate machine language into Fortran (Sassaman); Techniques and advantages of using the formal compiler writing system FSL to implement a Formula ALGOL compiler; A proposal for a computer compiler (metze and Seshu)BUSINESS APPLICATIONS -- a business oriented time-sharing system; Never fail Audio response system; Application of computer based retrieval concepts to a marketing information dissemination system (Giatto);1966 CURRENT DEVELOPMENTS IN PERIPHERAL HARDWARE -- A new look in peripheral equipment design approach; A serial reader-punch with novel concepts (honeywell);The IBM 2560 multi-function card machine (Spurrier); A new development in the transmission, sorage and conversion of digital data (Burr, Rheinhold and Andres); IBM 2321 Data Cell Drive (Allan Shugart and Yang0hu Tang);ANALOG / HYBRID TECHNIQUES -- hybrid simulation of a helicopter; a time-shared hybrid simulation facility; Hybrid simulaton of a free piston engine;Hybrid Analog/Digital techniques for signal processing applications; moreCOMPUTER TECHNIQUES IN PATTERN RECOGNITION -- pattern recognition studies in biomedical sciences (Ledley et al); A Chess Mating Combinations Program (Baylor and Herbert A Simon); Multidimensional correla

Appr.: | AUD 85.30 CAD 83.98 EUR 57.52 GBP 49.02 JPY 6,500.00 MXN 1,083.33 ZAR 866.67 

Purchase direct from: Item number: M470.
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AFIPS American Federation Of Information Processing Societies  
1966 Fall Joint Computer Conference, AFIPS Conference Proceedings Volume 29
Publisher: American Federation of Information Processing societies, Spartan Books, washington d.c., 1966; 819 pages, references, do.
Very Good, dark blue cloth hardcover with titles in silver on spine and front cover; no dustjacket; light shelfwear, prev. owner's name on endpage. Binding is tight and secure, pages are clean and unmarked. Large thick heavy hardcover, oversized 9.5x11A Conversational System for Incremental Compilation and Execution in a Time-Sharing Environment (Ryan, Crandall, Medwedeff); Performance of a Monitor for a Real-Time Control System (Hoover, Eckhart); On-Line Debugging Techniques, a Survey (Evans, Darley)The SDS SIGMA 7, a Real-Time, Time-Sharing Computer (Mendelson, England); Technological Foundations and Future Directions of Large-Scale Integrated Electronics (Petritz); Effects of Large Arrays on Machine Organization and Hardware/software Tradeoffs (Hobbs); A Prospectus on Integrated Electronics and Computer Architecture (Flynn)The System/semiconductor Interface With Complex Integrated Circuits (Sander); A Look at Future Costs of Large Integrated Arrays (Noyce); A Multiprogrammed Teleprocessing System for Computer Typesetting (Nebel)Integrated Automation in Newspaper and Book Production (Perry, Jr.); A Special Purpose Computer for High-Speed Page Composition (Makris); Computerized Typesetting of Complex Scientific Material (Kuney, Lazorchak, Walcavich, Sherman); A Computer-Assisted Page Composing System (Kunkel)A General Method for Producing Random Variables in a Computer (Marsaglia); A Unified Approach to Deterministic and Random Errors in Hybrid Loops (Vidal); Hybrid Computer Solutions of Partial Differential Equations By Monte Carlo Methods (Little)Parameter Optimization by Random Search Using Hybrid Computer Techniques (Bekey, Cran, Sabineff, Wong);A Parametric Graphical Display Technique for on-Line Use (Dertouzos, Graham); A System for Time-Sharing Graphic Consoles (Kennedy)The Lincoln Wand (Roberts); Using a Graphic Data-Processing System to Design Artwork for Manufacturing Hybrid Integrated Circuits (Koford, Strickland, Sparzynski, Hubacher); Automated Logic Design Techniques Appiicabie to Integrated Circuit Technology (Waxman, McMahon, Crawford, DeAndrade)Cost Performance Analysis of Integrated-Circuit Core Memories (Moore); A 200-Nanosecond Thin Film Main Memory System (Meddaugh, Pearson); A Rotationally Switched Rod Memory With a 100-Nanosecond Cycle Time (Kaufman, Ellinger, Kuno); A 500-Nanosecond Main Computer Memory Utilizing Plated-Wire Elements (McCallister, Chong)A High-Speed Integrated Circuit Scratchpad Memory (Catt, Garth, Murray); Sonic Film Memory (Weinstein, Onyshkevych, Karstad, Shahbender); English for the Computer (Thompson); An Approach Toward Answering English Questions from Text (Simmons, Burger, Long); Deacon, Direct English Access and Control (Craig, Berezner, Carney, Longyear)Computer Assisted Interrogation (Meadow, Waugh); Some Problems in Data Communications Between the User and the Computer (Hittel); Communications Needs of the User for Management Information Systems (Dantine); Elementary Telephone Switching Theor

Appr.: | AUD 85.30 CAD 83.98 EUR 57.52 GBP 49.02 JPY 6,500.00 MXN 1,083.33 ZAR 866.67 

Purchase direct from: Item number: M471.
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AFIPS American Federation Of Information Processing Societies  
Fall Joint Computer Conference 1964 / AFIPS Conference Proceedings volume 26 part I
Publisher: Spartan Books, MD 1964, first edition; 745 pages, 9x12, photos, diagrams, index of authors.
Very Good overall, blue cloth hardcover with titles in silver, in Good+ dustjacket & clear protective dustjacket cover; jacket worn & chipped at tope edges & corners. Binding is sound, pages are clean & unmarked though a bit musty & stale-smelling. Sections include PROGRAMMING TECHNIQUES & SYSTEMS; EXPANSION OF FUNCTION MEMORIES; NEW COMPUTER ORGANIZATIONS; MANAGEMENT APPLICATIONS OF SIMULATION; DIGITAL SOFTWARE FOR ANALOG COMPUTATION; INPUT & OUTPUT OF GRAPHICS; MASS MEMORY; TIME-SHARING SYSTEMS; COMPUTATIONS IN SPACE PROGRAMS; HYBRID/ANALOG COMPUTATION - METHODS & TECHNIQUES; NON-NUMERICAL INFORMATION PROCESSING; HYBRID/ANALOG COMPUTATION - APPLICATIONS & HARDWARE; HARDWARE DESIGNS & DESIGN TECHNIQUES. Papers include CPSS a common programming support system (Boreta); Error Correction in CORC (Freeman); Compilation of natural language text into teaching machine programs (Uhr); XPOP meta-language (Halpern); A 10Mc NDRO BIAX Memory of 1024 word, 48 bit per word capacity (Pyle); Associative memory system implemenation & characteristics; Magnetic thin film memory; high speed ferrite memory system design & operation; associative processor; hardware integrated general purpose computer search memory; A bit-access computer in a communication system; Very high-speed & Serial-parallel computers HITAC 5020 & 5020E; IBM System 360 Engineering; Use of a portable analog computer for process identification, calculation & control; Progress of Hybrid computation at United Aircraft Research Laboratories; A Strobed Analog Data Digitizer with Paper Tape Output; The Time-Sharing Monitor System; JOSS a designer's view of an experimental on-line computing system; The Jet Propulsion Laboratory Ephemeris Tape System; JPTRAJ the new JPL Trajectory Monitor; Saturn V Launch Vehicle digital computer & data adaptor; 4102-S Space Track program; UNISIM simulation program for communications networks; HYTRAN software system to aid analog programmer; PACTOLUS digital analog simulator program for the IBM 1620; MIDAS how it works; RAND Tablet - a man-machine communications device (M R Davis); system for automatic recognition of handwritten words; Image Processing hardware for man-machine graphical communication system (Hargreaves); IBM Hypertape System; Random Access Memories, more. Includes separate 8-page Errata sheet laid-in loosely, Errata AFIPS volume 26, part I, with corrections for that volume's papers

Appr.: | AUD 85.30 CAD 83.98 EUR 57.52 GBP 49.02 JPY 6,500.00 MXN 1,083.33 ZAR 866.67 

Purchase direct from: Item number: C06264.
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AFIPS American Federation Of Information Processing Societies  
Fall Joint Computer Conference 1962 / AFIPS Conference Proceedings volume 22
Publisher: Spartan Books, MD 1962; 314 pages, 9x12, photos, diagrams, index; double-column text.
Very Good overall, green cloth hardcover stamped in silver titles on cover & spine; slight spine slant, shelfwear at spine ends, prev. owner's name rubberstamped lightly on endpage; binding is solid, pages clean & unmarkedConference theme on Computers in the Space Age.Includes -- Processing Satellite Weather Data, a Status Report, parts I & II (Bristor & Miller); Design of a Photo Interpretations Automaton (Holmes, Leland, Richmond); Experience with Hybrid Computation (King & Gelman); Data Handling at an AMR Tracking Station (Hoglund, Phipps, Block, Schnaith, Young); Information Processing for Interplanetary Exploration (Steel); EDP as a National Resource; Planning the 3600 (Casale); D825 -- A Multiple-Computer System for Command & Control (Anderson, Hoffman, Shifman, Williams); The Solomon Computer (Slotnick, Borck, McReynolds); The KDF.9 Computer System (Haley); A Common Language for Hardware, Software and Applications (Iverson); Intercommunicating Cells, Basis for a Distributed Logic Computer (Ball); On the Use of the Solomon Parallel-Processing Computer (Bollinger, Jeeves, McReynolds, Shaffer); Data Processing for Communication Network Monitoring & Control (Caplan); Design of ITT 525 'Vade' Real-Time Processor (Helman, Barrett, Hayum, F O Williams); On the Reduction of Turnaround Time (Bright, Cheydleur); Remote Operation of a Computer by High Speed Data Link (Baldwin & Snow); Standardization in Computers & Information Processing (Phillips, Utman); High-Speed Ferrite Memories (Amemiya, Lemaire, Pryor, Mayhew); Microaperture High-Speed Ferrite Memory (Shahbender, Nelson, Lochinger, Walentine); Magnetic Films - Revolution in Computer Memories (Chong); Hurry, hurry, hurry (Fedde, Campaigne); The Case for Cryotronics (Ittner); Cryotronics - problems & promises (Cohen); Some Experiments in the Generation of Word & Document Associations (Slaton); A Logic Design Translator (Gorman, Anderson); Comprotein - a Computer Program to Aid Primary protein structure determination (Ledley); Using Gifs in the Analysis & Design of Process Systems; Data Communications & Proc. sys. for cardiac analysis (Balkovic et al); Spacetracking man-made satellites & debris; Cluster Formation & Diagnostic Significance in Psychiatric; more

Appr.: | AUD 72.18 CAD 71.06 EUR 48.67 GBP 41.48 JPY 5,500.00 MXN 916.67 ZAR 733.33 

Purchase direct from: Item number: C3149.
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AFIPS American Federation of Information Processing Societies  
Fall Joint Computer Conference 1966 Summaries for Discussion Sessions
Publisher: AFIPS, San Francisco CA 1966; 35 pages, stapled wraps, 8.5x11.
Very Good, white stapled binding paper covers, toned and yellowing along outer margins, prev. owner's name rubberstamp at upper righthand corner front cover. stapled binding is secure, pages are clean and unmarkedOne to two-page summaries (outlines, paragraphs, key points) detailing the discussion sessions at the Fall Joint Computer Conference, November 8-10 1966, in san Francisco, CaliforniaContents include -- Summaries for Discussion Sessions 10, 13 and 21 --MANAGEMENT OF MULTI-ACCESS SYSTEMS --The Dimensions of Time Sharing (John W Well)MultiAccess Systems for Business Users (Charles W Adama)Management of a Commercial Time Shring System (T J O'Rourke, Tymshare Inc)The C-E-I-R Experience, management of multi-access system (L H Garbrick)ERROR ANALYSIS IN ANALOG AND HYBRID COMPUTATION --Interrelation of Error analysis, Sensitivity Analysis, and Parameter Identification (Hans F Meissinger)Automated Computing-Error Studies in Fast Hybrid Computation (Granino A Korn)Error Analysis of Hybrid Solutions of Partial Differential Equations (Walter J Karplus)Error Analysis of Hybrid Computer Loops (Elmer G Gilbert)Spectral Analysis of Hybrid Subroutines (M C Gilliland)THe Analysis of Errors due to Sampling Rate Variation (George A Bekey)COMPUTER-ORIENTED DATA ANALYSIS --Personal Position Regarding Display-Computer Working Aids (Douglas C Engelbart)Computer-Oriented Data Analysis (Hreman P Friedman)On-Line Pattern Recognition using a Man-Computer Display Facillity (David Hall)A Data Analysis System for Biological Research (Dan Keehn and Peter Lockemann)Automatic Off-Line Multivariate Data Analysis (George S Sebestyen)Data Analysis and Statistics (J W Tukey and M B Wilk, Bell Telephone Laboratories)Especially interesting is Englebart's summary, which makes these prediction points --'real-time computer aids -- I am convinced that within a decade (from the perspective of 1966) aids of this type will be an integral part of their working life for a large fraction of the symbol-pushing workers in our country.. By the end of this period, a significant fraction of these workers will be doing essentially all of their daily work in this fashion.. Within a decade after that, this kind ofaid, evolved to provide power of kinds we now can only barely sense, will represent the standard full-time working environment for essentially everyone who handles symbols in a significant part of his work.. And just as today, anyone who needs to be geographically mobile, as a significant feature of his work.. so will our person of the future, to whom mobility in symbol space is significant, be equipped with 'symbol-auto-mobile aids' and our society will be even more profoundly affected by this..'

Appr.: | AUD 45.93 CAD 45.22 EUR 30.97 GBP 26.40 JPY 3,500.00 MXN 583.33 ZAR 466.67 

Purchase direct from: Item number: M456.
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AFIPS conference proceedings  
Computers, Their Impact on Society; AFIPS volume 27, part 2, 1965 Fall Joint Computer Conference
Publisher: Thompson Book Co and Academic Press, Wash., D.C., 1967; 181 pages, double-column text, errata.
Very Good overall, large black hardcover, titles on spine in white; binding is sound and secure, a few intermittent light pencil underlines in one paper presented

Includes, The Mighty Man-Computer Team; The Computer and our Changing Society; Computers and Education; Impacts of Computers on Retailing; Role of Computers in Space Exploration; Impact of computers on the government; Communications, computers and people; and more

anel Discussion records include, The computer industry in the buyer's market (Ricca, Eckert, Gallagher et al); The overseas computer market; The Future of Electromechanical mass storage (Farrand, Franklin, et al); promising avenues for computer research;

also some information on MATHLAB, interactive machine-language programming, and more

Appr.: | AUD 19.69 CAD 19.38 EUR 13.27 GBP 11.31 JPY 1,500.00 MXN 250.00 ZAR 200.00 

Purchase direct from: Item number: B456.
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Aiken, Howard et al  
Proceedings of a symposium on large-scale digital calculating machinery, Volume XVI in the Annals of the Computation Lab
Publisher: Harvard University Press, Cambridge MA 1948; 302 pages plus prelims, photographs.
Very Good overall, dark blue cloth hardcover, gilt title on spine, rubbed and dulled; slight spine lean; some shelfwear; binding sound, pages toned with age but clean and unmarked, hinge a bit weakened.

Proceedings. Jointly sponsored by the Navy Department Bureau of Ordnance and Harvard University at the Computation Laboratory, 7-10 January 1947. Volume XVI in the Annals of the Computation Laboratory of Harvard University. The first meeting of computer professionals. Eight Sessions included Opening Addresses, a tour of the new Computation Laboratory, Harvard's Mark I and Mark II calculating machines; Existing Calculating Machines;

the Logic of Large-Scale Calculating Machinery; Storage Devices Numerical Methods and Suggested Problems for Solution; Sequencing, Coding, and Problem Preparation; Input and Output Devices; Conclusions and open discussion.

'Over three hundred people attended the conference, including Alan Turing, Edmund Berkeley, Grace Hopper, Wallace Eckert, Jay Forrester, John Mauchly, Herman Goldstine, George Stibitz, and Norbert Wiener' Origins of Cyberspace 414

Appr.: | AUD 1,049.87 CAD 1,033.59 EUR 707.96 GBP 603.32 JPY 80,000.00 MXN 13,333.33 ZAR 10,666.67 

Purchase direct from: Item number: C810965.

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Altr, Franz, editor  
Advances in Computers, Volume 1, volume one
Publisher: Academic Press, NY 1960 first edition; 316 pages, Index, references at ends of papers.
Very Good, red cloth hardcover, in Good+ or a bit better dark green/blue dustjacket, jacket with small teasts and some small paper loss along top spine end and chipping at bottom. Hardcover, stamped titles on spine in gilt and black. Corporate rubberstamp on endpages, with gummy remains of private label on rear pastedown. The binding is strong and secure, and the pages are clean and unmarked

'The new series, Advances in Computers, of which this is the first volume, is intended to occupy a position intermediate between a technical journal and a collection of handbooks or monographs..The Advances will bring together articles about diverse aspects of the design of electronic computing systems and their components, about methods of machine programming and numerical analysis, and about computer applications to scientific and engineering problems, to business management & data processing..' (from the editor's Preface).

CONTENTS -- (note, each presented SECTION has numerous subchapters not noted here) --
GENERAL-PURPOSE PROGRAMMING FOR BUSINESS APPLICATIONS (Calvin Gotlieb) - Programming systems; data processing problems; definitions & notation; file organization & maintenance; some particular systems; programming & hardware; References;

NUMERICAL WEATHER PREDICTION (Norman Phillips) -- the magnitude of the problem; the initial data; the physical equations; computational techniques; results of numerical predictions; References;

THE PRESENT STATUS OF AUTOMATIC TRANSLATION OF LANGUAGES (Yehoshua Bar-Hillel) -- aims & methods, survey & critique; critical survey of the achievements of the particular MT research groups; conclusion; Remark on Bibliography; appendices;

PROGRAMMING COMPUTERS TO PLAY GAMES (Arthur Samuel) - intro; historical background; chess-playing machines; checkers (or draughts); other games; a look into the future; References;

MACHINE RECOGNITION OF SPOKEN WORDS (Richard Fatenchand) - Intro; The Speech process; machine recognition of elementary speech sounds; contemporar speech recognition machines;

BINARY ARITHMETIC (George Reitweisner) - number representation, scaling, residues, addition & subtraction, shifting, square rooting, rounding, multiple-precision considerations, more

Appr.: | AUD 59.06 CAD 58.14 EUR 39.82 GBP 33.94 JPY 4,500.00 MXN 750.00 ZAR 600.00 

Purchase direct from: Item number: C3143.
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Archibald, Raymond Clare et al; MTAC  
Mathematical Tables and Other Aids to Computation, volume III 1949 entire year 4 indiv issues January, April, July, Oct
Publisher: MTAC, The National Research Council, 1949, 4 individual issues, entire year, pp. 333 - 596 inclusive, diagrams, referenc.
Very Good, each issue original light-green paper wraps, stapled bindings, some fading at extremities, prev. owner's name rubberstamp along top front cover, some smudges and shelfwear; stapled bindings are tight and secure, pages are clean, unmarked

A Quarterly Journal edited on behalf of the Committee on Mathematical Tables and Other Aids to Computation

Includes, Coding of a Laplace Boundary Value Problem for the UNIVAC; A Method of Plotting on Standard IBM Equipment; Automatic Computing Mahchinery, bibliographies, notes; reviews and summaries of important early reports including, Bigelow et al, Interim Progress Report on the Physical REalization of an Electronic Computing Instrument; also, Progress Report on the EDVAC; summaries of the Lectures delivered at the Moore School of Electrical Engineering, and more;

The California Institute of Technology Electric Analogue Computer (October 1949); The Solution of Simultaneous Linear Equations with the Aid of the IBM 602 Calculating Punch (July 1949); much more

Appr.: | AUD 1,181.10 CAD 1,162.79 EUR 796.46 GBP 678.73 JPY 90,000.00 MXN 15,000.00 ZAR 12,000.00 

Purchase direct from: Item number: M883.
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Birnes, William, editor  
Personal Computer Programming Encyclopedia, Languages and Operating Systems (McGraw-Hill), second edition
Publisher: McGraw-Hill NY 1985, 1989; 752 pages, index, double-column text, diagrams.
Very Good or a bit better, oversized large thick hardcover with glossy red and yellow decorated covers. Light shelfwear. The binding is square, secure and tight; pages are clean, unmarked

Includes -- Program Design and Architecture; Principles of effective Programming;Special Applications Software -- integrated software; Local area networks from a user's perspective; education computing and computer programming; Microcomputers in Libraries; Microcomputer Graphics; Electronic and Desktop Publishing; Games and Entertainment; Microcomputer applications in Music; Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems; Neural Networks; Robotics;Microprocessor Basics -- directory of microprocessors, including Intel; Zilog; National Semiconductor; Motorola; MOS Technology 6502; Texas Instrucments; Motorola 68000; the Supermicros; etcHigh-Level Programming Languages -- Ada, Algol, APL; Basic and variations, including Applesoft Basic; C Language; Cobol; Forth; Fortran; LISP; Logo; Modula-2; Pascal; PL/I; Prolog; RPG; Smalltalk; SNOBOL etc. Software Command Languages (Paradox; dBASE II, Visicalc, Lotus 1-2-3, Hypercard, etc); Operating Systems Directory -- UNIX; MS-DOS; PC-DOS; Commodore DOS; OS 2; XENIX; CP/M; Macintosh Operating System, more;Microcomputer SYstems HardwareMajor PC Products -- Markets and Specifications, including TRS-80 I and III; II and 12; Model 4; CP/M computers; IBM PC and compatibles; COmmodore Pet; VIC-20 etc; TRS-80 color computer; Apple II family; Apple Macintosh;Glossary of computing and programming terminology; Bibliography, moreAn encyclopedia with sections on the history of each subject. Great reference for anyone interested in the state-of-the-art personal computers and programming in the early to mid-1980s

Appr.: | AUD 19.69 CAD 19.38 EUR 13.27 GBP 11.31 JPY 1,500.00 MXN 250.00 ZAR 200.00 

Purchase direct from: Item number: M680.

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Buxton, H. W.  
Memoir of the Life and Labours of the Late Charles Babbage ESQ F.R.S.; Volume 13 CBI history of computing reprint series
Publisher: Charles Babbage Institute, 1988; 401 pages, illustrations, notes, index.
Near Fine maroon hardcover, title on spine and front cover in gilt, slight scuff on rear cover. The binding is square and tight, the pages are clean and unmarked. Appear unread

Out-of-print volume of the Charles Babbage Institute reprint series in the history of computing.
Volume 13. Memoir of the Life and Labours of the Late Charles Babbage ESQ F.R.S. by H. W. Buxton; introduction by Anthony Hyman. ISBN 0-262-02269-9

Appr.: | AUD 59.06 CAD 58.14 EUR 39.82 GBP 33.94 JPY 4,500.00 MXN 750.00 ZAR 600.00 

Purchase direct from: Item number: B567.
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Campbell-Kelly, Martin and Michael R. Williams, editors  
The Moore School Lectures, volume 9 of the Charles Babbage Institute Reprint Series for the History of Computing
Publisher: MIT Press, CBI, 1985, 568 pages, illustrations, bibliography.
Very Good or a bit better condition; maroon cloth hardcover with titles in gilt on cover and spine; appears unread

The Moore School Lectures -- theory and techniques for design of electronic digital computers -- This volume is an edited republication of the lectures notes that resulted from a special course entitled, Theory and Techniques for Design of Electronic Digital Computers, held at the Moore Shcool of Electrical Engineering of the University of Pennsylvania during July and August 1946.. To people active in the history of computing these rare volumes have long been known simply as the Moore School Lectures..

Out-of-print. Includes, 1947 lectures by George Stibitz; Irven Travis -- the history of computing devices; John W. Mauchly -- digital and analog computing machines; Herman H. Goldstine -- numerical methods (summaries only); Arthur W. Burks -- Digital machine functions; J P Eckert, jr. -- A preview of a digital computing machine

1947 lectures include, Howard H. Aiken -- the Automatic Sequence Controlled Calculator; T K Sharpless -- Switching and coupling circuits; Hans Rademacher -- on the accumulation of errors in numerical integration on the ENIAC; 1948 lectures include, J W Mauchly -- Machine design and instruction codes; Calvin N. Mooers -- Examples of a three-address code and the use of Stop Order Tags; as well as the Section entitled, The ENIAC Interlude -- unrecorded lectures by the Moore School Staff, August 15-21 1046 and more

Appr.: | AUD 65.62 CAD 64.60 EUR 44.25 GBP 37.71 JPY 5,000.00 MXN 833.33 ZAR 666.67 

Purchase direct from: Item number: B544.
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Chirlian, Paul M.  
Understanding Computers
Publisher: dilithium Press, OR, 1978, 193 pgs, Illustrations, Exercises.
Condition -- Very Good overall, blue & green cardstock covers, softcover; previous owner's name etc. on endpage; some edgewear, scuffing & rubs to covers; binding tight, pages clean & unmarkedIntro -- The Computer & the Things That Can Be Done With It, The Basic Ideas of Digital Computers - The Components of a Digital Computer, Computer Construction - Microprocessors;Number Systems -- The Basic Ideas of Number Systems, Changing From One Base to Another, Some Elementary Binary Arithmetic;Basic Computer Elements -- Logical Notation, Gates, Interconnection of Gates to Obtain Other Gates, The Adder, The Muliplexer, Flip-Flops, Clocking, Registers, Counters, Sequence Detectors & Sequence Generators;Memories -- Semiconductor Memories, Paralleling of Memory Devices, Magnetic RAMs, Read Only Memories-ROMs, Tape, Disk, & Drum Memories, Codes;Basic Digital Computation -- The Basic Arithmetic Logic Unit, Modular Arithmetic, 2's Complement Arithmetic, Multiplication & Division, Floating Point Numbers, The Arithmetic Logic Unit- ALU;The Digital Computer - The General Organization of a Digital Computer, Memory Commands - Information Transmission, Entering & Execution of Instructions, The Complete Digital Computer, Machine Language Programming, Assembler Language, Loaders, Higher Level Languages;Computer Applications -- Comparison of Computers, Things That Can Be Done with a Computer;Available Small Computers -- Microprocessors, Complete Small Computers, Peripherals

Appr.: | AUD 7.87 CAD 7.75 EUR 5.31 GBP 4.52 JPY 600.00 MXN 100.00 ZAR 80.00 

Purchase direct from: Item number: C3289.
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Computer Consultants Ltd  
The European Computer Survey 1969/70 1969 1970
Publisher: Pergamon Press, London 1969; approximately 250 pages, each Section paginated separately; tables, charts. Pergamon comput.
Very Good dark green hardcover, title in gilt on spine and cover. Binding is sound and secure, pages clean and unmarked

The Sixth edition of this Computer Survey, which lists manufacturers and installations of computers in Europe, including prices etc.

Contents -- Introduction; List of and Short Notes on 1969 - 1970 European Digital Computers

Names and Address of Computer Manufacturers and selling organisations concerned with computers used in Europe

Table of Computer installations by number, import value and home built value in sixteen European countries, August 1969

European manufacturing locations, if any, of the computers mentioned in the Survey

List of Computer installations by name of user, up to August 1969, for Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Holland, Irish Republic, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland

General and statistical information giving details of currency, estimated total national income, main improts and exports, population, employment, etc, for countries concernedTalbe of individual countries' export of current computersEstimate for future yearly installations for each country by price group in 1972Grand Summary of Installations, showing number installed, home built and import value, number on order, home built and import value; total population, working population and number of people capable of being helped by a computer

Appr.: | AUD 59.06 CAD 58.14 EUR 39.82 GBP 33.94 JPY 4,500.00 MXN 750.00 ZAR 600.00 

Purchase direct from: Item number: M567.

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Cuadra, Carlos, editor  
Annual Review of Information Science and Technology volume 2
Publisher: Britannica, John Wiley & Sons, NY 1967, reprinted 1970; 484 pages, references at ends of articles.
Very Good hardcover in Very Good dustjacket and clear acetate glassine jacket protector. Binding is sound and secure, pages are clean and unmarked. A nice copy of thisSecond in a series of Annual reviews of progress in the field of Information Science and Technology; attempts to describe, compare, and evaluate the most significant work in the field during the previous year Includes -- Information Needs and Uses in Science and Technology (Herner); Design of Information Systems and Services (Borko); Evaluatoin of Information Systems and Services (Rees); Content Analysis, Specification, and Control (Sharp); File Organization and Data Management (Minker and Sable); Automated Language processing (Bobrow, Fraser and Quillian); Hardware Developments and Product Announcements (van Dam and Michener); Man-machine Communication and Problem Solving (Mills); Automation in Libraries and Information Centers (Markuson); Handling Chemical Compouns in Information Systems (Tate); APplications in Medicine (Spring); Techniques for Publication and Distribution of Information (American Institute of Physics Staff); National Information Issues and Trends (Hammer); Professional Aspects of Information Science and Technology (Harvey)Index; Key to periodical literature

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Davies, Russ  
Compute!'s Mapping the IBM PC and PCjr
Publisher: Compute Book Publications, NC 1985, 330 pages plus index, appendices, diagrams.
Very Good or a bit better, 6x9, glossy illustrated cardstock covers, softcover, slight lower cover bend and upper corner crease; binding is secure and tight, appears unread; pages clean and unmarked

'The comprehensive memory and reference guide for the IBM PC and PCjr. Includes programing tips and techniques, examples, and detailed explanations

Includes well-documented program examples; handy cross-references to IBM documentation; indepth discussions of the keyboard, video and sound; comprehensive memory and port maps; an interrupt and function guide; comparisons of the various versions of DOS and BASIC; a complete list of BASIC tokens, including disk commands and functions; and MORE

Appr.: | AUD 6.56 CAD 6.46 EUR 4.42 GBP 3.77 JPY 500.00 MXN 83.33 ZAR 66.67 

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Digital / DEC  
Small Computer Handbook / Digitial / DEC 1970 / PDP-8
Publisher: Digital Equipment Corporation 1967, 1969; 1970 edition; 404 pages, illust. diagrams.
Very Good, 5.5x8 white cardstock covers, softcover, with small photos decorating cover; crease and bump with small tear at heel of spine, overall light shelfwear and smudges. Binding is tight, pages clean & unmarked, tho browning with age & paper acidity. Sections on System introduction, major registers & memory, processor states, timing & control elements etc; Standard System Operation; Memory and Processor basic programming; Memory and Processor Instructions; Data Break; Computer Internal Options, MC8/I and MC8/L; Input/Output equipment instructions, teletype and control, model ASR 33 teletype, Type PR8/I PR8/L high speed perforated tape reader and control, etc; card readerl CRT displays; magnetic tape options, DECtape etc; analog to digital and digital to analog systems; Communications Subsystems, modem interface, etc; Programmed Data Transfers; Data Break Transfers; Digital Logic Circuits; Interface, interface design, hardware details, wiring hints etc; Installation and Planning, system configurations etc; Appendices. Timeshared-8 small computers, with photographs etc. Additional pictures at ; ; ;

Appr.: | AUD 72.18 CAD 71.06 EUR 48.67 GBP 41.48 JPY 5,500.00 MXN 916.67 ZAR 733.33 

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Dirksen, A J  
Publisher: Tab Books, PA 1978 (orig in Dutch), first edition in English 1982; 231 pages, index; double-column text, diagrams throug.
Very Good, black textured hardcover titles in red on cover and spine; prev. owner's blindstamp on prelim. pages and rear pages; the binding is sound and secure, pages clean, unmarked (note, the scan of the cover shows green, but the cover is actually black in color)

What microcomputers are, and how to put them to productive use. Includes, Circuitry in a computer; Main memory; Hardware TK80; Flowcharts, Sample Programs; System software, development systems, Peripheral equipment, I/O interfacing, and MORE

Appr.: | AUD 6.56 CAD 6.46 EUR 4.42 GBP 3.77 JPY 500.00 MXN 83.33 ZAR 66.67 

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Eckert, W J; new introduction by J C McPherson  
Punched Card Methods in Scientific Computation, volume 5 in the Charles Babbage Institute Reprint Series for the History
Publisher: ISBN 0-262-05030-7; 160 pages, illustrations, volume 5 in the Charles Babbage Institute Reprint Series History of Comput.
Near Fine, maroon cloth hardcover with titles in gilt on cover and spine

volume 5 in the Charles Babbage Institute Reprint Series for the History of Computing. CBI reprint series, out of print. Published in 1940, covers nearly a decade of work by W. J. Eckert on astronomical calculations by machine processes. Based on firsthand experience, it describes a gamut of large calculations that could best be carried out by machines able to process numbers in machine-readable form. These calculations include the construction of mathematical tables, the numerical integration of differential equations, numerical harmonic analysis and synthesis, and the solution of simultaneous equations.

Eckert's pioneering work on astronomical calculations followed the first use of punched card machines in the late 1920s by L J Comrie in England.. (from the Introduction) mb3

Appr.: | AUD 59.06 CAD 58.14 EUR 39.82 GBP 33.94 JPY 4,500.00 MXN 750.00 ZAR 600.00 

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Freiberger, Paul and Michael Swain  
Fire in the Valley - the making of the personal computer; first edition 1984
Publisher: Osborne/McGraw-Hill, 1984, isbn 0881341215, 288 pages, black and white photographs, index.
Good oversized but thin softcover, well-thumbed, binding is sound and pages clean. Prev. owner's institutional rubberstamps on endpages

In the early 1970s the personal computer was just a wild dream shared by a small group of computer enthusiasts in an area south of San Francisco now called Silicon Valley.. (from the rear cover)

NOTE that this is the first edition; later expanded edition was about 3 times the thickness, published in 2000

Includes, The voyage to Altair, miracle makers, Homebrew, software factor, retailing the revolution, big companies, and MORE mb9

Appr.: | AUD 13.12 CAD 12.92 EUR 8.85 GBP 7.54 JPY 1,000.00 MXN 166.67 ZAR 133.33 

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Frischer, Bernard, ed.  
Papers of the UCLA Conference on Classics and Computing

Publisher: Los Angeles, CA, Favonius/ U California, 1987.
ii, 110 p., 21.5 cm. Ten papers from the UCLA Conference of July, 1986. A suulementary volume of the journal Favonius. Stock# 35,436. Vg/ paper.

Appr.: | AUD 19.69 CAD 19.38 EUR 13.27 GBP 11.31 JPY 1,500.00 MXN 250.00 ZAR 200.00 

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Goldstine, Herman H  
The Computer From Pascal to von Neumann
Publisher: Princeton University Press, NJ 1972, first edition; 378 pages, Index, Appendices, Photographs.
Very Good- hardcover in Good+ dustjacket & clear cover; front right corner bumped; dj priceclipped, wear to extremities, closed & creased 1 inch tear along front bottom, 2 inch closed tear at dj front top. Internal pages clean & unmarked, binding is sound

THE HISTORICAL BACKGROUND UP TO WORLD WAR II -- beginnings; Charles Babbage & his Analytical Engine; The Astronomical Ephemeris; The Universities - Maxwell & Boole; Integrators & Planimeters; Michelson, Fourier Coefficients & the Gibbs Phenomenon; Boolean Algebra - x(squared) = xx = x; Billings, Hollerith & The Census; Ballistics & the Rise of the Great Mathematicians; Bush's Differential Analyzer & Other Analog Devices; Adaptation to Scientific Needs; Renascence & Triumph of Digital Means of Computation;

WARTIME DEVELOPMENTS -- ENIAC and EDVAC -- Electronic Efforts prior to the ENIAC; The Ballistic Research Laboratory; Differences Between Analog & Digital Machines; Beginnings of the ENIAC; The ENIAC as a Mathematical Instrument; John von Neumann & the Computer; Beyond the ENIAC; The Structure of the EDVAC; The Spread of Ideas; First Calculations on the ENIAC;

POST-WORLD WAR II -- THE VON NEUMANN MACHINE & THE INSTITUTE FOR ADVANCED STUDY -- Post-EDVAC Days; The Institute for Advanced Study Computer; Automata Theory and Logic Machines; Numerical Mathematics; Numerical Meteorology; Engineering Activities and Achievements; The Computer and UNESCO; The Early Industrial Scene; Programming Languages; Conclusions; Appendix -- World-Wide Developments

Appr.: | AUD 32.81 CAD 32.30 EUR 22.12 GBP 18.85 JPY 2,500.00 MXN 416.67 ZAR 333.33 

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Gotlieb, C.C. and A. Borodin  
Social Issues in Computing

Publisher: Academic Press New York 1973.
Very Good- with no dust jacket Hardcover 284 Black boards. Light bumping to the head and tail of the spine and on the tips of the corners. Gilt lettering on the spine and front board is still gold in color and a little shiny - as is the violet foil design. Some soiling/spotting over t he boards from handling and some light scuffing. Previous owner's name, date and book's original price written on the FFEP in blue ink. With the exception of some underlining in one place, the pages are clean, white and crisp. No dj.

Appr.: | AUD 13.12 CAD 12.92 EUR 8.85 GBP 7.54 JPY 1,000.00 MXN 166.67 ZAR 133.33 

Purchase direct from: Crossroad Books. Item number: 6654.
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Gutterman, Milton; and Roert Hollitch, editors  
Computer Applications 1962, proceedings of the 1962 Computer Applications Symposium
Publisher: Spartan Books, Baltimore MD 1964 stated first printing; 224 pages, some diagrams, references at ends of papers.
Very Good, orange-brown cloth hardcover, no dustjacket; slight corner bumps and wear, light wear at spine ends. Ex-government technical library rubberstamps on pastedown and titlepage, small numerals at lower spine. Binding is sound and secure, pages clean

'The previous trends toward faster operation, larger memory capacity, and smaller physical size have continued. Methods for assisting in the areas of problem definition and of man-computer communication continue to be developed..' (from the Preface)Includes --Business and Management Applications -- real-time control of traffic flow (Edie); Automatic Scanning of cardiovascular data utilizing FOSDIC (Cosma and Pipberger); Midwest Stock Exchange; Computers and the Law (Lawlor); Electronic Processing of Taxpayer Returns (Barnes); ETCEngineering and Scientific Applications -- Hybrid computation in space flight simulation (Reich); Particle-in-cell fluid dynamics on the IBM Stretch machine (Butler); Data Processing Standards (Clippinger); AN International Movement in Programming Languages (Bemer); ETC

Appr.: | AUD 13.12 CAD 12.92 EUR 8.85 GBP 7.54 JPY 1,000.00 MXN 166.67 ZAR 133.33 

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Hall, Gayle; Janet Wixson, et al; editors  
Computer Measurement and Evaluation, selected papers from the SHARE Project, volumes I & II; Oct 1967-71, Nov 71-Dec 73
Publisher: SHARE, Inc, basic systems division, NY 1973; 485 pages and 829 pages, tables, etc.
HEAVY TWO-VOLUME SET, additional shipping charges may apply, please inquire if you have questions about shipping large heavy items to your location

Very Good or better, each large oversized volume, yellow and yellow-orange cardstock covers titled in black on cover and spine; prev. owner's name inked out on upper corner of vol. I; the bindings are sound and secure, the pages are clean and unmarked

Selected Papers from the SHARE Project -- Volume I Oct. 1967 - Oct. 1971; Volume II Nov. 1967 - Dec. 1973
Sample articles and newsletter entries, include SMF Quirks number 5, June 1970; Accounting drivers as prediction tools (Coggern, 1970); AMAP - advanced Multiprogramming Analysis procedure, T E Bell, 1969; Boole and Babbage's PPE for System Tuning, T E Bell, 1969; Software Monitors from SLAC, 1969;

AMAP Documentation, 1970; New Version of PROGLOOK (Johnson, 1970); Simon Frazer Computing Center Measurement (Stroppa, 1971); Summary of Boole and Babbage Study (H Topol, 1971); Survey of Measurement performed at the Stanford Computation Center (Michael, 1971); Study of OS/360 MVT System's CPU Timing (Zunich, 1970);

RAND Performance Experiments (1970); Feature Guide (1970); Core Storage on the 360/65 and the installation of AMPEX Extended Core memory (ECM) *Cogger and Haas, 1970); Disk storage facility simulation results (Wright, 1971);

Hardware Measurement - past, present and future; Display Active Monitor and Analyzer (Gaffney); Alternate method of attaching hardware monitor to a host computer; University of Toronto Computer Centre (Milandre); Hardware monitoring using a mini-computer (Boniface);

Bibliography of IBM Publications useful for hardware monitoring of the 370/65 (Copp); Video Graphics performance evaluation before and after implementation (Bell); Modelling the performance of the OS/TSO Time Sharing Option (TSO) (Lassattre and Scherrr); Proceedings of SHARE; much more M1

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Hemmerle, William J.  
Statistical Computations on a Digital Computer

Publisher: Blaisdell Publishing Company Waltham, MA 1969.
Good+ with no dust jacket Hardcover 230 Black cloth boards. Light bumping and rubbing to the head and tail of the spine. Just enough rubbing to the corners to take the color off of the tips. Green foil lettering on the spine and trim on the front board is bright and shiny. Pages are clean, white and crisp. No dj.

Appr.: | AUD 19.69 CAD 19.38 EUR 13.27 GBP 11.31 JPY 1,500.00 MXN 250.00 ZAR 200.00 

Purchase direct from: Crossroad Books. Item number: 6579.
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Hillis, Daniel  
Publisher: Basic Books NY 1998; 164 pages, index, bibliography, Illustrations.
Good+ hardcover, no dj; exlib stamps along fore-edge, tape removed, stamps internally. Pages clean & sound. Contents include Magic in the Stone; Nuts and Bolts; Universal Building Blocks; Programming; How Universal Are Turing Machines; Algorithms and Heuristics; Memory -- Information and Secret Codes; Speed -- Parallel Computers; Computers That Learn and Adapt; Beyond Engineering. Introduction for the intelligent layman about boolean logic, finite state machines, fitness landscapes, turing machines, quantum computing, parallelism, modularity, compression algorithms, etc. 'One of the greatest joys in computer programming is discovering a new, faster more efficient algorithm for doing something.. Since a bad algorithm can take weeks to solve a problem that a good algorithm can solve in minutes, the classical form of algorithmic one-upmanship is to write a new program and compute the right answer while your colleague's inferior program is still running..' 'The control instructions determine the address of the next instruction to be fetched; this address is stored in a special register called the program counter..' / additional pictures available at /

Appr.: | AUD 9.19 CAD 9.04 EUR 6.19 GBP 5.28 JPY 700.00 MXN 116.67 ZAR 93.33 

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Hockey, Susan  
A Guide To Computer Applications In The Humanities

Publisher: Baltimore, Johns Hokins, 1980.
248 p., 23 cm. When the Owl bought this new in 1981, computers were large machines with complex rituals required to get them to work. The machines were available on academic campuse, but there were no home computers and no internet. This book explains some of the tasks that could be accomphlished on a mainframe and some of the ritual required. Stock# 33,109. Vg/ paperback

Appr.: | AUD 9.84 CAD 9.69 EUR 6.64 GBP 5.66 JPY 750.00 MXN 125.00 ZAR 100.00 

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Hohenstein, C Louis  
Computer Peripherals for Minicomputers, Microprocessors and Personal Computers photos
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Book Co NY 1983; 312 pages, Index, photographs of old equipment throughout.
Good+ to Very Good, silvercolored paper-over-boards; Hardcover in Very Good dustjacket and clear acetate glassine jacket protector. Some jacket rubbing & small edgewear, prev. owner's mark along all textblock fore-edges. Binding is sound, pages clean. Includes Computer Peripherals; Character Printers dotmatrix etc; Cathode ray tubes and Video Displays, raster-scan video display, character generation & display etc; Video graphics; Light-pen etc; adapting tv receivers for use as video monitors; Graphics Plotters; Audio output, speech and music, synthesizers etc; Input Peripherals -- keyboards; position digitizers, joysticks, trackballs; Optical readers, bar-code, optical character recognition OCR; Speech recognition; Memory Peripherals -- magnetic tape; magentic disk memory; solid-state memory; readers and punches for paper tape and cards; Data Transmission, Remote terminals and interfaces -- Modems; computer control systems, analog-to-digital converters, digital-to-analog converters; The computer terminal -- classification by information display & presentation type; classification by user-computer interaction; classification by purpose; more;Connecting and Interfacing peripherals, bit-serial and bit-parallel; MORE. Great photographs and information on vintage computing equipment. Additonal pictures available

Appr.: | AUD 21.65 CAD 21.32 EUR 14.60 GBP 12.44 JPY 1,650.00 MXN 275.00 ZAR 220.00 

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Holland, Wade B (editor)  
Soviet Cybernetics Review, 7 original issues, February 1970, March 1970, April 1970, May 1970, June 1970, July 1970, Sep
Publisher: RAND Corp., Santa Monica CA, 1970; 42 to 48 pages each issue, double-column text, diagrams and some photographs.
Very Good overall, each issue tan cardstock covers, stapled binding, some toning and sunning, the lower front cover of May issue slightly stained and rubbed; the bindings are sound and secure, the pages clean and unmarked

Contents include, Mir-2; Automated System for controlling air transport; Computerized Musical Compostion; Industrial Automation in the USSR, state of the art; Solid-state Technology, a survey; Trends in Soviet Computer Application; reports on cybernetics; A Chess-playing algorithm; Space and naval research at Institute of Cybernetics; Electrotablet for Computer Input of Graphic Information and much more

Theory and Application of Military Cybernetics; BESM-6 memory; Tape Reliability; Special Purpose Computers and MORE

Appr.: | AUD 45.93 CAD 45.22 EUR 30.97 GBP 26.40 JPY 3,500.00 MXN 583.33 ZAR 466.67 

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Horsburgh, E. M (editor)  
Handbook of the Napier Tercentenary Celebration or Modern Instruments and Methods of Calculation Volume 3 CBI Reprint Se
Publisher: Tomash Publishers, 1982; ISBN 0-262-08141-5, Charles Babbage Institute for the History of Computing, 384 pages, illustra.
Note Heavy Oversized Book, additional postage may be necessary, please inquire for international orders
Very Good to near fine condition, large maroon cloth hardcover, titles in gilt on cover and spine; binding is secure and tight, pages clean, unmarked

New introduction by M. R. Williams, orig. published 1914. Handbook of the Napier Tercentenary Celebration or Modern Instruments and Methods of Calculation

This volume reprints what is likely the best possible English-language description of the machines and techniques used for calculating during the years just before the First World War. Careful study of it will yield many surprising gems. (from the Introduction)

Includes Sections on Napier's Life and Works; Loan Collection, antiquarian (mainly a list of items on display at the exhibition, entitled, Napier's Relics); Mathematical Tables; Calculating Machines; The Abacus and Slide Rules; Other Mathematical Laboratory Instruments;

Ruled Papers and Nomograms; Mathematical Models which were on display; For anyone who has the fortitude to read through the entire Handbook (and even those who cheat by simply flipping to the end) there exists one last reward, a series of marvelous old advertisements, for everything from books that are now impossible to obtian to a magical typewriter that appears to deal with 300 changes of type for 30 different languages but whose operator never needs to know how it works.. (from the introduction) mb6

Appr.: | AUD 45.93 CAD 45.22 EUR 30.97 GBP 26.40 JPY 3,500.00 MXN 583.33 ZAR 466.67 

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Hurd, Cuthbert, editor; IBM Applied Science Department  
Proceedings Seminar on Scientific Computation, November 1949
Publisher: IBM, NY 1950; 109 pages, double-column text, references.
Very Good, dark blue hardcover titles in gilt on cover and spine, slight rubbing along lower spine third; binding is sound and secure, pages a bit toned from age and paper acidity, but clean and unmarked

Contents include, Dynamics of Nuclear fission (Hill); Monte Carlo Calculations (Woodbury); Modification of the Monte Carlo Method (Kahn); Analyzing Exponential Decay Curves (Householder); The IBM Card-Programmed Electronic Calculator (Hurd); Soluitons of the Wave Equation (Herget) and MORE

Appr.: | AUD 26.25 CAD 25.84 EUR 17.70 GBP 15.08 JPY 2,000.00 MXN 333.33 ZAR 266.67 

Purchase direct from: Item number: B408.
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Infotech State of the Art Report  
Managing the Distribution of DP, 2 volumes; vol 1 - Analysis and Bibliography; vol 2 - Invited Papers
Publisher: Infotech International, UK 1979; 207 and 269 pages, index in each volume.
Two volume set. Additional shipping charges may be required.
Very Good to near fine condition, large black textured hardcovers, titles in white on cover and spine, slight bumps to lower corners; the bindings are secure and tight, the pages clean and unmarked

The two volumes of the Report cover developments in managing the distribution of data processing. The volumes are -- An analysis of the State of the Art; a set of specially commissioned papers. The analysis volume provides an introduction and review of the main concepts involved in managing the distribution of data processing including a bibliography with 89 annotated references. The set of invited papers provide a closer look at selected topics in managing the distribution of DP. (from the included loosely-laid in sheet, Memorandum)

Includes paper by P A Samet, The UCL Linked Minicomputer System -- University College London, the principal local computing resource is an IBM 360/65, originally installed early in 1967 and greatly expanded since then.. There is a fairly comprehensive RJE network linking the various sytems, to make access imple, and there are large numbers of keyboard terminals using private and dial-up lines.. (from the introduction to that paper)

Topics covered include --characteristics of distributed systems; degree of distribution; organizational, economic and technical benefits; risk factors; investment problems; management attitude; application suitability; costing; specifying user requirements; user surverys; system selection; coping with users and DP staff during changeover; integrity; and MORE

One of the Infotech State of the Art Report series

Appr.: | AUD 45.93 CAD 45.22 EUR 30.97 GBP 26.40 JPY 3,500.00 MXN 583.33 ZAR 466.67 

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Infotech State of the Art Report  
Future Systems, 2 volumes in slipcase; vol 1 - Analysis and Bibliography; vol 2 - Invited Papers
Publisher: Infotech International, UK 1977; 286 and 420 pages, diagrams, index in each volume.
Two volume set in slipcase -- additional postage may be required, heavy set
Very Good overall, large black glossy cardstock covers, softcover; titles in white on cover and spine, in Very Good cardboard slipcase - slipcase iwth some edgewear to the cardboard but sturdy and sound overall. The bindings are secure and tight, the pages clean and unmarked

Includes Sections on, Trends in Processor and Memory Prices; Trends in Communication Costs; The revolt against complexity; Innovations in Processor Design; Advances in Minicomputer Design; Multiprocessor and Multicomputer Systems; Communication Protocols and Future Networks; the impact of smart devices, and more

Papers include, Advances in Computer Technology (Gene Amdahl); Mainframe Architecture (Buckle); Multiminicomputers - a perspective on the five years 1977-1983 future prospects (Ferreira and Vojnovic); Analysis and Design of Packet Radio Systems (Frank, Gitman and van Slyke); The influence of market factors in future computer development (I L Auerbach); Super-Computer Architecture (Hockney); Future Data base machines (Hsiao); Requirements for Future Computer Networks (Jasper); The Future of Information systems (M V Wilkes) and MORE

Appr.: | AUD 52.49 CAD 51.68 EUR 35.40 GBP 30.17 JPY 4,000.00 MXN 666.67 ZAR 533.33 

Purchase direct from: Item number: B443.
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Institute of Radio Engineers, ACM, et al  
Proceedings of the Western Joint Computer Conference 1961
Publisher: Western Joint Computer Conference, 1961, 661 pages, double-column text, diagrams, references.
Good+ overall, large thick yellow cloth hardcover, library-bound, original covers bound-in, library rubberstamps blacked out on textblock fore-edges. The binding has a bump on rear corner with small tear to the cloth, binding is sound and secure, pages clean

Contents include, Digital Simulation; Microsystem Electronics; Modeling Human Mental Processes; Recent Advances in Computer Circuits; Problem Solving and Learning Machines; Information Retrieval; Automata Theory and Neural Models; New Hybrid Analog-Digital Techniques; Large Computer Systems; AUtomatic Programming; Memory Devices and Components; Applied Analog Techniques; Pattern Recogntion; Computers in control; The Human Side of Analog Systems

Sample Papers include, A Basis for a Mathematical Theory of Computation by John McCarthy; Application of Computers to Circuit Design for UNIVAC LARC (Kaskey, Prywes, Lukoff); A Method of Combining ALGOL and COBOL, by J E Semmet; Analog-Digital Hybrid Computers in Simulation with humans and hardware (Thomas); American Airlines SABRE electronics reservation system (Perry, Plugge); and MORE M1

Appr.: | AUD 19.69 CAD 19.38 EUR 13.27 GBP 11.31 JPY 1,500.00 MXN 250.00 ZAR 200.00 

Purchase direct from: Item number: C810992.
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Proceedings of the Western Joint Computer Conference, 1955
Publisher: IRE, AIEE, ACM, 1955; 132 pages, double-column text, references, some photographs, illus..
8.5x11 original printed glossy white and green stiff paper covers, stapled wraps; spine abrasion lower spine end, with bump and thumbsized creases to that corner with peeling to the paper spine and thumbsized dent. Rear lower corner crease. Binding tight, pages clean and unmarked

Papers include, Simulation by Modelling (Irvine and Davis); A new Approach to Grounding in DC Analog Computers (Edwards); The Need for Integration of Accounting Systems and the Design of Electronic Data-Processing Systems (Kircher); Aircraft Performance Studied on an Electronic Analog Computer (Wadel and Wan);

Coding a General-Purpose Digital Computer to Operate as a Differential Analyzer (Selfridge); Generalization of Pattern Recognition in a Self-Organizing System (Clark and Farley); Pattern Recognition and modern Computers (Selfridge);

The Chess Machine -- an example of dealing with a complex task by adaptation (A. Newell); Session on learning machines;The Electrographic Recording techniques (Epstein); A set of Transistor circuits for asynchronous, direct-coupled computers (Kudlich); more

Conference held March 1-3, 1955 in Los Angeles, California, and sponsored jointly by the Institute of Radio Engineers; The American Institute of Electrical Engineers; and the Association for Computing Machinery. Origins of Cyberspace no. 814

Appr.: | AUD 328.08 CAD 323.00 EUR 221.24 GBP 188.54 JPY 25,000.00 MXN 4,166.67 ZAR 3,333.33 

Purchase direct from: Item number: M720.
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Ivall, T E (editor)  
Electronic Computers -- principles and applications
Publisher: Iliffe & Sons London, Philosophical Library NY, 1956; 175 pages, 40 diagrams and 28 photographs of vintage computing equ.
Very good overall, small green cloth hardcover with shelfwear at spine ends, in Good+ green decorated dustjacket and clear acetate glassine jacket protector. Jacket missing thumbsized piece along top spine, some chipping and edgewear alonng all edges and folds of jacket. Some prelim. pages darkened. Binding is sound and secure with hinges weak and book lies flat when opened at several places; the pages are clean and unmarked'Both digital and analogue computers are covered.. A nonmathematical introduction to the principles and applications of computers employing valves (vacuum tubes) and other electronic devices, suitable for engineers and also for management.. In the final chapter, the future evolution of computers is discussed..' (from the jacket flap)Includes photographs of plug-in boards, tabulating machines, magnetic drum store, pilot's flight simulator, much more. Emphasis on the application of computers to 'automation'Contents - Evolution of the computerGeneral principles of computing; Analogue computer circuits; Equipment of analogue computers;Applications of analogue computersDigital Computer circuits; Storage systems; digital computer equipmet;applications of digital computers; Computers of the Future

Appr.: | AUD 19.69 CAD 19.38 EUR 13.27 GBP 11.31 JPY 1,500.00 MXN 250.00 ZAR 200.00 

Purchase direct from: Item number: M446.
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John Goodell / Tenny Lode / Boleslaw Sobocinski  
The Journal of Computing Systems volume 1 no 1 June 1952
Publisher: The Institute of Applied Logic, St Paul MN 1952; pp 1 - 55 inclusive; published quarterly; diagrams.
Very Good, yellow textured cardstock covers, stapled softcover binding; 8x10, some fading at spine margins and remains of old label at top of front cover; staples clean & tight to binding, pages clean, unmarked, though toned a bit with age

Contents include -- The Foundations of Computing Machinery (John D Goodell); The Realization of a Universal Decision Element (Tenny Lode); Axiomatization of a Partial System of Three-Value Calculus of Propositions (Boleslaw Sobocinski) Includes original blank subscription card dated 1952-1953, as well as envelope, laid in. ' The journal is intended to link a wide variety of people in the field of computing machinery and in the field of theoretical logic..' (from the description of the Institute of Applied Logic and the Journal of Computing Systems, inside front cover of this issue). 'The term 'Computing Systems' is used in the title of this Journal in its broadest sense. It is intended to include logical and mathematical systems as well as structures for machines designed to solve problems that involve computing..' References at ends of papers

Appr.: | AUD 65.62 CAD 64.60 EUR 44.25 GBP 37.71 JPY 5,000.00 MXN 833.33 ZAR 666.67 

Purchase direct from: Item number: K6249.

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Karplus, Walter J (editor)  
On-Line Computing -- time-shared man-computer systems
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Book Co, NY 1967; 336 pages, Index, diagrams, photographs, References.
Very Good tan cloth hardcover in Good+ light green and white dustjacket and clear acetate glassine jacket protector. Ex technical library with some rubberstamps on pastedowns. Jacket illustration line drawing of computer terminal with oldfashioned acoustic coupler modem, remote system etc. Jacket shows some edgetears, edgewear and rubbing at folds; tape and label stain on lower spine of jacket. Binding is square and tight, pages clean, unmarked. In-depth perspective of the time-shared computer field, with particular emphasis on the man-computer relationship; detailed descriptions of on-line techniques as applied in five major scientific and technical areas. Each of the 11 parts of the text was prepared by a recognized expert in the field and the approach in each chapter is one of indepth analysis rather than a general survey. For example, in discussing the organization of online systems, a detailed description of one important commercial system, the Control Data 6600, is provided; other important on-line systems such as General Electric's Datanet, IBM's QUICKTRAN, and MIT's Project MAC receive some mention but the focus is not on the relative importance of the systems, rather on choosing one to give an indepth treatment. Sections include -- On-Line Systems -- system analysis and design; Graphic Data input-output equipment; the economics of on-line systems; physiological and psychological considerations; Applications -- solving mathematical problems; solving design problems in graphical dialogue; Computing in a strategic command system environment; A theory for File Organization; sociological considerations. Appendix -- user's manual for an on-line system. Additional pictures at / / / / /

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Krauss, Leonard I.  
Administering and Controlling the Company Data Processing Function
Publisher: Prentice-Hall NJ, 1969, third printing 1970; 282 pages, index, appendices, some illustrations.
Good+ overall, large dark blue hardcover with titles in silver on spine and cover; ex-technical engineering library rubberstamps, remains of pocket and checkout label inside rear cover. Binding is sound and secure, pages cleanIncludes -- Planning the EDP Function; Organizing EDP Activities; Systems Development and Programming Administration; Using Project Management in EDP; Acquiring, Evaluating and Managing Installation Personnel; Educating and training Management and EDP Personnel; Consideration for Evaluating and Selecting EDP Equipment; Directing and Controlling EDP Operations; Cost Estimating, Analysis, and Control for EDP; Management Stats its Problem;EDP Management bookshelf selections; Job descriptions for selected EDP management and professional positions; pre-installation checklist; specimen activities for critical path method; physical planning considerations; fraud control checklist; more

Appr.: | AUD 16.40 CAD 16.15 EUR 11.06 GBP 9.43 JPY 1,250.00 MXN 208.33 ZAR 166.67 

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Lockard, James  
Publisher: Hapercollins New York 1990.
Second Edition; Fifth Printing Softcover Very Good with no dust jacket; Edgewear. Crease in back cover. ; B&W Illustrations; 449 pages

Appr.: | AUD 10.50 CAD 10.34 EUR 7.08 GBP 6.03 JPY 800.00 MXN 133.33 ZAR 106.67 

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Meek, C L  
Glossary of Computing Terminology, 1970s
Publisher: CCM Information Corp., NY 1972; 372 pages, double-column text.
Good+ overall, black cloth hardcover titled in white on cover and spine; a bit musty from long storage, with significant foxing on endpages. The binding is sound and secure, pages clean and unmarked

This glossary is intended to provide a comprehensive compilation of definitions of computing terminology.. In its original form as a project for the SHARE Organization (an association of scientific users of IBM computers) the glossary contained the various manufacturers' suggested definitions. It thus provided in a single volume references which would otherwise require searching through many sources.. In addition, this volume gives expansions of abbreviations and acronyms. Equipment descriptions are by number, cross-refeenced by name. A list of sources with publication numbers, vendor names and headquarters addresses where appropriate has been appended.. (from the Preface)

From a-wind -- the method of winding tape on a reel in which the oxcide surface of the tape faces toward the hub to, Zone, plus -- the bit positions in a computer code which represent the algebraic plus sign, and More

Appr.: | AUD 7.87 CAD 7.75 EUR 5.31 GBP 4.52 JPY 600.00 MXN 100.00 ZAR 80.00 

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Motorola CMOS Data book 1978
Publisher: Motorola, 1976, 1978; over 700 pages, each Section paginated separately; diagrams, tables, data sheets.
Good+ overall, large thick softcover, red-orange illustrated covers, some edgewear and thumbing; prev. owners name blacked out on front cover and top textblock fore-edge. BInding is secure and tight, pages clean and unmarked

ANOTHER COPY AVAILABLE with No marks on cover. Will ship best available copy

Includes sections on Product Selection Guide; The 'Better' Program ordering information; CMOS High Reliability Ordering information; B-Series Family Data CMOS Handling precautionsCMOS Previews

CMOS Data Sheets (over 700 pages, largest section of the book) CMOS reliability; Mechanical and thermal data

Appr.: | AUD 6.56 CAD 6.46 EUR 4.42 GBP 3.77 JPY 500.00 MXN 83.33 ZAR 66.67 

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Murphy, John S.  
Basics of Digital Computers, 3 volumes in 1, 1958
Publisher: John F Rider Publishers, NY 1958; 116, 133 and 136 pages, 3 volumes bound into one hardcover, index, diagrams.
Good overall, dark bluegray hardcover, title dulled on spine, corners a bit bumped, book lies flat when opened though binding is sound overall, pages clean and unmarked

Early thoughts on computers; First Mechanical Computers; Fundamentals of the digital computer; Computer language; how the computer performs, Reviews, Programming, etc

Logic Block Diagrams and symbols; Flip-flops in the computer; The Germanium diode as a rectifier; Vacuum Tubes in Computer Logic; The magnetic Core operating principle; Decoders and encoders; MORE

Appr.: | AUD 10.50 CAD 10.34 EUR 7.08 GBP 6.03 JPY 800.00 MXN 133.33 ZAR 106.67 

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Nonconventional Scientific and Technical Information Systems in current Use 1966 (NSF 66-24: No. 4)
Publisher: National Science Foundation, 1966, USGPO 1967, 558 pages, some diagrams.
Good overall, orange and white cardstock covers, thick softcover, remains of tape repairs along front cover and spine with paper loss, abrasions and loosened edge of front cover; ex-government library rubberstamps on endpages with some inked out addresses; the binding is sound, pages clean

Contents includes, guide to organizations, the system description questionnaire, organization of the report
Manual, Uniterm, Edgepunched and Interior Punched Card Systems
Tabulating Card Systems
Peek-a-boo Systems
COmputer systems -- computer-based systems producing query-services; producing non-query services; which perform query and non-query services
Photographic systems
'This issue as have the previous three issued since the inception of the series in 1958, consists of descriptions of technical information systems, based on the use of either some mechanical or electronic means of index manipulation or some unusual or unique indexing system.. Systems were considered qualified if they .. used searching devices such as Uniterm cards, interior or edge-notched punched cards, standard punched cards, punched paper tape, magnetic cards, magnetic discs, or unit or serial microform for the storage of document indexes..' (from the introduction)

Individual citations for each company and library and department include, indexing processes described, time expenditure for systems input, coding processes, general description of the system, document input, reference and query response services, and more. Example -- Quantity and type of equipment used - 1 Royal McBee OSC drill; 12 Microrecord III viewers; 1 JC Recordak camera; 1 IBM 026 keypunch; 1 IBM 088 collaor; 1 IBM 082 sorter; 1 IBM aperture card duplicator.. document reports, clinicial reports, laboratory reports, etc.; media of document storage - microcards, considering converting from microtape to microfiche, much more on each record

Appr.: | AUD 59.06 CAD 58.14 EUR 39.82 GBP 33.94 JPY 4,500.00 MXN 750.00 ZAR 600.00 

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Peled, Abraham and Bede Liu  
Digital Signal Processing - theory, design and implementation / PL1 computer program
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons NY 1976, later printing; 304 pages, Index, equations & illustrations.
Very Good black & white hardcover, light rubbing to corners, wear at spine heel; prev. owner's name rubberstamped on half-title page & textblock fore-edges, label on endpage. Binding is tight, pages clean & unmarked. Digital Signal Processing - digital filters, analog signals, discrete Fourier Transform, Z-transform, continuous time & discrete time signals & systems, etc; Design of digital filters - lowpass & highpass HR, bandpass & bandstop filters, computer aided design of filters, FTR filters, etc. Appendices - Computer Program for HR Filter design, computer program for FIR filter design, computer program for determining the frequency response of filters with finite word length; The Computation of the Discrete Fourier Transform and Some of its Applications - Radix 2 decimation in time FFT Algorithm; Radix 2 decimation in frequency FFT; pipeline FFT; measurement of power spectra; fast convolution; Appendices - An FFT Program; a power spectrum computation program The Implementation of General Purpose digital signal processors - overview of Digital Hardware; architectural considerations for DSP; more; Implementation of Dedicated Hardware Special Purpose Digital Signal Processors - mechanization alternatives of array multiplication; a bit serial second order digital filter section; a fully parallel high speed second order section; implementation of; Appendices - A Fourth Order digital filter implementation; the Princeton FFT Processor; Some Additional Implementation Considerations - roundoff error in digital filters, scaling & pole zero pairing of cascade filters, limit cycles and overflow oscillations, FFT Computation, more. Appendices - A PL/! Computer Program for the Heuristic Optimization of the Pole Zero Pairing & Scaling for Minimum roundoff error; Exercises & References at ends of each Chapter / additional pictures available at

Appr.: | AUD 11.81 CAD 11.63 EUR 7.96 GBP 6.79 JPY 900.00 MXN 150.00 ZAR 120.00 

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Proceedings of the First IEEE Trends in Electronics conference  
TENCON 82, VLSI and Microcomputers -- today and tomorrow
Publisher: IEEE, 1982, 166 pages, index, double-column text, some diagrams.
Very Good overall, large thin glossy coated softcover, hard bump at upper rear corner with some corner creases to pages. The binding is sound and secure, pages clean and unmarked

Includes papers such as, Parallel Architecture for computing cyclic convolutions; Hardware Text Processing system; Chinese Language Processing; Microprocessor-oriented general mnemonics system; Advanced IC Technologies for driving electroluminescent display panels in future computer systems (1982); and more

Appr.: | AUD 10.50 CAD 10.34 EUR 7.08 GBP 6.03 JPY 800.00 MXN 133.33 ZAR 106.67 

Purchase direct from: Item number: B450.
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Salerno, Lynn M.  
Catching Up With the Computer Revolution

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons New York 1983.
Near Fine in Very Good dust jacket 1st Edition stated Hardcover 531 Blue boards. Just a trace of rubbing to the head and tail of the spine, and just enough rubbing to the corners to lighten the color of their tips. Gilt lettering on the spine is not as shiny as it once was, but is still gold in color and a little shiny. Pages are clean, white and crisp with sharp corners and edges. DJ - has light rubbing to the head and tail of the spine and to the front corners. A few very light wrinkles on the head of the spine. Couple faint wrinkles next to the lower re ar corner and very light evidence of handling. Brodart wrapped.

Appr.: | AUD 19.69 CAD 19.38 EUR 13.27 GBP 11.31 JPY 1,500.00 MXN 250.00 ZAR 200.00 

Purchase direct from: Crossroad Books. Item number: 1169.
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Sharpe, William  
The Economics of Computers -- microeconomics, business decisions regarding computers, studies of, regression analysis; R
Publisher: Columbia University Press NY & London, 1969, second printing 1970; 571 pages, Index, selected list of RAND books.
Good overall, brown cloth hardcover in Good dustjacket; jacket white with color illustrations of punched cards in blue and shades of green. Edgewear and chipping to jakcet, darkening along jacket flaps; foxing and browning along inside hinges. BInding is sound and secure, pages unmarked

'This book examines the cost-effectiveness of computers (circa late 1960s) and their attendant equipment; it will benefit computer center managers and students of computer science, as well as economists interested in the computer industry.

Treats a number of questions such as, What are the terms offered by manufacturers for their equipment; service bureaus for computer time; time-sharing firms for remote terminal usage; What is the relationship between cost and effectiveness for various types of memory devices; How rapid has technological progress in the computer industry been; How great are the economies of scale in computation etc.

The author assumes a minimum background in economics and mathematics, and very little prior knowledge of computers. The book is divided into two parts -- Part I presents concepts from microeconomic theory particularly relevant for those concerned with installation and use of computers; Part II deals with specific problems and presents relevant empirical material. An appendix on regression analysis is included..' (from the jacket)

Contents includes --
THEORY -- Microeconomic Theory, an introduction; Value and Demand; Revenue and Profit; Time and Risk; COsts, Inputs and Outputs;

APPLICATIONS -- the Computer Industry; The Sale and Rental of Computers - terms and conditions; The Sale and Rental of computers - legal constraints and economic issues; The COst and Effectivness of Computer Systems; Pricing Computer Services; The Computer industry -- services, markets, and costs; more

Appr.: | AUD 13.12 CAD 12.92 EUR 8.85 GBP 7.54 JPY 1,000.00 MXN 166.67 ZAR 133.33 

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Sherman, Philip M  
Programming and Coding Digital Computers
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons NY 1963, no other dates or reprints noted; 444 pages, index, illustrations and diagrams, references.
Very Good dark blue cloth hardcover, no dustjacket; title in silver on spine still bright, title outlined in darker color on front cover. Prev. owner's name on front pastedown and inked out on endpage. BInding is secure and square, pages are clean and unmarked'THis book is about writing programs.. Part I is an introduction to digital computers; Part II is concerned with the details of coding; and Part III is concerned with the nature and types of problems solved on computers' (from the preface)Includes Bibliography of books and papers at the end. Sections include -- Computers and their Use; Problem analysis; The Digital Computer - computer languages etc; Coding - assembler langauge, assembly process, assembly and execution; program loops, index registers, sequencing in memory, subroutines, input output operations, monitor programs, monitor debugging etc; Coding techniques and languages -- algebraic languages - FORTRAN, Algol; non-numerical problems; data processing, COBOL, macro instructions; interpreters and simulation, program debugging and testing; moreAppendices include the Delta; the HAP assembly language, more

Appr.: | AUD 13.12 CAD 12.92 EUR 8.85 GBP 7.54 JPY 1,000.00 MXN 166.67 ZAR 133.33 

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Sippl, Charles J.,and David A. Kidd  
Microcomputer Dictionary and Guide

Publisher: Champaign, IL., Matrix, 1975.
x, 680, [12 blank, for notes] p. illus., 25.5 cm. A good, comprehensive guide to the machines and systems of 30 years ago. Stock# 33,823. Good+, covers used/ paper.

Appr.: | AUD 13.12 CAD 12.92 EUR 8.85 GBP 7.54 JPY 1,000.00 MXN 166.67 ZAR 133.33 

Purchase direct from: The Owl at the Bridge. Item number: 33823.
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Stallings, William  
Handbook of Computer-Communications Standards / 3 volumes, hardcover
Publisher: Macmillan Publishing Co, NY 1987-1988; 3 volume set, 322 + 244 + 206 pages; illus, Index.
Very Good overall, upper corners of all 3 volumes bumped. Bindngs are tight, appear unread; all vols. with prev. owner's name neatly on endpaper. Silver glossy boards w/ darkgreen (v1), red(v2) & blue(v3) lettering The Macmillan Database/Data Communications Series, Jay Ranade series editor. Handbook of Computer-Communications Standards -- Volume I -- The Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) Model and OSI-Related Standards; Volume 2 -- Local Network Standards;Volume 3 -- The Department of Defense (DOD) Protocol Standards. Volume I - a description of the master plan for all computer-communications standards, the OSI model. The book also provides a detailed presentation of OSI-related standards at all 7 laters, including HDLC, X.25, ISO Internet, ISO transport, ISO session, ISO presentation, Abstract Syntax One (ASN.1), and common application service elements (CASE). Volume 2 - A detailed examination of all current local network standards including logical link control (LLC, IEEE 802.2), CSMA/CD (IEEE 802.3), token bus (IEEE 802.4) token ring (IEEE 802.5), and fiber distributed data interface (FDDI, ANS X3T9.5). Volume 3 -- A description of the protocol standards that are mandated on all DOD computer procurements and are becoming increasingly popular on commercial local network products, including TCP, IP, FTP, SMTP and TELNET. All of these books provide a clear tutorial exposition, a discussion of the relevance and value of each standard, an analysis of options within each standard, and an explanation of the underlying technology. (from the endpages of volume 3). A nice solid set of this reference. / additional pictures available

Appr.: | AUD 32.81 CAD 32.30 EUR 22.12 GBP 18.85 JPY 2,500.00 MXN 416.67 ZAR 333.33 

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Steinberg, Fred  
Computers; A First Book; 1969, 1970
Publisher: Franklin Watts, London and NY, 1969, 1970; 87 pages, index, photographs throughout.
Very Good thin black hardcover in Very Good black and white decorated dustjacket and clear acetate glassine jacket protector. Some wear to jacket edges and corners, especially along top spine end, some small wrinkling along top edge rear jacket. The binding is secure and sound, the pages are clean and unmarked

A lucid and concise treatment of all phases of computer techology and theory. The first half of the book explains how computers work -- the binary number system, input and memory storage, processing units, programming -- and the second half discusses (current; 1960's and early 1970's) usage of the computer in business, transportation, government, space research, medicine and education.. (from the jacket flap)

Contents include The Theory behind Computers; From sand table to calculator; Punched Cards supply memory; Development of the modern computer; How does the computer work; The binary number system; Computer input and External storage; Internal storage or memory; The Programmer and the Program; The procesisng unit; Computer Output. What does the computer Do - business; banks; airlines, etc

Appr.: | AUD 9.19 CAD 9.04 EUR 6.19 GBP 5.28 JPY 700.00 MXN 116.67 ZAR 93.33 

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Tartanella, Claudine (compiled by)  
UNIX Programming Starter Package.
Publisher: Bell Laboratories Inc. NJ, 1980, 110 pgs, References.
Very Good, 8.5x11 white cardstock covers illustrated in color with red, green, yellow, blue alphabet blocks spelling U-N-I-X; plastic comb-bound binding, some splitting to plastic at lower combs. Clean and marked pages

UNIX Documentation Road Map (G.A. Snyder; J.R. Mashey); A Tutorial Introduction to the UNIX Text Editor (B.W. Kernighan); UNIX for Beginners - Second Edition (B.W. Kernighan); UNIX Shell Tutorial (G.A. Snyder; J.R. Mashey); The C Programming Language - Reference Manual (D.M. Ritchie); UNIX Programming (Second Edition) (B.W. Kernighan; D.M. Ritchie) C31140 M844

Appr.: | AUD 19.69 CAD 19.38 EUR 13.27 GBP 11.31 JPY 1,500.00 MXN 250.00 ZAR 200.00 

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Tou, Julius; and Peter Wegner  
Proceedings of a Symposium on Data Structures in Programming Languages; SIGPLAN notices, February 1971, volume 6, number
Publisher: ACM, SIGPLAN, conference at Gainesville, FL 1971; 416 pages, diagrams.
Very Good overall, light blue cardstock covers; thick softcover, 8.5x11, corner creases and thumbed edges, wear at edges of covers; prev. owner's name inked out on upper titlepage. Binding is secure and sound, pages clean, unmarked

Contents include, Information Structure Models -- Data Structure Models for Programming Languages (Wegner); The Contour Model of Block Structured Processes (Johnston); A Data Structure Model of the B6700 Computer System (E I Organick and J G Cleary);Models of Programming Languages -- Modelling of Storage Properties of Higher Level Languages (Walk); Introduction to Oregano (Daniel M. Berry); The Equivalence of Sequential and Associative Information Structure Models (McGowan and Wegner); A Generalized Assembly Language using Regular Expressions (Ferguson and Lipovski);Applications of Data Structures -- Data and Storage Structures for Interactive Graphics (van Dam); Data Structures for Computer Graphics (Abrams); On the Structure of Dictionaries for Compilers (Busam); Efficient Data Accessing in the Programming Language Bliss (Wile and Geschke); Generalized Data Structures in Madcap IV (Morris, jr. and Wells);Data Organization -- Associative Tabular Data Structures (M V Wilkes); On Data Structures in Associative Memories (Lipovski); Representation and Manipulation of Data Structures in APL (Harry Katzan, jr.); CYLINDERS - a Relational Data Structure (Weston and Taylor)Organick and Cleary's article on the Burroughs B6700 includes -- procedure calls and returns; hardware interrupts; small working sets; sharing programs and data; references; appendix - some details of the B6700 Hardware; more ['The coupling of the B6700 hardware and the data structures characteristic of the computation on which it, the B6700, must operate is described from two points of view. The body of hte paper gives a conceptual (contour) model view and introduces hardware concepts of the B6700 with a minimum of detail; the supporting appendix, on the other had, offers a thorough exposure to the hardware details, which are brought into focus via a global view of the B6700 operating system..' from the Abstract]Kurt Walk's paper on Higher Level languages deals in part with ALGOL 60, ALGOL 68 and PL/I, a LISP-like system, and more

Appr.: | AUD 59.06 CAD 58.14 EUR 39.82 GBP 33.94 JPY 4,500.00 MXN 750.00 ZAR 600.00 

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Tou, Julius; and Richard Wilcox  
Computer and Information Sciences, collected papers on learning, adaptation and control in information systems
Publisher: Spartan Books, Wash., D.C., 1964; 544 pages, Index, appendices, diagrams.
Good overall, tan cloth hardcover, some rubbing and shelfwear, front hinge weakened a starting to pull away from textblock, but binding is sound overall, pages clean and unmarked

Includes, Keynote address by W R Ashby on The Next Ten Years (from the perspective of 1964);
A Model for Experiential Storage in Neural Networks (F Rosenblatt); Some Fundamental Theorems of Perceptron Theory and Their Geometry (A Charnes)

Determination and Direction of Features in Patterns (H D Block and N J Nilsson); Hyperplanes, Hyperspheres and Hyperquadrics as Decision Boundaries (Paul W Cooper)

A Mathematical Approach to Pattern Recognition and Self-organization (Donald B Brick and Joel Owen); A Pattern-Identification Device using Linear Decision Functions (J S Griffin jr and J H King Jr and C J Tunis)

A Theoretical and Experimental Study of a Model for Pattern Recognition (L A Kamentsky and C N Liu); New Developments in Artificial Intelligence and Pattern Recognition (A Gamba); The Strucutre of the Semigroup associated with Automata (G P Weeg)
Temporally Organized Automata and an Algebraic Theory of Machines (M J Pedelty); A Threshold-conditioned Adaptive Template Procedure for Recognition of Normalized connected Patterns (Salomon Klaczko-Ryndziun)

Pattern-Recognizing Control Systems (Bernard Widrow and Fred W Smith); Learning-control systems (K S Fu); A Problem Solver with Formal Descriptive Inputs (David J Kuck and Gilbert K Krulee)

Dynamic Programming, Learning, and Adaptive Processes (Richard Bellman); Prerequisites of Self-Organization ( A M Andrew); A Unified Theory of Learning and Information (Mihajlo D Mesarovic)

New Problems in Adaptive Control (Peter H Greene); Thousand-Gate-Computer simulation of a Billion-gate Computer (Robert S Ledley); Noology, the science of Intelligence (Louis Fein)

Principles of Learning System Construction for Complex Process Control (A G Nakhnenko);vOn the Design of Learning Systems for Control (V I Ivanenko);

Appr.: | AUD 13.12 CAD 12.92 EUR 8.85 GBP 7.54 JPY 1,000.00 MXN 166.67 ZAR 133.33 

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var. IEEE  
Transactions on Information Theory; 7 issues complete year 1999, individual issues; volume 45, numbers 1 through 7
Publisher: IEEE, 1999, 2,685 pages in 7 issues complete as issued; double-column text, references, diagrams etc; includes full year.
Near Fine condition, all issues; light and dark green cardstock covers, some shelfwear at spine ends. Large 8.5x11 journals, the bindings are all secure and sound, the pages are clean and unmarked

Includes full year for 1999 -- January, March, April, May, July, September, November -- published 7 times a year by the IEEE
Papers inclue, On the Security of Iterated Message Authentication Codes (Preneel and van Oorschot); A Multifractal Wavelet Model with application to Network Traffic (Riedi, Crouse, et al); Special Issue on Multiscale Statistical Signal Analysis and its Applications; Upper Bounds on the Size of Quantum Codes (Ashikhmin and Litsyn); Cryptographic Distinguishability Measures for Quantum-Mechanical States (Fuchs and van de Graaf); A generalization of algebraic-geometry codes; Coded Diversity on Block-Fading Channels; Space-time block codes from orthogonal designs; and much moreWeight for shipping, of Lot of 7 issues is approx. 12 lbs

Appr.: | AUD 59.06 CAD 58.14 EUR 39.82 GBP 33.94 JPY 4,500.00 MXN 750.00 ZAR 600.00 

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various authors, presented by Informatics, Inc  
Pre-Prints of Papers presetned at the First Disc File Symposium 1963
Publisher: Informatics, Inc, Culver City California, 1963, approximately 230 pages, single-page mimeograph reproduced typescript, d.
Very Good overall, mimrographed single-sided pages bound into a brown cardstock binder with metal sliding clip. Some fading overall to the mimeographed pages but clean, some pages with slight pencil notations

Pre-Prints of Papers presented at the nation's first Disc File Symposium, March 6-7, 1963, Hollywood California, sponsored by Informatics, Inc

Contents include, Remote Computer Use and Disc Files (Perlis); Disc-oriented IBM-7094 System (McClung); Computer system to Minimize expected turn-around time (Cervenka); Use of the Disk File on STRETCH (Carlson and Voorhees); IBM File Concepts (Wyatt);

Characteristics of the Bryant Series 4000 File (Slover); File Storage and the Data Products dp/f-5020 DISCFILE (Sampson); Characteristircs of IBM Files (Wyatt); Tapes vs. Discs (Hess); Design Criteria for an On-Line Nation-wide order processing system (Gabrielle);

An Automatic data acquisition and inquire system using Disc Files (Edwards); Disc Files in a military supply system (Phillips); Disc File Applicaiton in a real-time, multi-computer system (hoover); A Disc-oriented remote inquiry Philco 2000 System (Reilly); Application of a disc file to message switching system (Atwood); Panel and discussion -- Other Mass Storage Techniques -- UNIVAC Fastrand Storage, Librascope Mass Memory; NCR's Card Random Access Memory - CRAM

Appr.: | AUD 59.06 CAD 58.14 EUR 39.82 GBP 33.94 JPY 4,500.00 MXN 750.00 ZAR 600.00 

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Welk, Martin editor  
Standard Dictionary of Computers and Information Processing / revised second edition
Publisher: Hayden Book Publ, NJ 1969, 1977; 390 pages, bibliography; double-column text, some diagrams.
Good+ overall, dark hardcover with bold yellow lettering for titles on cover & spine; some rubbing and shelfwear; binding tight, pages unmarked; slight musty smell from storage

Involved the collection, correlation, and analysis of over 50, 000 terms and definitions over a period of twenty years. A complete and comprehensive definition was prepared for each term.. appropriate additional explanatiions, illustrations, examples and cross-references.. the new second edition contains some 2, 500 additional entries, about 500 entries were revised to reflect new usage and improve upon the earlier definitions. No material from the first edition was deleted..' (from the preface)

Contains a wealth of information amongst its definitions -- for example --BLESSED (Bell Little Electrodata Symbolic System for the Electrodata) A symbolic assembly program developed by Michigan Bell Telephone Company and Arthur D Little, Inc for use on the Burroughs 220 computer; OR -- Liberator - a concept developed by Honeywell Data Processing Division for permitting programs written for other manufacturers' systems to be converted to the Honeywell 200 computer language under program control

Appr.: | AUD 10.50 CAD 10.34 EUR 7.08 GBP 6.03 JPY 800.00 MXN 133.33 ZAR 106.67 

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