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Category: All Categories: Computers and Internet: Computer Graphics
29 items found.   List items by:   Author     Title     Publisher
Abad, Jerry and Martin Cannon, Tes Bonnarith.  
Sound and Graphics: For the Apple II, IIe and Franklin Computers.

Publisher: Chatsworth, CA: Datamost, [1984].
No edition stated. ISBN: 0881903515 Softcover Fine condition (corners crisp, no creases, no markings). A clean, fresh copy.

Appr.: | AUD 12.66 CAD 12.42 EUR 8.81 GBP 6.45 JPY 1,000.00 MXN 125.00 ZAR 111.11 

Purchase direct from: Buckeye Bookshop. Item number: 5587.
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ACM Association for Computing Machinery  
ACM Computing Surveys December 1978, Special Issue on Graphics Standards
Publisher: ACM, December 1978, pp 363 - 514 inclusive; double-column text, References at ends of articles; some tables, graphs, etc.
Very Good turquoise and white cardstock covers, binding secure and tight, pages clean and unmarked

Vol 10 no. 4, December 1978 -- SPECIAL ISSUE - Graphics Standards -- Recent efforts toward graphics standardization (Newman & van Dam); A functional overview of the Core System with Glossary (Michener & van Dam); Graphics Programming using the Core System (Bergeron, Bono, Foley); Some Major Issues in the Design of the Core Graphics System (Michener & Foley); Planar geometric projections and viewing Transformations (Carlbom & Paciorek); Includes Decennial Indexes - Computing Surveys, Volumes 1-10, 1969 -1978

Appr.: | AUD 8.86 CAD 8.70 EUR 6.17 GBP 4.52 JPY 700.00 MXN 87.50 ZAR 77.78 

Purchase direct from: Item number: C811102dec.

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ACM Siggraph, various  
1995 Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics
Publisher: ACM NY 1995, 218 pages, double-column text, diagrams and illustrations, color illustrations and photographs.
Very Good, large 9x12 softcover, light shelfwear, binding is sound and secure, pages are clean and unmarked

Includes, Virtual Reality -- Resolving Occlusion in Augmented Reality (Wloka and Anderson); Surface Modification Tools; Combatting Rendering Latency (Olano, Cohen et al); Underwater Vehicle Control from a Virtual Environment Interface (Fleishcer, Rock and Lee); Geometric Modelling -- Interactive Design, Analysis, and Illustration of Assemblies; Hierarchical and Variational Geometric Modeling with Wavelets; Interactive Shape Metamorphosis;

Rendering Systems -- SHadow volume BSP Trees for computation of shadows in dynamic scenes; Real-time Programmable Shading; Interactive Full spectral rendering; more; Parallel and Distributed Algorithms --The Sort-first Rendering Architecture for high-performance graphics; NPSNET - a multi-player 3D Virtual Environment over the Internet (Macedonia, Brutzman et al);

Virtual Environments -- visual navigation of Large environments using textured clusters; Guided Navigation of Virutal Environments (Galyean); Portals and Mirrors - simple, fast evaluation of potentially visible sets (Duebke and Georges); Interactive Playing with large synthetic enviroments; more

Input and output techniques; Interactive Manipulation; Applications; Physical and Behavioral Simulation; MORE

Appr.: | AUD 12.66 CAD 12.42 EUR 8.81 GBP 6.45 JPY 1,000.00 MXN 125.00 ZAR 111.11 

Purchase direct from: Item number: B373.
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Adams, Lee  
High Speed Animation & Simulation For Microcomputers / for IBM PC, XT, AT and PCjr, plus the Apple II series
Publisher: TAB Books Inc. PA, 1987, 456 pgs, Illustrations, Appendices, Glossary, Index. ISBN 0830628592.
Very Good overall, large thick softcover with some cover wear along edges, small label and clear tape along lower spine end. Binding is sound and secure, pages clean. List of Programs; PART ONE- GRAPHICS CONCEPTS -- High Speed Graphic Capabilities of BASIC, Fundamental Graphic Commands in BASIC, Properly Structured Programs For Graphics, Optimization of Run-Time Speed, Establishing A Graphic Programming Work Environment Fundamentals of Good Graphic Design, The Lessons of TV Graphics Applied To Computer Displays, Advanced Graphic Commands in BASIC; PART TWO - SIMULATION -- Techniques For Producing Backgrounds, Background Pans & Zooms, Detail Techniques For Computer Graphics, Realistic Sound Effects, Cartoon Characters, Simulating Human Faces, Oversized Titles & Typefaces; PART THREE -- 3D GRAPHICS -- Concepts of Three-Dimensional Images, 3D Formulas For Microcomputers, Drawing The 3D Cube, Moving The 3D Cube, Rotating the 3D Cube, Generic CAD Prototype, Architectural Images, Interior Design Images, Cutaway Views Of Three-Dimensional Objects, Drawing the 3D Sphere, Drawing the 3D Cylinder, Contour Plotting Of 3D Objects; PART FOUR -- FULL SCREEN ANIMATION -- Full Screen Animation Concepts, Techniques Of Full Screen Animation, Three-Dimensional Environments, Concepts Of Flight Simulation, Flight Simulation Prototypes, 3D Landmarks For Flight Simulation; PART FIVE -- PARTIAL SCREEN ANIMATION -- High Speed Techniques Of Partial Screen Animation, Bit Pump Animation - 8 Frames Per Second, Animation Of Multicolored Objects On A Multicolored Background, Simulation Of Real World Events, Techniques For Optimizing Speed With Graphic Array Animation, Hidden Screen Bit-Pump Animation; PART SIX -- ITERATIVE HIGH SPEED ANIMATION - Iterative Full Screen Animation At 22 Frames Per Second, Practical Techniques Of Iterative Full Screen Animation, Graphic Programming - Today's Options & Tomorrow's TrendsAdditional pictures available

Appr.: | AUD 12.66 CAD 12.42 EUR 8.81 GBP 6.45 JPY 1,000.00 MXN 125.00 ZAR 111.11 

Purchase direct from: Item number: zC3121.
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Adams, Lee  
High Performance Interactive Graphics -- modeling, rendering and animating for IBM PCs and Compatibles
Publisher: Windcrest/McGraw-Hill NY 1987, stated first edition 7th printing; 403 pages, Index, diagrams and color plates.
Good+ to very good overall, large thick softcover, rubbing and wear along corners, edges and spine ends; binding is sound and secure, pages clean, unmarked

Shows how to create fully shaded 3D images of almost any object and then animate them using BASIC. Comprehensive reference contains over 6,000 lines of source code and 44 outstanding demonstration programs that you can use to learn modeling, rendering and animation on IBM-compatible minicomputers with properly structured BASIC code.

Contents include Graphics Fundamentals - system resources, graphics instructions, modular programming, managing the keyboard, managing the screen; MODELING - concepts of 3D graphics, manipulation of models, the cube, geometric modeling, sphere - cylinder and helix; meshes and free-form curves; surface mapping, techniques for multiple models;

RENDERING - concepts of illumination and shading; shading routines for personal computers; computer-controlled shading; mirror reflections and shadows; smooth shading;

ANIMATING - concepts of high-speed animation; software sprite animation; frame animation; real-time animation;

APPLICATIONS - industrial design and mechanical design; package design; computer-aided design, CAD; Simulation; architectural drawing; advanced modeling, rendering and animation; Appendices incl mathematics for computer graphics,k quick Basic, TurboBasic, EGA boards etc

Appr.: | AUD 8.86 CAD 8.70 EUR 6.17 GBP 4.52 JPY 700.00 MXN 87.50 ZAR 77.78 

Purchase direct from: Item number: C811064.
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Andrews, Mark  
The Incredible Sound Machine, Macintosh computer; 3.25 inch Disk included 1992
Publisher: Addison-Wesley, MA 1993, ISBN 0201608898, 380 pages.
Very Good, large thick softcover, 3.25 disk inside rear cover (system requirements any Macintosh computer with 2MB or more of RAM, system software 6.0.5 or higher, and a hard disk; one program requires a 68020 chip) Binding is sound and secure, pages clean and unmarked

With this book and disk package, you can make your Macintosh talk, imiate almost any musical instrument, and play amazing sound effects. A chapter on MIDI tell how you can make your Macintosh the centerpiece of a sound studio... And loads of hands-on exercises help you tap the sound power of your Macintosh. mb10

Appr.: | AUD 8.86 CAD 8.70 EUR 6.17 GBP 4.52 JPY 700.00 MXN 87.50 ZAR 77.78 

Purchase direct from: Item number: B710.
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Artwick, Bruce  
Applied Concepts in Microcomputer Graphics, includes references to the IBM personal computer and the Apple computer
Publisher: Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs NJ 1984, later printing; 374 pages, index, appendices, diagrams, color photographs.
Very Good, glossy-coated hardcover, light shelfwear, binding is sound, pages clean and unmarked

Consolidates all the practical information needed to work with and design graphic systems... with special emphasis on microcomputer applications and methods... frrom graphic systems and peripherals to the hardware details and specification sheets for display controller chips, including an in-depth treatment of graphics algorithms and programming A special chapter on business graphics and sections on the Apple II and IBM personal computer...

Appr.: | AUD 5.06 CAD 4.97 EUR 3.52 GBP 2.58 JPY 400.00 MXN 50.00 ZAR 44.44 

Purchase direct from: Item number: C811035.
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Banchoff, Thomas F.  
Beyond the Third Dimension. Geometry, Computer Graphics, and Higher Dimensions.

Publisher: Scientific American Library #33 / HPHLP, NY [c1990].
211 p., illus. incl. color; 24 cm. Contents include Introducing Dimensions; Scaling and Measurement (Exponent Patterns for Basic Building Blocks; Fold-out Models of Pyramids; The Geometry of the Binomial Theorem; Diagonals of Cubes in Different Dimensions; The Egyptian Triumph: The Volume of an Incomplete Pyramid), Slicing and Contours, Shadows and Structures (Shadows of Hypercubes; Higher-Dimensional Simplexes; Paleoecology and Data Visualization), Regular Polytopes and Fold-outs (Duals of Regular Polyhedra; The Search for Regular Ploytopes; The Self-Dual 24-Cell), Perspective and Animation (Viewing in Perspective; Schlegel Diagrams of Polyhedra; Animating the Hypercube; Stereographic Projection), Configuration Spaces (The Dimensionality of Rehabilitation Therapy; Dimensionality and Dance; Orbits of Dynamical Systems; Anthropological Sites and the Spaces of Circles; The Dimensionality of Stage Lighting; Wave Fronts and Focal Curves in the Plane; Wave Fronts in Three-Dimensional Space), Coordinate Geometry, Non-Euclidean Geometry and Nonorientable Surfaces (Möbius Bands, Real Projective Planes, and Klein Bottles), Further Readings, Index. Author's presentation inscription on flyleaf. Color pictorial dj has small ding at bottom front corner; minor wear; VG. stock#951.

Appr.: | AUD 63.29 CAD 62.11 EUR 44.05 GBP 32.26 JPY 5,000.00 MXN 625.00 ZAR 555.56 

Purchase direct from: The Owl at the Bridge. Item number: 951.
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Bucki, Lisa A.  
iPhoto 2 Fast & Easy.

Publisher: Boston: Course Technology / Premier Press, [2003].
1st edition, 1st printing. ISBN: 1592000711 Paperback Fine condition (corners crisp, no creases, no markings). A clean, fresh copy.

Appr.: | AUD 14.56 CAD 14.29 EUR 10.13 GBP 7.42 JPY 1,150.00 MXN 143.75 ZAR 127.78 

Purchase direct from: Buckeye Bookshop. Item number: 4570.
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Finlay, Mark; Blanton, Keith A.  
Real-World Fractals -- includes disk, book and disk set
Publisher: M&T Books, NY, 1993, 426 pgs, Illustrations, Appendix, Bibliography, Index.
Very Good large thick softcover, glossy covers; binding is tight, pages clean and unmarked. Includes 3.25 inch disk in rear sleeve. Fractal History -- In the Beginning - A few words about intervals, The Cantor Set, Other Examples, Making Space, Nature Takes Its Course, Fractals & Computer Graphics, Levels of Detail, Fractal Compression, Chaos, Fractal Programs; C++ Programming Techniques -- Object-Oriented Programming, Headers & Modules, Header Files, Class Definitions, Create & Destroy, Running on Overload, Virtual Functions, Overloaded Operators, Passing References, Static Variables, Zen of Macros, Useful Directives, C++ Templates, Naming Conventions, For More Information, Fractals on Display; Graphics for Fractals -- Matrix & Vector Fun, Graphic Objects, A Simple Table, Graphic Conclusions; Probability, Statistics, & Random Numbers -- Not Quite Random, Uniform Randomness, Other Distributions, Normal Distributions, Joint Distributions, Other Properties of Normal Distributions, A Normal Demonstration, Fractals & Randomness, Next Up-Fractals; Fractals of the First Kind - One-Dimensional Fractals -- A Question of Dimension, Making Snow, Purely Affine, Normalized Generators, Shapely Fractals, General Initiators, Terminal Conditions, Interactive Snowflakes, Further Investigations; Fractals of the Second Kind - Two-Dimensional Fractals -- Two-Dimensions & Affine Transformations, Sierpinski Gasket, Procedural Gaskets, Classical Gasket, Sierpinski Variations, A Second Drawing Method, Adding a Little Color, Interesting Combinations, A Procedural Demonstration, Closer to the Real World; Natural Fractals -- Statistical Self-Similarity, General Randomness; Plants & Trees; Random Trees; Generating the generator; A class of trees; Pockets of fractals; the evening sky; other Random fractals;Complex Fractals -- Nonlinear Fractals; Complex Variables; complex graphics; Julia Sets; closing in on the julia set; the Julia Set class; the Mandelbrot set; Julia set mania; Nonlinear conclusions;Fractal Interpolation -- Brownian Movement; Mathematics of Brownian Movement; Fractal motion; fractional brownian movement; Generating fBM curves; mulidimensional fBM; two-dimensional fBM classes; Discrete fBM; demonstrating fBM; beyond two dimensions;Three Dimensions & Beyond -- Multidimensional Affine Fractals; why three dimensions are special; assorted three-dimensional fractals; reverse three dimensions; Trees; cloudy days; modeling the rest of the world;Fractal Life Savers -- Mountainous Problems, Multiple Levels of Detail; matching reality, digital maps etc; roughing things up, adding color, choosing the recursion level, more fractal terrain, more;Fractal-Image Compression -- Image Processing; general compression techniques; fractal comptression; fractal encoding; image generators; image transformations; decoding an image; using fractal compression, from compression to chaos, more;Chaos -- Nonlinear Dynamics, Going Into Orbit, Strange Attraction; chaos as science, more;The

Appr.: | AUD 18.99 CAD 18.63 EUR 13.22 GBP 9.68 JPY 1,500.00 MXN 187.50 ZAR 166.67 

Purchase direct from: Item number: zC3126.
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Freeman, Herbert / IEEE Computer Society  
Interactive Computer Graphics - tutorial and selected readings
Publisher: IEEE computer society, CA & IEEE NY 1980; 415 pages, diagrams, 8.5x11 large softbound, cardstock cov.
Very Good overall, reddish orange covers, rubbing & light wear to corners & spine, title on spine sunned; ex-research library stamp on titlepage & label on spine, paperclip rust marks on first few preliminary pages, not affecting text pages. Binding tight and internal pages are clean, sound, unmarked, no rips or tears. GRAPHICS SYSTEMS - Sketchpad, a man-machine graphical communication system (IE Sutherland); Sketchpad III, computer program for drawing in three dimensions; Multi-Function Graphics for large computer system; A Clipping Divider; GRAPHICS FACILITIES - intro to computer graphics terminals; The Adage Graphics Terminal; A Plasma-Panel Interactive Graphics System; The PLATO IV student terminal; Intermixing Refresh & Direct View Storage Graphics; Scan Conversion Algorithm with Reduced Storage Requirements; Practical Approach to implementing Line Printer Graphics; ALGORITHMS FOR LINE & CURVE GENERATION - Computer control of a digital plotter; Improved algorithm for Generation of Nonparametric Curve On Circle Generation Algorithms; Fast Drawing of Curves for computer display; New Curve fitting method using a CRT Computer Display; GRAPHICS LANGUAGES & DATA STRUCTURES - a general purpose graphic language (Kulsrud); Display Procedures; LG language for analytic geometry; Synthesis of solids bounded by many faces; GLIDE language for design information systems; Graphic & relational data base support for problem solving; HIDDEN-LINE REMOVAL ALGORITHMS - BE VISION package of IBM 7090 FORTRAN programs draw orthographic views of combinations of plane & quadratic surfaces; Quantitative Invisibility & machine rendering of solids (Appel); Solution to hidden-line problem for computer-drawn polyhedra; generating visible-line projections of solids; solution to Hidden Surface Problem (newell); Reentrant Polygon clipping; Sorting & the Hidden surface Problem; Raster-scan techniques; more; GENERATION OF HALFTONE IMAGES - continuous shading of curved surfaces, models of light reflection for computer synthesized pictures, more; COMPUTER ANIMATION of faces, ANIMA II 3-D color animation system, picture-driven animation; Animator online 2-dimensional film animation system; more; FREEFORM SURFACES; BIBLIOGRAPHY etc. / additional pictures available

Appr.: | AUD 31.65 CAD 31.06 EUR 22.03 GBP 16.13 JPY 2,500.00 MXN 312.50 ZAR 277.78 

Purchase direct from: Item number: C06243.
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Golikov, K. P., and I.E. (Igor Evgenevich) Pedanov  
Redgraf-Sistema Redaktirovaniia Chertezhno Dokumentatsi: Osnovnye Funktsii

Publisher: Moskva, Vychislitrlny Tsentr AN SSSR, 1981.
64 p., illus., 21.5 cm. In Cyrillic Russian. Reproduced from typescript. Stock# 33,820. Vg/ paper

Appr.: | AUD 18.99 CAD 18.63 EUR 13.22 GBP 9.68 JPY 1,500.00 MXN 187.50 ZAR 166.67 

Purchase direct from: The Owl at the Bridge. Item number: 33820.
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Hearn, Donald and M. Pauline Baker  
Microcomputer Graphics -- techniques and applications
Publisher: Prentice-Hall NJ 1983, first edition; 302 pages, Index, line drawings and several glossy pages of color photographs.
Good to very good overall, large glossy black softcover with color graphics on cover; some edgewear and shelfwear, corner crease lower front cover; binding is strong and secure, pages are clean and unmarkedintroduction to computer graphics with special emphasis on techniques for microcomputers, including capabilities for animation and the generation of two- and three-dimensional pictures and graphs (from the rear cover)Contents include Sections covering -- how computer graphics are used in design, buisness, art, education, research and in the home; capabilities of various microcomputers are discussed; Part II introduces methods for producing displays both with characters and with pixels. Picture drawing and graph plotting techniques, incl. considerations for shading and color, are detailed; Part III - examines special effects and manipulations such as display transformations, animation and spotlighting and clipping methods; part IV -- explores three-dimensional graphics and examines methods for erasing hidden lines, for generating perspective views, and for transforming 3D displays; Part V -- applications for business, education and the home; Program design, special graphing techniques, simulations, computer-assisted instruction, household budget and nutrition charts, and game playing are discussed. INCLUDES PROGRAMMING EXAMPLES and very briefly covers such micros as Apple computers; radio shack computers; IBM personal computers; Atari computers; Commodore computers; Hewlett-packard computers; Tektronix computers; Intelligent Systems Computers; Chromatics computers; Cromemco computers

Appr.: | AUD 10.13 CAD 9.94 EUR 7.05 GBP 5.16 JPY 800.00 MXN 100.00 ZAR 88.89 

Purchase direct from: Item number: C811163.
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Infotech State of the Art Report  
Computer Graphics, 2 volumes -- Invited Papers; Analysis
Publisher: Infotech International, UK 1980; 301 and 247 pages, diagrams, index in each volume.
Very Good overall, large black textured hardcovers, titles in white on cover and spine, slight bumps to lower corners and to some pages; the bindings are secure, the pages clean and unmarked

This two volume Report provides a detailed analysis of the state of the art in designing data. These two volumes are -- an analysis of the State of the Art; a set of specially commissioned papers... The analysis volume provides an introduction and review of the main issues in Computer Graphics, including an annotated bibliography of associated references. The invited papers provide a closer look at various aspects of the problems and solutions in computer graphics (From the included loosely-laid in Memorandum sheet)

Topics covered include -- the development of computer graphics; progress towards computer graphics: functions of a graphics system; The man/machine interface -- input devices, comparison of interactive devices, workstation design; Graphics Software -- the graphics database; accessessing the database; Graphics Hardware -- soft-copy devices; hard-copy devices; Graphics Applicatoins, design systems, information systems; MORE

Some papers include, Image Processing -- the future vital link (Blinn); Standardization of Graphics Software (Bo); Computer Animation -- state of the art (Catmull); Interactive Television Compatible computer graphics systems (Gregory); Computer Graphics Hardware (Hobbs); more

Appr.: | AUD 63.29 CAD 62.11 EUR 44.05 GBP 32.26 JPY 5,000.00 MXN 625.00 ZAR 555.56 

Purchase direct from: Item number: B442.
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Inman, Don  
TRS-80 Graphics / Radio Shack
Publisher: Dilithium Press, portland, OR, 1979, later printing; 142 pages, illus..
Very Good tight, clean and sound softcover; light shelfwear, spine crease but spine is tight

Graphic displays on microcomputers have for some time now been out of the reach of hobbyists because of their complexity and high cost. In this book, the author shows you how, with a minimal knowledge of the BASIC computer language and your TRS-80 computer, you can create graphic displays that only a few years ago were the exclusive turf of owners of bigger computers. The book begins with the basics and works from line drawings through geometrics and on up to moving figure animation and more advanced operations. A great handbook on computer graphics for microcomputer owners at all levels of experience...' (from the rear cover)

Appr.: | AUD 6.33 CAD 6.21 EUR 4.41 GBP 3.23 JPY 500.00 MXN 62.50 ZAR 55.56 

Purchase direct from: Item number: C3120.
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Journal of Visual Languages and Computing, full year 1991, four individual issues, Volume 2, no. 1 March 1991 through Vo
Publisher: Academic Press, ISSN 1045-926X, approx. 124 pages each issue, 4 individual issues, diagrams, references.
Good overall, gray glossy cardstock covers, 7x9, with titles in white and maroon on cover; light shelfwear and some rubbing and corner creases, bindings are secure and tight, no. 4 December issue with sparse red ink underlines on a few pages; no. 3 September issue with old dampstain and mottling on upper righthand corners of rear cover and last 10 pages or so of that issue (Fair condition only)

Includes all of the 4 quarterly issues for 1991Volume 2, no. 1 March 1991 -- An object-oriented number (Levialdi)Visual logic programming (Pau and Olason)Visual programming in the ObjectWorld (Penz)Object-oriented visualization of scientific data (Walther and Peskin)Icon systems for object-oriented system design (Olson)Simulation of hepatological models - a study in visual interactive exploration of scientific problems (Mussio, Pietrogrande and Protti)Volume 2, no. 2 June 1991 -- An expert visual query system (Cinque, Levialdi and Ferloni)The TableTalk query language (Epstein)Visual reply to map-related queries (Holmes)VLP - a visual logic programming language (Ladret and Rueher)Tools review - Prograph 2.0 from TGS Systems (Golin)Volume 2, no. 3, September 1991 -- Pictorial data management based upon the theory of symbolic projections (Chang and Jungert)An integrated data flow visual language and software development environment (Rasure and Williams)Design and Modeling with schema grammars (Friedell and Kochhar)Officeaid VPE - a visual programming with examples system for specifying routine office tasks (Di Felice, Lochovsky and Mosser)Tools review -- Serius, a visual programming environment (Landay)Volume 2, no. 4 December 1991 -- Theory of visual languages (Golin)A declarative specification and semantics for visual languages (Helm and Marriott)Relation grammars and their application to multi-dimensional languages (Crimi, Guercio et al)Unification-based grammars and tabular parsing for graphical languages (Wittenburg, Weitzman and Talley)Parsing visual languages with picture layout grammars (Golin)A formal specification scheme for network diagrams that facilitates automated design (Marks)The Journal of Visual Languages and Computing is a forum for researchers, practitioners, and developers to exchange ideas and results for the advancement of visual languages and its implication to the art of computing. The journal publishes research papers, state-of-the-art surveys, and review articles in all aspects of visual languages

Appr.: | AUD 12.66 CAD 12.42 EUR 8.81 GBP 6.45 JPY 1,000.00 MXN 125.00 ZAR 111.11 

Purchase direct from: Item number: M746.

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Journal of Visual Languages and Computing, full year 1990, four individual issues, Volume 1, no. 1 March 1990 through Vo
Publisher: Academic Press, ISSN 1045-926X, approx. 124 pages each issue, 4 individual issues, diagrams, references.
Very Good, gray glossy cardstock covers, 7x9, with titles in white and maroon on cover; light shelfwear and some rubbing and corner creases, bindings are secure and tight, pages clean with small red pen marks sparsely in no. 1, otherwise unmarked

The Journal of Visual Languages and Computing is a forum for researchers, practitioners, and developers to exchange ideas and results for the advancement of visual languages and its implication to the art of computing. The journal publishes research papers, state-of-the-art surveys, and review articles in all aspects of visual languagesIncludes all of the 4 quarterly issues for 1990, the first year of the Journal. Volume 1, no. 1, March 1990 -- Exploring the general-purpose visual alternative (Glinert, Kopache and McIntyre_Visual Reasoning for information retrieval from very large databases (Chang)IconicBrowser - an inconic retrieval system for object-oriented databases (Tsuda, Yoshitaka et al)Naming pictures (Kosslyn and Chabris)Taxonomies of visual programming and program visualization (Myers)Volume 1, no 2 June 1990 -- VIVA, a visual language for image processing (Tanimoto)The specification of visual language syntax (Golin and Reiss)Visual forms of iteration that preserve single assignment (Ambler and Burnett)Content oriented visual interface using video icons for visual database systems (Tonomura and Abe)R-technology -- a Soviet visual programming environment (McHenry)Volume 1, no. 3 September 1990 -- The path-transition paradigm, a practical methodolgy for adding animation to program interfaces (Stasko)Temporal hyperprogramming (Stotts and Furuta)Query by diagram, a fully visual query system (Angelagcio, Catarci and Santucci)The implementation of a visual language interface for an object-oriented multimedia database system (Mun-Kew et al)Report on workshop on very large spatial databases (Smith and Frank)Volume 1, no. 4, December 1990 -- A seamless integration of graphics and dialogues within a logic based object-oriented language (Staes et al)Generation of visual language-oriented design environments (Backlund, Hagsand and Pehrson)Grammatical inference algorithms for the generation of visual languages (Crimi, Guercio, Tucci et al)Conceptual distance and interface-supported visualization of information objects and patterns (Treu)Interaction with geographic information systems via spatial queries (Egenhofer)

Appr.: | AUD 15.82 CAD 15.53 EUR 11.01 GBP 8.06 JPY 1,250.00 MXN 156.25 ZAR 138.89 

Purchase direct from: Item number: M745.

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King, Julie Adair  
Easy Web Graphics

Publisher: Microsoft Press Redmond, WA, 2001.
Very Good+. First Printing, Paperback. ISBN: 0735611920 Name penned inside front cover; Paperback. Xvi + 270 pp. Color illustrations. Index. Guide for creating web pages; 8vo; xvi + 279 pages

Appr.: | AUD 4.81 CAD 4.72 EUR 3.35 GBP 2.45 JPY 380.00 MXN 47.50 ZAR 42.22 

Purchase direct from: Wickham Books South. Item number: 19196.
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Levine, Martin  
Vision in Man and Machine

Publisher: McGraw Hill, NY 1985, later printing; 574 pages, Index, References, illustrations and photographs.
Very Good hardcover in Very Good pictorial dustjacket and clear acetate glassine jacket protector. Some shelfwear to jacket; binding is sound and secure, pages are clean, unmarked

Contents includes Sections with multiple chapters in each -- introduction, psycholphysics and neurophysiology, computer vision, an example of computer image processing; Computer Vision Systems - creating the pictorial information system, sensors and digitizers, the image processor;

Biological Vision Systems - the optical system, electrooptical receptors, the visual pathway, signal coding and processing; Biological signal processing

Edge Detection - feature detection in animals, characteristics of edges, parallel scanning methods, sequential scanning methods; Spatial- and Frequency-Domain Processing - image coding etc

Color Organization and Aggregation, texture; Shape - space-domain techniques, scalar transform techniques, etc; Bibliography and references at ends of Sections

Appr.: | AUD 12.66 CAD 12.42 EUR 8.81 GBP 6.45 JPY 1,000.00 MXN 125.00 ZAR 111.11 

Purchase direct from: Item number: AC3305.
Order From Dealer
Martin, Francis  
Computer Modeling and Simulation
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, NY 1968; 331 pages, index, diagrams, Bibliography, appendices.
Very Good or a bit better, black cloth hardcover with titles in silver on spine; in Good+ pink and white dustjacket; jacket with edgewear esp. at spine ends. Binding is tight, pages clean, unmarked

Includes definitions and history; Applications; Methods, Techniques and Tools - stochastic features, data handling, statistical techniques, modeling tools and techniques - computer programming, simulation languages etc;

Model Construction, conceptualization, implementation, program the model for the computer, check the program, determine computer availability, execute computer runs, analyze the outputs etc

Appr.: | AUD 6.33 CAD 6.21 EUR 4.41 GBP 3.23 JPY 500.00 MXN 62.50 ZAR 55.56 

Purchase direct from: Item number: M689.
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Newman, William and Robert Sproull  
Principles of Interactive Computer Graphics, second edition 1979
Publisher: McGraw-Hill NY 1973, second edition 1979; mcgraw hill computer science series; 541 pages, photos;.
Contains Index and extensive bibliography, as well as black and white and some color photographs of early computer illustrations & graphics.

CONTENTS -- BASIC CONCEPTS - introduction - the Origins of Computer Graphics; How the Interactive-Graphics Display Works; Some common questions; New Display Devices; General-purpose Graphics Software; The User Interface; The Display of Solid Objects; POINT-PLOTTING TECHNIQUES - coordinate systems; Incremental methods; Line-Drawing Algorithms; Circle Generators; LINE-DRAWING DISPLAYS -- Display devices & controllers; Display devices; The CRT; Inherent-memory Devices; The Storage-Tube Dispaly; The Refresh Line-Drawing Display;

TWO-DIMENSIONAL TRANSFORMATIONS -- Transformation principles; Concatenation; Matrix Representation; CLIPPING AND WINDOWING -- a line clipping Algorithm; Midpoint Subdivision; Clipping other Graphic Entities; polygon clipping; Viewing transformations; The Windowing transformation; GRAPHICS PACKAGES - Ground rules for Graphics software Design; functional domains; Graphic Primitives; implementation of the functions; processor; display-code generator; SEGMENTED DISPLAY FILES; DISPLAY FILE COMPILATION - refresh concurrent with reconstruction, free storage allocation, display-file structure, storage-tube terminals etc; GEOMETRIC MODELS - simple modeling example, instances transformations etc; PICTURE STRUCTURE defining symbols by procedures, boxing, etc;

INTERACTIVE GRAPHICS -- GRAPHICAL INPUT DEVICES pointing & positioning devices, the Mouse, Tablets, the light pen, three-dimensional input devices, comparators; GRAPHICAL INPUT TECHNIQUES inking & painting, online character recognition etc; EVENT HANDLING polling, interrupts, event queue etc; INPUT FUNCTIONS;





A look at state-of-the-art in computer graphics as it existed in the late 1970's

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Rimmer, Steve  
Bit-Mapped Graphics
Publisher: Windcrest, TAB Books, PA 1990, stated first edition first printing; 492 pages, index, appendices, illustrations and some.
Near Fine, large medium-blue paper-over-boards, Hardcover, no dustjacket; slight crimp at upper spine end, slight rubbing to covers. Title on spine in silver; The binding is sound, secure and square; pages are clean, unmarked. Appears unread

Sections with multiple subchapters. Includes -- An introduction to Imaging C programming considerations; debugging assembly language subroutines, more;The Secret of MacPaint Files - the header; unpacking the picture, unpacking a whole image; MacPaint files on an EGA Card, moreGEM/IMG Files and the Ventura Connection - decoding IMG fiels, packing it up again

PC Painbrush Files -- Color at Last -- monocrhome PCX Files; sixteen-color images; the 256-color PCX format; file portability, more

All the Colors of GIF -- Decoding - basic compression, GIF header; LZW compression and decoompression; file decoder, etcAll the Colors of GIF -- Encoding - binary images, forming the header, image compressionTIFF Files -- the variable standard; tags, color TIFF files, packing TIFF files etcHigh-Speed Monochrome Screen Drivers - writing the driver, C Language calling program, Hercules card features, video hardware detection, independent mode switching etc

High-Speed Color Screen Drivers, Printing and Encapsulated PostScript Files - Dot matrix printers; LaserJets; Postscript; more

Dithering Format Translation - monochrome file format converters; macpaint file conversion; color file converters, Gif to PCX translation; PCX to GIF conversion, more

Appendices, using Microsoft Quick C and ohter C Compilers; The TIFF 4.0 tag set

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Rosenfeld, Azriel  
Picture Processing by Computer
Publisher: Academic Press NY 1969, second printing 1971; 196 pages, Index, author index, photos, diagrams, Refs.
Good++ black cloth hardcover, no dustjacket; titles stamped in gilt on cover & spine; prev. owner's name stamped on textblock bottom, corners bumped; binding is sound, pages unmarkedComputer Science and Applied Mathematics series of texts & monographs. CONTENTS -- Pictures & Picture Processing - picture functions; picture processing problems; general References; Picture Coding -- probability and information; efficient encoding - single messages; efficient encoding - sequences of messages; some additional remarks on encoding; Approximation of Pictures -- sampling (prespecified sample points); quantization (prespecified levels); variable sampling & quantization; approximation of line drawings; Proof of the sampling theorem; Position-Invariant Operations on Pictures I - Theory -- position-invariant operations; linear operations; Fourier Transform; spread & transfer functions; II - Implementations -- Digital implementations; Electro-optical implementations; optical implementations - methods not requiring coherent light; optical implementations - methods requiring coherent light; Position-Invariant operations on Pictures III - Applications -- matched filtering (template matching); spatial frequency filtering and image restoration; measurement of image quality; image enhancement (smoothing); image enhancement (sharpening); Picture properties and Pictorial Pattern Recognition -- property selection; classes of properties; functions of pictures; Picture Segmentation -- segmentations of an arbitrary picture; subsets derivable from a given subset - connectivity; distance; direction and shape; Geometrical Properties of Picture Subsets -- topological properties; metric properties - size; shape; subsets; Functions of picture subsets; Picture Description and Picture Languages picture description languages; pictures languages; models for classes of picturesAdditional pictures available

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Ryan, Daniel  
Computer-Aided Graphics and Design, second edition revised and expanded
Publisher: Marcel Dekker, NY, 1985; 398 pages, index, diagrams, photographs.
Very Good gray and blue decorated glossy coated hardcover, rubberstamp of prev. owner along textblock fore-edges, binding is sound and secure, pages clean, unmarked

Includes Sections on, Automated Graphics; Principles of Automated Graphics; Computerizing the Design Process; Graphics Systems and Programming; Pictorial Representation; Computerized Descriptive Geometry; DVST Graphics Terminals; Automated Vector Analysis; Computer-generated Charts and Graphis; Sample Programs and User problems'The unique features of the second edition are - it is a complete study of engineering graphics, not a computer or mathematics textbook; types of modern (circa 1985) CAD equipment are demonstrated and explained in may terms; the book has a substantial amount of illustrative examples with computer solutions explained in step by step fashion; COmmon computer languages such as BASIC and FORTRAN are used side by side (from the Introducton)

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Stanton, Jeffrey.  
Apple Graphics & Arcade Game Design.

Publisher: Los Angeles, CA: The Book Company, 1982..
ISBN: 9780912003016 No statement of edition. 288 pp. Near Fine condition (corners crisp, no creases, no markings; just a trace of wear to cover). A clean, solid copy. Paperback

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Traister, Robert J.  
Graphics Programs for the IBM PC
Publisher: TAB Books, PA, 1983, stated first edition first printing; ISBN 0830615563; 245 pages, index, black and white as well as.
Very Good, 8x10 softcover, shelfwear at spine ends, spine crease. Binding is secure and sound, pages are clean, unmarked

Includes Sections on -- the IBM Personal Computer; IBM BASIC; IBM Personal computer Graphics; Color Monitors; Text Mode Graphics Programs; High-resolution Color Graphics; Color Graphics Animation; Printer Graphics; appendices on error messages, QuickDraw and more'Use the full graphics potential of your IBM PC... master the powerful grphics commands offered by the Advanced BASIC included on your IBM DOS... starts with the fundamentals of IBM BASIC and a look at the IMB PC hardware, printer, adapter, color/grphics monitor and adapter, memory expansion kits, diskette drive, asynchronous adapter, game control adapter, and more... Eight pages in full color showing you how your graphics creations will appear on your video screen...' (from the rear cover)

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Ware, Colin  
Information Visualization -- Perception for Design
Publisher: Morgan Kaufman Publishers, CA 2000, 438 pgs. Illustrations, color and black and white photographs; Appendices, Bibliogra.
Very Good, large oversized hardcover; binding is tight and pages are clean and unmarkedFoundations for a Science of Data Visualization -- Visualization Stages, Experimental Semiotics Based on Perception, Gibson's Affordance Theory, A Model of Perceptual Processing, Types of Data; The Environment, Optics, Resolution, & the Display -- The Environment, The Eye, The Optimal Display; Lightness, Brightness, Contrast, & Constancy -- Neurons, Receptive Fields, & Brightness Illusions, Simultaneous Contrast & Errors in Reading Maps, Luminance, Brightness, Lightness, & Gamma; Color -- Trichromacy Theory, Color Blindness, Color Measurement, CIE System of Color Standards, Color Differences & Uniform Color Spaces, Opponent Process Theory, Color Appearance, Applications of Color in Visualization; Visual Attention & Information That Pops Out -- Eye Movements, Visual Attention, Searching, & System Monitoring, Reading from the Iconic Buffer, Neural Processing, Graphemes, & Tuned Receptors, The Gabor Model & Texture in Visualization, Texture Coding Information, Glyphs & Multivariate Discrete Data;Static & Moving Patterns -- Gestalt Laws, More on Contours, Perception of Transparency - Overlapping Data, The Perceptual Syntax of Diagams, Patterns in Motion; Visual Objects & Data Objects -- Image-Based Object Recognition, The Object Display & Object-Based Diagrams, Perceiving the Surface Shapes of Objects;Space Perception & the Display of Data in Space -- Depth Cue Theory, Task-Based Space Perception; Images & Words -- Coding Words & Images, Visual & Spoken Language, Animated Visual Language; Interacting With Visualizations -- Visual-Manual Control Loop, View Refinement & Navigation Loop, Problem-Solving Loop

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Watkins, Christopher and Larry Sharp; Mark Finlay editor  
Programming in 3 Dimensions - 3-D Graphics, Ray Tracing and Animation with 5 1/4 disk included
Publisher: M&T Books CA 1992; large thick glossy cover, softbound, disk in plastic at rear; 466 pages, illustra.
Very Good or a bit better; tight sound binding, pages are clean, unmarked. A nice copy of this.Disk includes listings for producings high-quality, 3-dimensional images and animation sequences. 16 pages of full-color graphics. Topics include Universal Routines explores the mathematics and graphics interface modules; interesting programs include a three-dimensional orbit simulator, iterated function system generator, various cellular automation software; 3-Dimensional Modeling describes the 3-D modeling database structure; includes instructions for creating objects made of facets, rendering a scene of objects, and creating an animation sequence with a scene script generator; Ray-Tracing discusses ray tracing theory and database structure; shows how to develop a ray tracing program that bundles groups of objects with larger objects to increase speed; also examines using database generators to create interesting animation sequences and high-resolution single-frame images; Animation section details various animation techniques and presents a complete animation program. The examples and sample programs are provided on disk in MS/PC-DOS format; the listings require an IBM PC or compatible with a VGA card, a VGA monitor, and Borland C++

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Yamada, S; Fornanago, J P  
Experimental Results for Local Filtering of Digitized Pictures
Publisher: Report No. 184, Dept. of Computer Science, University of Illinois, Urbana, Ill.,June 15, 1965; 44 pages, illustrations,.
Very Good overall, turquoise-blue and white cardstock covers with illustration of punched card on cover front, bound stapled wraps with cloth tape along spine. A bit of shelfwear, rubberstamp of corporation address on front cover. Sound and secure binding, clean ad unmarked pagesContents include Labeling; noise cleaning; Reconnection; Extraction of Features; more'The purpose of this paper is to investigate a general plan for the local recognition of visual patterns... Programs to test the filtering theory were written in PA, a parallel processing language written for the IBM 7094-1401 System at eh University of Illinois; portions have been written in SCATRE, the assembly language for that system...' (from the Introduction)

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