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Category: All Categories: Technical and Engineering: Electronics Repair
14 items found.   List items by:   Author     Title     Publisher
Banzhaf, Walter  
Computer-Aided Circuit Analysis uisng PSPICE, second edition
Publisher: Prentice-Hall NJ 1989, second edition 1992; 310 pages, illustrations and examples.
Very Good, 7x9 maroon and gold and white cardstock covers, softcover; binding is sound and secure, slight cover wear, pages clean and unmarked

Includes Sections such as, Introduction to Computer-aided circuit analysis and PSpice; Ground Rules of PSpice and Basic element line rules; First attempt at analysis, with sample circuits;

Linear dependent sources; Types of analysis; Formatting PSpice output - printing tables and graphs; Probe - a Graphics Post-processor; Subcircuits; Transmission Lines; and MORE mb2

Appr.: | AUD 6.76 CAD 6.67 EUR 4.72 GBP 3.96 JPY 500.00 MXN 83.33 ZAR 71.43 

Purchase direct from: Item number: B632.
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Carr, Joseph J.  
The Complete Handbook of Amplifiers, Oscillators & Multivibrators
Publisher: TAB Books Inc., PA, 1981, 364 pages, Illustrations, Index.
Very Good or a bit better overall, large softcover, binding is sound and tight, pages clean and unmarked. A nice copy of this

Basic Semiconductor Theory - The pn Junction -- Elementary Semiconductor Theory, The PN Junction; Basic Transistor Theor y-- Amplification, Frequency Response of Transistors; Amplifier Basics -- Classification by Common Element, Classification by Conduction Angle, Classification by Transfer Function, Classification by Feedback versus Nonfeedback, Classification by Frequency Response, Amplifier Coupling Methods;

Designing Transistor Amplifiers -- Transistor Ratings, Load Lines; Field-Effect Transistor s-- JFETs, Enhancement MOSFETs; Designing with FETs -- The Two Operating Modes, Graphical Method; Bipolar Transistor Power Amplifiers -- Class-A Amplifiers, Class-B Amplifiers, Class A-B Operation & Crossover Distortion, Miscellaneous Topics;

Transistor RF Power Amplifiers -- Suitable Amplifier Classes, Simple RF Amplifiers, RF Power Transistors, Typical 30-MHz Circuit; Introduction to Operational Amplifiers -- Op Amp Basics, Op Amp Circuits, Op Amp Packages; Inverting Followers -- Virtual Ground, Analysis of the Inverting Follower; Noninverting Followers -- Circuit Analysis, Unity-Gain Noninverting Followers;

Differential & Instrumentation Amplifiers -- Single-Ended Outputm, Operational Amplifier Differential Amplifiers, Common-Mode Rejection Ratio, Improved Differential Amplifier, Differential Amplifier Applications, Practical Differential Amplifier for Biophysical Measurements; Isolation Amplifiers; Operational Amplifier Problems; Amplifier Projects; Analog Active Filters; AC Amplifiers; CDA & OTA Amplifiers; Linear IC Amplifiers; Using Intefrators & Differentiators; Logarithmic & Anti-Logarithmic Amplifiers;

Voltage-to-Current Converters; Current Amplifiers; Chopper, Carrier & Lock-in Amplifiers; Problems with Applying Amplifiers; General Oscillator Theory; RC Sinewave Oscillator Circuits; LC Oscillator Circuits; RC Monostable Multivibrators; RC Square Wave & Triangle Oscillators; Crystal Oscillators; Solid-State Microwave Devices

Appr.: | AUD 10.81 CAD 10.67 EUR 7.55 GBP 6.33 JPY 800.00 MXN 133.33 ZAR 114.29 

Purchase direct from: Item number: B284.
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Hallmark, Clayton  
The Master IC Cookbook - use it now info on every IC family and function - CMOS and TTL 4000 and 7400 series digital ICs
Publisher: Tab books PA 1980, fourth printing 1981, 476 pages, diagrams.
Very Good overall, thick 6x9 white cardstock covers, softcover, light blue rear cover with yellow inset of other titles; with title in outline on spine, and lower spine with TAB publisher name in black; some cover scuffs and grime, some thumbing but thick binding is sound and secure, pages clean and unmarked

A really complete coverage of IC families -- one-stop source of descriptions, pinouts and absolute maximum ratings for all classifications of ICs from the rearl ocver

Appr.: | AUD 10.81 CAD 10.67 EUR 7.55 GBP 6.33 JPY 800.00 MXN 133.33 ZAR 114.29 

Purchase direct from: Item number: R197.
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Inbody, Don  
Principles and Practice of Digital ICS and LEDS / ICs and LEDs
Publisher: TAB Books, PA 1984, stated first edition, first printing; 277 pages, index, glossary, diagrams and photographs.
Very Good glossy covers, hardcover, 5.5x9 size, slight wear at cornertips and spine ends; binding is tight and secure, pages are clean and unmarked. A nice copy of this

A practical, hands-on guide to understanding and using digital integrated circuits and LED readouts. Contens include -- Digital basics - digital logic, TTL and CMOS, block diagrams etc; getting started - tools, breadboards, test equipment, components, power supplies etc;

Light Emitting Diodes; Building Blocks; Construction Techniques; Troubleshooting; Projects -- logic probe; electronic game box; electronic metronome; executive decision maker; TTL design aid, more; DIgital Timer Projects including an analog/digital clock; Fundamentals of electricity; Selected Integrated Circuits and LED displays; References; sources of components; Schematic diagram symbols

Appr.: | AUD 8.11 CAD 8.00 EUR 5.66 GBP 4.75 JPY 600.00 MXN 100.00 ZAR 85.71 

Purchase direct from: Item number: C811085.
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Lenk, John D  
Handbook of Advanced Troubleshooting
Publisher: Prentice-Hall NJ 1983. later printing; 306 pages, index, photographs and illustrations.
Very Good or a bit better, dark brown hardcover with title in gilt on cover and spine; binding is tight and square, pages are clean and unmarked; one small slight 'ding' along front cover edgeSections include -- Introd. to advanced troubleshooting; Communications Test Equipment - signal generators; oscilloscopes; meters; probes; frequency meters and counters; dummy load; RF wattmeter; field strength meter; standing-wave-ratio measurements; dip meters; spectrum analyzer and FM deviation meter; more; Communications Troubleshooting; Digital Test Equipment - inlcudes oscilloscopes; multimeters; pulse generators; logic probe; logic pulser; current tracer; logic clip; logic comparator; logic analyzer; signature analyzer; Microprocessor-Based Digital Troubleshooting -- some troubleshooting problems unique to microprocessors; basic digital IC test and troubleshooting; procedure when a microprocessor does not yield to routine troubleshooting approaches; analyzing microcomputer program flow during troubleshooting; using an analyzer during troubleshooting; NTSC Signals used in television and VCR troubleshooting; moreAdditional pictures available

Appr.: | AUD 16.89 CAD 16.67 EUR 11.79 GBP 9.89 JPY 1,250.00 MXN 208.33 ZAR 178.57 

Purchase direct from: Item number: C811111.
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Lenk, John D  
Handbook for Transistors - guide covering practical text procedures
Publisher: Prentice-Hall NJ 1976, Reward paperback edition 1979; 296 pages, Index, circuit diagrams, illustrat..
Very Good overall, 5x8 softcover, green cardstock covers; some shelfwear & scuffs, binding is tight, pages clean and unmarked

Includes sections on transistor basics, Two-Junction (Bipolar) transistors; Field Effect Transistors, FET operating modes, practical MOSFETs etc; Unijunction Transistors; Audio-frequency Considerations for transistors; Radio-frequency considerations for transistors, RF amplifier design approaches etc

Appr.: | AUD 10.81 CAD 10.67 EUR 7.55 GBP 6.33 JPY 800.00 MXN 133.33 ZAR 114.29 

Purchase direct from: Item number: C810911.
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Lenk, John D  
Handbook of Practical Microcomputer Troubleshooting / Heathkit / HP hewlett-packard
Publisher: Reston Publishing Co, VA 1979, 2nd printing; 389 pages, Index, photographs, circuit diagrams etc.
Very Good or a bit better, dark blue hardcover in Very Good+ dustjacket and clear acetate glassine jacket protector. Binding tight and square, pages clean, unmarked. A nice copy of this. Troubleshooting guide integrates microcomputer system basics with test equipment and procedures; electronic and mechanical functions of each piece of hardware, CRTs, disks, tape readers, card readers, printers; how to apply meters, multi-trace oscilloscopes, logic analyzers etc; sections focus on the Heathkit series H11 etc; and the Hewlett Packard Model 1610, 1611 etc. Contents -- Introd. to Microcomputer Basics; microprocessor hardware, memory hardware, input/output hardware, system timing & synchronization, machine language vs assembly language programming, etc; Peripheral Equipment -- Electric Typewriter or TTY terminals; Video Terminal (Keyboard/CRT); Paper tape reader and punch; output printers; magnetic recording basics; tape recording basics; diskette (floppy disk) recording basics; data communications; MICROCOMPUTER TROUBLESHOOTING EQUIPMENT -- safety precautions; logic probe, logic pulser, current tracer; logic clip, logic comparator; Hewlett Packard Model 1611A logic state analyzer; Hewlett Packard Model 1610A logic state analyzer; Hewlett Packard Model 1602A logic state analyzer; Tektronix 7D01 logic analyzer and DF1 Display formatter; TYPICAL MICROCOMPUTER CIRCUITS AND CIRCUIT TROUBLESHOOTING -- Heathkit Model H11 Computer System; Heathkit H11-1 4k memory expansion module; Heathkit H11-2 Parallel interface module; Heathkit H11-5 Serial Interface module; Heathkit model H9 video terminal; Heathkit Model H10 paper-tape reader/punch; OVERALL MICROCOMPUTER TROUBLESHOOTING Approaches -- basic digital IC troubleshooting techniques; troubleshooting in the development stage; analyzing microcomputer program flow during troubleshooting; using the Hewlett Packard 1610A Logic state analyzer; Serial pattern recognition problems; using the Tektronix 7D01 logic analyzer. Additional pictures at

Appr.: | AUD 18.24 CAD 18.00 EUR 12.74 GBP 10.68 JPY 1,350.00 MXN 225.00 ZAR 192.86 

Purchase direct from: Item number: C810926.
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Mackenroth, Donald and Leo Sands  
Illustrated Encyclopedia of Solid-State Circuits and Applications
Publisher: Prentice-Hall NJ 1984, stated first edition; 353 pages, Index, circuit & diagrams at rear, illus..
Very Good+ dark blue hardcover in Very Good+ dustjacket & clear acetate glassine jacket protector; binding is square and tight, pages clean, unmarked. A nice copy of this.Fully illustrated workbench reference containing complete data & diagrams of hundreds of semiconductor devices, from basic diodes and junctions transistors to CMOS and VFET devices. Detailed data on the design and uses of 334 different circuits Includes Radio/tv receivers; Electronic controls; Demodulators and detectors; Power supplies; RF amplifiers; Oscillaors and frequency generators; Mixers and frequency converters; audio amplifiers; digital logic and computer circuits, and more. Additional pictures available

Appr.: | AUD 16.89 CAD 16.67 EUR 11.79 GBP 9.89 JPY 1,250.00 MXN 208.33 ZAR 178.57 

Purchase direct from: Item number: C810933.
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Thyristors, Rectifiers, and Diacs; Selection Guide, Data, Application Notes, 1973; RCA Solid State Databook Series
Publisher: RCA, 1973 edition, 528 pages, tables, diagrams, schematics.
Very Good, orge green and white cardstock covers, softcover, prev. owner's rubberstamp on textblock fore-edges. The binding is secure and tight, pages clean, unmarked

Contains complete data and related application notes on thyristors, rectifiers and diacs available from RCA Solid State Division as standard products.. includes developmental-to-commercial-number cross-reference index, a comprehensive subject index, and a complete index to all standard devices.. Data sheets are grouped into triacs, silicon controlled rectifiers, rectifiers, and diacs.. AND MORE

Appr.: | AUD 6.76 CAD 6.67 EUR 4.72 GBP 3.96 JPY 500.00 MXN 83.33 ZAR 71.43 

Purchase direct from: Item number: B534.
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Sessions, Ken  
Miniature Projects for Electronic Hobbyists - oscillators, FET etc, 1974
Publisher: TAB Books, PA 1973, second edition 1974; 168 pages, Index, circuit diagrams and illustrations; TAB Books no. 667.
Good overall, softcover, 5x8.5 size, shelfwear to covers, spine creases and rubbing, with lower rear cover and last few pages dinged and creased. The binding is sound and secure; pages clean and secure, one or two projects (for example, the metronome) have annotations in pencil about the circuits etc

Contents include soldering, component mounting, plastic-box chassis etc; The Unijunction Oscillator -- the unijunction transistor; Code Practice Oscillator, morse code etc; Projects include -- AF SIgnal Generator; Music Instruction Metronome; Signal Injector; RF Signal generator; Tone-burst Oscillator; Simple Field-Effect Transistor Circuits -- Hi-Fi Phono preamplifier; four-input audio mixer; Proximity detector and touch switch; Moisture detector; Light-actuated relay; adjustable timer; alarm warbler; Practicing with Principles -- transformers, relays, other passive devices, semiconductors -- low-voltage DC power supply; sound-activated relay; transistor siren; model railroad wigwag; automatic rooster; burglar alarm trigger; novely fuse tester etc

Appr.: | AUD 4.05 CAD 4.00 EUR 2.83 GBP 2.37 JPY 300.00 MXN 50.00 ZAR 42.86 

Purchase direct from: Item number: C811073.

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Signetics; Phillips components  
Data Handbook Signetics FAST Logic, 1989
Publisher: Signetics, TX, 1989, 1178 pages, diagrams and schematics, tables etc; multi-column text and tables.
Very Good, large thick softcover, glossy cardstock covers gray and pink. Some cover bends and slight wear at corners, with hard bump and a small cover tear/thumbwear along bottom front. The binding is sound and secure, the pages are clean and unmarked

Function Selection Guide; Quality & Reliability; Circuit Characteristics; FAST User's Guide -- Data Sheet Specification Guide, Design Considerations; Military Information; 74F Series Data Sheets; FAST Application Notes;

Surface Mounted ICs; Package Outlines -- Package Outlines for Plastic Packages, Package Outlines for Ceramica Package; Sales Offices

Appr.: | AUD 10.81 CAD 10.67 EUR 7.55 GBP 6.33 JPY 800.00 MXN 133.33 ZAR 114.29 

Purchase direct from: Item number: B288.
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Texas Instruments  
The Linear and Interface Circuits Data Book for Design Engineers, TI Texas Instruments
Publisher: TI, Dallas TX 1973 stated first edition; approx. 550 pages, each Section paginated separately; tabbed sections, diagrams.
Good to very good overall, large thick orange flexible-hardcover with plastic cover protection, a bit of use and wear, pages unmarked

Includes Sections such as, future products; Operational amplifiers; Voltage regulaors, comparators; Video amplifiers; Line Circutis; MOS Memory interface circutis; Magnetic memory and peripheral drivers; IC sockets and interconnection panels; Numerical, Functional, cross-reference; more mb12

Appr.: | AUD 10.81 CAD 10.67 EUR 7.55 GBP 6.33 JPY 800.00 MXN 133.33 ZAR 114.29 

Purchase direct from: Item number: B606.
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texas instruments  
The MOS Memory Data Book for Design Engineers 1980 TI Texas Instruments, includes multipage Errata Sheet laid in
Publisher: Engineering Staff of Texas Instruments, Semiconductor Group; 185 pages, diagrams.
Very Good overall, orangeyellow cardstock covers, some wear at spine ends, small corner crease; binding is sound and secure, pages clean and unmarked

Includes Sections on -- Reference - alphanumeric index, table of contents, selection guide, sales offices and distributors etc;

Interchangeability Guide; Dynamic Ram Data Sheets; Static Ram Data Sheets; EPROM Data Sheets; ROM data sheets; Memory Systems Data sheets; Mechanical Data; Manufacturing flow; Testing/Reliability; Glossary, timing conventions, data sheet structure; Logic symbols

Appr.: | AUD 10.81 CAD 10.67 EUR 7.55 GBP 6.33 JPY 800.00 MXN 133.33 ZAR 114.29 

Purchase direct from: Item number: M676.
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Van Erk, Rien  
Oscilloscopes: Functional Operation and Measuring Examples

Publisher: Mcgraw Hill 1978.
Good in Good dust jacket Hardcover Ex-Library copy; with typical markings. Light rubbing to binding. Some spine twist. DJ pasted to endpapers. Older library mylar on DJ; DJ rubbed, bumped, with edgewear at top front. Pages clean, but for library markings. ; 270 pages; Ex-Lib

Appr.: | AUD 16.22 CAD 16.00 EUR 11.32 GBP 9.49 JPY 1,200.00 MXN 200.00 ZAR 171.43 

Purchase direct from: Crossroad Books. Item number: 26488.
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14 items found

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