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Category: All Categories: Technical and Engineering: Automation
4 items found.   List items by:   Author     Title     Publisher
DSIR, Dept. of Scientific and Industrial Research  
2 booklets, Automation in Perspective; and, Automation; 1956, report on technical trends and their impact on management
Publisher: DSIR, London, Her Majesty's Stationery Office, 1956; 106 ages, and 28 pages, illustrations, some photographs.
Good to Very Good overall, each booklet heavy paper wraps decorated with paper-tape illustrations, one in red and white, the other in black and white; about 6x9 size. Bindings secure and sound with a slight lean; pages thumbed but clean and unmarked

Includes, 1) Automation in Perspective -- where is automation heading; how far and how fast; how will it affect management; how will it affect labour; conclusions and appendix - training courses relevant to automation -- This is the short and simply written version of the report on Automation issued by the Departmnt in May 1956 See 2) below< Automation is a new word for a new purpose..

2) Automation -- report on technical trends and their impact on management and labor. the development and application of the automatic electronic computer -- commonly known as the 'electronic brain' -- for the integration and control of office procedures and manufacturing processes is something new, beckoning us toward the electric ofice and the automatic factory of which we can laready see the outlines..' (from the Preface)

Contents includes, Auomation in Perspective -- historical perspective; a concept of automatic production; examples - piston factory in the U.S.S.R.; a building-board factory in the U.K.

The Technical Trends -- atuomatic machining; automatic process-control; batch processes; control of combustion; small firms; the present and the future; more

Automatic Processing of data -- electronic digital computers - single-purpose machines; general-purpose machines; five recent 1950's applications - General Electric Compan; Joseph Lyons and Company; Monsanto Chemical Company; Insurance companies; Bank of Ameirca; Technical limitations of exisitng computers - speed; reliability and accuracy; The future

The extent and Rate of Development; the Impact on Management; The IMpact on Labour - automation and employment; the New skills - computer-teams, electronic digital computer in an office, more;

COnclusions -- analogue and digital computers, an explanatory note; some costing and operational studies of automatic equipment already in use; traning courses relevant to automation; References, more

Appr.: | AUD 33.78 CAD 33.33 EUR 23.58 GBP 19.78 JPY 2,500.00 MXN 416.67 ZAR 357.14 

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George, F. H.  
Automation, Cybernetics and Society
Publisher: Philosophical Library, NY, 1959 283 pages, index, illustrations.
Good overall hardcover, blue cloth boards, no dustjacket; ex library with a small pocket, checkout form and stamps, numbers on spine, Franklin Institute bookplate, binding slightly cracked, edgewear, corners bumped, interior clean

The Argument (effects of automation); The Social Background of Automation -- Science and Common Sense; The Nature of Science; Automation;

Cybernetics and Automation -- Cybernetics; Communication Theory; Signs, Language, and Communication; Logic and Machines; Computers and Computations; Servo-Systems; Cybernetics and Psychology; Cybernetics and Physiology; The Philosophical Problem of the Machine; Organisms, Models, and Feedback; Programming a Computer to Learn;

Operational Research and Automation -- Social Science, Anthropology, and the Machine; Methods of the Psychologist in the Age of Automation;Social Control and Communication; Operational Research and Scientific Method; The Future of Automation; The Automatic Factory; The Future of Civilization

half-page b&w photos of The Deuce computer in use, An exposed view of the magnetic drum for the Deuce storage unit, The Ferranti Pegasus computer, Main magnetic drum store of Pegasus, Front and back view of the first small computer to mirror the logical network described in the text

Appr.: | AUD 33.78 CAD 33.33 EUR 23.58 GBP 19.78 JPY 2,500.00 MXN 416.67 ZAR 357.14 

Purchase direct from: Item number: C06401.
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Rusinoff, S.E.  
Automation in Practice / 1957
Publisher: American Technical Soc. Chicago IL, 1957 first edition; 261 pages, diagrams, photographs, Index.
Very Good overall, brown and yellow decorated hardcover; no dustjacket; rubberstamp of Diebol Group on endpages, numerals on spine, gluestains on rear pastedown; light shelfwear. Binding sound, pages clean, unmarked. What is Automation-- Automation & Industrial Progress, Concept of Automatic Control, Automatic Control of Production, Some Basic Examples of Automatic Production, Problems of Automation; Automatic Controls -- Product & Process Control, Types of Control Devices, Electronic Computers, Coordinated Data Processing Systems, Use of Tape & Punched Card Controls, An Automatic Production System; Pneumatic Control Devices -- Air Power Cylinders, Forces in Air Cylinder Operations, Pneumtic Control Valves, Some Examples of Pneumatic Controls. Pneumatic Standards For Industrial Equipment; Hydraulic Control Devices-- Hydraulic Pumps, Hudraulic Pressure Cylinders, Hydraulic Control Valves, Hydraulic Pressure Boosters, Electro-Hydraulic Control Systems, Hydraulically Controlled Operations, Cam-Actuated Hydraulic Circuits, Advantages of Hydraulic Controls, Hydraulic Standards For Industrial Equipment; Electric & Electronic Control Devices -- Servomechanisms, Automatic Time Controls, Control of Work - Handling & Processing, Electrical Maintenance Detection System, Electronic Machine Control for Multiple Tools, Electronic Duplicators; Automation in Materials Handling & Assembling-- Materials Handling Systems, Conveyor Systems, Automatic Feeding, Automation of Assembling Operations; Automation in Production of Metals-- Openhearth Furnaces, Continuous Casting of Steel, Vacuum Steel, Continuous Rolling Mill, Automatic Quality Control of Steel, Conveyors for Steel Coils, Non-Ferrous Metals; Automation in Metal Casting Processes-- Mechanized Materials Handling, An Automatic Molding System, Permanent Mold Casting, Automatic Shell Molding, Blast Cleaning of Casting; Automation in Mechanical Working of Metals; Automation in Pressworking of Metals; Automation of Metal Cutting Operations, Automation in Heat-Treating of Metals, Automation in Metal Joining Operations, Automation in Inspection & Quality Control; More. PHOTOGRAPHS & diagrams throughout showing automation & industrial settings etc.

Appr.: | AUD 13.51 CAD 13.33 EUR 9.43 GBP 7.91 JPY 1,000.00 MXN 166.67 ZAR 142.86 

Purchase direct from: Item number: CN3181.
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Taube, Mortimer; Documentation Incorporated  
Emerging Solutions for Mechanizing the Storage and Retrieval of Information -- studies in coordinate indexing, vol. V, c
Publisher: Documentation Inc, 1959; 178 pages, diagrams and illustrations.
Good+ overall, small dark blue hardcover, bookplate of The Franklin Institute library on pastedown, checkout slip pasted to rear pastedown; numerals at lower front board; some shelfwear esp. along spine ends and corners. Binding is sound, pages clean overall though a bit musty from long storage.Contents include -- Prooblems of Mechanizing Storage and Retrieval of Information (Mortimer Taube); The Distinction between the Logic of Computers and the Logic of Storage and Retrieval Devices (Taube); The Relation of the size of the Question to the Work Accomplished by a Storage and Retrieval System (Taube and L B Heilprin); An Evaluation of 'Use Studies' of Scientific Information (Taube); The Comac -- an efficient Punched Card Collating system for the Storage and retrieval of information (Taube); The IBM 9900 Special Index Analyzer (R W Murphy); The IBM Universal Card Scanner for Punched Card Information searching systems (H P Luhn); Recent Improvements in Techniques for Storing and Retrieving Information (JC Costello, jr, and Eugene Wall); The Magnacard System (R M Hayes). Mortimer Taube (1910-1965) oneered development of information retrieval systems., particularly coordinate indexing. Additional pictures

Appr.: | AUD 54.05 CAD 53.33 EUR 37.74 GBP 31.65 JPY 4,000.00 MXN 666.67 ZAR 571.43 

Purchase direct from: Item number: C811004.
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4 items found

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