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Category: All Categories: Medical: General: Asian Medicine
7 items found.   List items by:   Author     Title     Publisher
Clifford, Terry. Chandra, Lokesh. Dalai Lama.  
Tibetan Buddhist Medicine and Psychiatry. The Diamond Healing.

Publisher: Samuel Weiser, York Beach, Maine. Second printing, 1992.
268 p., 41 illus., index; cm. Foreword by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Introduction by Lokesh Chandra. Expansion of Clifford's Ph.D. thesis for Union Graduate School, 1977. Contents include The Medicine of Dharma; Indian Medicine and Buddhism; Medicine in Tibet; Tantric Medicine; Somatic Medicine: Descriptive Aspects [&] Curative Aspects; Demons in Medical Psychiatry; Three Psychiatric Chapters Translated from the Gyu-zhi; The Pharmacology of Tibetan Medical Psychiatry; Charts of Tibetan Psychopharmacology; Bibliography. Pictorial paper covers; VG+. 39042.

Appr.: | AUD 18.40 CAD 17.40 EUR 12.30 GBP 9.58 JPY 1,500.00 MXN 187.50 ZAR 166.67 

Purchase direct from: The Owl at the Bridge. Item number: 39042.
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Durckheim, Karlfried.  
HARA: The Vital Centre [center] of man.
Publisher: NY: Samuel Weiser, Inc. (1975)..
ISBN: 9780877282433 Discusses the teaching and tradition of Hara, Japanese for the vital centre, and contacting the Great Life to achieve Self-realisation. Included are "three outstanding texts by Japanese masters on Hara." 208p: 14 black/white illustrations; 21cm. Appendix. 261g. Good (text clean and sound, shelfwear and edgewear to cover, name and stamp free-front endpaper, fore-edge discoloured). Softcover. Book condition: Good.

Appr.: | AUD 6.34 CAD 6.00 EUR 4.24 GBP 3.30 JPY 517.00 MXN 64.63 ZAR 57.44 

Purchase direct from: Canterbury Books. Item number: A4960.
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Hafen, Brent Q. and Kathryn J. Frandsen.  
From Acupuncture to Yoga. Alternative Methods of Healing.

Publisher: Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall, 1983..
1st ed. paperback. 135 pp. Unmarked, VG. Soft Cover. ISBN: yoga; acupuncture

Appr.: | AUD 4.29 CAD 4.06 EUR 2.87 GBP 2.24 JPY 350.00 MXN 43.75 ZAR 38.89 

Purchase direct from: Albatross Books. Item number: 4855.
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Liu, Frank and Liu Yan Mau.  
Chinese Medical Terminology.

Publisher: Hong Kong: The Commercial Press, 1989..
Third printing. 11, 228, 34 pp. New fine in like dj. Hard Cover

Appr.: | AUD 7.36 CAD 6.96 EUR 4.92 GBP 3.83 JPY 600.00 MXN 75.00 ZAR 66.67 

Purchase direct from: Albatross Books. Item number: 4045.
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Namikoshi, Toru.  
SHIATSU THERAPY: Theory and Practice.
Publisher: Tokyo: Japan Publications (1974), 7th printing 1982..
ISBN: 0870402706 The Theory of Shiatsu Therapy, Shiatsu Techniques, Treatment Techniques, and its Therapeutic Effects are all described with illustrations. Companion volume to "Shiatsu: Health and Vitality at your Fingertips". 89p: 112 numbered line drawings; 26cm. 295g. Near Very Good (binding tight, spine uncreased, gift inscription first blank page, cover darkened and fore-edges lay slightly open, tips creased). Softcover. Book condition: Near Very Good.

Appr.: | AUD 10.58 CAD 10.00 EUR 7.07 GBP 5.51 JPY 862.00 MXN 107.75 ZAR 95.78 

Purchase direct from: Canterbury Books. Item number: 5117.
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Tulku, Tarthang.  
KUM NYE RELAXATION: Part 1, Theory, Preparation, Massage. (Nyingma Psychology Series).
Publisher: Berkeley: Dharma Publishing (1978), 2nd printing..
ISBN: 0913546259 115 numbered exercises with illustrations. 200p: drawings; 22cm. Near Very Good (average used book, slight creasing and soiling, otherwise sound). Illustrated softcover. Book condition: Near Very Good.

Appr.: | AUD 8.47 CAD 8.00 EUR 5.66 GBP 4.41 JPY 690.00 MXN 86.25 ZAR 76.67 

Purchase direct from: Canterbury Books. Item number: 3639.
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Yang Jwing-Ming, Dr.  
ROOT OF CHINESE CHI KUNG: The Secrets of Chi Kung Training.
Publisher: Jamaica Plain MA: Yang's Martial Arts Allociation - YMAA (1989)..
Stated First Printing. ISBN: 9780940871076 YMAA Chi Kung Series # 1. "Chi Kung is the science of cultivating the body's internal energy, which is called Chi in Chinese." It includes the History of Chi Kung, Basic Concepts, Categories, Theory, Keys to Training, the Twelve Primary Chi Channels and the Eight Extraordinary Chi Vessels. 272p: black/white photographs, drawings; 26cm. Glossary, Translation of Chinese Terms. 610g. Very Good (clean and sound, slight edgewear, spine faded). Softcover. Book condition: Very Good.

Appr.: | AUD 15.87 CAD 15.00 EUR 10.60 GBP 8.26 JPY 1,293.00 MXN 161.63 ZAR 143.67 

Purchase direct from: Canterbury Books. Item number: 4929.
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7 items found

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