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Items By Category: All Categories: Exploration and Discovery
6 items found.   List items by:   Author     Title     Publisher
1.   Tripp Alonzo.
Crests From The Ocean World.
Published by Tappen & Whittemore, Boston, Entered in 1853, this is 1855, 408 pages. Subtitle: Experiences in a voyage to Europe, principally in Paris, Brussels & London, in 1847, 1848. Has incidents a long the way, scenery, characters and costume, social life, views of principal monuments, churches, palaces, gardens, galleries, paintings, museums, libraries, etc. French Life on shipboard, revolutio n of Feb. in Paris, Professional view of public and private schools, by a Traveller and Teacher. Frontis has tissue. Foxing. Covers black with gold, soiled, much wear, cloth over boards. Inside good. Exploration, Europe, travel. Hard Cover

Appr.: | AUD 54.05 CAD 53.33 EUR 37.74 GBP 31.65 JPY 4,000.00 MXN 666.67 ZAR 571.43 

Purchase direct from: Books by Jan. Item number: 001019.
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2.   Colbert, Edwin H.
Digging Into The Past.
Publisher: Published by Dembner Books, cR 1989,
CR 1989 with 456 pages w/index. Dust jacket has slight tears, overall very good. Autobiography with black and white photos and sketches. Starts with his boyhood escapades, becoming a scientist, he led an expeditio n to Antarctica, found a tiny bone fossil that was the key to the confirmation of the theory of continental drift, and existence of a great ancient supercontinent, and the thrills of discovery of a rermarkable graveyard, of early dinosaurs. History, explorers, expeditions, Americana, dinosaurs, archealology, Antarctica, fossils. Hard Cover

Appr.: | AUD 24.32 CAD 24.00 EUR 16.98 GBP 14.24 JPY 1,800.00 MXN 300.00 ZAR 257.14 

Purchase direct from: Books by Jan. Item number: 001886.
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3.   Stefansson, Vilhjalmun
Hunters of the Great North
Publisher: Published by Harcourt Brace
CR 1922, 1st edition, 301 pages. Front cover is illustrated with a polar bear, blue covers, spine lettering is faded. Two fold-out maps, illustrated. Written from his diaries and his memory that goes back to the vivid impression of his 1st year among the Eskimos. Alaska, polar bears, bears, Eskimos, Northwest Indians, Northwest, exploration, explorers. Hard Cover

Appr.: | AUD 100.00 CAD 98.67 EUR 69.81 GBP 58.54 JPY 7,400.00 MXN 1,233.33 ZAR 1,057.14 

Purchase direct from: Books by Jan. Item number: 000405.
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4.   Lysaght, A. M.
Joseph Banks in Newfoundland & Labrador 1766.
Dust jacket with plastic cover. X-library with stamps, pockets, numbers. Color illustrations by Sydney Perkinson, G.D. Ehret, P. Paillou, of plants, birds, etc. Fold out charts, B&W llustrations. U. o f California, 1971, 512 pages with index. Contains his diary, manuscripts and collections.Exploration, Newfoundland, Natural History. All very good. Hard Cover

Appr.: | AUD 155.41 CAD 153.33 EUR 108.49 GBP 90.98 JPY 11,500.00 MXN 1,916.67 ZAR 1,642.86 

Purchase direct from: Books by Jan. Item number: 000854.
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5.   Woodruff, George Catlin.
O'er Land and Sea.
Publisher: Published by Enquirer Press, 1924,
Dated 1924 with 118 pages. B&W photos.Ink inscription front endpapers by author w/signature dated 1924. The realization of a lifetime dream to travel to Italy, Rome, Egypt, India, Himalayas, Java, Sumatra, Japan, etc . Exploration. History. New England. Connecticut, travel, biography. Hard Cover

Appr.: | AUD 54.05 CAD 53.33 EUR 37.74 GBP 31.65 JPY 4,000.00 MXN 666.67 ZAR 571.43 

Purchase direct from: Books by Jan. Item number: 000496.
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6.   Slocum, Captain Joshua.
Sailing Alone Around the World.
Publisher: Published by Sheridan House, CR 1899,
CR 1899, 1900 by Century Co., CR Renewal 1927 Henrietta M. Mayhew, CR 1954 by Sheridan House, this is 1995 reprint, 294 pages. Dust jacket has slight tears, top and bottom of front cover and is price clipped, dark blue covers, good+. Introduction by Thomas Fogarty and George Varian. Maps and black and white sketches. Slocum, in 1895, was a merchant man who was the 1st man to circumnavigate the globe single -handed and in a 37-foot sailboat which he himself had rebuilt from a derelict oyster sloop - also writing down the story of his odyssey. Exploration, explorers, adventures, sailing, circumnavigation, americana, history. Hard Cover

Appr.: | AUD 40.54 CAD 40.00 EUR 28.30 GBP 23.73 JPY 3,000.00 MXN 500.00 ZAR 428.57 

Purchase direct from: Books by Jan. Item number: 001892.
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6 items found

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