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Items By Category: All Categories: Mathematics
4 items found.   List items by:   Author     Title     Publisher
1.   Bellman, Richard / R. Kalaba / B. Kotkin
Application of a New Approach to the Computational Solution of A System of Two Non-Linear Partial Differential Equations
Publisher: Rand Corp, CA, august 1964; 14 pages, 8.5x11 stapled cardstock wraps, greengray covers
RAND Corporation Memorandum RM-4240-PR august 1964.

Good+ overall, 2 inch spots of discoloration on front cover, pencilled name of engineering corporation on top righthand corner, corporate stamp on titlepage; corner crease. Binding is tight, pages clean & unmarked

Application of a New Approach to the Computational Solution of A System of Two Non-Linear Partial Differential Equations; prepared for United States Air Force Project R Includes FORTRAN listings. 'Methods are applied to a system of two equations, numerical results are provided, including per cent error, and FORTRAN listings are given.. The equations are similar to those of hydrodynamics, exhibiting shocks, and have a simple representation for the solution. A numerical method of integration is proposed which preserves boundedness and positivity. Time and memory requirements are small' (from the Preface and Summary) Includes Introduction, Two Partial Differential Equations, Finite Difference Approximation, Polynomial Approximation, Numerical Procedure for FORTRAN IBM 7090 Program, Numerical Results. Table 1 - Illustrative Numerical Results. N=4, M=4;

Appr.: | AUD 20.27 CAD 20.00 EUR 14.15 GBP 11.87 JPY 1,500.00 MXN 250.00 ZAR 214.29 

Purchase direct from: Item number: C06170.

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2.   Rall, Louis; editor
Error in Digital Computation, volume I; proceedings of an advanced seminar Mathematics Research Center, 1964
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, NY 1965; 325 pages, bibliography
Good+ overall, dark gray hardcover, ex-technical library rubberstamps, remains of pocket inside rear cover; the binding is sound, pages clean

Contents -- The Problems of Error in Digital Computation (Todd); Techniques for Automatic Error Monitoring and Control (Ashenhurst);

The Automatic Analysis and Control of Error in Digital Computing Based on the Use of Interval Numbers (Moore); Error in Digital Solution of Linear Problems (Albasiny)

The Propagation of Error in the Digital Integration of Ordinary Differential Equations (Peter Henrici)

Bibliography on Error in Digital Computation -- covers over one hundred pages of the book

Appr.: | AUD 6.76 CAD 6.67 EUR 4.72 GBP 3.96 JPY 500.00 MXN 83.33 ZAR 71.43 

Purchase direct from: Item number: B322.
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3.   National Physical Laboratory
Modern Computing Methods 1961
Publisher: Notes on Applied Science No. 16, NPL, London 1957, 1961 second edition, fourth impression 1965; 170 pages, index, extens
Good+ overall dark blue, thin, hardcover, title on spine; in Very Good red and white dustjacket. Ex-engineering-laboratory rubberstamp on endpage, some edgewear to jacket. Binding is sound and secure, pages cleanIncludes chapters on Linear Equations and Matrices, direct methods on automatic computers; Latent Roots and Vectors of Matrices; Error Analysis; Zeros of Polynomials; Chebyshev Series; Ordinary Differential Equations, intial-value problems; boundary-value Problems; Hyberbolic Partial differential equations; Parabolic and Elliptic; Use of recurrence relations; Evaluation of integrals; Tabulation of Mathematical FunctionsExtensive annotated bibliography. Origins of Cyberspace 810

Appr.: | AUD 13.51 CAD 13.33 EUR 9.43 GBP 7.91 JPY 1,000.00 MXN 166.67 ZAR 142.86 

Purchase direct from: Item number: M538.
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4.   Hamming, Richard W
Numerical Methods for Scientists and Engineers
Publisher: Mcgraw Hill Book Co, NY 1962, 411 pages, index, diagrams
Very Good black cloth hardcover in Very Good green and white dustjacket and clear acetate glassine jacket protector. Some edgewear to jacket, also front jacket flap is price-clipped; prev. owner's name on front endpage. Binding is sound and secure, pages clean and unmarked

Includes sections on, The Discrete Finite Difference Calculus; Roundoff Noise; The Summation Calculus; Evaluation of Infinite Series; Finite Difference equations; The Finite Fourier Series;Polynomial Approximation - classical Numerical Analysis; Polynomial interpolation - arbitrarily spaced data; equally spaced data; MORENonpolynomial Approximation - periodic functions, convergence of fourier series, linear filters, singularities, MOREAlgorithms and Heuristics -- on finding zeros; inversion of matrices and eigenvalues, random numbers and monte carlo methods; the art of computing for scientists and engineers

Appr.: | AUD 10.81 CAD 10.67 EUR 7.55 GBP 6.33 JPY 800.00 MXN 133.33 ZAR 114.29 

Purchase direct from: Item number: M770.

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4 items found

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