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Items By Category: All Categories: Travel and Adventure
4 items found.   List items by:   Author     Title     Publisher
Guide to the Palace of Bang Pa-In
Publisher: The Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand, 1980 Bangkok, Thailand
Book. Book condition: Good. No Jacket. Hardcover 4to - over 9 - 12" tall "..A pictorial gook on Bang Pa-In palace, one of the most significant palaces in Thailand due to its historical background as well as being a national symbol. In addition, the palace is a pool of collections of art work, antiquities, and objects of worship created by talented Thai artists together with presents from other foreign countries such as China, Japan and Korea, all are sacred, exquisite and invaluable, which could hardly be replaced by modern art work if not well preserved.." Photographs are in full color. Text is in Thai and English. Not paginated. Book is in GOOD condition; shelfwear. Pictorial cover (see photo); no dust jacket.

Appr.: | AUD 25.97 CAD 25.00 EUR 17.94 GBP 12.74 JPY 2,000.00 MXN 250.00 ZAR 243.90 

Purchase direct from: Lenny's Rare Books. Item number: 001654.
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2.   Bosworth, Illustrated by: Matsuoka, Jack
Ginza Go, Papa-san
Publisher: Charles E. Tuttle Company , , 1956 Rutland, VT
Book. Book condition: Good. No Dust Jacket. Audio Book (CD) "Ginza Go, Papa-san grew out of a witty essay in the Saturday Evening Post and is a book whose charm and homor is so singular that it is best explained by a synopsis of a few of the sixteen chapters: "Let's All Climb Fuji-san, in which a middle-aged man (only the moustache is old) forms the Allan R. Bosworth Memorial Expedition and it's proven that one can climb 1, 600 feet on three bottles of bourbon, concluding with 'Bee-hind justa rittle hurt.' "The Templed Hills of Koya-san, wherein Papa-san visit's the famous Buddhist retreat located on Mt. Koya and discovers that true religion neither knows nor acknowledges any racial barriers and that a love of humanity whether expressed in English or Japanese is a refreshing discovery. "Sashimi! O-sushi! Raw, Raw, Raw! In which Papa-san fights with the raw dishes served at a Japanese meal and discovers that some are so raw that they aren't even dead. Concluding with a sensational battle with the ollest oddity of all raw Japanese delicacies--the octopus. "Some Elder Literary Gentlemen, wherein the opinions on Japan of Hearn, Paris, and Very Proper Englishmen are seen in retrospect and it is proposed that either too much or too little affection for people hampers understanding. "Driving is Justa Little Different, in which Papa-san looks up some driving rules at the Tokyo Central Police Station sees: 'When a passenger of and the foot heave in sight, tootle the horn. Trumpet at him. Melodiously at first, but if he still obstacles your way tootle him with vigor'. "Through his wit, humor, and love of people, Allan R. Bosworth has captured a quality of profound understanding seldom found in the more learned and academic works on the Japanese. A deep and abiding affection for the people of Japan has neither dulled his keen wit nor affected his objectivity. In Ginza Go, Papa-san he has succeeded in achieving a delicate balance between humor and understanding that makes light, informative, and poignant reading." Nicely illustrated. 208 pages.

Appr.: | AUD 19.48 CAD 18.75 EUR 13.45 GBP 9.55 JPY 1,500.00 MXN 187.50 ZAR 182.93 

Purchase direct from: Lenny's Rare Books. Item number: 000012.
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3.   Hulugalle, H. A. J.
Guide to Ceylon (Sri Lanka)
Publisher: Lake House Investments Ltd., 1973 Colombo, Ceylon
Book. Book condition: Good. Trade paperback 8vo - over 7 - 9" tall The author is a Sri Lankan journalist, businessman, and diplomat. He offers an interesting travelogue of Ceylon for the general reader and tourist. Illustrated with both black and white and color photographs. Well illustrated. 134 pages. This title is not commonly found! Book is in GOOD condition. Paper wrappers.

Appr.: | AUD 19.48 CAD 18.75 EUR 13.45 GBP 9.55 JPY 1,500.00 MXN 187.50 ZAR 182.93 

Purchase direct from: Lenny's Rare Books. Item number: 001355.
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4.   Patric, John
Yankee Hobo in the Orient
Publisher: Frying Pan Creek, 1945 Florence, OR
Book. Book condition: Good. No Jacket. Hardcover Inscribed by Author(s) 8vo - over 7 - 9" tall INSCRIBED by author on half-title page and page facing. Originally published as "Why Japan Was Strong", this book describes the author's travels through Japan and China in the 1930s, before the outbreak of World War II. The book became a best-seller during the war. Numerous illustrations. 511 pages. Book is in GOOD or better condition. No dust jacket.

Appr.: | AUD 12.99 CAD 12.50 EUR 8.97 GBP 6.37 JPY 1,000.00 MXN 125.00 ZAR 121.95 

Purchase direct from: Lenny's Rare Books. Item number: 002654.
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4 items found

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