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Items By Category: All Categories: Crafts and Skills
4 items found.   List items by:   Author     Title     Publisher
1.   Hutchins, Mabel Raegh
Creative Handicrafts
Publisher: Sentinel Books, 1944 New York
Book. Book condition: Good. No Dust Jacket. Soft cover Includes: Metal Craft, Wood Carving, Block Printing, Basketry, Leathercraft, Bookbinding, Weaving, Pottery, Dyeing, Rug Weaving, Quilting. Illustrated. 124 pages.

Appr.: | AUD 3.90 CAD 3.80 EUR 2.65 GBP 2.07 JPY 300.00 MXN 50.00 ZAR 42.86 

Purchase direct from: Lenny's Rare Books. Item number: 000001.
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2.   Mason, Bernard S., Illustrated by: Kock, Frederic H.
The Book of Indian Crafts and Costumes
Publisher: A. S. Barnes & Company, 1943
Book. Book condition: Good. No Jacket. Hardcover 4to - over 9 - 12" tall "This is a revealing study of the crafts, customs and ways of life of the Indians, the roamers of the northern wildwoods, the wigwam Indians, the masters of the woodcraft, the canoe Indians; and the riders of the prairies, the tepee Indians, the hunters of buffalo, the horse Indians - vigorous and virile peoples, physically dominant, picturesque in appearance, resplendent in clothing, and romantic in customs. Here is all the necessary instruction on preparing and assembling war bonnets, the making of various kinds of headdress, rosette designs, turbans and hair feathers, bustles, anklets, leg-bands, moccasins, arm-bands, plains leggings and aprons, plains dresses, necklaces, dancing bells, rattles, drums and fans. In clear and concise sentences and with graphic illustrations, the author tells how to make pipe-tomahawks, beaded trinkets, colorful bands, wigs and a hundred and one other products of Indian craft." Profusely illustrated. 118 pages with index. Book is in GOOD condition. No dust jacket.

Appr.: | AUD 25.97 CAD 25.32 EUR 17.70 GBP 13.79 JPY 2,000.00 MXN 333.33 ZAR 285.71 

Purchase direct from: Lenny's Rare Books. Item number: 004334.
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3.   Prehn, Martin
The Commercial Artists' X-acto Handbook
Publisher: X-acto Crescent Productions Co., Inc., 1944 New York
Book. Book condition: Good. Soft cover 8vo - over 7 - 9" tall "It will be obvious that only one small but important phase of arts and crafts as used by the commercial artist can be the subject of this little treatise - the use of the knife. The author, Mr. Martin Prehn is a recognized authority in this field. The following pages are the result of his own rich experience of voer thirty years with many types of knives and cutting tools. The approach is always practical and covers only those points that present problems calling for skill and adaptability with a knife. tIt deliberately avoids theoretical problems and concentrates on 'How-to-do-it' methods and techniques. The makes to X-ACTO Knives present this little manual in the sincere belief that it is of real help to the meticulous worker in the field of commercial arts." Illustrated. 16 pages. Book is in GOOD condition. Paper wrappers; stapled binding.

Appr.: | AUD 19.48 CAD 18.99 EUR 13.27 GBP 10.34 JPY 1,500.00 MXN 250.00 ZAR 214.29 

Purchase direct from: Lenny's Rare Books. Item number: 005436.
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4.   Taylor, Mary Perkins
How To Make Hooked Rugs
Publisher: David McKay Company, Publishers, 1930 Philadelphia, PA
Book. Book condition: Good. No Jacket. Hardcover 8vo - over 7 - 9" tall "Hooking a rug is the simplest sort of manual work. There is nothing difficult or complicated in the use of the hook. A glance at the illustrations in this book, or a knowledge of what has been done with the hook in Colonial days and during the recent widespread revival of the homely craft, convinces one that the art of hooking rugs has a limitless, personal variety of production. The chapter devoted to the making of the Lock Tender's Rug is the result of finding a hooked rug of charming simplicity in a Delaware and Lehigh Canal lock tender's home. This rug was acquired by the artist who made the hooked panel reproduced in color as a frontispiece to this book. Before the lock tender would hand over the rug the artist had to make a portrait pencil sketch of the lock tender's wife - a good likeness enhanced by water color..The artist made a fabric painting, using a hook instead of brushes and sensitively colored cloth instead of paint; the lock tender and his wife respected hooked rugs for their sturdy quality - they made the rug 'neat.' The hooking is regular, the lines of the simple design carefully followed. The portrait sketch was gladly taken in exchange for the rug. It had a personal value to them and was a compensation for the regret they instinctively felt at the thought of parting with the serviceable mat they had made. This pride of cration can be experienced by everyone who makes a hooked rug. It is the simplest of all craft work, and the design or plan of the rug may be simple or elaborate, according to the individual selection. Primitive motives of design anyone may make into a rug. The self-dependent spirit of Colonial days is the spirit of the hooked rug maker today. Make a rug of which you may proudly say, Yes, it's my own design.'" Very well illustrated. 154 pages. Book is in GOOD condition; foxing. No dust jacket.

Appr.: | AUD 21.43 CAD 20.89 EUR 14.60 GBP 11.38 JPY 1,650.00 MXN 275.00 ZAR 235.71 

Purchase direct from: Lenny's Rare Books. Item number: 003834.
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4 items found

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