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   Wade, Bob    American co-author and co-creator of detective fiction starring private eye 'Max Thursday'.    View   
   Wagner, Bruce Wagner    American novelist, screenwriter and director.    View   
   Wahl, Jan    American children's book author and old films collector.    View   
   Walker, Alice    Pulitzer Prize winning American novelist, short story writer, poet and feminist.    View   
   Walker, John Alan    American independent art historian an author.    View   
   Walker, Mary Willis    Award-winning American crime fiction author.    View   
   Walkow, Jim    American TV producer, author, composer, and performer.    View   
   Wall, Kathryn R.    American mystery novelist    View   
   Wallace, Edgar    British crime novelist, journalist and playwright best known as the co-creator of "King King".    View   
   Wallace, Irving    American bestselling novelist, screenwriter, and journalist.    View   
   Wallace, Lew    American Civil War general, governor, statesman, and author best known for his novel "Ben-Hur".    View   
   Wallach, Eli    American film, TV and stage actor.    View   
   Wallen, Jim "Two Crows"    Award winning oral historian, author, and storyteller.    View   
   Waller, Robert James    American author, photographer and musician; author of largest selling novel in history.    View   
   Walsh, Vivian    American childrens book author.    View   
   Walter, John    American author of several books on antique and collectible Stanley tools.    View   
   Walters, Barbara    American broadcast journalist, author, and television personality.    View   
   Walton, J. N.    British author and historian whose focus is on steam vehicles and their envirnomental benefits.    View   
   Wambaugh, Joseph    Bestselling American writer of novels and non-fiction about police detective work in the U.S.    View   
   Wangard, Robert    American author of the Pete Thorsen Mystery series.    View   
   Ward, Ray    Former CBS and NBC bureau chief, columnist, and editor; Air Force historian and author.    View   
   Wargin, Kathy-jo    American author of more than 45 books award-winning children’s books.    View   
   Warren, Robert Penn    Multi Pulitzer Prize winning American poet and novelist, and a founder of the New Criticism.    View   
   Watson, Sasha    American author and teacher known for her novel Vidalia in Paris.    View   
   Watts, Mabel    American author of children's books.    View   
   Waugh, Alec    British novelist and the elder brother of the better-known Evelyn Waugh.    View   
   Weary, Ogdred    Pseudonym of Edward Gorey.    View   
   Weaver, Bob    American rock-a-billy singer with the duo Travis and Bob.    View   
   Weaver, Harriet E.    California Park Ranger and author of "Frosty: A Raccoon to Remember".    View   
   Weber, Lenora Mattingly    American author of short stories and novels best known for her Beany Malone books.    View   
   Weiner, Jessica    American self-esteem motivational speaker, author, playwright, columnist, talk show host.    View   
   Weller, Sam    American award-winning journalist and professor at Columbia College, Chicago.    View   
   Wells, H. G.    English novelist, teacher, historian, and journalist best known for his science fiction.    View   
   Wells, Rebecca    American author, actor, and playwright who wrote the Ya-Ya Sisterhood series of books.    View   
   Wells, Rosemary    Prolific American author and illustrator of many award-winning children's picture books.    View   
   Welty, Eudora    American photographer and Pulitzer Prize winning novelist and short story writer.    View   
   Wentz, Roby    American author of numerous books on Western printing presses and typography.    View   
   Wenzlaff, Gustav Gottlieb    American German-Russian emigre educator; author of prose, poetry, philosophy and psychology.    View   
   Westerfeld, Scott    American writer of young adult fiction.    View   
   Weston, Edward    American photographer whose work was among the most influential of the 20th century.    View   
   Wheatley, Dennis    British author of internationally best-selling thrillers and occult novels.    View   
   Wheeler, Sessions S.    American biologist, conservationist, teacher, and author of books on Nevada's desert regions.    View   
   Wheelock, John Hall    American poet, scholar, editor, and winner of a Gold Medal from the Poetry Society of America.    View   
   White, Antonia    English novelist, translator, poet, and author of short stories and juvenile fiction.    View   
   White, E. B.    American essayist and author best known for for his "Elements of Style" and children's books.    View   
   White, Stephen    American author of psychological thriller fiction.    View   
   Whiteside, Diane    American author of historical, erotic, paranormal, and vampire romance novels.    View   
   Whitlow, Robert    American film-maker and best-selling author of legal thrillers.    View   
   Whitney, Cornelius Vanderbilt    American businessman, film producer, writer, and government official.    View   
   Wick, Lori    American author of Christian novels.    View   
   Widener, Don    American investigative journalist, independent film producer and writer, and novelist.    View   
   Wiebe, Rudy    Canadian novelist and writer; professor emeritus, Department of English, University of Alberta.    View   
   Wiesel, Elie    American novelist, philosopher, political activtist, professor, and Nobel Peace Prize winner.    View   
   Wiggin, Kate Douglas    American children's author and educator best known for her "Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm".    View   
   Wilde, Oscar    Irish playwright, poet, journalist and essayist.    View   
   Wilder, Billy    American screenwriter, film director, and producer.    View   
   Wilder, Laura Ingalls    American children's books author best-known for her "Little House" series.    View   
   Wilder, Thornton    American playwright and novelist, and winner of three Pulitzer Prizes.    View   
   Willard, Frances E.    American educator, temperance reformer, and women's suffragist.    View   
   Williams, C. K.    American Poet    View   
   Williams, Garth    One of the best regarded American illustrators of classic books in the childrens' genre.    View   
   Williams, Tennessee    American playwright and twice winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Drama.    View   
   Williams, William Carlos    American physican and Pulitzer Prize winning poet and a major writer in the modernist movement.    View   
   Williamson, Jack    American novelist and short story writer considered by many the "Dean of Science Fiction".    View   
   Willis, Connie    American science fiction writer and winner of more major awards than any other sci-fi writer.    View   
   Wilson, Bill    American co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous and author of books about the group.    View   
   Wilson, Gahan    American author, cartoonist, and illustrator.    View   
   Wilson, N. D.    Nathan David Wilson, an American author of young adult fiction.    View   
   Winchell, Paul    American ventriloquist and voice actor.    View   
   Windsor, Patricia    American Edgar Award winning author of books for young adults.    View   
   Windsor-Smith, Barry    British painter and comic book illustrator best known for his work on American comic books.    View   
   Winkler, Henry    American actor, director, producer and author best known for his role as "Fonzie".    View   
   Wisniewski, David    American children's books author/ illustrator, Caldecott Medal winner, and puppeteer.    View   
   Witherell, Jim    American author of books on the history of Idaho's railroading and logging industries.    View   
   Wodehouse, P. G.    English hunmorist, novelist, playwright and lyricist.    View   
   Woldendorp, Richard    Australian landscape and aerial photographer, and author.    View   
   Wolf, Adolf Hungry    Canadian author of numerous books on Canadian railroadis and native Canadians.    View   
   Wolfe, Thomas    American novelist and playwright considered the best writer of the Lost Generation era.    View   
   Wolfe, Tom    Best-selling American author and journalist, and a founder of the New Journalism movement.    View   
   Wolper, David L.    American film and TV producer.    View   
   Womack, Steven    American award-winning author of mystery and thriller novels.    View   
   Wood, Beatrice    American avant-garde studio potter often called the "Mama of Dada;" author of an autobiography.    View   
   Wood, Charles Erskine Scott    American author, satirist, civil libertarian, soldier, attorney, and socialist anarchist.    View   
   Woods, Phil    American poet and Denver, Colorado high school teacher.    View   
   Woodson, Jacqueline    American award-winning author of books for children and adolescents.    View   
   Woodward, William    Former U. of Rhode Island and New England Basketball Hall of Fame sports historian.    View   
   Wornom, Howard    American fantasy author who writes as Russ T. Howard, Michael Andrews and Nick Baron.    View   
   Wouk, Herman    American bestselling author of historical novels.    View   
   Wright, Dare    American author and illustrator of children's books    View   
   Wrightson, Bernie    American artist and illustrator known for his horror illustrations and comic books.    View   
   Wyeth, Andrew    American realist painter whose popularity has made him one of the best-known of the 20th C.    View   
   Wyeth, Betsy James    Author and editor, wife of American artist Andrew Wyeth.    View   
   Wyeth, N. C.    American painter and illustrator considered one of America's greatest illustrators.    View   
   Wyeth, N. C.    American artist and illustrator best known for his illustrations of classic children books.    View   

94 Signatures found

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