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   Taback, Simms    American award-winning children's books author and illustrator.    View   
   Tabor, Gladys    American columnist and author best known for her books about her life at Stillmeadow Farm.    View   
   Taine, John    Pseudonym under which mathematician and science fiction author Eric Temple Bell wrote fiction.    View   
   Talbot, Jonathan    American collage artist, painter, and printmaker.    View   
   Talese, Gay    American journalist best known for his contributions to the literary journalism genre.    View   
   Tan, Amy    American novelist and author of children's books and essays.    View   
   Taylor, Nat M.    American author of several books on Oklahoma history.    View   
   Taylor, Sheila Ortiz    American novelist, poet, educator, and scholar perhaps best known for her lesbian fiction.    View   
   Taylor, Theodore    American author of more than 50 fiction and non-fiction books for young adult readers.    View   
   Teague, Charles C.    Califfornia citrus rancher, banker, politician and author.    View   
   Tee, Chua Mia    Singaporean artist who paints in the Social Realism genre.    View   
   Temple, Shirley    American film and TV actress, and former U.S. ambassador to Ghana and Czechoslovakia.    View   
   Terhune, Albert Payson    American novelist, journalist and dog breeder best known for his novels about collies.    View   
   Terhune, Anice    American composer and author, and second wife Albert Payson Terhune.    View   
   Tharp, Twyla    American dancer and innovative choreographer.    View   
   Theroux, Paul    American novelist and travel writer.    View   
   Thiessen, J. Grant    American bibliographer of primarily science fiction.    View   
   Thomas, Frank    One of Walt Disney's team of animators known as the Nine Old Men.    View   
   Thomas, Lowell    Preeminent American radio commentator, explorer, author and journalist.    View   
   Thomas, Marlo    American actress, producer, and children's book author.    View   
   Thomasma, Kenneth    American educator and author of the children's book series    View   
   Thompson, Hunter S.    American author who created Gonzo journalism.    View   
   Thompson, Jeanie    American poet and founding director of the award-winning Alabama Writers' Forum.    View   
   Thompson, Kay    American musician, actress and singer known best for her Eloise series of children's books.    View   
   Thompson, Ruth Plumly    American children's books author best known for her post-Baum titles in the Land of Oz series.    View   
   Thor, Brad    American thriller and spy novelist and a frequent television and cable news commentator.    View   
   Thurber, James    American humorist, short stories author, and cartoonist for The New Yorker magazine.    View   
   Titus, Eve    Children's author most famous for her series and sequels books featuring anthropomorphic mice.    View   
   Tolbot, Jonathan    American collage artist, painter, and printmaker.    View   
   Toledo, Bill    U.S. Marine veteran and Navajo Code Talker during World War II.    View   
   Toliver, Raymond T.    American retired Air Force Colonel and military historian.    View   
   Tolkien, J R. R.    English fantasy writer and philologist, best known for his The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings.    View   
   Tony Hillerman, Tony Hillerman    Award-winning American author of mystery novels about the Navajo tribal police of the U.S. west    View   
   Tord, Bijou Le    French-American award-winning writer and artist of picture books for children.    View   
   Tougias, Michael    Syndicated columnist, novelist, author of books on nature and Massachusetts local history.    View   
   Travis, Mark    Concord, New Hampshire journalist, editorial page editor, and co-author of local histories.    View   
   Trickle, Dick    NASCAR race car driver.    View   
   Trimble, Marshall    Arizona's official state historian, humorist, storyteller, and cowboy poet and singer.    View   
   Trimpey, Alice Kent    Among the first important doll collectors in the U.S., author of two books about her collection    View   
   Triple H, Triple H    The the ring name of American professional wrestler Paul Michael Levesque.    View   
   Troxel, Gary    American rock and roll singer and founding member of The Fleetwoods trio.    View   
   Trudeau, Garry    American cartoonist and author best known for his multiple prize-winning Doonesbury comic strip    View   
   Truitt, Anne    American minimalist sculptor, journal author, and educator.    View   
   Tschirky, Oscar    Maître d'hôtel of Waldorf-Astoria in New York City and author known as "Oscar of the Waldorf"    View   
   Tudor, Tasha    American award-winning illustrator and author of children's books.    View   
   Tully, Jim    American free-lance Hollywood reporter and author of hard-boiled novels.    View   
   Tuohy, James    Aurhor and Co-editor of "Chicago Lawyer", an investigative monthly; Lionel Trains expert.    View   
   Turkington, Carol    American medical journalist, author and editor.    View   
   Turnbull, Agnes Sligh    Bestselling American author of historical fiction based in Western Pennsylvania.    View   
   Turner, Nancy E.    American author of historical novels.    View   
   Turtledove, Harry    American historian and historical fiction, fantasy, and sci fi novelist.    View   
   Tuttle, Lisa    American author of science fiction, fantasy, horror, and several non-fiction feminist titles.    View   
   Twain, Mark    Pen name of Samuel Langhorne Clemens, preeminent American humorist, satirist and novelist.    View   
   Tyndall, Jamie    Canadian comic book artist known for his depictions of sexy comic heroines.    View   

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