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   Saint-Exupery, Antoine De    French writer and aviator best known for his Le Petit Prince (The Little Prince).    View   
   Salerno, Salvatore A.    American poet and playwright.    View   
   Salisbury, Harrison E.    Award-winning American journalist and author.    View   
   Salisbury, Harrison    Award-winning    View   
   Salomon, Richard G.    American educator and historian of eastern European medieval history.    View   
   Salter, James    American Korean War fighter pilot turned highly regarded short story writer and novelist.    View   
   San Souci, Robert D.    American children's books writer best known for his folk tales adapted from around the world.    View   
   Sandford, John    Pseudonym of journalist and best-selling thriller and crime novelist John Roswell Camp.    View   
   Saroyan, William    American author of plays and short stories.    View   
   Sarris, Greg    American author, screenwriter, and educator; Chairman, Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria.    View   
   Sarton, May    Belgium-born American poet, novelist, essayist, memoirist and educator.    View   
   Saunders, Charles Francis    California naturalist and author, photographer and advocate of Native American rights.    View   
   Scapperotti, Dan R.    American writer, author and film critic mostly in the B-film, erotic and pop culture genres.    View   
   Scheuerman, Richard Dean    Author of many books about the Plateau Native American tribe of the Northwestern U.S.    View   
   Schlesinger, John    London-born award winning film, TV and stage director who worked in both Hollywood and Britain.    View   
   Schlosser, Eric    Award-winning American investigative journalist best known for his "Fast Food Nation."    View   
   Schmidt, Gary D.    Award-winning American author of children's nonfiction and young adult novels.    View   
   Scholder, Fritz    Native American painter, sculptor and printmaker.    View   
   Schomburg, Alex    American commercial and comic book artist and painter.    View   
   Schulkers, Robert Franc    American newspaperman and author of the Seckatary Hawkins juvenile series.    View   
   Schulz, Charles M.    World famous American cartoonist and creator of the "Peanuts" comic strip.    View   
   Schutz, William C.    American psychologist and prolific author.    View   
   Scoppettone, Sandra    American author of adult detective mysteries and young adult books.    View   
   Scottoline, Lisa    American bestselling author of legal thrillers, mysteries and humor.    View   
   Seagrave, Gordon S.    Physician, Baptist medical missionary, and author of books about his life in Burma.    View   
   Sears, Ted    American animator and the first head of the Disney Story Department.    View   
   Sedaka, Neil    American pop singer, pianist, and songwriter.    View   
   Sedaris, David    American humorist, comedian, author, and radio contributor.    View   
   See, Lisa    American novelist and biographer.    View   
   Seeger, Pete    American Folk Singer, Songwriter; Labor, Civil Rights, Environmentalist, and Peace Activist.    View   
   Selden, George    Pen name of George Selden Thompson, American children's author best known for his cricket tales    View   
   Sellens, Alvin    Author of books on American hand tools.    View   
   Sendak, Maurice    Internationally acclaimed American author and illustrator of children's books.    View   
   Seredy, Kate    Award-winning Hungarian-born American author and illustrator of children's books.    View   
   Seuss, Dr.    Pen name of Theodor Seuss Geisel, American writer/ artist of classic children's books.    View   
   Sewall, Marcia    Amnercan illustrator and author of many award-winning children's books.    View   
   Seybert, Mildred    Co-author of Taffy and Tuffy, a children's book about two beloved dogs at the Mayo Clinic.    View   
   Shanley, Mary Kay    American storyteller, essayist, historian and journalist.    View   
   Shannon, Daivd    American author and illustrator of children's books.    View   
   Shasha, Mark    American artist, illustrator, educator, author / illustrator of children's books.    View   
   Sheldon, Sidney    American Broadway playwright, TV and movie screenwriter, and best-selling suspense novelist.    View   
   Shepard, Alan    American naval officer, aviator, test pilot, flag , NASA astronaut, businessman and author.    View   
   Shepard, Lucius    American science fiction, fantasy, and magical realism novelist.    View   
   Shields, Brooke    American actress, former fashion model, and author of a book on postpartum depression,    View   
   Shields, Carol    American-born Canadian novelist, educator, and winner of a Pulitzer Prize for Fiction.    View   
   Shimin, Symeon    Russian-born American illustrators of children's books    View   
   Shine, Bernard (Bernie) C.    American author and collector extraordinaire of Mickey Mouse memorabilia.    View   
   Shirer, William L.    American journalist and historian known for his broadcasts from and books on WW II Germany.    View   
   Shore, Diane Z.    American award-winning children's author.    View   
   Shriver, Maria    American TV journalist and author of sefveral best-selling books    View   
   Sibley, Celestine    American journalist, syndicated columnist, and author of fiction and non-fiction.    View   
   Sicard, Pierre    Post-Impressionist French painter.    View   
   Siegel, Sheldon    American novelist and author best known for his critically acclaimed legal thrillers.    View   
   Silla, Felix    Veteran American film and television actor and stuntman, best known for his role as Cousin Itt    View   
   Silva, Daniel    American author of best-selling thrillers and espionage novels.    View   
   Silver, Murray    American journalist and photographer of rock music, TV producer, expert on Spirit.    View   
   Silverman, Joshua    American author of science fiction and fantasy, and the Legends of Amun Ra series.    View   
   Silverstein, Shel    American children's books author, poet, songwriter, musician, cartoonist, and screenwriter.    View   
   Simmons, Gene    American rock bassist with KISS, singer-songwriter, producer,entrepreneur, actor and author.    View   
   Simon, Neil    American prolific playwright and screenwriter, and the world’s most successful playwright.    View   
   Simpson, Don    American freelance cartoonist and comic book artist who also used the pseudonym "Anton Drek".    View   
   Simpson, O. J.    Retired American football star, actor and author acquitted for the murder of his ex-wife.    View   
   Sinclair, Upton    Prolific American author and investigative journalist.    View   
   Singer, Isaac Bashevis    Polish-born American Nobel Prize-winning Yiddish novelist.    View   
   Skelton, Red    American comedian and film, radio and television star.    View   
   Skidmore, Ian    Welsh author, newspaper columnist, and TV and radio personality.    View   
   Skrebneski, Victor    American fashion, commercial and artistic photographer best known for his portraitures.    View   
   Slattery, Margaret    American Sunday School educationist, lecturer, author of Christian books for young adults.    View   
   Sloan, David L.    American author of books about Key West and founder of Key West’s Original Ghost Tour.    View   
   Smith, Barry    British comic book illustrator and painter best known for his work on American comic books.    View   
   Smith, Bernice Driskell    Afro-American novelist and author of juvenile books.    View   
   Smith, David    American author and archivist of pop culture images.    View   
   Smith, Deborah    American New York Times bestselling author of romance novels and women's fiction.    View   
   Smith, E. E.    American science fiction author who novels are considered the original    View   
   Smith, Glanville    American artist, architect, musician, author, journalist, poet, naturalist, and historian.    View   
   Smith, H. Allen    American humorist, journalist and novelist.    View   
   Smith, Laura Rountree    American prolific author of children's books.    View   
   Smith, Malcolm L.    Author of "Working With People, Bugs and Apples".    View   
   Smith, Michael Marshall    British novelist, screenwriter and short story writer who also writes as Michael Marshall.    View   
   Smith, Nicol    American author of books about his travels to exotic lands.    View   
   Smith, Wilbur    Zambian-born British bestselling author of historical and adventure novels set in Africa.    View   
   Smith, Zadie    British novelist, essayist, short story writer, and professor in NYU's Creative Writing Program    View   
   Snead, Sam    American professional golf champion and one of the three greatest golfers of all time.    View   
   Snyder, Gary    American poet, essayist, lecturer, environmental activist; winner of Pulitzer Prize for Poetry.    View   
   Snyder, Zilpha Keatley    American multi-award winning author of books for children and young adults.    View   
   Sobel, Dava    Former New York Times science reporter and author of popular expositions of scientific topics.    View   
   Sobol, Donald    Award-winning children's author best known for his Encyclopedia Brown mystery series.    View   
   Sobol, Louis    Broadway show business columnist and author of several books on Broadway.    View   
   Soglow, Otto    American cartoonist best known for his comic strip "The Little King."    View   
   Sohl, Jerry    American TV scriptwriter, screenwriter, and novelist in the sci-fi, fantasy and horror genres.    View   
   Sonnenberg, Ben    American author and founder of the literary journal Grand Street.    View   
   Sotomayor, Sonia    An Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States an author of a memoir.    View   
   Soyer, Moses    Russian-born American artist who worked in the realistic tradition of the Ashcan school.    View   
   Sparks, Nicholas    American internationally bestselling novelist.    View   
   Spear, Terry    Award-winning American author of paranormal romance and medieval romance novels.    View   
   Spencer, Jimmy    NASCAR race car driver and commentator.    View   
   Spillane, Mickey    American best-selling author of hardboiled detective novels.    View   
   Spindler, Will Henry    Author of books about the history of Nebraska and South Dakota during the Old West.    View   
   Spock, Benjamin    American pediatrician, author of bestselling books on parenting, and political activist.    View   
   Spring, Howard    Welsh-born British novelist, journalist, and critic.    View   
   Spurlock, J. David    American artist, illustrator, comicbook creator, publisher of books on illustrators/cartoonist.    View   
   St John-Stevas, Norman    British Conservative politician, barrister and author.    View   
   Stafford, Jean    American novelist and short story writer who won the 1970 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction.    View   
   Stafford, R. D.    American novelist, playwright, and free lance writer.    View   
   Stafford, Thomas Patten    Former American astronaut and retired Air Force Lieutenant General.    View   
   Stafford, William    American poet and educator.    View   
   Staley, S. R.    American award winning author of young adult fiction and adult non-fiction books.    View   
   Stallone, Sylvester    American film actor, director, producer, and screenwriter.    View   
   Stander, Aaron    American author of thriller novels, poet, and author of numerous stories and articles.    View   
   Stanton, Edwin M.    American lawyer, politician, U.S. Attorney General in 1860-61 and Secretary of War 1862-1868.    View   
   Stanton, Elizabeth Cady    American leader in the woman's rights and suffrage, abolitionist, and temperance movements.    View   
   Steadman, Ralph    Award-winning British cartoonist, caricaturist, and book illustrator.    View   
   Steber, Rick    An award winning American writer of western stories, novels and non-fiction biographies.    View   
   Steele, William O.    Award-winning American author of children's historical adventure stories.    View   
   Stein, Garth    American author, film producer, documentary film maker, playwright, teacher, and amateur racer.    View   
   Stein, Gertrude    American ex-patriot writer in France and a catalyst in avant garde artistic and literary world.    View   
   Steinbach, Meredith    American novelist, short story writer and Professor of English at Brown University.    View   
   Steinbeck, John    American writer and recipient of the Pulitzer Prize and the 1962 Nobel Prize for Literature.    View   
   Steindl-Rast., David    Austrian-born American Benedictine monk, profilic author and international lecturer.    View   
   Steranko, James    American graphic artist, comic book writer-artist-historian, publisher, and film illustrator.    View   
   Stern, David    American newspaper publisher and author of the novel Francis, the Talking Mule of movie fame.    View   
   Stern, Howard    American radio and television personality, producer, author, actor, photographer.    View   
   Stern, Phil    American legendary photojournalist for Life magazine and chronicler of the Hollywood scene.    View   
   Stevens, Wallace    Pulitzer Prize-winning American Modernist poet and insurance executive.    View   
   Stevenson, Adlai E.    American liberal politician, twice candidate for U..S. president, and U. N. Ambassador    View   
   Stevenson, Richard    Pseudonym of American journalist and mystery novelist, Richard Lipez.    View   
   Stewart, Anna Bird    American author of children's books and educator.    View   
   Stewart, Jackie    Former British racing driver and U.S. TV racing commentator aka Sir John Young Stewart.    View   
   Stewart, Jon    American political satirist, writer, stand-up comedian, director, TV host, and actor.    View   
   Stewart, Paul    British author of children's books.    View   
   Stillwell, Eric A.    Writer for television series and movies, motion pictures, including many Star Trek series.    View   
   Stine, R. L.    American author of horror fiction novels and series for younger audiences.    View   
   Stine, Richard    American artist and writer known for his paintings, drawings, postcards, and books.    View   
   Stoddard, J. R.    American author of suspense novels.    View   
   Stoker, Bram    Irish novelist best remembered as the author of the horror novel Dracula.    View   
   Stolz, Mary    Multi-award winning American writer of children's novels, picture books and young-adult novels.    View   
   Stone, Harry    American Dickens scholar and collector; Professor California State University–Northridge.    View   
   Stone, Helen    American children's books illustrator and recipient of two Caldecott Honor Book citations.    View   
   Stone, Irving    American writer known for his biographical novels of famous historical personalities.    View   
   Stout, Rex    American crime novelists, best known as the creator of the fictional detective Nero Wolfe.    View   
   Stowe, Harriet Beecher    American author and abolitionist best known for her novel "Uncle Tom's Cabin."    View   
   Strand, Mark    American poet, essayist, and educator. Poet Laureate Consultant in Poetry, Library of Congress.    View   
   Streatfeild, Noel    English author of children's books, adult novels, biographies and autobiographies.    View   
   Strickland, Brad    American fantasy and science fiction novelist and short story writer.    View   
   Strieber, Whitley    American author of horror novels, speculative fiction, and an account of his alien abduction.    View   
   Strout, Elizabeth    American author of fiction who won the 2009 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction.    View   
   Stuart, Jesse    American writer of short stories, poetry, and novels about his native Northeastern Kentucky.    View   
   Styron, William    American Pulitzer prize-winning novelist and essayist.    View   
   Sullivan, William L.    Author of travel guides and historical books about Oregon.    View   
   Susann, Jacqueline    American celebrity author of best-selling pulp novels best known for her "Valley of the Dolls."    View   
   Suydam, E. H.    American graphic artist, painter and illustrator, and leader in the American Art Deco movement.    View   
   Suzuki, David    Canadian geneticist, prolific author, environmental activist, and TV and radio journalist.    View   
   Swan, Rhonda    American novelist and award winning journalist.    View   
   Swan, Walter    Owner of the One Book Bookstore in Bisbee, AZ, which sold only his book “Me ‘n’ Henry.”    View   
   Sweeney, Matthew    Irish poet whose works include poetry for adults as well as children.    View   
   Swinnerton, Frank    British novelist, and literary and drama critic.    View   

156 Signatures found

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