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   Paige, Robin    Pen name of Susan Wittig Albert, an American mystery novelist.    View   
   Pal, Pratapaditya    American expert on Indian and Southeast Asian Art. Curator, Los Angeles County Museum of Art.    View   
   Palahniuk, Chuck    American satirical novelist and freelance journalist    View   
   Palast, Greg    American investigative journalist for the BBC, and New York Times-bestselling author.    View   
   Palmer, Bernard    American author of many book series for Christian youth and several books for adults.    View   
   Pangrazio, Michael    Emmy Award winner for Special Visual Effects, matte artist, art director, and book illustrator.    View   
   Parameswaran, Uma    Canadian poet, playwright, short-story writer, educator and scholar of literature.    View   
   Paray, Paul    French conductor, organist and composer. Former conductor of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra.    View   
   Paretsky, Sara    American author of detective fiction.    View   
   Parker, Agnes Miller    Scottish engraver and illustrator.    View   
   Parker, Buzz    American comic book artist best known as the illustrator of Emily the Strange.    View   
   Parker, Dorothy    American writer, poet, critic, playwright and screenwriter best known for her caustic wit.    View   
   Parker, Robert B.    American author of detective fiction best known for his Spenser series,    View   
   Parker, T. Jefferson    American police procedural novelist.    View   
   Parkinson, Lee K.    American artist, teacher, lecturer and author.    View   
   Parkinson., C. Northcote    British naval historian and economist who authored the bestselling Parkinson's Law.    View   
   Parks, Rosa    African-American civil rights activist, recipient of national accolades, and autobiographist.    View   
   Parrish, Maxfield    U.S. painter / illustrator known for his meticulous craftsmanship and his paintings' luminosity    View   
   Parrish, Maxfield    U.S. illustrator whose work is best known for its meticulous craftsmanship and luminosity.    View   
   Patchen, Kenneth    American experimental poet, novelist, and painter; and a major influence on the Beat Movement.    View   
   Paton, Alan    South African novelist who brought international attention to apartheid in South Africa.    View   
   Patterson, James    American bestselling author of thriller novels, young-adult fiction, and romance novels.    View   
   Patterson, Richard North    American former attorney and author of bestselling and award-winning thrillers and mysteries.    View   
   Patz, Nancy    American children's book author, illustrator, and instructor on creating children's literature.    View   
   Pauling, Linus    Nobel Prize-winning American chemist known best for applying quantum theory to chemistry.    View   
   Pawson, John    British minimalist architect and designer, and author.    View   
   Pearson, A. Scott    American surgeon and author of medical thrillers.    View   
   Pearson, Ridley    American author of suspense and thriller novels, and adventure books for children.    View   
   Pease, Howard    American author of adventure novels for teenagers based on his experiences as a merchant seaman    View   
   Peat, Fern Bisel    Highly regarded American illustrator of children's books, magazines, puzzles and toys.    View   
   Pegler, Westbrook    Crusading conservative American journalist and columnist.    View   
   Pelecanos, George    American author of detective fiction, film and television producer and a television writer.    View   
   Penman, Sharon Kay    American writer whose novels and mysteries are set in England, France, and Wales.    View   
   Percy, Walker    American author of philosophical novels set in and around New Orleans.    View   
   Perelman, S. J.    American humorist, author, and screenwriter best known for his pieces in "The New Yorker".    View   
   Perkins, Carl    American rockabilly musician and songwriter, who collaborated on his own biography.    View   
   Perkins, Lucy Fitch    American children's book author and illustrator best known for her Twins series of books.    View   
   Perritti, Martha Lou    American author of historical novels and cookbooks.    View   
   Perry, Anne    British novelist best known for her historical murder mysteries and detective fiction.    View   
   Perry, Anne    British novelist best known for her historical murder mysteries and detective fiction.    View   
   Peters, George    American auto racing columnist, author and publisher.    View   
   Peters, Neal    American author and archivist of pop culture images.    View   
   Peters, Robert    American poet, critic, scholar, playwright, editor, and actor.    View   
   Petersham, Maud    Part of the prizewinning American husband/wife team who illustrated and wrote children's books.    View   
   Petersham, Miska    Part of the prizewinning American husband/wife team who illustrated and wrote children's books.    View   
   Petrovitch, Svetislav-Sveta    Yugoslavian journalist, and broadcaster and author of "Free Yugoslavia".    View   
   Pettit, Michael    American author of award winning prose and poetry, and National Endowment for the Arts Fellow.    View   
   Pfister, Marcus    Swiss author/illustrator of books for children in preschool and early primary grades.    View   
   Phelps, Barry    Author of "P. G.Wodehouse: Man and Myth".    View   
   Philpin, John    Forensic consultant, criminal profiler, and author of true crime books.    View   
   Phoenix, Charles    American pop cultural historian, performance artist, and best-selling author.    View   
   Picano, Felice    American author of fiction, poetry, memoirs, nonfiction, and plays; critic and publisher.    View   
   Picoult, Jodi    American bestselling author of 21 novels for which she has received numerous awards.    View   
   Pierce, Tamora    American writer of fantasy fiction for young adults.    View   
   Pigeon, Little    Native American writer Clara B. Nicholas.    View   
   Pinchot, Gifford    Conservationist, first Chief of the U.S. Forest Service, and Governor of Pennsylvania.    View   
   Pinkney, Brian    American children's books illustrator/ author; winner of 2 Caldecott Honors and other awards.    View   
   Pinkney, Gloria Jean    American author of children's books illustrated by her husband, Jerry.    View   
   Pinkney, Jerry    American children's books illustrator, and winner of a Caldecott Medal and 5 Caldecott Honors.    View   
   Plaidy, Jean    A pen name of British historical novelist Eleanor Alice Burford Hibbert.    View   
   Plain, Belva    American novelist of romantic historical epics featuring family and dynasty.    View   
   Poe, Edgar Allan    American author and inventor of detective-fiction best known for his mystery and horror stories    View   
   Pogany, Willy    Prolific Hungarian illustrator of children's and adult books in the Art Nouveau style.    View   
   Pohl, Frederik    American award-winning science fiction writer and editor,    View   
   Politi, Leo    American artist and author of children's books.    View   
   Porter, Benita    American novelist who explores intraracial prejudice against light-skinned African Americans.    View   
   Porter, Kathy    American author of science fiction thrillers.    View   
   Porter., Katherine Anne    American Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, novelist, short story writer, and essayist.    View   
   Portman, Natalie    Golden Globe-winning, Academy Award-nominated Israeli-American actress.    View   
   Post, Emily    American authority on etiquette, syndicated newspaper columnist, novelist and magazine writer.    View   
   Potok, Chaim    American rabbi whose novels were set in the Orthodox Jewish communities of New York City.    View   
   Powell, Dawn    American satirical novelist, short story writer, playwright, and diarist.    View   
   Powell, Julie    American author best known for her book "Julie and Julia" and a subsequent movie.    View   
   Powell, Talmage    American author of suspense and mystery pulp fiction, and private-eye novels.    View   
   Poyer, David    American retired naval officer best known for his American sea fiction.    View   
   Pratchett, Terry    English author of humorous and satirical fantasy novels.    View   
   Pratt, E. J.    Newfoundland writer considered the foremost Canadian poet of the early twentieth century.    View   
   Preminger, Otto    American film director and producer.    View   
   Preston, Frances Cleveland    The wife of U. S. President Grover Cleveland, and later of Thomas Jex Preston.    View   
   Price, Anthony    British espionage thriller novelist, newspaper journalist and editor.    View   
   Price, Eugenia    American author of best-selling historical novels generally set in Georgia.    View   
   Pride, Mike    American journalist, editor of the Concord (New Hampshire) Monitor, and author.    View   
   Priest, Cherie    American novelist dubbed the "high priestess of steampunk."    View   
   Priestley, J. B.    English novelist, playwright, shortstory and non-fiction writer, critic, and broadcaster.    View   
   Pritchett, Travis    American rock-a-billy singer with the duo Travis and Bob.    View   
   Puzo, Mario    American novelist and Academy Award-winning screenwriter best known for novels about the Mafia.    View   
   Pyle, Howard    American illustrator of children's books and historical and adventure stories for periodicals.    View   
   Pynchon, Thomas    American writer of compplex black comedy, satire, science fantasy and historical fiction.    View   

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