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   O'Brien, Edna    Irish author of novels, short stories, plays, children's books, and non-fiction about Ireland.    View   
   O'Brien, John    American novelist.    View   
   O'Dell, Scott    American author of award winning children's historical novels, adult novels, and nonfiction.    View   
   O'Flaherty, Liam    Major novelist and short story writer in the Irish Renaissance movement.    View   
   O'Hehir, Diana    American poet, mystery writer, and novelist, whose first novel was runner-up for a Pulitzer.    View   
   O'Hurley, John    American actor, television personality, and author of books inspired by his dogs.    View   
   O'Neill, Eugene    Nobel-prize winning U.S. playwright who pioneered writing realistic plays in the vernacular.    View   
   Oates, Joyce Carol    American novelist, short story writer, playwright, poet, literary critic, professor and editor.    View   
   Oldfield, Fred    A premier painter of the American West known for his cowboys, Indians, and mountain landscapes.    View   
   Oliver, Lin    American producer and writer of TV and films based on children's books, and author.    View   
   Olsen, Jack    American journalist and author of crime novels, and books on Crime, History and Politics.    View   
   Olson, Lyla M    Co-author of a children's book about two beloved dogs at the Mayo Clinic, and books on nursing.    View   
   Ondaatje, Michael    Sri Lankan Canadian novelist and poet best known for his novel "The English Patient".    View   
   Orlean, Susan    American non-fiction author, staff writer for The New Yorker, and contributor to other magazines.    View   
   Ormondroyd, Edward    American author of fantasy and mythical books for children and young adults.    View   
   Ortiz, Simon    Native American poet, writer of works in many genres, editor, and educator.    View   
   Orton, William    Smith College (Northampton, Massachusetts) Economics Professor and author.    View   
   Osborne, Tom    Former Cornhuskers football coach, and Republican congressman from Nebraska's 3rd district.    View   
   Outhwaite,, Lucille Conrad    American ballet dancer, teacher, ballet school founder, and author of books about her career.    View   
   Owens, Hamilton    American journalist, editor of the Baltimore Evening Sun, and author    View   

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