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   Macaulay, Catherine    American journalist, columnist and author.    View   
   Macaulay, David    American children's book author/illustrator and Caldecott Medal and Honor Awards winner.    View   
   MacCrae, Melissa    Journalist, feminist activist and writer, and Bangor (Maine) Daily News copy editor.    View   
   MacDonald, Betty    American author of humorous autobiographies and the Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle children's books.    View   
   Machen, Arthur    Welsh mystic and author of supernatural, fantasy, and horror fiction.    View   
   MacLachlan, Patricia    American children's author and recipient of 1986 Newbery Medal    View   
   Maclean, Norman    American author, educator and scholar most noted for his novella    View   
   MacLeish, Archibald    American poet, writer, and a Librarian of Congress who won the Pulitzer Prize 3 times.    View   
   Macomber, Debbie    Best-selling American author of romance novels and contemporary women's fiction.    View   
   Macpherson, Elle    Australian supermodel and actress.    View   
   Madden, Onyx    Pseudonym of James E. Nitch, author of of sequels to the Wizard of Oz series.    View   
   Maguire, Gregory    Adult and children novelist known for his revisionist versions of classic children's stories.    View   
   Maguire, Mairead Corrigan    Irish social activist who was awarded the 1976 Nobel Peace Prize.    View   
   Mahurin, Walker M.    U.S. Air Force Ace fighter pilot during World War II and the Korean War.    View   
   Maier, Paul L.    American Christian historian, novelist and children's books author.    View   
   Maines, Steven    American actor and author of novels based on religious, mystical and historical legends.    View   
   Majors, Joyce    American travel author.    View   
   Malatesta, Joe    Italian author of "Incognito in Hollywood," a satiric memoir of Hollywood.    View   
   Mallowan, Max Edgar Lucien    Prominent British archaeologist and the second husband of Dame Agatha Christie.    View   
   Mangham, MacK    American thriller novelist    View   
   Mann, Thomas    German novelist, social critic, philanthropist, essayist, and Nobel Prize laureate.    View   
   Manzarek, Ray    American rock musician, singer, songwriter, filmmaker, and keyboardist for "The Doors".    View   
   Marcellino, Fred    American illustrator of book covers and jackets; illustrator and author of children's books.    View   
   Margulies, Jimmy    American award-winning editorial cartoonist who has published two collections of cartoons.    View   
   Marks, Leo    English cryptographer during WW2, memoirist of his war experiences, playwright and screenwriter.    View   
   Maronde, Mark    American author of mysteries and horror fiction.    View   
   Maroto, Esteban    Spanish comic book artist.    View   
   Marquez, Gabriel    Colombian Nobel Prize-winning novelist, journalist, editor, publisher, and political activist.    View   
   Marr, Melissa    American author of teen urban fantasy novels, poetry, short fiction and one adult novel.    View   
   Marshall, James    American children's author and illustrator and recipient of an Caldecott Honor.    View   
   Martin, Mark    NASCAR Nextel Cup series driver.    View   
   Marx, Christy    American photographer and script writer for children's TV shows and comic books.    View   
   Masefield, John    British poet and author.    View   
   Matheson, Richard Christian    American writer of horror fiction and screenplays, and son of fiction writer Richard Matheson.    View   
   Matheson, Richard Burton    American author and screenwriter of fantasy, horror and science fiction.    View   
   Matlin, Marlee    American film and TV actress, producer, and children's novelist who is almost completely deaf.    View   
   Maugham, Somerset    British novelist, playwright, short story writer best known for his novel Of Human Bondage.    View   
   Max, Peter    American Pop artist and psychedelic graphic designer .    View   
   Mazzucco, Frank    Author of "Earth's Conditions and Extraterrestrial Reality".    View   
   McAuley, Paul    British botanist and award-winning science fiction author.    View   
   McBain, Ed    Pseudonym of American author Evan Hunter under which he wrote crime fiction.    View   
   McCaffrey, Anne    American sci-fi author named the 22nd Grand Master by the Science Fiction Writers of America.    View   
   McCall, Dewitt C.    American expert on California artists and author.    View   
   McCall, Nathan    African-American memoirist, novelist, essayist and lecturer.    View   
   McCall, Tom    American journalist and Republican Governor of Oregon from 1967 to 1975.    View   
   McCammon, Robert R.    American best-selling, award-winning author of horror, fantasy and mystery novels.    View   
   McCarthy, Cormac    Novelist and playwright who is considered a major American novelists of his time.    View   
   McCarthy, Eugene J.    American politician, poet, and author of memoirs and many books on politics.    View   
   McCarthy, Mary    American novelist, memoirist, satirist, literary critic, essayist, and political activist.    View   
   McCloskey, Robert    American author and illustrator of children's books, and winner of several Caldecott Medals.    View   
   McCormick, Wilfred    Prolific American author of sports fiction and short stories for boys.    View   
   McCourt, Frank    Irish-American memoirist author best known for his Pulitzer Prize winning "Angela's Ashes."    View   
   McCracken, Elizabeth    American award-winning novelist and short story writer.    View   
   McCullough, Colleen    Australian novelist and neuroscientist    View   
   McCumber, David    American award-winning journalist, author, editor, and publisher of Big Sky Journal.    View   
   McDowell, Roddy    British actor, photographer and author.    View   
   McEwan, Ian    English novelist and screenwriter.    View   
   McGee, American    One of America's most successful and innovative video and computer game designers.    View   
   McGinnis, Alan Loy    American author, Christian psychotherapist, corporate consultant, and speaker.    View   
   McGovern, George    U. S. Congressman, Senator, and Democratic presidential nominee in 1972,    View   
   McGrath, Charles    Editor, New York Times Book Review.    View   
   McGraw, Eloise Jarvis    American 3-time winner of the Newbery Honor for her juvenile historical novels.    View   
   McGrew, R. Brownell    American painter of Indian portraits, and Southwest and California desert landscapes.    View   
   McGriff, Tobias    American filmmaker, author, and professional paranormal researcher,    View   
   McGriff, Tobias    American filmmaker, author, and professional paranormal researcher,    View   
   McKenna, Terance    American ethnobotanist, psychedelic explorer, philosopher, lecturer, and author.    View   
   McKuen, Rod    American poet, songwriter, composer, and singer.    View   
   McLean, Ken    Thoroughbred horse pedigree consultant and author of several Thoroughbred breeding books.    View   
   McLean, Margot McLean    American artist and teacher best known for her animal and botanical paintings.    View   
   McMahon, Ed    American television announcer, host and emcee.    View   
   McManus, Patrick F.    American outdoor writer, humorist, and columnist for Outdoor Life and Field and Stream.    View   
   McMurtrie, Douglas C.    American historian of printing, bibliographer, typographer, and author.    View   
   McMurtry, Larry    American Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist, screenwriter and essayist.    View   
   McPhee, John    American pioneer in narrative nonfiction.    View   
   Meader, Stephen W.    American author of juvenile adventure novels.    View   
   Meadows, Jayne    American film and stage actress, TV panelist, and author.    View   
   Medley, Tom    Former Hot Rod Magazine cartoon artist and executive, and author/historian of hot rod racing.    View   
   Meeker, Ezra    Washington pioneer, advocate of preserving the Oregon Trail and author of books about the Trail    View   
   Meltzer, Brad    American political thriller novelist, non-fiction writer, TV show creator and comic book author    View   
   Mencken, H. L.    American journalist, satirist, acerbic critic of American culture, and American English scholar    View   
   Meron, Neil    American film producer.    View   
   Merwin, William S.    One of the most influential American poets of the latter 20th century and Pulitzer Prize winner    View   
   Merwin, William S.    One of the most influential American poets of the latter 20th century and Pulitzer Prize winner    View   
   Metz, Leon Claire    American cultural historian of the Old West, author, TV documentary personality, and lecturer.    View   
   Meyer, Stephenie    American young adult author and producer, best known for her vampire romance series Twilight.    View   
   Michener, James A.    Prolific American author best known for his epic historical novels based on prodigious research    View   
   Middlecoff, Cary    American former dentist turned professional golfer champion, newspaper columnist, and author.    View   
   Mignery, Herb    American artist and sculptor of Western subject.    View   
   Miles, Josephine    American poet, literary critic, educator, and mentor to the young Beat poets at U.C. Berkeley.    View   
   Milhous, Katherine    American children’s book illustrator and author, and Caldecott Medal winner.    View   
   Miljan, John    Serbian-born American actor known best for his roles as a villain and an authoritative figure.    View   
   Millard, S . T.    American physician, and an expert on Early American Pattern Glass and Opaque Glass.    View   
   Millay, Edna St. Vincent    American poet and playwright and the first woman to receive the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry.    View   
   Miller, Arthur    One of America's greatest playwrights, recipient of a Pulitzer Prize for Drama, and essayist.    View   
   Miller, Chris    American fantasy artist.    View   
   Miller, Ethel Hull    American novelist and writer of personal non-fiction for adults and children.    View   
   Miller, John J.    Author of political non-fiction and a novel, national political reporter for National Review.    View   
   Miller, Judith Ransom    American children's books author.    View   
   Miller, Olive Beaupre    American author of children's literature, and publisher and editor of My Bookhouse.    View   
   Miller, Wade    A pseudonym used by writing partners, Robert Allison “Bob” Wade and H. Bill Miller.    View   
   Millhauser, Steven    American novelist and short story writer who won the 1997 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction.    View   
   Milne, A. A.    British author and playwright best known for his books about Winnie-the-Pooh.    View   
   Minor, Wendell    American artist and illustrator of books ranging from bestsellers to classic children's books.    View   
   Minoru, Miyagi    Japanese dance choreographer and author of books on Japanese dance.    View   
   Minty, Judith    Award-winning Michigan poet.    View   
   Mitchard, Jacquelyn    American nationally syndicated columnist and novelist.    View   
   Mitchell, Margaret    American novelist, who won the Pulitzer Prize in 1937 for her novel, Gone with the Wind.    View   
   Mitchell, W. O.    Canadian novelist, short story writer, and playwright considered the Mark Twain of Canada.    View   
   Mlynowski, Sarah    Canadian author of chick lit and young-adult fiction novels.    View   
   Mock, Jerri    American aviator and the first woman to pilot an aircraft on a solo trip around the world.    View   
   Moebius, '    See Jean Giraud    View   
   Moll, John    American artist known for his sketches and paintings of the Chesapeake Bay area.    View   
   Monroe, Mary    New York Times bestselling author of African-American fiction.    View   
   Moore, Christopher    American whose novels combine comic or absurdist fantasy with horror and mystery fiction.    View   
   Moore, Michael    American director, producer, documentarian, author, journalist and liberal political activist.    View   
   Moore, Ronald D.    Screenwriter best known for his work on Star Trek and the Battlestar Galactica TV series.    View   
   Morath, Inge    Austrian-born photographer who produced an unmatched photographic compendium of 20th C. artists    View   
   Moray, John E.    American author and son of T. Henry Moray    View   
   Moreton, John    Edward John Moreton, an Irish British peer was a fantasy dramatist, novelist, and storyteller.    View   
   Morgan, Murray    American author and historian of the Puget Sound area, journalist, educator.    View   
   Morley, Christopher    American journalist, novelist, essayist and poet.    View   
   Morris, Dick    American political author and commentator, and former political campaign consultant.    View   
   Morrison, Toni    Nobel Prize winning American novelist and author of works in many other genres.    View   
   Morrissey, Muriel Earhart    American author of several biographical accounts of her sister, Amelia Earhart.    View   
   Mortimer, Frank C.    American hunorist.    View   
   Mortimer, John    English lawyer; stage, film, TV and radio writer; novelist; and creator of Horace Rumpole.    View   
   Morton, Andrew    British journalist and biographer of Princess Diana, Monica Lewinsky, Tom Cruise, et al.    View   
   Mosher, Howard Frank    American award-winning author of fiction and non-fiction.    View   
   Mosley, Walter    Award-winning American writer of mysteries and other fiction, and non-fiction.    View   
   Mosley, Walter    American writer and novelist best known for his historical mysteries.    View   
   Mountbatten, Louis    British admiral, Allied commander in southeast Asia, last Viceroy and Governor-general of India    View   
   Mowat, Farley    Canadian author of books on his childhood, war service and work as a naturalist.    View   
   Moyers, Bill    American TV investigative journalist and commentator known for his quality and integrity.    View   
   Mudd, Harvey    Poet, writer and painter who, disillusioned with American politics and culture, lives in France    View   
   Mueller, Pamela Bauer    An award-winning American author of fiction books for children and adults.    View   
   Mukerji, Dhan Gopal    First popular Indian writer in English of children's books and works about India and Hinduism.    View   
   Mukherjee, Bharati    Award-winning Indian-born Professor and author of novels, short stories and nonfiction.    View   
   Mullen, Harryette    American poet, short story writer, educator and literary scholar.    View   
   Munsch, Robert    American-born Canadian children's author known for his wild and crazy stories.    View   
   Murphy, John Cullen    American comics artist best known for his work on the Prince Valiant comic strip.    View   
   Murphy, Patrick J.    American author of novellas, short stories, and poems.    View   
   Murray, Ty    American 7-time winner of the World All-Around Rodeo Champion title and author of his memoirs.    View   
   Musgrave, Ted    NASCAR race car and truck driver.    View   
   Myers, Russell    American cartoonist best known for his newspaper comic strip Broom-Hilda.    View   
   Myrick, David F.    American historian and author of books on Western railroads and California history    View   

145 Signatures found

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