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   L'Amour, Louis    American author of popular Western fiction.    View   
   L'Engle, Madeleine    American writer best known for her Newbery Medal-winning children's novel    View   
   La Joie, Ernest P.    American lawyer and 3rd Circuit Michigan judge; author of The Story of the Goodfellows.    View   
   LaBastille, Anne    American ecologist and author of memoirs, articles, scientific papers and children's books.    View   
   LaBombard, Joan    California poet ,    View   
   Ladd, Cheryl    American actress, singer, and author of a children's book and a book on golfing.    View   
   LaHaye, Tim    American fundamentalist Christian minister and author, best-known for his Left Behind series.    View   
   Lamb, Wally    Award-winning, bestselling American novelist and nationally honored teacher.    View   
   Lambert, Janet    American author of teen romance novels.    View   
   Lamott, Anne    American novelist, non-fiction writer, teacher, progressive political activist and public speaker    View   
   Lampe, David    Retired USAF officer and author of biographies and accounts of WW 2 resistance movements.    View   
   Lampman, Evelyn Sibley    American teacher,journalist, and author of children's books.    View   
   Landes, Ruth    American anthropologist and author    View   
   Lange, Artie    American actor, comedian, author and radio personality.    View   
   Lansbury, Bruce    American TV writer and producer, and brother of Angela Lansbury    View   
   Laredo, Victor    American photographer best known for his New York City cityscapes and architectural images.    View   
   Laroche, Giles    American artist best known for his "paper relief" illustrations for children's books.    View   
   Larson, Gary    American cartoonist and creator of "The Far Side" single-panel comic strip.    View   
   LaRue, Walt    American western artist, singer, stuntman, and rodeo rider.    View   
   Lash, Joseph P.    American Pulitzer Prize-winning biographer, political activist, and journalist.    View   
   Lasky, Kathryn    American author of fiction and nonfiction for children and young adults.    View   
   Lavender, David    Political and social historian of the American West, and twice a Pulitzer Prize nominee.    View   
   Lawrence, D. H.    English novelist, poet, playwright, short story and essay writer.    View   
   Laxalt, Robert    Basque-American author of fiction and non-fiction about Basque immigrants in the U.S.    View   
   Layton, Irving    Canadian rebel poet, short-story writer, essayist, educator, and Nobel Prize nominee.    View   
   Le Carré, John    Pseudonym of David John Moore Cornwell, British writer of espionage novels.    View   
   Le Tord, Bijou    French-American award-winning writer and artist of picture books for children.    View   
   Leaf, Munro    American author / illustrator of children's literature best known for "The Story of Ferdinand".    View   
   LeClair, Jenifer    Award Winning American author of the Windjammer Mystery Series.    View   
   Lee, Harper    American novelist widely known for her 1960 Pulitzer Prize–winning To Kill a Mockingbird.    View   
   Lehane, Con    American mystery writer.    View   
   Lehane, Dennis    American novelist and screenwriter of crime and mystery fiction.    View   
   Leibowitz, Annie    Preeminent American portrait photographer of popular culture icons.    View   
   Lelic, Simon    British author of crime fiction.    View   
   LeMay, Alan    American novelist, and film writer, director and producer .    View   
   Lemmon, Chris    American actor and a son of actor Jack Lemmon about whom he wrote a memoir.    View   
   Lemmon, Jack    American film actor who was one of the most award-winning American actors of his generation.    View   
   Lende, Heather    Alaskan author of books on Alaska, and contributor to NPR, and many newspapers, and magazines.    View   
   Leno, Jay    American comedian who is best known as the host of the The Tonight Show.    View   
   Lenski, Lois    American writer of award-winning children's and young adult fiction.    View   
   Leonard, Elmore    Prolific American novelist and screenwriter best known for his western, mystery, crime novels.    View   
   Lesley, Craig    American author of comtemporary western novels.    View   
   Letty, Cyntha    South African botanical artist and poet.    View   
   Leuzzi, Marlene    American author of annual price guides to antique dolls and Kewpie doll expert.    View   
   Levertov, Denise    British-born avant-garde American poet.    View   
   Levin, Barry R.    American dealer in rare/ first editions of sci fi, fantasy, and horror; TV and film consultant.    View   
   Levin, Philip L.    American physician and author of fiction, non-fiction, children's books, and poetry.    View   
   Levy, Newman    Former Assistant District Attorney of NYC, trial lawyer, and writer of light verse.    View   
   Lewis, Naomi    British poet, essayist, literary critic, writer and reviewer of children's literature.    View   
   Lewis, Sinclair    Novelist, short-story writer, and first U.S. writer to receive the Nobel Prize in Literature.    View   
   Lewis, Terry    Judge on the Second Judicial Circuit Court of Florida and author of legal thriller novels.    View   
   Linaweaver, Brad    American science fiction writer and pop culture magazine publisher.    View   
   Lindbergh, Charles    Famous American author and aviator who flew the first solo, non-stop flight across the Atlantic    View   
   Lindgren, Astrid    Swedish children's book author best known for her Pippi Longstocking series.    View   
   Lindquist, Jennie D.    American lecturer, librarian, editor and children's book author.    View   
   Lindros, Eric    Canadian professional ice hockey player and author of an autobiography.    View   
   Lindsay, Vachel    American poet whose use of powerful sounds and rhythms returned poetry to a popular oral art.    View   
   Linenger, Jerry M.    Retired Captain in the U.S. Navy Medical Corps, a former NASA astronaut and author.    View   
   Litvag, Irving    Biographer of Albert Payson Terhune. and author of "The Strange Story of Patience Worth".    View   
   Livesay, Dorothy    Major Canadian poet, dramatist, literary critic, short story writer, and journalist.    View   
   Lobel, Anita    Polish-born American author and illustrator of children's books, and a childhood memoir of WW2.    View   
   Lodato, Victor    American playwright, poet, and novelist.    View   
   Loeffler, Gisella    Austrian-born painter, muralist, children's book illustrator, member of the Taos artist colony.    View   
   Lofting, Hugh    British poet and author best known for his classic Doctor Dolittle series for children.    View   
   London, Jack    American novelist, shortstory writer, journalist, social critic, and adventurer.    View   
   Long, Huey P.    American lawyer, Louisianan U.S. Senator and Governor, author and radical populist.    View   
   Loos, Anita    American screenwriter, playwright and author.    View   
   Lopez, Barry    American essayist, poet, fiction writer best known for its ecological concerns.    View   
   Lourie, Dick    American poet, blues saxophone player, and a founding editor of Hanging Loose Press.    View   
   Love, Courtney    American rock musician and Golden Globe-nominated actress, author of an memoir/diary book.    View   
   Lovelace, Maud Hart    American author of historical novels best known for her Betsy-Tacy children's series.    View   
   Lovett, Charlie    American author of novels, historical fiction, children's plays,and Lewis Carroll expert.    View   
   Lowell, Robert    Pulitzer Prize winning confessional poet considered among the greatest 20th C. American poets.    View   
   Lowell, Robert    American Pulitzer Prize winning poet considered among the best twentieth century American poets    View   
   Lowry, Beverly    American educator, novelist and short story writer.    View   
   Luce, William    American Broadway playwright.    View   
   Ludlum, Robert    American author thriller novels, many made into films and mini-series.    View   
   Luft, Lorna    American film, stage and TV actress, singer, author, and produce; daughter of Judy Garland.    View   
   Lupoff, Richard A.    American science fiction and mystery writer.    View   
   Lynn, Loretta    American country-music singer-songwriter and author of three autobiographies.    View   
   Lyons, Dorothy    HIghly polular American author of horse stories for girls.    View   
   Lystra, Donald    Award-winning American retired engineer, novelist and author of short fiction.    View   

82 Signatures found

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