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   Kael, Pauline    American film critic often regarded as the most influential American film critic of her day.    View   
   Kalpakian, Laura    American author in the memoir genre.    View   
   Kane, Bob    American comic book artist and writer credited as the creator of Batman.    View   
   Karlan, Richard    American actor and novelist.    View   
   Karpp, Phyllis    American author of a biography of the Everly Brothers.    View   
   Kasher, Moshe    American stand-up comedian, author and actor .    View   
   Kate, Lauren    American internationally bestselling author of young adult fiction.    View   
   Katsaropoulos, Chris    American poet, novelist, and Senior Acquisitions Editor at Elsevier, Inc.    View   
   Kawabata, Yasunari    Japanese novelist and winner of the 1968 Nobel Prize for Literature.    View   
   Kay, Terry    American award-winning author of novels, screenplays, a children's book, and nonfiction prose.    View   
   Kaye-Smith, Sheila    Prolific English author of novels about Sussex set in the English regional tradition.    View   
   Kazin, Alfred    American author and literary critic.    View   
   Keady, Walter    Irish-born American novelist and short story writer.    View   
   Keeland, Reg    Pseudonym of Steven T. Murray, translator of Stieg Larsson's "The Girl Who" trilogy.    View   
   Keene, Carolyn    Pseudonym of Mildred Wirt Benson who wrote the first 23 books in the Nancy Drew mystery series.    View   
   Keith, Agnes Newton    American author best known for her autobiographical accounts of life in North Borneo.    View   
   Keith, Harold    American author of historical novels for children and young adults. 1958 Newbery Medal winner.    View   
   Kellogg, Steven    American author and illustrator of children's books.    View   
   Kelly, Walt    American cartoonist and creator of the comic strip "Pogo".    View   
   Kennedy, Caroline Bouvier    American lawyer, author, and daughter of President John Kennedy and Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy    View   
   Kennedy, Edward M.    U.S Senator from Massachusetts and the younger brother of President John F. Kennedy.    View   
   Kenny, Maurice    American poet, short story writer, editor, playwright, and educator.    View   
   Kent, Timothy    British barrister and author of books on antique silver.    View   
   Keonjian, Edward    American "father of microelectronics", author of technical books and an autobiography.    View   
   Kernan, Lisa    Film scholar and Arts Librarian for Film, TV and Theater, and Lecturer at UCLA.    View   
   Kerouac, Jack    American novelist, writer, and poet who was a founder of the American Beat Generation.    View   
   Kerouac-Parker, Frankie Edith    American Beat Generation author of an autobiography, and Jack Kerouac's first wife.    View   
   Kerr, Graham    English culinary expert known for his The Galloping Gourmet TV show and many cookbooks.    View   
   Kerr, Rita    American author and illustrator of children's books about the history of Texas.    View   
   Kesey, Ken    American novelist and counterculture hero best known for "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest".    View   
   Kesler, Susan E.    American author of "The Wild Wild West: The Series", a comprehensive study of the TV series.    View   
   Kessler, Ethel    American author of children's books often illustrated by her husband, Leonard Kessler.    View   
   Kessler, Leonard    American children's book author and illustrator.    View   
   Kesten, Hermann    German novelist, playwright, publisher, essayist and humanitarian.    View   
   Kevles, Daniel J.    American historian of science and journalist.    View   
   Keyes, Frances Parkinson    American author of historical novels, biographies, memoirs, poetry and inspirational works.    View   
   Keyes, Marian    Irish internationally bestselling author of    View   
   Kilian, Crawford    Canadian novelist , educator, and proponent of the educational potential of the internet.    View   
   Kincaid, Jamaica    Caribbean-American novelist and educator.    View   
   Kinder, Gary    American author off narrative nonfiction.    View   
   King, Laurie R.    American author best known for her detective fiction.    View   
   King, Stephen    World's bestselling author and the most financially successful horror novelist in history.    View   
   Kingsolver, Barbara    Award winning U.S. author of novels, poems, short stories, and essays advocating social change.    View   
   Kinnell, Galway    American Pulitzer Prize winning poet and educator.    View   
   Kinsella, W. P.    Canadian novelist, short story writer, and former English professor.    View   
   Kirby, Jack    American comic book artist, writer and editor known as    View   
   Kirkbride, Ronald    American author of romantic, Western, and mystery novels.    View   
   Kiskaddon, Bruce    America’s premier cowboy poet and storyteller.    View   
   Kisor, Henry    American author, literary reviewer,journalist, Pulitzer Prize finalist.    View   
   Kissinger, Henry    German-born American diplomat, Nobel laureate and statesman.    View   
   Kjelgaard, Jim    American author of young adult literature best known for his novel "Big Red."    View   
   Klaus, Carl    Professor Emeritus of English at the University of Iowa; writer of literary nonfiction.    View   
   Kleiner, Gregg    American novelist.    View   
   Klugman, Jack    American stage, television and film actor.    View   
   Knebel, Fletcher    American author of political fiction best known for his novel    View   
   Knight, Arthur Winfield    American novelist, poet, film critic, educator, and editor of 8 volumes on the Beat Generation    View   
   Knight, Clayton    American WW I pilot, aviation artist and author, and co-creator of 'Ace Drummond' comic strip.    View   
   Knight, E. E.    Pen name for Eric Frisch, an American science fiction and fantasy writer.    View   
   Knight, Hilary    American author and illustrator known best as the illustrator of Kay Thompson's Eloise series.    View   
   Knowles, John    American writer best known for his novel "A Separate Peace."    View   
   Knowles, Stanley    Canadian Member of Parliament, minister and author.    View   
   Koontz, Dean    American bestselling writer best known for his suspense novels.    View   
   Kotlowitz, Alex    Award-winning American journalist and author, who has explored issues of race and poverty.    View   
   Kozol, Jonathan    Award winning American author, educator, and public education activist.    View   
   Kramb, Edwin A.    Author of books about lesser known American historic and military events.    View   
   Kramer, Eddie    American audio engineer/producer who served the late 20th century's most renown rock musicians.    View   
   Krause, Herbert    American educator and author of historical novels about the midwest, poems and essays.    View   
   Krentz, Jayne Ann    American writer of bestselling romance novels.    View   
   Krieger, Robby    American musician and songwriter best known as the guitarist of the rock group "The Doors".    View   
   Krisher, Trudy    American author of children's and young adult fiction exploring sensitive issues.    View   
   Kristeller, Paul Oskar    American Professor of Philosophy at Columbia University and scholar of Renaissance humanism.    View   
   Krosch, Rich    American classic cowboy poet and storyteller.    View   
   Krumgold, Joseph    American author of children's and adult novels, and twice Newbery Medal winner.    View   
   Kuban, Karla    American novelist and short story writer.    View   
   Kulwicki, Alan    American NASCAR champion racecar driver.    View   
   Kumin, Maxine    American poet and educator whose many prizes included a Pulitzer.    View   
   Kummer, Frederic Arnold    American novelist, playwright and lyrist.    View   
   Kurth, Peter    American biographer, memoirist, and historian.    View   
   Kurtzman, Harvey    American cartoonist, writer and editor best known for his comic book MAD.    View   
   Kushner, Harold    Prominent American Conservative Jewish rabbi and a popular author.    View   

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