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   Jackson, Helen Hunt    American writer and activist for Native Americans best known for her novel Ramona.    View   
   Jackson, Lisa    A best-selling American author of romance and romantic suspense novels.    View   
   Jacobi, Kathryn    American painter, printmaker, and illustrator.    View   
   Jaffery, Sheldon    American bibliographer and anthologist of horror and science fiction; expert on Arkham House.    View   
   James, George Wharton    British-born American author, journalist, and lecturer on California and the American Southwest    View   
   James, P. D.    One of England's foremost mystery and crime fiction novelist.    View   
   James, Will    Canadian-born author and illustrator of books about the American West.    View   
   Jance, J. A.    Bestselling American author of mystery and thriller novels.    View   
   Jarman, Rufus    American journalist for The New Yorker and Saturday Evening Post.    View   
   Jeffers, Robinson    American poet who decried the negative influence of civilization on the natural world.    View   
   Jeffers, Susan    American children's book illustrator who has been awarded the Caldecott Honor.    View   
   Jeffries, Sabrina    Pen name of a best-selling American author of romance novels.    View   
   Jenkins, Emily    American author of children's picture books, young-adult novels, and adult fiction.    View   
   Jenkins, Jerry B.    American author of novels, mysteries, biographies, non-fiction, and children's fiction.    View   
   Johnson, General Jerry    Lieutenant General U.S. Air Force and Former Inspector General of the Air Force.    View   
   Johnson, George Clayton    American science fiction, television, and screenplay writer.    View   
   Johnson, Junior    American race car driver and one of the most successful NASCAR drivers in history.    View   
   Johnson, Marv    American R&B and soul singer, recording artist, songwriter and pianist.    View   
   Johnson, Van    American film and television actor, singer and dancer.    View   
   Johnston, Ollie    American pioneer in motion picture animation and last living member of Disney's Nine Old Men.    View   
   Johnston, Tony    Prolific American author of children's books from picture books to young-adult novels.    View   
   Jones, Elizabeth Orton    American Caldecott Medal winning author and illustrator of children's books.    View   
   Jones, James    American writer of novels about World War II and its aftermath.    View   
   Jones, Mona Lake    American poet, educator, and motivational speaker.    View   
   Jong, Erica    American novelist, poet, non-fiction writer best known for her candor about women's sexuality.    View   
   Jordan, Joey    American musician and member of the Jordan Brothers rock band.    View   
   Jordan, Raphyel M.    American author of Science Fiction and Fantasy, and Young Adult .    View   
   Jordan, Robert    Pseudonym of the American fantasy novelist James Oliver Rigney, Jr.    View   
   Joseph, Frank S.    Former American journalist; novelist and publisher.    View   
   Joyce, James    Irish novelist and poet; one of the most influential and innovative writers of the 20th century    View   
   Joyce, William    American author and illustrator of children's books, and an animated filmmaker.    View   
   Jurgens, Dan    American comic book artist and writer.    View   
   Justice, Donald    American Pulitzer Prize winning poet and educator.    View   

33 Signatures found

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