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   Gabaldon, Diana    American novelist who merges historical fiction, romance, mystery, adventure and science fiction    View   
   Gable, Clark    American film actor and most popular male star of the early sound film era.    View   
   Gabreski, Francis    American World War 2 fighter pilot who was the top ranking ace in the U. S. Air Force.    View   
   Gabriel, Brigitte    Pseudonym of a Lebanese American journalist, author, speaker and activist.    View   
   Gailey, Harry    American WW2 military historian, Emeritus Professor of history at San Jose State University.    View   
   Gaines, Ernest J.    African-American fiction writer nominated for a Pulitzer Prize and a Nobel Prize in Literature.    View   
   Gale, Zona    American author of novels, short stories, plays, poetry, essays and other non-fiction.    View   
   Gallery, Daniel V.    U. S. Navy Admiral and author.    View   
   Gallico, Paul W.    American novelist and short story writer who wrote in variety of genres.    View   
   Galsworthy, John    English novelist and playwright who won the Nobel Prize for literature in 1932.    View   
   Gambone, A. M.    America Civil War historian and biographer.    View   
   Gannett, Ruth Stiles    American author of popular short children's novels.    View   
   Gardner, Erle Stanley    American lawyer, author of detective fiction, and creator of fictional attorney Perry Mason.    View   
   Garrett, Garet    American journalist, editor, author and Old Right libertarian.    View   
   Gates, Doris    American children's librarian, children's books author, and winner of a Newbery Honor award.    View   
   Gauch, Patricia Lee    American children's book author, editor, and educator.    View   
   Geddes, Anne    Australian-born American photographer known for her books with stylised depictions of babies.    View   
   George, Jean Craighead    American author of popular books for young adults about the environment and the natural world.    View   
   Gerhardi, William    Russian-born British novelist and playwright.    View   
   Gerhardie, William    Russian-born British novelist and playwright.    View   
   Gessler, Clifford    American journalist, poet, and author of travel books.    View   
   Gibran, Khalil    Lebanon-American poet, writer and artist best known for his popular poetic essays, The Prophet.    View   
   Gibson, William    American-born Canadian science fiction novelist and father of the cyberpunk SF genre.    View   
   Gibson, WIlliam    American playwright and novelist best known for his play    View   
   Gide, Andre    French Nobel Prize-winning novelist, essayist, humanist, and moralist.    View   
   Giles, Molly    American novelist, short story writer, and educator.    View   
   Gilman, Susan Jane    American journalist, fiction write, and bestselling author of three nonfiction books.    View   
   Gingrich, Newt    American politician and author or co-author of non-fiction and fiction.    View   
   Ginsberg, Allen    American poet, essayist, and activist; and a major figure among the Beat Generation writers.    View   
   Gipson, Morrell    American author and editor of books for young children.    View   
   Giraud, Jean    Internationally acclaimed French comics artist    View   
   Glasser, Robin Preiss    American illustrator of children's books, and designer of theater sets and costumes.    View   
   Glazer, Jane    American poet.    View   
   Glisson, Joe    American free-lance illustrator and political cartoonist.    View   
   Glut, Don    American author of comic books, film and TV scripts, novels and dinosaurs books.    View   
   Goldberg, Whoopi    American actress, comedian, author, singer, songwriter, talk show host, producer, etc.    View   
   Golding, William    British novelist, poet and 1983 winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature.    View   
   Gooddy, William    British neurologist, author of books on higher cerebral function and Neurological Cosmology    View   
   Goodkind, Terry    American author of the epic fantasies, contemporary suspense novel.    View   
   Gorbachev, Mikhail    Leader and General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union from 1985 until 1991.    View   
   Gordon, Gwyn    American restaurateur and cookbook author.    View   
   Gordon, Jaimy    Award-winning American novelist, poet and professor in the MFA program of Western Michigan U.    View   
   Gore, Al    American politician, author, environmental activist, and the 45th Vice President of the U.S.    View   
   Gorey, Edward    American artist, book illustrator and writer.    View   
   Gorst, Wilbur H.    Author of "Vern C. Gorst: Pioneer and Granddad of United Air Lines".    View   
   Gottlieb, Samuel H.    Former attorney turned author and collector of and dealer in rare and collectible books.    View   
   Gould, Jean    American author of juvenile and adult biographies of poets and painters.    View   
   Gould, Stephen Jay    American paleontologist, evolutionary biologist, and historian of science.    View   
   Gowdy, Curt    American sportscaster    View   
   Grafton, Sue    American internationally bestselling detective novelist.    View   
   Grahame, Hardy    American editor of books on railroads and locomotives.    View   
   Gramatky, Hardie    American painter, and author/ illustrator of children's books.    View   
   Gramatky, Hardie    American painter, and author/ illustrator of children's books.    View   
   GrandPre, Mary    American illustrator whose works range from commerical through editorial and children's books.    View   
   Grant, Donna    New York Times bestselling author of forty plus novels spanning multiple genres of romance.    View   
   Green, Gerald    American novelist, journalist, and TV producer and director.    View   
   Green, John    American young adult novelist, YouTube video blogger and creator of online educational videos.    View   
   Greene, Susan    American author of golf books for children.    View   
   Greenwald, Tommy    American playwright and children’s book author.    View   
   Grey, Joel    American stage, screen and television actor.    View   
   Grey, Zane    American author best known for his popular adventure novels.    View   
   Grier, Rosey    American actor, singer, auathor, Christian minister, and former professional football player.    View   
   Griffin, W. E. B.    Pen name of William Edmund Butterworth III, author of military and detective novels.    View   
   Grippando, James    American attorney and author of psychological and legal thriller, and young adults novels.    View   
   Grippando, James    American attorney and author of psychological and legal thriller, and young adult novels.    View   
   Grisham, John    Lawyer-turned-novelist known mostly for this best-selling legal thrillers.    View   
   Grossman, Richard    American poet and novelist.    View   
   Gubbins, Florence Irene    Author of several books collecting her optimistic poems and essays of a slightly religious bent.    View   
   Guest, Edgar    British-born American whose daily sentimental, optimistic poems were syndicated in U.S. papers.    View   
   Gurian, Michael    American social philosopher, family therapist, corporate consultant, and bestselling author.    View   
   Gurney, Eric    American cartoonist, and author / illustrator of children's books.    View   
   Gushee, Edward T.    American thriiller novelist and war pilot memoirist    View   
   Gustafson, Jon    American authority on the genre and art of science fiction.    View   
   Guterson, David    American novelist and magazine journalist best known for his novel Snow Falling on Cedars.    View   
   Gzowski, Peter    Canadian broadcaster, journalist and author.    View   

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