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   Fabian, Stephen E.    Award-winning American science fiction and fantasy illustrator.    View   
   Fairstein, Linda    Former prosecutor whose novels focus on crimes of violence against women and children.    View   
   Farmer, Philip José    American science fiction and fantasy novelist and short story writer.    View   
   Fast, Howard    American author of fiction, screen and TV plays, poetry, and adult and juvenile non-fiction.    View   
   Fate, Robert    American mystery novelist.    View   
   Faulkner, William    Nobel Prize-winning American novelist and short story writer.    View   
   Feiffer, Jules    American syndicated cartoonist,and author of novels, children's books, plays and screenplays.    View   
   Fein, Irving A.    Producer and Manager for comedians Jack Benny and George Burns.    View   
   Feist, Raymond E.    American author of epic fantasy fiction and co-creator of the Midkemia role-playing game.    View   
   Feist, Raymond E.    American author of fantasy fiction and co-creator the Midkemia role-playing game.    View   
   Ferber, Edna    American Pulitzer Prize winning novelist whose work inspired Broadway plays and Hollywood films    View   
   Ferguson, J. A.    American best-selling author of Regency, historical and paranormal romances.    View   
   Ferrars, Elizabeth    Pseudonym of Morna Doris MacTaggart Brown, bestselling British mystery/crime novelist    View   
   Ferrer, Sean Hepburn    Hollywood actor, director and producer.    View   
   Fforde, Jasper    Welsh novelist.    View   
   Field, Kate    American journalist, travel writer, actor, and lecturer    View   
   Field, Rachel    American novelist, poet, and Newbery Medal–winning author of children's fiction.    View   
   Fields, Wilmer    One of the most outstanding baseball players in the American Negro League.    View   
   Finder, Joseph    American thriller novelist, journalist, and Association of Former Intelligence Officers member.    View   
   Findley, Timothy    Canadian novelist and playwright.    View   
   Finklea, Michael    American children's books author.    View   
   Fisher, Carrie    American actress, screenwriter and novelist.    View   
   Fitch, Samuel Sheldon    American physican, founder of a patent medicine company, and author.    View   
   Flack, Marjorie    American author/illustrator of children's picture books best-known for The Story About Ping.    View   
   Flanner, Hildegarde    American author best known for her essays and poetry about life in northern California.    View   
   Fleetwood, Wade B.    American novelist best known for mysteries set in resorts in Delaware, Maryland and Virginia.    View   
   Fleischman, Sid    American novelist, humorist, and a Newbery Medal-winning author of children's books.    View   
   Fogelin, Adrian    American author of novels for middle-grade and young adult readers.    View   
   Fogelin, Adrian    American author of novels for middle-grade and young adult readers.    View   
   Foglio, Phil    Hugo Award-winning American cartoonist and comic book artist.    View   
   Follett, Ken    British author of international bestselling thrillers novels and historical fiction.    View   
   Footner, Hulbert    American/Canadian author of detective novels and canoeing adventures, and historian,    View   
   Forbes, Steve    Editor-in-chief of Forbes magazine, twice a GOP candidate in presidential primaries, and author.    View   
   Ford, Leslie    A pseudonym used by Zenith Jones Brown, a prolific American author of detective novels.    View   
   Ford, Sewell    American novelist and shortstory writer known best for this humor and books on horses.    View   
   Forester, C. S.    British historical novelist and journalist.    View   
   Forrest, Earle R.    American journalist, historian, photographer, and author of books on the Old Southwest.    View   
   Foster, Brett    American poet and renaissance scholar.    View   
   Foster, Frank    American author of thriller novels.    View   
   Foster, Genevieve    Newbery Award -winning American author/illustrator of children's books about historical figures    View   
   Fowler, Connie May    American novelist, poet, essayist, memoirist, and screenwriter.    View   
   Fowler, Connie May    American novelist, essayist, memoirist, screenwriter, and poet.    View   
   Fowler, Gene    American journalist, and author of screenplays, biographies and memoirs.    View   
   Fowles, John    British novelist and essayist considered one of the most important novelist of the 20th Century    View   
   Francis, Connie    American rock 'n' roll singer, actress and author.    View   
   Francis, Dick    British author and retired jockey.    View   
   Frazer, Margaret    Pen name of Gail Frazer, an historical mystery novelist and short story writer.    View   
   Frazier, Charles    Award-winning American historical novelist.    View   
   Freedman, Marc    Author and an experts on the longevity revolution and the transformation of retirement.    View   
   Frei, Terry    American journalist, sports columnist; author of books blending sports, history, and politics.    View   
   French, Tana    Award-winning Irish novelist of psychological thriller and theatrical actress.    View   
   Frey, James    American media producer and author of young adult books.    View   
   Fricke, John    American TV producer, author, and preeminent Judy Garland and Wizard of Oz historian.    View   
   Friedan, Betty    American writer often credited as the creator of the women's movement in the U.S.    View   
   Friedman, Kinky    American singer, songwriter, satirist, novelist, humorist, and sometimes politician.    View   
   Friend, Rhonda    American children's author.    View   
   Frostic, Gwen    Michigan author, book manufacturer, linoleum-block nature artist,lecturer and papermaker.    View   
   Froud, Brian    English fantasy illustrator, painter and conceptual designer.    View   
   Fry, Stephen    British comedian, actor, novelist, commentator, and filmmaker.    View   
   Fryer, Jane Eayre    American author of the "Mary Frances" series designed to teach young girls domestic skills.    View   
   Fuller, Alexandra    American award-winning memorist from Zimbabwe.    View   
   Fuller, Buckminster    American architect, designer, inventor, and visionary.    View   

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