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   Eastman, Charles A.    Native American author, physician and Indian rights activist.    View   
   Eberhart, Mignon G.    Prolific American mystery novelist often called "America's Agatha Christie".    View   
   Eckes, Ruth Trueblood    American author of anthologies of railroader's stories.    View   
   Eddings, David    American best-selling author of several series of epic fantasy novels.    View   
   Edison, Thomas Alva    American entrepreneur and inventor of the telephone, light bulb, phonograph, etc.    View   
   Edson, Charles Farwell    California poet and husband of Katherine Philips Edson.    View   
   Edwards, Julie Andrews    Name under which JulieAndrews, English actress and singer, writes children's books.    View   
   Edwards, Leo    Pen name of Edward Edson Lee, an American author of five series of popular children's books.    View   
   Egielski, Richard    American Award-winning illustrator and author of children's books.    View   
   Eichenwald, Kurt    Former The New York Time investigative reporter, and later with Portfolio, a business magazine    View   
   Eisner, Will    Acclaimed American comics writer, artist and entrepreneur.    View   
   Eliot, T. S.    American-born British poet, dramatist, Nobel Prize winner, and a major poet of the 20th century    View   
   Ellin, Stanley    American mystery writer and awardee of the Mystery Writers of America's Grand Master Award.    View   
   Elliott, Bill    Retired, part-time race car driver in the NASCAR.    View   
   Ellison, Harlan    American science fiction writer, TV and screenwriter, multiple winner of Hugo and Nebula awards    View   
   Ellison, Ralph    American novelist, short story writer, essayist, sculptor, musician, and college professor.    View   
   Ellroy, James    American best-selling crime fiction novelist, short story and true crime writer.    View   
   Ellsberg, Daniel    US military consultant, political activist, and author who released the Pentagon Papers.    View   
   Engdahl, Sylvia    Award-winning American science fiction writer, children's author, and anthologist.    View   
   Engle, Paul    American poet, writer, editor, novelist and director of the Iowa Writers' Workshop.    View   
   Enslen, Greg    American newspaper columnist and author of thriller novels and two books of his columns.    View   
   Erdrich, Louise    Award-winning Native American author of novels, poetry, short stories and children's books.    View   
   Erskine, John    American novelist, educator, literary and music scholar, composer, and musician.    View   
   Estes, Clarissa Pinkola    American non-fiction author, poet, psychologist, post-trauma specialist, and spoken word artist    View   
   EstÚs, Clarissa Pinkola    American non-fiction author, poet, psychologist, post-trauma specialist, and spoken word artist    View   
   Eszterhas, Joe    Legendary American Hollywood screenwriter and producer.    View   
   Etchison, Dennis    American novelist, short story writer, and editor of fantasy and horror fiction.    View   
   Evanovich, Janet    Popular American mystery novelist best known for her mysteries featuring Stephanie Plum.    View   
   Evans, George    American cartoonist and comic book artist.    View   
   Evans, Nicholas    English journalist, novelist, screenwriter, and film producer.    View   

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