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   Dahl, Roald    British novelist and short story writer best known for his children's books.    View   
   Dahlberg, Edward    American novelist, critic and essayist often considered one of America's most neglected writers    View   
   Dali, Salvador    Spanish artist who was one of the most important painters of the 20th century.    View   
   Dallenbach, Jr., Wally    Former NASCAR Winston Cup race car driver and NBC/TNT commentator.    View   
   Damrosch, Phoebe    American memoirist, humorist, and creative writing teacher    View   
   Daniel, John    American poet, essayist, memorist, itinerant creative writing teacher.    View   
   Darrell, Paul    American author and editor of books on American railroad history.    View   
   Dathe, Mary Jo    Spring Valley (MN) Historical Society historian, author of a book on Laura Ingalls Wilder.    View   
   Datin, Richard C.    Retired modelmaker and Reno, Nevada historian.    View   
   Daugherty, Duffy    Legendary Michigan State University football coach.    View   
   Davidson, Diane Mott    American Anthony award-winning and New York Times best-selling author of culinary mysteries.    View   
   Davies, Robertson    Canadian novelist, playwright, critic, journalist, and professor.    View   
   Davis, Alice Vought    American author/illustrator of children's books.    View   
   Davis, Bette    American actress of stage, screen and television, and    View   
   Davis, Bryan    American author of Christian fantasy and science fiction.    View   
   Davis, Jim    American cartoonist and creator of the popular comic strip Garfield.    View   
   Davis, Lavinia R.    American author of children's books, juvenile and teenage novels, and adult mysteries.    View   
   Davis, Mary Gould    American children's book author, critic, editor, librarian, educator, and storyteller.    View   
   Davis, Patrick A.    American bestselling author of military and espionage thriller novels.    View   
   Dawson, Cleo    American psychologist, author, educator, dramatist, and oral historian.    View   
   Day, Alexandra    Pen name of author, artist and publisher Sandra Darling best known for her Good Dog, Carl books    View   
   Day, Sylvia    American author of romance novels.    View   
   de Angeli, Marguerite    American award-winning author and illustrator of children’s books.    View   
   De Berardinis., Olivia    American glamour and pinup artist.    View   
   de Camp, L. Sprague    American science fiction and fantasy novelist, and biographies of other fantasy authors.    View   
   de la Mare, Walter    English poet, novelist, and short story writer.    View   
   De Laurentiis, Dino    Prodigious Italian-American film producer.    View   
   De Waltoff, Dayve Boris    Physician and Author.    View   
   Dean, Paula    American cook, cooking show host, restaurateur, author, and actress.    View   
   Deaver, Jeffery    American award winning mystery, crime, and thriller novelist.    View   
   Deaver, Michael K.    Political media strategist, public relations executive, and former aide to President Reagan.    View   
   DeBerry, Virginia    American co-author of award-winning bestselling novel.    View   
   DeBerry, Virginia    American co-author of award-winning bestselling novel.    View   
   DeCarlo, Dan    American cartoonist, comic book, and pin-up artist.    View   
   Dee, Lavada    American author of contemporary and romantic suspense novels.    View   
   Degroot, Jacqueline    American romance and mystery novelist, and non-fiction travel and history auythor.    View   
   Deighton, Len    British historian and author of spy fiction and historical novels.    View   
   Delany, Dana    American film, stage, and television actress.    View   
   DeLillo, Don    American novelist and a central figure in the postmodernism literary movement.    View   
   DeMille, Nelson    Bestselling American novelist known for his well-researched thriller novels.    View   
   Densmore, John    American musician and songwriter best known as the drummer of the rock group "The Doors".    View   
   Denver, John    American folk singer, songwriter, folk-rock musician, and humanitarian.    View   
   Dessen, Sarah    American author of realistic young adult fiction    View   
   Deverell, William    Canadian criminal lawyer turned satirist, courtroom and crime novelist.    View   
   Devi, Mahasweta    One of India's foremost activists and bestselling writer of novels, short stories and plays.    View   
   Dickens, Charles    Foremost English novelist of the Victorian era, one of the English language's greatest writers.    View   
   Dickey, Eric Jerome    New York Times best-selling author of novels about contemporary African-American life.    View   
   Dickey, Eric Jerome    New York Times best-selling author of novels about contemporary African-American life.    View   
   Dickey, James    Award-winning and best-selling American poet , novelist. and educator.    View   
   Didion, Joan    American journalist, essayist, novelist, and screenwriter.    View   
   Diles, Dave    Former ABC-TV national sports anchor, commentator and author.    View   
   Dillard, Annie    Pulitzer Prize winning author of poetry, novels, a memoir, and non-fiction.    View   
   Diller, Phyllis    American actress, comedienne, a pioneer of female stand-up comedy, and autobiographer.    View   
   Disney, Walt    World-known American film producer, director, screenwriter, animator, and voice actor.    View   
   Divakaruni, Chitra Banerjee    Award-winning Indian-American author of adult and children's fiction, non-fiction and poetry.    View   
   Dix, Dorothy    Pseudonym of U.S. journalist and syndicated advice columnist Elizabeth Meriwether Gilmer.    View   
   Djanikian, Gregory    Egyptian-American poet; Professor of English and Creative Writing, University of Pennsylvania    View   
   Dobie, J. Frank    U.S. folklorist, populist columnist, author of books about the open range days of Texas.    View   
   Doctorow, E. L.    American finalist for the Pulitzer Prize for his novels blending history and social criticism.    View   
   Dodge, Howard J.    American author of    View   
   Dodgson, Charles L    English author, logician, clergyman, and photographer.better known as Lewis Carroll.    View   
   Doig, Ivan    American novelist whose theme is older western family life mixed with regional history.    View   
   Dolgan, Robert    Author of "Polka King: The Life of Frankie Yankovic".    View   
   Donahue, James A.    Author of "Earhart Disappearance: British Connection".    View   
   Donaldson, Stephen R.    Award-winning American fantasy, science fiction and mystery novelist.    View   
   Dönitz, Karl    Commander-in-Chief of the Nazi German navy during World War II and Hitler's successor.    View   
   Donleavy, J. P.    Internationally acclaimed Irish-American novelist and playwright.    View   
   Dorris, Michael    Native American novelist and scholar.    View   
   Douglas, Kirk    American film and stage actor, film producer and author of fiction and non-fiction.    View   
   Douglas, Lloyd C.    American minister and author of popular religious novels .    View   
   Douglas, Norman    British novelist, travel writer, editor, literary critic best known for his novel "South Wind".    View   
   Dowd, Michael    Progressive Christian minister and author of books on Evolutionary and Ecological Christianity.    View   
   Downs, Hugh    American news anchor, television host, TV producer, author, and game show host.    View   
   Doyle, Arthur Conan    British author and physician best known as the creator of Sherlock Holmes.    View   
   Doyle, Roddy    Irish comic novelist, dramatist, screenwriter, and auhtor of children's books.    View   
   Draper, Darrel W.    American author, speaker, and living history re-enactor.    View   
   Draper, Dave    American professional bodybuilder, actor and author.    View   
   Draper, Donald W.    American author, speaker, and living history re-enactor.    View   
   Dreiser, Theodore    American novelist considered the pioneer of Naturalism in American literature.    View   
   Drinkwater, John    English poet, playwright and literary critic.    View   
   Driscoll, Charles B.    U.S. newspaper editor and columnist, author of books on the Irish in the West and pirates.    View   
   Drury, Joan M.    American former publisher and award-winning mystery novelist.    View   
   du Jardin, Rosamond    American author best known for her novels for young adults.    View   
   DuBois, William Pene    American author, illustrator and publisher children’s books best known for his "21 Balloons".    View   
   Duke, Charlie    American astronaut, business executive, motivational and inspirational speaker, and author.    View   
   Duke, Dotty    Author and wife of Astronaut Charlie Duke.    View   
   Dunas, Jeff    American commerical, fine art, and documentary photographer.    View   
   Duncan, William J.    Author of "RMS Queen Mary: Queen of the Queens".    View   
   Dunn, Katherine    American novelist, journalist, voice artist, radio personality, book reviewer, and poet.    View   
   Dunn, Tom    American editor and publisher, and international icon of pipe smoking and tobacciana.    View   
   Dunne, Dominick    American novelist and its leading celebrity and social journalist.    View   
   Dunning, Stephen    University of Michigan professor, poet, author and a compiler of young adult books.    View   
   Dunrea, Olivier    Award winning, bestselling author and illustrator of more than 70 children's books.    View   
   Dunreais, Olivier    Award winning, bestselling author and illustrator of more than 70 children's books.    View   
   Dunsany, Lord    Pseudonym of Anglo-Irish fantasty and horror novelist, Edward John Moreton Drax Plunkett.    View   
   Duval, Fernando    Brazilian fantasy artist and illustrator.    View   
   Duvoisin, Roger    Swiss-born American children's book author and illustrator.    View   
   Dybek, Stuart    American poet and fiction writer, and Adjunct Professor of English at Northwestern University.    View   

98 Signatures found

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