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   Cabot, Meg    An American author of romantic and paranormal fiction for both adults and tweens/teens.    View   
   Cady, Bertha Chapman    American naturalist and writer; author of early books on sex education.    View   
   Cain, James M.    American journalist and novelist best known for his hardboiled crime fiction.    View   
   Calabrese, Dan    American conservative journalist, columnist, and author of Christian thrillers.    View   
   Caldwell, Erskine    American novelist who portrayed poverty, class, race, and gender injustice in the rural South.    View   
   Calhoun, Mary    American award-winning and prolific author of children's books.    View   
   Calisher, Hortense    American writer of novels, novellas, and short stories, known for the elegant style.    View   
   Callaghan, Morley    Canadian novelist, short story writer, and playwright.    View   
   Cameron, Eleanor    Canadian-born American children's author of juvenile science fiction and fantasy.    View   
   Camp, C. W. "Bob"    California historian and author.    View   
   Campbell, Ramsey    British horror fiction novelist and short story writer.    View   
   Caniff, Milton    American cartoonist famous for the Terry and the Pirates and Steve Canyon comic strips.    View   
   Capote, Truman    American writer whose novels, plays, story stories and non-fiction are recognized as classics.    View   
   Capp, Al    American award-winning cartoonist best known for his comic strip, Li'l Abner.    View   
   Capra, Fritjof    Austrian-born American physicist, systems theorist, and author.    View   
   Card, Orson Scott    American novelist who works in several genres, but best known for his Sci Fi and Fantasy.    View   
   Carle, Eric    American author and illustrator of children's books such as The Very Hungry Caterpillar.    View   
   Carman, Bliss    Canadian-American poet, writer, anthologist, and editior. Canada's best known poet of his time    View   
   Carnegie, Dale    American author of books on self-improvement, salesmanship, and public speaking.    View   
   Carpenter, Scott    American Astronaut and author.    View   
   Carr, Harry    An associate editor, reporter, and columnist for the Los Angeles Times.    View   
   Carris, Joan    American children's books writer, professor, and textbook author.    View   
   Carroll, Gladys Hasty    American novelist, story writer, and diarist best-known for her novel As the Earth Turns.    View   
   Carter, Hodding    Pulitzer Prize winning American journalist and author who fought Southern racial intolerance.    View   
   Carter, Jimmy    39th President of the United States and Nobel Peace laureate.    View   
   Cassutt, Michael    American author of novels, shortstories and televison scripts, anthologist and TV producer.    View   
   Castaneda, Carlos    American best-selling author of books regarding drug-induced visions of a higher reality.    View   
   Cather, Willa    American author noted for her novels about the settlers and frontier life on the Great Plains.    View   
   Catt, Carrie Chapman    American woman's suffrage leader, and political and anti-war activist.    View   
   Cawood, Chris    American author of fiction and non-fiction, attorney and former Tennessee state legislator    View   
   Chabon, Michael    American novelist, screenwriter, columnist, short-story writer, and children's books author.    View   
   Channing, Carol    American stage and film actress and singer.    View   
   Charlip, Remy    American artist and writer of children's books, choreographer, designer and teacher.    View   
   Charteris, Leslie    Mystery novelist and screenwriter best known for his books about Simon Templar, "The Saint."    View   
   Chase, Chevy    American comedian, writer, and television and film actor.    View   
   Chase, Will H.    Alaskan physician and author of books on Alaskan history, wilderness and wildlife.    View   
   Chatwin, Bruce    British art expert turned novelist and travel writer.    View   
   Cheever, John    American novelist and short story writer, and winner of the 1979 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction.    View   
   Chennault, Anna    Chinese-American journalist, author, GOP political leader, airline executive and diplomat.    View   
   Cho, Margaret    American comedienne, actress and author.    View   
   Christie, Agatha    British mystery novelist and best-selling book author of all time.    View   
   Christopher, Gretchen    American recording artist , songwriter, dancer, choreographer, and founder of "The Fleetwoods".    View   
   Chun, Pam    American award-winning novelist.    View   
   Clancy, Tom    American author of political thrillers and technically-detailed Cold War espionage novels.    View   
   Clark, Ann Nolan    American author of children's books about Native American culture. 1953 Newbery Medal winner    View   
   Clark, Dick    American television personality and businessman best known for hosting    View   
   Clark, Mary Higgins    American world-wide bestselling suspense novelist    View   
   Clark, Walter V.T.    American novelist and short story writer, best known for his Western "The Ox-Bow Incident".    View   
   Clarke, Arthur C.    Preeminent British science fiction and non-fiction writer and inventor.    View   
   Clarke, Harry    Irish book illustrator and stained glass artist.    View   
   Clavell, James    American novelist, screenwriter, film director and producer, and World War II hero and POW.    View   
   Clay, Mary    Pen name of Linda-Tuck Jenkins, a mystery and New Age fiction novelist.    View   
   Cleary, Beverly    American prolific author of books for children and young adults. 1984 Newbery Medal winner.    View   
   Cleland, Robert Glass    Professor of History at Occidental College and eminent historian of California.    View   
   Clemens, Cyril    American biographer, literary historian, and founder of the International Mark Twain Society.    View   
   Clemens, Samuel Langhorne    Preeminent American humorist, satirist, and novelist who used the pen name Mark Twain.    View   
   Clement, John    Landscape photographer.    View   
   Clinton, Hillary Rodham    American attorney, 42nd First Lady of the U.S., U.S. Senator, and author.    View   
   Coatsworth, Elizabeth    American poet, novelist and author of books for children and juveniles.    View   
   Coben, Harlan    American mystery and thriller novelist.    View   
   Coben, Harlan    American author of mystery and thrillers novels.    View   
   Coelho, Art    American poet, short-story writer, novelist, and painter.    View   
   Cogan, Priscilla    American psychologist and novelist who explores the interface between Lakota and Christian cultures    View   
   Cohen, Stuart Archer    American novelist.    View   
   Colby, Robert    American novelist the 50s and 60s crime thriller paperback genre and short story writer.    View   
   Colby, William H.    American lawyer, and advocate of and author of books about the right-to-die.    View   
   Cole-Whittaker,, Terry    American "New Thought" writer, minister, and the founder of Adventures in Enlightenment.    View   
   Coleman, Reed    American crime fiction writer and poet.    View   
   Collin, Hedvig    Danish author and illustrator of children's books.    View   
   Collin, Richard Oliver    American novelist, author of books on world politics and political history, and educator.    View   
   Collings, Michael    Poet, literary critic of science fiction/horror, and Professor of English at Pepperdine U.    View   
   Collins, Jackie    British top-selling novelists known for her erotic tales of the lives of the rich and famous.    View   
   Collins, Joan    British actress and author of a memoir entitled Past Imperfect and a novel Star Quality.    View   
   Collins, Max Allan    American crime, detective and mystery novelist, historian and screenwriter.    View   
   Collins, Stephen    American actor, director, musician, and author of two novels.    View   
   Colum, Padraic    Irish poet, novelist, dramatist, biographer, folklorist, and leader in the Celtic Revival.    View   
   Conal, Robbie    American guerrilla poster artist noted for his satirical images of U.S. political figures.    View   
   Condon, Bill    Academy Award winning American screenwriter and director.    View   
   Conger, Paul    WWII Ace fighter pilot with the Eighth Air Force's 56th Fighter Group.    View   
   Connell, Evan S.    American novelist, poet, and short story writer.    View   
   Connolly, John    Award-winning Irish author best known for his private detective Charlie Parker crime novels.    View   
   Conrad, Tim A.    American science fiction, fantasy and horror comic book illustrator.    View   
   Cook, Robin    American physician and novelist who writes medical and public health thrillers.    View   
   Cooney, Doug    American playwright, performance artist, and writer.    View   
   Cornwell, Patricia    American author best known for her crime fiction featuring medical examiner, Dr. Kay Scarpetta.    View   
   Corrothers, James D.    African-American writer, poet, journalist and minister.    View   
   Cosell, Howard    American radio and TV sports journalist and commentator, author, and columnist.    View   
   Costain, Thomas B.    Canadian journalist and a best-selling author of historical novels.    View   
   Cotler, Steve    American author of the Cheesie Mack children's series.    View   
   Counselman, Mary Elizabeth    American horror and fantasy short story writer and poet whose works are classic in the genre.    View   
   Coupland, Douglas    Canadian novelist; artist; short story, non-fiction, play, and screenplay writer.    View   
   Cousins, Geoffrey E.    British author of books on golf and history, including a history of Teacher's Scotch Whisky.    View   
   Cousteau, Jacques-Yves    French naval officer, oceanographer, explorer, ecologist, writer, filmmaker, and photographer.    View   
   Coward, Noel    Legendary English actor, playwright, and popular songwriter.    View   
   Cox, Stephen    American freelance author of many books on films, TV programs, and film and TV personalities.    View   
   Coyote, Peter    American actor, author, director, screenwriter and narrator of various media.    View   
   Crais, Robert    American author of bestselling detective novels.    View   
   Crews, Harry    American novelist, short story writer and essayist whose work focuses on the poor white South.    View   
   Crichton, Michael    American writer/director/producer best-known for his techno-thriller novels, films and TV shows    View   
   Crichton, Robert    American bestselling author of novels and non-fiction.    View   
   Crilley, Mark    American comic book creator and children's book author and illustrator.    View   
   Cronin, Justin    American author of horror and science fiction novels.    View   
   Cross, Gilbert B.    Author of children's mystery/adventure novels, educator, folklore and Victorian drama expert.    View   
   Crouse, Russell    American playwright, librettist and producer.    View   
   Crumb, R.    American artist, illustrator, and a founder of the underground comics movement.    View   
   Cuelho, Art    Portuguese-American poet, writer, editor, and publisher (Seven Buffaloes Press).    View   
   Cullen, Countee    Afro-American poet and novelist and a leading figure in the Harlem Renaissance.    View   
   Cullen., Lynn    American author of historical novels for young readers and adult historical fiction.    View   
   Cunningham, Elizabeth    American novelist and poet.    View   
   Curtis, Jamie Lee    American award-winning American film and TV actress and successful children's books author.    View   
   Cussler, Clive    American internationally bestselling action/ adventure novelist and underwater explorer.    View   

111 Signatures found

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