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   Baba, Meher    Indian spiritual leader born Merwan Sheriar Irani and    View   
   Babbitt, Bruce    Attorney, former U. S. Secretary of the Interior,and former Governor of Arizona.    View   
   Baca, Jimmy Santiago    American poet, novelist and screenplay writer.    View   
   Bacall, Lauren    American film and stage actress. Author of three books.    View   
   Bacho, Peter    American Book Award winning novelist and writer known for his Filipino-American themes.    View   
   Baer, Robert    Former Middle Eastern CIA officer, author and commentator on espionage and U.S. foreign policy    View   
   Baggott, Julianna    American novelist, essayist, poet, and creative writing professor at Florida State University.    View   
   Bailey, Temple    American bestselling novelist and short story writer.    View   
   Baker, Stephen    American pet expert and author of hunorous books on living with them.    View   
   Baker, Tom    English actor best known for playing Dr. Who. Author of an autobiography and fairytale novel.    View   
   Baldwin, Mart    American mystery novelist.    View   
   Baldwin, Richard L.    AmAmerican retired academic and author of mysteries and children’s books.    View   
   Banks, Lynne Reid    British actress and TV journalist turned novelist and best-selling author of children's books.    View   
   Bannon, Ann    The pseudonym for Ann Weldy, who wrote lesbian pulp novels in the late 1950s and early 1960s.    View   
   Bannout, Samir    Lebanese professional bodybuilder and author called the "Lion of Lebanon".    View   
   Bantock, Nick    British artist and author based in Canada best known for his Griffin and Sabine trilogy.    View   
   Bantock, Nick    British artist and author based in Canada best known for his Griffin and Sabine trilogy.    View   
   Barbeau, Adrienne    American television, film, and musical theater actress.    View   
   Barker, Clive    An English leading author of horror and contemporary fantasy, film director and visual artist.    View   
   Barker, Pat    English novelist and author of a critically acclaimed historical trilogy about World War I.    View   
   Barnes, Jim Weaver    American poet, anthologist, and educator.    View   
   Barnes, John    American science fiction author.    View   
   Barr, Nevada    American author best known for her series of mystery novels set in national parks in the U. S.    View   
   Barre, Richard    American author of mystery and crime novels.    View   
   Barrie, James M.    British novelist and dramatist best known as the creator of Peter Pan.    View   
   Barrows, Annie    American editor and author of children's books and adult non-fiction.    View   
   Barry, Dave    Pulitzer Prize-winning American columnist and author of numerous books of humor and parody.    View   
   Barth, Bob    Diver, author, and only person involved in all 3 of the Navy's Sealab and Genesis programs.    View   
   Bartholomew, Ed    American author of many historical books about the Old West.    View   
   Bass, Rick    American short story writer and environmental activist    View   
   Bassi, Sofia    Intrernationally known Mexican painter.    View   
   Battle, LeRoy A.    World War 2 Tuskegee Airman, educator, jazz musician, and one of the Freeman Field Mutineers.    View   
   Battle, Lois    South Carolina novelist and former actress.    View   
   Baum, L. Frank    American author, actor, journalist and filmmaker best known as the creator Wizard of Oz.    View   
   Baxter, Charles    Award-winning American novelist, poet, essayist and short story writer.    View   
   Beach, G. Dale    Aviation author and pilot.    View   
   Beahm, George    American author and publisher.    View   
   Beatty, Terry    American comic book artist.    View   
   Bee, Clair    Famous American basketball coach and author of the fictional Chip Hilton series for children.    View   
   Beebe, William    American naturalist, explorer, author, and co-inventor of the bathysphere.    View   
   Begin, Menachem    Former Prime Minister of Israel and Nobel Peace Prize laureate.    View   
   Beirne, Francis F.    American journalist, historian, Baltimore Sun colunmist, and author.    View   
   Bell, Eric Temple    Scottish-born American mathematician and science fiction novelist.    View   
   Bell, Peggy Kirk    American professional golfer and golf instructor.    View   
   Bellow, Saul    Canadian-born American novelist and winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1976.    View   
   Belushi, Jim    American film and television actor, singer and author.    View   
   Bemelmans, Ludwig    American author and children's book writer and illustrator.    View   
   Benchley, Peter    American writer and novelist best known for his novel Jaws.    View   
   Bender, Aimee    American surreal novelist and short story writer.    View   
   Benet, William Rose    American Pulitzer Prize winning poet and the older brother of Stephen Vincent Benet.    View   
   Benford, Gregory    Physicist and award-winning science fiction author.    View   
   Bennett, Joan    American film and TV actress.    View   
   Bennett, William J.    American conservative pundit, politician, political theorist, author and speaker.    View   
   Benson, Mildred Wirt    American author of series books for girls including the Nancy Drew series as Carolyn Keene.    View   
   Benton, Mike    American historian and author of many books on various comic books genres.    View   
   Berenson, Alex    Former The New York Times reporter and award-winning spy novelist.    View   
   Berg, Elizabeth    American author of many bestselling novels.    View   
   Berger, Thomas    American novelist best known for the movie made from his novel Little Big Man.    View   
   Berra, Yogi    American professional baseball player and manager.    View   
   Berry, Rick    American painter, graphic artist and illustrator.    View   
   Berton, Pierre    Canadian non-fiction writer, television personality and journalist.    View   
   Bezzerides, A. I.    Turkish-born American novelist and screenwriter.    View   
   Bialosky, Jill    American poet, novelist, memorist, and book editor.    View   
   Bickenheuser, Fred    American author and expert on pattern glass and Tiffin glassware    View   
   Bierce, Ambrose    American journalist, editorialist, short-story writer and satirist.    View   
   Biggs, E. Power    English-born American concert organist consider the preeminent organist of the 20th century.    View   
   Binchy, Maeve    Irish novelist, short story writer, and newspaper columnist.    View   
   Binder, Pam    American award winning and New York Times Best Selling author of fantasy romance novels.    View   
   Binyon, Claude    American screenwriter and director of comedies and musicals.    View   
   Birdsell, Sandra    Canadian novelist and short story writer.    View   
   Black, Cara    Bestselling American mystery and crime novelist best known for her Aimée Léduc novels.    View   
   Black, Lewis    American comedian, author, playwright, social critic and actor.    View   
   Blake, Quentin    British humorous illustrator and children's book author, and Roald Dahl's book illustrator.    View   
   Blake, Quentin    British humorous illustrator and children's book author, and Roald Dahl's book illustrator.    View   
   Blanding, Don    American poet , writer, artist, designer, journalist and speaker.    View   
   Blatty, William Peter    American novelist and screenwriter best known for his novel The Exorcist.    View   
   Bloch, Robert    Prolific American writer of horror, crime fiction and science fiction novels and shortstories.    View   
   Block, Lawrence    American novelist and short story writer; a Mystery Writers of America Grand Master.    View   
   Blockson, Charles L.    American historian, author, lecturer, bibliophile of African American culture.    View   
   Bloodstone, John    Pseudonym of Stuart J . Byrne under which he published work in the fantasy - adventure genre.    View   
   Blume, Judy    Award-winning American young adult novelist, one of the most banned U.S. children's authors.    View   
   Blyton, Enid    British author of children's series books and one of the most popular authors in the world.    View   
   Bodecker, N. M.    Danish-born American author and illustrator of children's and adult books.    View   
   Bodine, Brett    Former NASCAR Winston Cup race car driver.    View   
   Bohjalian, Chris    American novelist    View   
   Bonham, Richard H.    Marine cipher specialist and radio operator with the World War II Navajo Code Talkers.    View   
   Bontemps, Arna    American poet, author, anthologist, librarian and leading authority on the Harlem Renaissance.    View   
   Bonzai, Mr.    American photographer, journalist, author and raconteur of the recording industry.    View   
   Boone, Pat    American singer, actor, writer, motivational speaker, conservative political commentator.    View   
   Borge, Victor    Danish comedian and world-class pianist .    View   
   Borgnine, Tova    Cosmetic and beauty tycoon.    View   
   Borlaug, Norman E.    American agricultural scientist, humanitarian, author and Nobel laureate.    View   
   Borman, Frank    NASA astronaut who was one of the three crew members of Apollo 8 mission.    View   
   Borreson, Mary Jo    American author of children's historical books.    View   
   Boston, Archie    Nationally known art director, designer and educator.    View   
   Boundy, Donna    Author of several books on addiction and president of Maverick Media Resources, Woodstock, NY.    View   
   Bourke-White, Margaret    American photographer, photojournalist, author, and first female war correspondent    View   
   Bova, Ben    American science fiction author and editor, essayist, and journalist.    View   
   Bowers, Neal    American poet, and author of two scholarly books, and a nonfiction memoir,    View   
   Bowling, Tim    Canadian novelist and poet.    View   
   Bowman, Phylis    Canadian writer and local historian of the Prince Rupert area of British Columbia.    View   
   Box, C. J.    American author of crime and mystery novels.    View   
   Boyington, Gregory    American fighter pilot ace and Commanding Officer of The Black Sheep Squad during World War II.    View   
   Boyle, Kay    American award-winning novelist, poet, educator, and political activist.    View   
   Boyle, T. C.    American novelist and short story writer; University of Southern California EnglishProfessor.    View   
   Bradbury, Ray    American science fiction, fantasy, horror and mystery writer.    View   
   Bradfield, Jolly Roger    American children's book author, illustrator, cartoonist, and painter.    View   
   Bradford, Barbara Taylor    Prolific best-selling English novelist.    View   
   Bradley, Marion Zimmer    American fantasy novelist, anthologists, and short story writer.    View   
   Brady, Patricia    American historian and author of biographies of first ladies, women, free people of color, etc.    View   
   Bragg, Rick    Pulitzer Prize- winning American journalist and author of non-fiction books.    View   
   Brandenberg, ALIKI Liacouras    American author and illustrator of many prize-winning fiction and non-fiction children's books.    View   
   Bratton, William J.    54th chief of the Los Angeles Police Department and former New York City Police Commissioner.    View   
   Breedlove, Mildred    American poet and Nevada poet laureate.    View   
   Brickman, Julie    American academic and author of novels, other fiction, and non-fiction.    View   
   Bridgeman, William    American test pilot and author.    View   
   Bridges, Beau    American film and television actor.    View   
   Bridges, Dorothy    American poet.    View   
   Bridges, Jeff    Academy Award nominated American actor.    View   
   Brigman, Anne    American avant-garde photographer and poet.    View   
   Brink, Carol Ryrie    American children's book author and Newbery Medal winner.    View   
   Brinley, Bertrand R.    American writer of short stories for children best known for his Mad Scientists' Club stories.    View   
   Brooks, Gwendolyn    Pulitzer Prize-winning African-American poet.    View   
   Brooks, Mel    American actor, writer, director, and producer.    View   
   Brooks, Terry    American bestselling fantasy novelist.    View   
   Brooks, Walter R.    American author of children's books particularly remembered for his Freddy the Pig books.    View   
   Broster, Joan    South African author of books on various aspects of South African history and culture.    View   
   Brown, Dee    American novelist and historian best known for his "Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee".    View   
   Brown, Fredric    American hardboiled mystery and science fiction novelist and shortstory writer.    View   
   Brown, Larry K.    Author of non-fiction books and fictional short stories about the American West.    View   
   Brown, Marc    American author and illustrator of the internationally loved Arthur series of children's books.    View   
   Brown, Paul    American author and foremost illustrator of children's and adult books on equestrian subjects.    View   
   Brown, Rita Mae    Bestselling American novelist, poet and screenwriter, political activist, and farmer.    View   
   Brown, Sandra    American bestselling author of romantic and suspense novels.    View   
   Brown, Sandra    American author of 64 New York Times bestselling romantic novels and thriller suspense novels.    View   
   Browne, Sylvia    American self-described psychic and medium, author, and guest on TV and radio programs.    View   
   Browning, Robert    Victorian English poet and author of dramatic verse.    View   
   Bruchac, Joseph    American writer of novels, poetry, children's' books, short stories; professional storyteller.    View   
   Brunhoff, Laurent de    French author/ illustrator best known for his Babar children's books first begun by his father.    View   
   Bryant, William Cullen    American romantic poet, journalist, statesman and lawyer.    View   
   Bryson, Bill    American author of humorous travel books, and books on the English language and science.    View   
   Buchan, John    Scottish novelist best known for his spy thrillers; also served as Governor General of Canada.    View   
   Buck, Pearl S.    American Nobel and Pulitzer Prize winning author, humanitarian, and philanthropist.    View   
   Buckingham, Jamie    American Christian pastor, author, columnist, editor ,and Charismatic Movement leader.    View   
   Buffett, Jimmy    American singer/ songwriter famous for his "island escapism" lifestyle and music.    View   
   Bukowski, Charles    American poet and novelist.    View   
   Bulger, William M.    Attorney, past President of the University of Massachusetts and former Massachusetts lawmaker.    View   
   Burana, Lily    American journalist, novelist and memoirist.    View   
   Burford, John    New Zealand photographer and author of books on the west coast of New Zealand.    View   
   Burgess, Robert F.    American author of non-fiction adventure books illustrated with his photographs.    View   
   Burk, Margaret Tante    Former Public Relations Director of the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles.    View   
   Burke, James Lee    Edgar Award-winning American mystery and crime novelist, and short story writer.    View   
   Burnett, Constance Buel    American author or co-author of biographies.    View   
   Burns, George    American vaudeville, film, radio and television comedian, actor and producer.    View   
   Burrell, Paul    Former butler to Diana, Princess of Wales, and author.    View   
   Burrows, William E.    Professor of Journalism and Mass Communication, New York University.    View   
   Bush, Barbara    Wife of President George Herbert Walker Bush and mother of President George W. Bush.    View   
   Bush, Barney    American poet, writer, musician, recording artist and educator of Shawnee/Cayuga heritage.    View   
   Bush, George Herbert Walker    41st President of the United States of America (1989–1993).    View   
   Bush, Nancy    American author of mystery novels and romantic contemporary, historical, and suspense novels.    View   
   Bush, Nancy    American author of mystery novels and romantic contemporary, historical, and suspense novels.    View   
   Byrd, Richard E.    American Antarctic and Arctic explorer, aviator, and navigator.    View   

162 Signatures found

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