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   Abbey, Edward    American author of books advocating radical environmentalism and wilderness preservation.    View   
   Abbott, Jane    American author of novels for young girls.    View   
   Abse, Dannie    Welsh physician, poet, novelist and playwright.    View   
   Abu-Jaber, Diana    American award-winning author of novels, biographies and memoirs.    View   
   Ackerman, Forrest J.    American science fiction writer, editor, literary agent, actor and legendary fan and collector.    View   
   Adamov, Bob    Award-winning American author of hriller and mystery adventure novels.    View   
   Adams, Ansel    American photographer, conservationist, and author of many books about photography.    View   
   Adams, Charles Follen    American known for his humorist poems written in the Pennsylvania Dutch (German) dialect.    View   
   Adams, Douglas    British author and humorist best known for his The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.    View   
   Adams, Richard    British novelist, shortstory and non-fiction writer.    View   
   Addams, Charles    American cartoonist and creator of the Addams Family.    View   
   Adler, Mortimer J.    American philosopher and co-founder of the Great Books of the Western World program.    View   
   Ahlberg, Allan    Prolific British author of children's books and twice winner of The Kate Greenaway Medal.    View   
   Aiken, Conrad    Pulitzer Prize-winning American poet whose work also included short stories and novels.    View   
   Albano, Eugenio    American novelist.    View   
   Albert, Alexa    American psychiatrist who conducted a public health study at a brothel in Nevada.    View   
   Albert, Susan    American mystery novelist who also used the pen names Robin Paige and Carolyn Keene.    View   
   Albright, Madeleine    Former U.S.Secretary of State and Ambassador to the UN, and author.    View   
   Alcott, Louisa May    American novelist best known for the novel "Little Women".    View   
   Alda, Alan    American actor, director, screenwriter, and author.    View   
   Alderman, Ellen    Attorney and co-author of two books on The Bill of Rights and Privacy.    View   
   Aldrin, Buzz    American pilot and astronaut.    View   
   Alexander, Lloyd    American multi-award winning author of fantasy novels for children and adolescents.    View   
   Alexie, Sherman    Native American novelist, poet, short stories and film writer, and occasional comedian.    View   
   Alger, Jr., Horatio    American author of novels featuring boys who achieve the American dream of wealth and success    View   
   Allen, Gracie    American comedienne and internationally famous partner of comedian husband George Burns.    View   
   Allen, Steve    American musician, comedian and writer    View   
   Allison, Davey    NASCAR race car driver posthumously inducted into the International Motorsports Hall of Fame.    View   
   Allison, Dorothy    American novelist and poet whose themes include feminism, lesbianism, and child abuse.    View   
   Allsburg, Chris Van    American Caldecott Medal winning author and illustrator of children's books.    View   
   Alvar, Sunol Munoz-Ramos    Contemporary artist from Barcelona, Spain whose work is collected internationally.    View   
   Ambler, Eric    English novelist and screenwriter known for his thriller and spy novels.    View   
   Anderson, Arthur    American voice and stage actor.    View   
   Anderson, Brad    American cartoonist and creator of the comic strip Marmaduke.    View   
   Anderson, C. W.    American horse artist, poet, and author and illlustrator of many children’s books about horses.    View   
   Anderson, Kevin J.    American science fiction author.    View   
   Anderson, Pamela    American film and television actress, model, producer, and writer.    View   
   Anderson, Poul    American science fiction and fantasy author of the genre's Golden Age.    View   
   Andretti, Mario    Among the most successful professional auto racing drivers in the U.S..    View   
   Andrews, Julie    Academy Award-winning English actress, singer, and author.    View   
   Angelou, Maya    American poet, memoirist, historian, educator, actress, composer, playwright, children's author    View   
   Anspacher, Louis K.    American playwright and director.    View   
   Anthony, Piers    Pseudonym of Piers Anthony Dillingham Jacob, an American science fiction and fantasy novelist.    View   
   Archer, Jeffrey    British international bestselling novelist and short story writer, and disgraced politician.    View   
   Armer, Laura Adams    American author and illustrator of children's books, photographer, film director, and artist.    View   
   Armstrong, Lance    American former professional racing cyclist author of several autobiographies and other books.    View   
   Armstrong, Louis    American jazz trumpeter and singer who wrote volumes with his music.    View   
   Arnason, David    Canadian author, poet, and educator.    View   
   Arnett, Ethel Stephens    American historian, biographer and poet.    View   
   Arnold, Caroline    Profilic American author and sometimes illustrator of over 100 books for children.    View   
   Arquette, Clifford    American actor, comedian, and writer famous for his role as "Charley Weaver".    View   
   Artzybasheff, Boris    Russian-born American painter, and magazine, book and advertising illustrator.    View   
   Asbury, Kelly    American film animation artist, writer, and director, and children's book author.    View   
   Asimov, Isaac    American author of sci-fi novels and popular science books, biochemist and historian.    View   
   Asprin, Robert    American science fiction and fantasy author.    View   
   Astin, Sean    American film actor, director, and producer.    View   
   Atwood, Margaret    Canadian novelist, poet, literary critic, feminist and political activist.    View   
   Auden, W. H.    British-American poet regarded as one of the great writers of the 20th century.    View   
   Auel, Jean    Bestselling American novelist known for her historical fiction about our human ancestors.    View   
   Auel, Jean M.    American novelist who explores the interactions of Cro-Magnons with Neanderthals in prehistory.    View   
   Auer, Mischa    Russian-born American stage, film, radio and TV actor.    View   
   Auster, Paul    American author of Absurdist, crime and mystery fiction; poetry; screenplays; essays; etc.    View   
   Autry, Gene    American singer and actor known as The Singing Cowboy on radio, in movies and on television.    View   
   Avery, George R.    English-born California artist whose photo engravings are often found in book illustrations.    View   
   AVI, Avi or    American Newbery Award-winning children's book author    View   

65 Signatures found

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