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Sample Autograph Signature: Charlotte Bronte Herr

American author of novels and children's books. Other than the books she wrote, the only information available about Charlotte Bronte Herr (June 22, 1875 March 23, 1963) comes from census data and other public documents. She was born in Indianapolis, Indiana to Isaac and Amelia A. [Woodsman] Herr. At that time her father was lawyer who was born in Pennsylvania. By 1900 the family had relocated to Cicero, Illinois where Charlotte was a student and her father a publisher. In 1910, the family was in Oak Park, Illinois and Charlotte was teaching in the public schools. Her father was managing his own investments. The Herr family is not enumerated in the 1920 census, but moved to Pasadena, California by 1930. By that time her father is a newspaper journalist and Charlotte is teaching in a private school. A 1930 yearbook of the Marlborough School in Los Angeles lists Charlotte B. Herr as a history instructor with an A.B. from Wellesley College. Records show she traveled to Hawaii in 1928, and from Los Angeles to New York City in 1937. She and her brother, Thornton (an architect), also visited British Columbia in 1950. Throughout this period, she continued to live in Pasadena and died in Los Angeles County. Herr first wrote children's books all of which were published by P. F. Volland & Co. in 1912 and 1913 with one exception, A Brownie Robinson Crusoe issued by Dodd, Mead and Co. in 1920. The Volland books were The Bear Who Never Was Cross, How Freckle Frog Made Herself Pretty, The Bee Who Would Not Work, The Wise Mamma Goose, The Unselfish Pig, and a series of books about a cat named Punky Dunk: How Punky Dunk Helped Old Prince, Punky Dunk and the Mouse, Punky Dunk and the Goldfish, and Punky Dunk and The Spotted Pup. Many, if not all, of the above were placed in the Juvenile Section of the Sunday editions of the Public Ledger, a Philadelphia newspaper, during 1915 and 1916 as single sheets to be cut and tied with a ribbon to construct 16mo books. Herr's first novel, Their Mariposa Legend A Romance of Santa Catalina was published in 1921 and followed by San Pasqual: A Tale Of Old Pasadena in 1924. In 1947, she wrote Of Other Days: An Escape Book for the Author which has been described as a semi-autobiographical story of a teacher in her first position in Red Gap, Montana in the early part of the century.

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Author: Charlotte Bronte Herr

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