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Sample Autograph Signature: Buckminster Fuller

American architect, designer, inventor, and visionary. Richard Buckminster Fuller (1895 1983) was one of the first to advocate a systemic worldview as necessary for humans to survive successfully on planet Earth. He believed this required the sustainability of both the elements of human society and the environment in which it existed. Thus, he explored the principles of energy and material efficiency in the fields of architecture, engineering and design in his twenty-eight books. Perhaps his best known was Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth published in 1963 which popularized his concepts of "ephemeralization" (doing more with less) and "synergetics" (the concept of the output of a system not foreseen by the simple sum of the output of the system's parts). While he created a large number of inventions in the fields of design and architecture, and was awarded 25 U.S. patents, his international recognition was established by his invention of the geodesic dome. His designs and inventions also had applications to the creation of practical, inexpensive shelter and transportation. Fuller taught at Southern Illinois University from 1959 until 1970, becoming a full Professor in 1968. He was awarded many honorary doctorates, and also received numerous other awards including the Gold Medal award from the American Institute of Architects in 1970.

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