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Barbara Metzger
Barbara Metzger (1944 - )
Barbara Metzger is the author of over two dozen books and novellas, all set in the Regency period of England. She is also an artist, exhibiting nature paintings on driftwood at nearby craft shows. She has also been an editor, a proof-reader and a greeting card verse-writer.
Books by Barbara Metzger
◊Ace of Cards (2005)
◊An Affair of Interest (1991)
◊An Angel for the Earl (1994)
◊Bargain Bride (2009)
◊Bething's Folly (1982)
◊The Christmas Carrolls (1995)li>
◊Christmas Wished (1992)
◊Cupboard Kisses (1989)
◊A Debt to Delia (2002)
◊The Diamond Key (2003)
◊The Duel (2005)
◊The Earl and the Heiress (1982)
◊An Early Engagement (1990)
◊An Enchanted Affair (1996)
◊Father Christmas (1997)
◊Greetings of the Season (2013)
◊Greetings of the Season (2014)
◊Jack of Clubs (2006)
◊Lady in Green (1993)
◊Lady Sparrow (2002)
◊Lady Whilton's Wedding (1995)
◊Lord Heartless (1998)
◊A Loyal Companion (1992)
◊The Luck of the Devil (1991)
◊Minor Indiscretions (1991)
◊Miss Lockharte's Letters (1998)
◊Miss Treadwell's Talent (1999)
◊Miss Westlake's Windfall (2001)
◊My Lady InnKeeper (1985)
◊The Painted Lady (2001)
◊A Perfect Gentleman (2004)
◊The Primrose Path (1997)
◊Queen of the Diamonds (2006)
◊Rake's Ransom (1986)
◊A Regency Christmas (1994)
◊Regency Christmas Eve (2000)
◊Regency Christmas Magic (2004)
◊Regency Christmas Spirits (2001)
◊Saved by Scandal (2000)
◊Snowdrops and Scandalbroth (1996)
◊A Suspicious Affair (1994)
◊The True Love Wedding (2005)
◊Valentines (2004)
◊Wedding Belles (2004)
◊A Worthy Wife (2000)
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