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Author Information

Cindy Gerard
Cindy Gerard, American author of romantic suspense and romance novels.
A professional career woman, Cindy is a trainer for the Iowa Department of Human Services, a position she states is both challenging and rewarding. Cindy's career has taught her much about the human condition, its frailties, its strengths, and its spirit. The evocative emotions that pour from the pages of her books are a reflection of some of her work experiences. Her writing celebrates life's richness and trials, offering a wide range of emotions - hope and elation, anger and indecision, laughter and, of course, love. And, according to her readers, her powerful love scenes run the gamut from steamy to tender to lusty to just plain fun.
◊RWA 2003 Rita Award for Best Short Contemporary Series- Taming the Outlaw
◊RWA 2009 Award for Feel the Heat
◊Maverick (1991)
◊Temptation from the Past (1991)
◊Slow Burn (1992)
◊Man Around the House (1993)
◊Dream Tide (1993)
◊Perfect Double (1994)
◊Into the Night (1994)
◊The Cowboy Takes a Lady (1995)
◊Lucas: The Loner (1996)
◊The Bride Wore Blue (1996)
◊A Bride for Abel Greene (1997)
◊A Bride for Crimson Falls (1997)
◊The Outlaw's Wife (1998)
◊Marriage, Outlaw Style (1998)
◊The Outlaw Jesse James (1999)
◊Lone Star Prince (1999)
◊In His Loving Arms (2000)
◊Lone Star Knight (2001)
◊The Bridal Arrangement (2001)
◊The Secret Baby Bond (2002)
◊Taming the Outlaw (2002)
◊The Librarian's Passionate Knight (2003)
◊The Bluewater Affair (2003)
◊Tempting the Tycoon (2003)
◊Breathless for the Bachelor (2004)
◊Storm of Seduction (2004)
◊Between Midnight and Morning (2005)
◊To The Edge (2005) – Book 1: Bodyguards
◊Black-tie Seduction (2005)
◊To The Limit (2005) – Book 2: Bodyguards
◊To The Brink (2006) – Book 3: Bodyguards
◊A Convenient Proposition (2006)
◊Over the Line (2006) – Book 4: Bodyguards
◊Under the Wire (2006) – Book 5: Bodyguards
◊Into the Dark (2007) – Book 6: Bodyguards
◊Rescue Me (2008) – Anthology Desert Heat
◊Show No Mercy (2008) – Book 1: Black Ops
◊Take No Prisoners (2008) – Book 2: Black Ops
◊Whisper No Lies (2009) – Book 3: Black Ops
◊Feel the Heat (2009) – Book 4: Black Ops
◊Risk No Secrets (2010) – Book 5: Black Ops
◊Deadly Promises (2010)
◊With No Remorse (2011) – Book 6: Black Ops
◊Last Man Standing (2012) – Book 7: Black Ops
◊Worth Dying For (2012)
◊Leave No Trace (2012)
◊Killing Time (2013) – Book 1: One-Eyed Jacks
◊When Somebody Loves You (2013)
◊The Way Home (2013) – Book 2: One-Eyed Jacks
◊Dream Lover (2014)
◊Charade (2014)
◊Renegade (2014)
◊Sealed with a Kiss (2014) – Black Ops novella
◊Dying to Score (2014) – Black Ops novella
◊Walk Away Joe (2014)
◊Running Line (2015) – Book 3: One-Eyed Jacks
◊Taking Fire (2016) – Book 4: One-Eyed Jacks
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