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Suzanne Brockmann
Suzanne Brockmann (1960 - ) lives west of Boston with her husband and two teenaged children, both of whom are actors. Her daughter has appeared in videos and a local independent feature, and her son appears regularly in semi-pro theatrical productions. Brockmann was director, vocal arranger and one of the lead singers in the Boston-area a cappella group SERIOUS FUN. Brockmann is also a founder and volunteer organizer of Natick's Appalachian Benefit Coffeehouse, raising money for the Cabell/Lincoln County Workcamp, which rebuilds housing for the poor, elderly and disabled in West Virginia.
All About Romance 2003 Reader's Award for Best Romance
◊Gone Too Far
All About Romance 2003 Reader's Award for Best Series/Category
◊Night Watch
RWA 2000 Rita Award for Best Contemporary Single Title
◊Body Guard
RWA 2000 Rita Award for Long Contemporary
◊Undercover Princess
◊Future Perfect (1993)
◊Hero Under Cover (1994)
◊Embraced by Love (1995)
◊Not Without Risk (1995)
◊A Man to Die For (1995)
◊No Ordinary Man (1996)
◊Kiss and Tell (1996)
◊Prince Joe (1996)
◊Forever Blue (1996)
◊The Kissing Game (1996)
◊Ladies' Man (1997)
◊Frisco's Kid(1997)
◊Otherwise Engaged (1997)
◊Forbidden (1997)
◊Stand-in Groom (1997)
◊Time Enough for Love (1997)
◊Love With the Proper Stranger (1998)
◊Freeedom's Price (1998)
◊Body Language (1998)
◊Everyday, Average Jones (1998)
◊The Admiral's Bride (1999)
◊Harvard's Education(1998)
◊It Came Upona Midnight Clear (1998)
◊Heart Throb (1999)
◊Undercover Princess (1999)
◊Bodyguard (2000)
◊Identity: Unknown (2000)
◊Get Lucky (2000)
◊The Unsung Hero (2000)
◊The Defiant Hero (2001)
◊Taylor's Temptation (2001)
◊Over the Edge (2001)
◊Out of Control (2002)
◊Into the Night (2002)
◊Letters to Kelly (2003)
◊Gone Too Far (2003)
◊Scenes of Passion (2003)
◊Night Watch (2003)
◊Flashpoint (2004)
◊ Hawkins heart (2005)
◊Tall, Dark and Dangerous (2005)
◊All Through the Night (2007)
◊Dark of night (2008)
◊Hot Pursuit (2009)
◊Tall, Dark and Fearless (2010)
◊Tall, Dark and Devastating (2010)
◊When Tony Met Adam (2011)
◊Breaking the Rules (2011)
◊Born to Darkness (2012)
◊Beginnings and Ends (2012)
◊Shane's Last Stand (2012)
◊Two Heroes in One (2013)
◊Dangerous Destiny (2014) – with Melanie Brockman
◊Do or Die: Reluctant Heroes (2014)
◊Night Sky (2014)
◊Tall, Dark and Daring (2014)
◊Wild Sky: A Night Sky (2015) – with Melanie Brockman
◊Home Fire Inferno (2016)
◊Some Kind of Hero (2017)
Writing as Anne Brock
◊Give Me Liberty (1997)
◊Her Guardian (2001)
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