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TomFolio For Bookdealers

You can have your own website.
Have your own website at no extra charge. This gives you the chance to introduce yourself to clients, list specials, hot offers, and rare stock or use the extra pages to write dynamic blogs on your specialty, which in turn attract search engines for higher rankings.

Ownership resides with the members.
Have a voice in your future. Work alongside other independent booksellers like yourself. Our shareholders/bookseller-members wholly own ABookCoop, the operator of, and they elect the board of directors who determine policy not some faceless corporation.

Searched by Google, Bookfinder & other search engines.
Get your stock "seen" by Google, MSN, Yahoo, Bookfinder and other search engines.

Break free of the herd.
TomFolio is ideal for the specialist bookseller who wants to stand out from the crowd. Our dealers follow a clearly posted Code of Ethics, so that your clients know they can shop at TomFolio with confidence.

There are no creeping fees, no fluctuations.
Despite inflation and rising costs elsewhere, our fee structure has not altered in the past ten years. TomFolio is good value for money, starting at $25 per month for 500 titles listed. No hidden fees, no percentage commission on sales just your listing fee depending on the number of books for sale.

Credit card processing choices.
Booksellers can choose to process cards through their own merchant account. For dealers who chose not to process their own cards, the TomFolio secure shopping cart is available and offers our merchant account to process Visa, MasterCard and Amex payments at reasonable rates, i.e. a minimum fee of $.40 and a maximum of $30 for any one transaction.

Our category system enables comprehensive subject searches.
Our extensive category search system is ideal for customers who like to browse their favorite topic or niche. If your specialties are not already there, our category committee will try to accommodate your requirements.

Your Shop Window to the world.
Tomfolio is your shop window to the world. Tens of thousands of North American and European shoppers visit Tomfolio monthly, in addition to prospective clients from over 150 countries worldwide.

We are responsive to problems.
Our dedicated webmaster has shown time and again that technical problems can and will be fixed, in most cases within minutes of being reported.

We are independent.
Tomfolio is a haven for individualistic bookdealers who are willing to invest their time and efforts in presenting their wares in the best possible way to their clients who promote their own businesses first, but who don't forget that a co-operative is only as good as the combined efforts of its members.

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